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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[v2,2/2] ASoC: fsl: Add S/PDIF machine driver 2013-08-05 Nicolin Chen Not Applicable
[v2,2/2] Corenet: Add QE platform support for Corenet 2014-03-05 Zhao Qiang Superseded
[v2,2/2] Crypto: Talitos: Support for Async_tx XOR offload 2009-12-16 Vishnu Suresh galak Superseded
[v2,2/2] EDAC: Remove deprecated bindings for MPC85xx 2010-07-21 Bradley Hughes galak Rejected
[v2,2/2] KVM: booke: Improve SPE switch 2012-03-01 Olivia Yin galak Not Applicable
[v2,2/2] PPC_BOOK3E/KGDB: support kgdb kernel space 2012-10-18 Tiejun Chen Superseded
[v2,2/2] Register bootmem pages 2013-08-20 Nathan Fontenot Superseded
[v2,2/2] booke/kprobe: remove unnecessary preempt_enable_no_resched 2011-07-11 Tiejun Chen Superseded
[v2,2/2] cpu: Implement cpu-offline-state driver for pSeries. 2009-08-28 Gautham R Shenoy Superseded
[v2,2/2] drivers/crypto/nx: fix limits to sg lists for SHA-2 2013-08-02 Marcelo Cerri Not Applicable
[v2,2/2] fsl/corenet_generic: add t104x platform diu special initialization 2014-04-15 Dongsheng Wang New
[v2,2/2] gianfar: Fix half-duplex operation for non-MII/RMII interfaces 2009-06-25 Anton Vorontsov galak Deferred
[v2,2/2] irqdomain/powerpc: Fix broken NR_IRQ references 2012-04-23 Grant Likely Accepted
[v2,2/2] microblaze/PCI: Add pcibios_device_change_notifier for microblaze 2012-05-23 Hiroo Matsumoto Superseded
[v2,2/2] net: mv643xx_eth: use managed devm_kzalloc 2013-04-11 Sebastian Hesselbarth Not Applicable
[v2,2/2] perf probe: Add PowerPC DWARF register number mappings 2010-04-14 Ian Munsie Superseded
[v2,2/2] perf tools: Make Power7 events available for perf 2013-06-25 Runzhen Wang Superseded
[v2,2/2] powerpc new toolchains fix (crt.S) 2010-05-12 Maxim Uvarov Not Applicable
[v2,2/2] powerpc/405ex: support cuImage via included dtb 2009-08-23 Tiejun Chen jwboyer Accepted
[v2,2/2] powerpc/44x: Add more changes for APM821XX EMAC driver 2012-03-05 Duc Dang Superseded
[v2,2/2] powerpc/5200: add LocalPlus bus FIFO device driver 2009-03-24 Grant Likely glikely Rejected
[v2,2/2] powerpc/83xx: Move gianfar mdio nodes under the ethernet nodes 2009-03-17 Anton Vorontsov galak Superseded
[v2,2/2] powerpc/85xx: rename the corenet_ds.c to corenet_generic.c 2013-09-22 Kevin Hao Superseded
[v2,2/2] powerpc/86xx: Default configuration for GE Fanuc's PPC9A 2009-03-16 Martyn Welch galak Superseded
[v2,2/2] powerpc/b4860emu: Add device tree file for b4860emu 2013-09-16 York Sun scottwood Accepted
[v2,2/2] powerpc/book-3e: Introduce concept of Book-3e MMU 2009-02-12 Kumar Gala galak Accepted
[v2,2/2] powerpc/crashdump: Fix issues with kexec and 36bit physical addr 2010-07-21 Matthew McClintock benh Accepted
[v2,2/2] powerpc/eeh: Avoid warning on P8 2013-06-25 Gavin Shan Accepted
[v2,2/2] powerpc/eeh: Reinit error reporting 2014-01-03 Gavin Shan benh Accepted
[v2,2/2] powerpc/hibernate: PPC64 fix user threads access to kernel space 2013-06-09 Dongsheng Wang Superseded
[v2,2/2] powerpc/kvm: remove redundant assignment 2013-11-07 Liu Ping Fan Not Applicable
[v2,2/2] powerpc/math-emu: remove the unneeded check for CONFIG_MATH_EMULATION in math.c 2013-07-10 Kevin Hao Accepted
[v2,2/2] powerpc/mpc5121: add initial support for PDM360NG board 2010-05-03 Anatolij Gustschin glikely Superseded
