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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[SCSI] mpt fusion: Fix 32 bit platforms with 64 bit resources. 2009-12-03 Wolfgang Denk Not Applicable
[1/3] iommu/fsl: Factor out PCI specific code. 2013-10-12 Varun Sethi Not Applicable
powerpc/cell: local_irq_save takes an unsigned long 2008-12-31 Stephen Rothwell Accepted
[V4,1/3] powerpc/85xx: Add QE common init functions 2013-09-24 Xiaobo Xie Superseded
[v2,3/5] powerpc/mpc5121: shared DIU framebuffer support 2010-04-30 Anatolij Gustschin Superseded
[1/7] powerpc/mpc85xx: Fix EDAC address capture 2013-09-06 York Sun Not Applicable
powerpc/cell: bitops work on unsigned longs 2008-12-31 Stephen Rothwell Accepted
[3/7] i2c/rtc-ds3232: Fix irq for probing 2013-09-06 York Sun Not Applicable
[RFC,v4,1/2] powerpc: reserve fixmap entries for early debug 2009-12-03 Albert Herranz Superseded
[v9,1/3] DMA: Freescale: revise device tree binding document 2013-08-30 Hongbo Zhang Superseded
[FTRACE] Enabling function_graph causes OOPS 2009-09-11 Steven Rostedt Accepted
[5/5] powerpc: use jump label for mmu_has_feature 2013-08-25 Kevin Hao Superseded
[v4,02/11] powerpc: add min_direct_dma_addr 2010-03-12 Albert Herranz Superseded
[RFC] Replaced tlbilx with tlbwe in the initialization code 2013-02-14 Diana Craciun Accepted
ehea: use get_zeroed_page for alignment-sensitive allocation 2008-12-22 Nathan Lynch Accepted
mmc: sdhci-pltfm: Fix timeout on t4240's sdhci controller 2013-03-07 Chunhe Lan Not Applicable
powerpc/ps3 Update ps3_defconfig 2010-04-15 Geoff Levand Accepted
powerpc: Fix 64K page size support for PPC44x 2013-10-17 Alistair Popple Changes Requested
[git,pull] Please pull powerpc.git merge branch 2009-10-30 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Not Applicable
powerpc/p1010rdb:update mtd of nand to adapt to both old and new p1010rdb 2013-10-17 Zhao Qiang Superseded
powerpc: perf: Fix frequency calculation for overflowing counters 2011-01-17 Anton Blanchard Not Applicable
powerpc/vio: use strcpy in modalias_show 2013-10-17 Prarit Bhargava Accepted
powermac: use set_hard_smp_processor_id() instead of smp_hw_index 2008-12-11 Nathan Lynch Accepted
[RFC] Emulate "lwsync" to run standard user land on e500 cores 2013-10-18 Wolfgang Denk RFC
[Fwd:,[PATCH] therm_adt746x: Record pwm invert bit at module load time] 2009-12-04 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Accepted
[1/2] powerpc: Fix Handler of Unaligned Load/Store Strings 2013-10-18 Tom Musta Accepted
[1/2] powerpc/cell: fix build breakage with CONFIG_SPUFS disabled 2008-12-22 Arnd Bergmann Accepted
[3/3] powerpc: Fix Unaligned LE Floating Point Loads and Stores 2013-10-18 Tom Musta Accepted
[1/4] allow memory blocks to span multiple memory sections 2011-01-10 Nathan Fontenot Superseded
[v2,02/20] net: freescale: slight optimization of addr compare 2013-12-24 dingtianhong Not Applicable
[linux-next] powerpc/chrp: Add missing of_node_put in pci.c 2008-12-02 Nicolas Palix Accepted
[PATCHv1,5/8] ASoC: sgtl5000: Revise the bugs about the sgt15000 codec. 2013-10-17 Xiubo Li Not Applicable
[4/8] Implement ppc32 variant of __is_user_regs 2009-11-27 Anton Vorontsov Accepted
[PATCHv1,3/8] ARM: dts: Enables SAI ALSA SoC DAI device for Vybrid VF610 TOWER board. 2013-10-17 Xiubo Li Not Applicable
