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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[v2] powerpc/fsl: add device tree binding for QE firmware 2010-03-26 Timur Tabi Superseded
[v2] powerpc/fsl: remove extraneous DIU platform functions 2013-01-17 Timur Tabi galak Accepted
[v2] powerpc/fsl_msi: add support for the fsl, msi property in PCI nodes 2011-10-26 Timur Tabi Superseded
[v2] powerpc/fsl_soc: Search all global-utilities nodes for rstccr 2010-08-31 Matthew McClintock galak Accepted
[v2] powerpc/gpio: Fix the wrong GPIO input data on MPC8572/MPC8536 2013-11-22 Liu Gang Awaiting Upstream
[v2] powerpc/irq: Run softirqs off the top of the irq stack 2013-09-24 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Accepted
[v2] powerpc/kernel/sysfs: cleanup set up macros for PMC/non-PMC sprs 2013-10-01 Madhavan Srinivasan Superseded
[v2] powerpc/kexec: Fix orphaned offline CPUs across kexec 2010-07-29 Matt Evans Changes Requested
[v2] powerpc/kexec: Switch to a static PACA on the way out 2010-07-08 Matt Evans benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc/le: enable RTAS events support 2014-04-04 Greg Kurz benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc/math-emu: Use kernel generic math-emu code 2008-09-24 Kumar Gala Accepted
[v2] powerpc/math-emu: fix load/store indexed emulation 2013-07-04 James Yang Accepted
[v2] powerpc/mm: Add MMU features for TLB reservation & Paired MAS registers 2009-08-25 Kumar Gala benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc/mm: eliminate unneeded for_each_memblock 2013-01-09 Cody P Schafer benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc/mm: using two zones for freescale 64 bit kernel 2012-08-24 shaohui xie Changes Requested
[v2] powerpc/mpc512x: remove unnecessary #if 2013-10-11 Brian Norris ag Accepted
[v2] powerpc/mpc52xx: add Phytec phyCORE-MPC5200B-IO board (pcm032) 2009-03-10 Wolfram Sang glikely Accepted
[v2] powerpc/mpc85xx: Update the clock device tree nodes 2013-05-31 tang yuantian Superseded
[v2] powerpc/mpc85xx: match with the pci bus address used by u-boot for all p1_p2_rdb_pc boards 2013-06-01 Kevin Hao Rejected
[v2] powerpc/mpc85xx:Add initial device tree support of T104x 2013-09-15 Prabhakar Kushwaha Superseded
[v2] powerpc/mpc8xxx_gpio.c: extend the driver to support mpc512x gpios 2010-08-07 Anatolij Gustschin Superseded
[v2] powerpc/p1010rdb:update dts to adapt to both old and new p1010rdb 2013-09-30 Zhao Qiang Superseded
[v2] powerpc/p1022ds: fix audio-related properties in the device tree 2011-06-08 Timur Tabi galak Accepted
[v2] powerpc/p1023: set IRQ[4:6, 11] to active-high level sensitive for PCIe 2011-11-17 Kumar Gala galak Accepted
[v2] powerpc/p3060qds: Add support for P3060QDS board 2011-09-16 Kumar Gala galak Accepted
[v2] powerpc/p5040ds: Add support for P5040DS board 2012-07-24 Timur Tabi Superseded
[v2] powerpc/pci: Fix IMMRBAR address 2014-01-20 Minghuan Lian scottwood Accepted
[v2] powerpc/pci: Fix setup of Freescale PCI / PCIe controllers 2013-06-14 Rojhalat Ibrahim Superseded
[v2] powerpc/pci: Improve device hotplug initialization 2013-06-10 Guenter Roeck Accepted
[v2] powerpc/pci: Move pseries code into pseries platform specific area 2009-04-30 Kumar Gala benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc/pci: clean up direct access to sysdata by iseries platform 2009-05-15 Kumar Gala benh Superseded
[v2] powerpc/perf_events: Implement perf_arch_fetch_caller_regs 2010-03-18 Paul Mackerras Not Applicable
[v2] powerpc/powermac: New windfarm driver for PowerMac G5 (AGP) and Xserve G5 2012-04-30 Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc/powernv Platform dump interface 2014-02-26 Stewart Smith Superseded
[v2] powerpc/powernv: Framework to log critical errors on powernv. 2013-12-16 Deepthi Dharwar Superseded
[v2] powerpc/powernv: PCI support for p7IOC under OPAL v2 2011-11-16 Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc/powernv: Platform dump interface 2014-01-16 Vasant Hegde Superseded
[v2] powerpc/powernv: Return secondary CPUs to firmware on kexec 2013-08-21 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Accepted
[v2] powerpc/powernv: infrastructure to read opal messages in generic format. 2013-11-18 Mahesh Salgaonkar Superseded
[v2] powerpc/ps3: Update ps3_defconfig 2009-08-25 Geoff Levand Accepted
[v2] powerpc/pseries: Enable PSTORE in pseries_defconfig 2013-06-24 Aruna Balakrishnaiah Superseded
[v2] powerpc/pseries: Make request_ras_irqs() available to other pseries code 2010-05-19 Mark Nelson benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc/pseries: Track previous CPPR values to correctly EOI interrupts 2009-12-08 Mark Nelson Accepted
[v2] powerpc/ptrace: Fix build with gcc 4.6 2011-09-27 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Accepted
[v2] powerpc/ptrace: remove BUG_ON when full register set not available 2011-03-16 Michael Wolf Accepted
[v2] powerpc/setup_{32, 64}.c: remove unneeded boot_cpuid{, _phys} 2011-11-29 Matthew McClintock benh Not Applicable
[v2] powerpc/signals: Mark VSX not saved with small contexts 2013-11-22 Michael Neuling benh Superseded
[v2] powerpc/srio: Fix the compile errors when building with 64bit 2012-03-07 Liu Gang galak Superseded
[v2] powerpc/tm: Abort transactions on emulation and alignment faults 2013-05-21 Michael Neuling Superseded
[v2] powerpc/tm: Disable IRQ in tm_recheckpoint 2014-04-04 Michael Neuling benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc/usb: fix bug of CPU hang when missing USB PHY clock 2012-08-22 Shengzhou Liu galak Accepted