[v2,2/2] powerpc/mpc85xx: add support for Keymile's kmcoge4 board 2014-02-11 Valentin Longchamp scottwood Changes Requested
[v2,2/2] powerpc/mpic: add global timer support 2012-08-10 Dongsheng Wang galak Superseded
[v2,2/2] powerpc/mpic_timer: fix convert ticks to time subtraction overflow 2014-01-06 Dongsheng Wang scottwood Accepted
[v2,2/2] powerpc/powernv: Add invalid OPAL call 2014-04-01 Joel Stanley benh Accepted
[v2,2/2] powerpc/rtas_flash: New return code to indicate FW entitlement expiry 2013-04-23 Vasant Hegde Accepted
[v2,2/2] powerpc: Change archdata dma_data to a union 2009-09-21 Becky Bruce benh Accepted
[v2,2/2] powerpc: Convert platforms to smp_generic_cpu_bootable 2013-07-29 Andy Fleming Superseded
[v2,2/2] powerpc: Move local setup.h declarations to arch includes 2013-10-28 Robert Jennings Accepted
[v2,2/2] powerpc: Use ibm,chip-id property to compute cpu_core_mask if available 2013-08-12 Paul Mackerras Accepted
[v2,2/2] powerpc: add support for MPIC message register API 2011-05-20 Meador Inge Superseded
[v2,2/2] powerpc: introduce function emulate_math() 2013-07-12 Kevin Hao Accepted
[v2,2/2] powerpc: oprofile: enable support for ppc750 processors 2009-02-24 Octavian Purdila benh Changes Requested
[v2,2/2] ppc: bpf_jit: support MOD operation 2013-09-28 Vladimir Murzin Accepted
[v2,2/2] serial/mpc52xx_uart: add MPC5125 PSC support 2013-04-17 Anatolij Gustschin ag Accepted
[v2,2/3] EDAC: Add edac_device_alloc_index() 2009-04-15 Andrew Morton benh Not Applicable
[v2,2/3] EDAC: Add edac_device_alloc_index() 2009-04-13 Superseded
[v2,2/3] Prevent multiple reservations for cpu-release-addr 2010-08-19 Matthew McClintock Not Applicable
[v2,2/3] USB: add of_platform glue driver for FSL USB DR controller 2010-09-28 Anatolij Gustschin Changes Requested
[v2,2/3] cpufreq: pmac64: provide cpufreq transition latency for older G5 models 2013-08-31 Aaro Koskinen Superseded
[v2,2/3] gianfar: Implement workaround for eTSEC76 erratum 2010-06-30 Anton Vorontsov Not Applicable
[v2,2/3] hvc_init(): Enforce one-time initialization. 2011-11-08 Miche Baker-Harvey Not Applicable
[v2,2/3] i2c-mpc: add support for the MPC512x processors from Freescale 2010-01-25 Wolfgang Grandegger Superseded
[v2,2/3] powerpc/4xx: Add Canyonlands suspend and idle support 2010-10-08 Victor Gallardo jwboyer Awaiting Upstream
[v2,2/3] powerpc/85xx: Add silicon device tree for C293 2013-07-26 Po Liu Superseded
[v2,2/3] powerpc/85xx: add hardware automatically enter altivec idle state 2013-08-27 Dongsheng Wang Superseded
[v2,2/3] powerpc/e500: add paravirt QEMU platform 2012-07-11 Scott Wood galak Accepted
[v2,2/3] powerpc/e6500: TLB miss handler with hardware tablewalk support 2013-09-14 Scott Wood Superseded
[v2,2/3] powerpc/eeh: Hotplug improvement 2014-01-15 Gavin Shan Accepted
[v2,2/3] powerpc/fsl: 85xx: document cache-sram 2009-10-06 Vivek Mahajan galak Superseded
[v2,2/3] powerpc/pseries: Re-organise the oops compression code 2013-06-27 Aruna Balakrishnaiah Accepted
[v2,2/3] powerpc/pseries: Update dynamic cache nodes for suspend/resume operation 2014-01-22 Tyrel Datwyler Superseded
[v2,2/3] powerpc: Add support for creating FIT uImages 2009-12-22 Peter Tyser glikely Changes Requested
[v2,2/3] powerpc: Bail out of KGDB when we've been triggered 2012-08-23 Tiejun Chen benh Accepted