powerpc: Rework I$/D$ coherency (v2) 2009-02-02 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Superseded
[v5,3/6] book3e/kgdb: update thread's dbcr0 2013-06-20 Tiejun Chen Changes Requested
[1/4] powerpc: Fix thinko in _stp_arg() 2009-12-03 Anton Vorontsov Not Applicable
[v5,4/6] powerpc/book3e: support kgdb for kernel space 2013-06-20 Tiejun Chen Changes Requested
IB/ehca: replace modulus operations in flush error completion path 2008-12-02 Stefan Roscher Accepted
[03/11] powerpc/pci: Override pcibios_release_device() 2013-07-23 Gavin Shan Superseded
[1/8] Rename uprobes_ppc64.c to uprobes_ppc.c, use it for ppc32 2009-11-27 Anton Vorontsov Accepted
[1/3] sched: Fix nohz_kick_needed to consider the nr_busy of the parent domain's group 2013-10-21 Vaidyanathan Srinivasan Not Applicable
powerpc: BSR: support multiple OF-node description of BSR 2008-11-24 Sonny Rao Accepted
[2/3] sched: Fix asymmetric scheduling for POWER7 2013-10-21 Vaidyanathan Srinivasan Not Applicable
[v4,03/11] swiotbl: add back swiotlb_alloc_boot() 2010-03-12 Albert Herranz Superseded
[3/3] sched: Aggressive balance in domains whose groups share package resources 2013-10-21 Vaidyanathan Srinivasan Not Applicable
[for,2.6.28] powerpc: Use physical cpu id when setting the processor affinity 2008-12-02 Kumar Gala Accepted
[05/11] powerpc/eeh: Keep PE during hotplug 2013-07-23 Gavin Shan Superseded
[3/4] powerpc: Adjust registers.stp for ppc32 2009-12-03 Anton Vorontsov Not Applicable
powerpc: Use -mcpu=power7 on ppc64 little endian builds 2013-10-22 Anton Blanchard Accepted
IB/ehca: Fix locking for shca_list_lock 2008-11-21 Joachim Fenkes Accepted
[2/3] powerpc: Enable multipath modules on ppc64 and pseries 2013-10-22 Anton Blanchard Accepted
[8/8] Change KERNEL_RELOC_SYMBOL to "_stext" on ppc32 2009-11-27 Anton Vorontsov Accepted
[RFC,3/9] mm: Move change_prot_numa outside CONFIG_ARCH_USES_NUMA_PROT_NONE 2013-10-22 Aneesh Kumar K.V Superseded
IB/ehca: fix problem with flush work completions 2008-12-01 Stefan Roscher Accepted
[RFC,4/9] powerpc: mm: Only check for _PAGE_PRESENT in set_pte/pmd functions 2013-10-22 Aneesh Kumar K.V Superseded
[4/5] libata/sff: Use ops->bmdma_stop instead of ata_bmdma_stop() 2009-12-02 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Accepted
[RFC,9/9] powerpc: mm: Enable numa faulting for hugepages 2013-10-22 Aneesh Kumar K.V Superseded
hide attr_smt_snooze_delay reference with CONFIG_PPC64 2008-11-16 Milton Miller Accepted
[RFC,6/9] powerpc: mm: book3s: Disable hugepaged pmd format for book3s 2013-10-22 Aneesh Kumar K.V Superseded
[3/4] powerpc: Reduce differences between pseries and ppc64 defconfigs 2009-12-07 Anton Blanchard Changes Requested
[RFC,8/9] powerpc: mm: Support setting _PAGE_NUMA bit on pmd entry which are pointer to PTE page 2013-10-22 Aneesh Kumar K.V Superseded
powerpc: Fix system calls on Cell entered with XER.SO=1 2008-11-30 Paul Mackerras Accepted
[1/3] sched: Fix nohz_kick_needed to consider the nr_busy of the parent domain's group 2013-10-22 Peter Zijlstra Not Applicable
[v4,3/3] powerpc: doc/dts-bindings: update doc of FSL I2C bindings 2010-01-28 Wolfgang Grandegger Superseded
[V2] time/cpuidle: Support in tick broadcast framework for archs without external clock device 2014-01-01 Preeti U Murthy Not Applicable
