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[GIT,PULL,4/8] soc: tegra: Changes for v5.6-rc1

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git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tegra/linux.git tags/tegra-for-5.6-soc


Thierry Reding Jan. 11, 2020, 12:35 a.m. UTC
Hi ARM SoC maintainers,

The following changes since commit e42617b825f8073569da76dc4510bfa019b1c35a:

  Linux 5.5-rc1 (2019-12-08 14:57:55 -0800)

are available in the Git repository at:

  git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tegra/linux.git tags/tegra-for-5.6-soc

for you to fetch changes up to 02676345e9b31ad8907af3755960e3cfef575f8d:

  soc/tegra: fuse: Unmap registers once they are not needed anymore (2020-01-10 15:59:43 +0100)


soc: tegra: Changes for v5.6-rc1

This adds a couple of optimizations to how the chip ID and straps are
read and adds support for the FUSE block on Tegra194. Included is also a
small optimization for the coupled regulator driver to abort early if no
voltage change has occurred.

Dmitry Osipenko (6):
      soc/tegra: fuse: Add APB DMA dependency for Tegra20
      soc/tegra: regulators: Do nothing if voltage is unchanged
      soc/tegra: fuse: Cache values of straps and Chip ID registers
      soc/tegra: fuse: Warn if straps are not ready
      soc/tegra: fuse: Correct straps' address for older Tegra124 device trees
      soc/tegra: fuse: Unmap registers once they are not needed anymore

JC Kuo (1):
      soc/tegra: fuse: Add Tegra194 support

 drivers/soc/tegra/Kconfig              |  1 +
 drivers/soc/tegra/fuse/fuse-tegra.c    |  3 +++
 drivers/soc/tegra/fuse/fuse-tegra30.c  | 29 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 drivers/soc/tegra/fuse/fuse.h          |  4 ++++
 drivers/soc/tegra/fuse/tegra-apbmisc.c | 34 ++++++++++++++++++++--------------
 drivers/soc/tegra/regulators-tegra20.c |  8 +++++++-
 drivers/soc/tegra/regulators-tegra30.c |  6 ++++++
 7 files changed, 70 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)