[v2] powerpc/usb: fix issue of CPU halt when missing USB PHY clock 2012-02-02 Shengzhou Liu Superseded
[v2] powerpc/usb: fix type cast for address of ioremap to compatible with 64-bit 2011-11-07 shaohui xie galak Accepted
[v2] powerpc/vfio: Add missing locks for take/release TCE table ownership 2013-06-26 Alexey Kardashevskiy Superseded
[v2] powerpc/watchdog: move booke watchdog param related code to setup-common.c 2012-07-11 shaohui xie galak Accepted
[v2] powerpc/xics: Rewrite XICS driver 2011-04-05 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Accepted
[v2] powerpc32: Kexec support for PPC440X chipsets 2011-07-12 Suzuki Poulose jwboyer Superseded
[v2] powerpc: 52xx: nop out unsupported critical IRQs 2012-10-11 Wolfram Sang ag Accepted
[v2] powerpc: 85xx: Add PHY fixup to socrates board code 2009-04-21 Anatolij Gustschin galak Not Applicable
[v2] powerpc: 85xx: separate e500 from e500mc 2011-08-08 Baruch Siach galak Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Add a defconfig for 'corenet' 32-bit platforms 2011-05-20 Kumar Gala galak Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Add accounting for Doorbell interrupts 2013-03-22 Ian Munsie mpe Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Add an in memory udbg console 2013-04-30 Alistair Popple Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Add cpu family documentation 2014-02-01 Michael Ellerman mpe New
[v2] powerpc: Add hibernation support for FSL BookE processors 2010-02-24 Anton Vorontsov galak Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Add i8042 keyboard and mouse irq parsing 2010-05-24 Martyn Welch Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Add jump label support 2011-06-30 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Add missing irq free in fs_enet error path. 2008-10-25 Mike Ditto Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Add support for CoreInt delivery of interrupts on MPIC 2009-03-11 Kumar Gala benh Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Add virtual processor dispatch trace log 2009-03-24 Jeremy Kerr Not Applicable
[v2] powerpc: Allow perf_counters to access user memory at interrupt time 2009-08-06 Paul Mackerras Not Applicable
[v2] powerpc: Avoid link stack corruption for MMU on exceptions 2013-08-13 Michael Neuling Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Basic GPIO support for GE Fanuc SBC610 2008-11-06 Martyn Welch Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Bring all threads online prior to migration/hibernation 2013-05-07 Robert Jennings Accepted
[v2] powerpc: CMO unused page hinting 2009-04-15 Robert Jennings benh Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Default arch idle could cede processor on pseries 2013-09-05 Vaidyanathan Srinivasan Accepted
[v2] powerpc: FPGA support for GE Fanuc SBC610 2008-10-13 Martyn Welch Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Fix MAX_STACK_TRACE_ENTRIES too low warning again 2013-05-07 Li Zhong Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Fix PTE page address mismatch in pgtable ctor/dtor 2013-12-06 Hong H. Pham Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Fix __flush_icache_range on 44x 2009-08-19 Josh Boyer Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Fix some late PowerMac G5 with PCIe ATI graphics 2009-09-01 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Fix up elf_read_implies_exec() usage 2009-04-28 Kumar Gala benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Fix xmon for systems without MSR[RI] 2011-09-23 Jimi Xenidis Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Force page alignment for initrd 2011-05-20 Dave Carroll Superseded
[v2] powerpc: GE Fanuc's FPGA based PIC controller on the SBC610 2008-09-30 Martyn Welch Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Introduce ppc_pci_flags accessors 2008-12-11 Josh Boyer Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Make ppc32 actually respect the boot cpu id for !CONFIG_SMP 2008-10-10 Kumar Gala Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Make sure IPI handlers see data written by IPI senders 2012-09-05 Paul Mackerras benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Refactor board check for quirk 2009-04-22 Kumar Gala galak Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Rework lazy-interrupt handling 2012-02-09 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Not Applicable
[v2] powerpc: Specify GPIO number base for controller in DT 2008-10-23 Wolfgang Ocker Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Support lower minimum entitlement for virtual processors 2012-05-10 Robert Jennings Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Track backing pages allocated by vmemmap_populate() 2010-04-13 Mark Nelson Not Applicable
[v2] powerpc: Unify opcode definitions and support 2009-01-13 Kumar Gala benh Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Update compilation flags with core specific options 2013-07-25 Catalin Udma Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Use RCU based pte free mechanism for all powerpc 2008-11-19 Kumar Gala paulus Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Use the deterministic mode of ar 2011-05-05 Michal Marek benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc: VPHN topology change updates all siblings 2013-07-24 Robert Jennings Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Wireup the kcmp syscall to sys_ni 2013-03-05 Tony Breeds Accepted
[v2] powerpc: add defintion for MSR[GS] to list of MSR bits 2009-03-03 Timur Tabi benh Accepted