[v2,2/3] powerpc: add IBM specific v6 extended error log support 2011-01-05 Tseng-Hui (Frank) Lin benh Changes Requested
[v2,2/3] powerpc: doc/dts-bindings: document mpc5121 psc uart dts-bindings 2010-02-09 Anatolij Gustschin glikely Accepted
[v2,2/3] powerpc: document the Open PIC device tree binding 2011-02-03 Meador Inge Superseded
[v2,2/3] powerpc: move checks in pseries_mach_cpu_die() 2010-03-01 Vaidyanathan Srinivasan Accepted
[v2,2/3] powerpc: setup default archdata for {of_}platform via bus_register_notifier 2009-03-19 Kumar Gala benh Accepted
[v2,2/3] powerpc: use the jump label for cpu_has_feature 2013-09-02 Kevin Hao benh Under Review
[v2,2/3] ppc32/kprobe: complete kprobe and migrate exception frame 2011-12-15 Tiejun Chen benh Changes Requested
[v2,2/3] sysfs cpu probe/release files 2009-11-25 Nathan Fontenot Superseded
[v2,2/4] Generic device tree for all AmigaOne boards 2009-02-02 Gerhard Pircher Changes Requested
[v2,2/4] KVM: PPC: booke: Wrap __kvmppc_vcpu_run() 2011-03-28 Scott Wood Not Applicable
[v2,2/4] dma: imx-sdma: Add new dma type for ssi dual fifo script 2013-10-31 Nicolin Chen Not Applicable
[v2,2/4] fs_enet: Revive fixed link support 2009-07-17 Grant Likely Accepted
[v2,2/4] fsl-dma: remove attribute DMA_INTERRUPT of dmaengine 2012-07-11 Qiang Liu Superseded
[v2,2/4] fsl_rio: fix machine check exception for e500mc 2010-06-18 Yang Li galak Superseded
[v2,2/4] hotplug, x86: Add hotplug lock to missing places 2013-08-30 Toshi Kani Not Applicable
[v2,2/4] kvm/ppc/booke64: Fix lazy ee handling in kvmppc_handle_exit() 2013-05-10 Scott Wood Superseded
[v2,2/4] leds: Add option to have GPIO LEDs start on 2008-12-11 Trent Piepho Not Applicable
[v2,2/4] powerpc, mpc52xx: add a4m072 board support 2011-06-22 Heiko Schocher ag Accepted
[v2,2/4] powerpc/cputable: advertise DSCR support on P7/P7+ 2013-05-20 Will Schmidt Accepted
[v2,2/4] powerpc/cputable: advertise DSCR support on P7/P7+ 2013-05-04 Nishanth Aravamudan Accepted
[v2,2/4] powerpc/fsl-pci: Using common pci/pcie initialization for all boards 2012-04-01 Hongtao Jia galak Superseded
[v2,2/4] powerpc/mm: Remove unused register usage in SW TLB miss handling 2009-03-16 Kumar Gala benh Superseded
[v2,2/4] powerpc: Add new save_tar() register function. 2013-08-08 Michael Neuling Changes Requested
[v2,2/4] powerpc: Move the single step enable code to a generic path 2012-12-03 Suzuki Poulose benh Accepted
[v2,2/4] xilinx_spi: Switch to iomem functions and support little endian. 2009-11-12 Richard Röjfors glikely Superseded
[v2,2/5,ppc] Define virtual-physical translations for PIE relocations 2011-10-25 Suzuki Poulose Superseded
[v2,2/5] NAND: FSL-UPM: add support for selecting chips via MAR 2009-03-19 Wolfgang Grandegger Superseded
[v2,2/5] fsl_msi: enable msi allocation in all banks 2010-04-20 Yang Li Superseded
[v2,2/5] of/gpio: Kill of_gpio_chip and add members directly to gpio_chip 2010-06-10 Grant Likely Not Applicable
[v2,2/5] of/microblaze: strip out of_irq_workarounds code 2010-06-21 Grant Likely Not Applicable
[v2,2/5] powerpc/tm: Fix 32 bit non-rt signals 2013-06-09 Michael Neuling Accepted
[v2,2/6] ARM: remove redundant cpuidle_idle_call() 2014-01-29 Nicolas Pitre Not Applicable
[v2,2/6] Add new NOSAVE_DATA linker script macro. 2009-04-30 Tim Abbott Not Applicable
[v2,2/6] eSPI: add eSPI controller support 2010-08-02 Mingkai Hu glikely Not Applicable