powerpc/cell/axon-msi: retry on missing interrupt 2008-11-17 Arnd Bergmann Accepted
perf events ring buffer memory barrier on powerpc 2013-10-22 Michael Neuling Not Applicable
Signed-off-by: Grant Likely <> 2009-12-04 Grant Likely Superseded
[2/8] cell: Remove OOM message after input_allocate_device 2013-10-23 Joe Perches Not Applicable
IRQ assign for some PCIe devices 2008-11-19 Adhemerval Zanella Accepted
[1/3] sched: Fix nohz_kick_needed to consider the nr_busy of the parent domain's group 2013-10-24 Preeti U Murthy Not Applicable
[03/13] KVM: PPC: Keep page physical addresses in per-slot arrays 2011-12-06 Paul Mackerras Not Applicable
[v2,2/2] fsl/corenet_generic: add t104x platform diu special initialization 2014-04-15 Dongsheng Wang New
uninorth agp: don't mark module parameter __devinit 2008-10-29 Johannes Berg Accepted
ASoC: fsl_spdif: fix return value check in fsl_spdif_probe() 2013-10-25 Wei Yongjun Not Applicable
driver/FSL SATA:Fix wrong Device Error Register usage 2011-03-07 Prabhakar Kushwaha Superseded
[v3,01/19] net: freescale: remove unused compare_addr() 2013-12-25 dingtianhong Not Applicable
[V2] Fix format string warning in arch/powerpc/boot/main.c 2008-10-31 Jon Smirl Accepted
[1/4] powerpc/eeh: Add restore_bars operation 2013-12-25 Gavin Shan Superseded
[v4,06/11] USB: refactor unmap_urb_for_dma/map_urb_for_dma 2010-03-12 Albert Herranz Superseded
[TRIVIAL] powerpc: Fix a typo in comments of va to pa conversion 2013-10-27 Vaishnavi Bhat Accepted
[13/32] rackmeter section fixes 2008-11-22 Al Viro Accepted
powerpc: FA_DUMP depends on KEXEC 2013-10-28 Michael Ellerman Accepted
powerpc/mm: add devmem_is_allowed() for STRICT_DEVMEM checking 2011-01-31 Steve Best Rejected
[v4] Driver support for FSL RaidEngine device. 2014-04-15 New
[2/5] powerpc: ftrace, fix cast aliasing and add code verification 2008-11-26 Steven Rostedt Accepted
ADB_PMU_LED_IDE selects LEDS_TRIGGER_IDE_DISK which has unmet direct dependencies 2013-10-28 Christian Kujau Changes Requested
[1/2] agp/uninorth: Also handle user memory types in u3_remove_memory(). 2009-12-06 Michel Dänzer Accepted
[v2,1/2] powerpc: Fix warnings for arch/powerpc/mm/numa.c 2013-10-28 Robert Jennings Accepted
[3/3] ftrace: create default variables for archs in 2008-11-20 Steven Rostedt Accepted
[v2,2/2] powerpc: Move local setup.h declarations to arch includes 2013-10-28 Robert Jennings Accepted
[1/6] ftrace syscalls: don't add events for unmapped syscalls 2011-02-02 Ian Munsie Not Applicable
[8/8] powerpc: Fix endian issues in crash dump code 2013-12-12 Anton Blanchard Accepted
Next April 28: boot failure on PowerPC with SLQB 2009-04-30 Nick Piggin Not Applicable
[1/3] powerpc: Add iommu domain pointer to device archdata 2013-07-15 Varun Sethi Not Applicable
[2/6] trace syscalls: Convert redundant syscall_nr checks into WARN_ON 2011-02-02 Ian Munsie Not Applicable
[2/3,v19] iommu/fsl: Add additional iommu attributes required by the PAMU driver. 2013-07-15 Varun Sethi Not Applicable
[9/9] powerpc/ppc32: ftrace, dynamic ftrace to handle modules 2008-11-19 Steven Rostedt Accepted
[PATCHv1,2/8] ARM: dts: Add Freescale SAI ALSA SoC Digital Audio Interface node for VF610. 2013-10-17 Xiubo Li Not Applicable