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[v2,1/5] PCI: OF: Don't remap iospace on unsupported platform

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Jiaxun Yang April 1, 2020, 3:06 a.m. UTC
There are some platforms doesn't support iospace remapping
like MIPS. However, our PCI code will try to remap iospace
unconditionally and reject io resources on these platforms.

So we should remove iospace remapping check and use a range
check instead on these platforms.

Signed-off-by: Jiaxun Yang <jiaxun.yang@flygoat.com>
 drivers/pci/of.c | 9 +++++++++
 1 file changed, 9 insertions(+)
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diff --git a/drivers/pci/of.c b/drivers/pci/of.c
index 81ceeaa6f1d5..36e8761b66c6 100644
--- a/drivers/pci/of.c
+++ b/drivers/pci/of.c
@@ -547,12 +547,21 @@  int pci_parse_request_of_pci_ranges(struct device *dev,
 		switch (resource_type(res)) {
+#if defined(PCI_IOBASE) && defined(CONFIG_MMU)
 			err = devm_pci_remap_iospace(dev, res, iobase);
 			if (err) {
 				dev_warn(dev, "error %d: failed to map resource %pR\n",
 					 err, res);
+			/* Simply check if IO is inside the range */
+			if (res->end > IO_SPACE_LIMIT) {
+				dev_warn(dev, "resource %pR out of the IO range\n",
+					res);
+				resource_list_destroy_entry(win);
+			}
 			res_valid |= !(res->flags & IORESOURCE_PREFETCH);