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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[1/3] ACPI / bind: Rework struct acpi_bus_type 2013-11-29 Rafael J. Wysocki Not Applicable
[1/3] ACPI / dock: Initialize ACPI dock subsystem upfront 2013-06-22 Rafael J. Wysocki Not Applicable
[1/3] ACPI / hotplug / PCI: Always return success after adding a function 2013-07-08 Rafael J. Wysocki Not Applicable
[1/3] ACPI / hotplug: Carry out PCI root eject directly 2013-11-05 Rafael J. Wysocki Not Applicable
[1/3] ACPI / hotplug: Fix acpi_bus_get_device() return value check 2013-11-13 Rafael J. Wysocki Not Applicable
[1/3] ACPI / scan: Start matching drivers after trying scan handlers 2013-11-04 Rafael J. Wysocki Not Applicable
[1/3] ARM: bios32: use pci_enable_resource to enable PCI resources 2014-02-04 Will Deacon Changes Requested
[1/3] ARM: dts: imx6: extend PCIe interrupt list for MSI 2014-02-28 Lucas Stach Superseded
[1/3] ARM: hackup pcibios support for commmon bridge code 2014-03-27 Rob Herring New
[1/3] ARM: keystone: add pcie related options 2014-03-25 Karicheri, Muralidharan Superseded
[1/3] ARM: tegra: pcie: Add tegra3 support 2013-04-08 Jay Agarwal Not Applicable
[1/3] Introduce a new acpi to determine HID match. 2012-10-12 Tang Chen Superseded
[1/3] PCI Hotplug: workaround for Thunderbolt on Acer Aspire S5 2012-12-13 Kirill A. Shutemov Rejected
[1/3] PCI, acpiphp: Add module parameter "complete_add" used to determine whether to hot add all devices regardless of be assigned resources fail 2012-08-16 Yijing Wang Rejected
[1/3] PCI,acpiphp: use generic pci_hp_add_bridge() 2013-04-01 Yijing Wang Rejected
[1/3] PCI/AER: Fix NULL pci_ops return when hotplug a pci bus which was doing aer error inject 2012-08-11 Yijing Wang Superseded
[1/3] PCI/AER: Fix incorrect return from aer_hest_parse() 2013-05-28 Betty Dall Not Applicable
[1/3] PCI: Add hide_device support to pci subsystem. 2013-07-03 Haicheng Li Rejected
[1/3] PCI: Define macro for Marvell vendor ID 2013-03-21 Myron Stowe Accepted
[1/3] PCI: PCI_BUS_FLAGS_NO_IO flag for PCI bus 2013-05-06 Gavin Shan Not Applicable
[1/3] PCI: Refactor restore_msi_irqs - code movement 2013-10-16 Zhenzhong Duan Not Applicable
[1/3] PCI: add 0x prefix when printing the BAR registers position in __pci_read_base 2013-05-25 Kevin Hao Accepted
[1/3] PCI: allow P2P bridge windows starting at PCI bus address zero 2012-07-09 Bjorn Helgaas Accepted
[1/3] PCI: correct static code analysis tool issue 2012-10-12 Jon Mason Not Applicable
[1/3] PCI: dw_pcie: amend I/O access functions 2013-08-28 Seungwon Jeon Accepted
[1/3] PCI: export three functions to support modular host bridge driver 2013-06-20 Jiang Liu Superseded
[1/3] PCI: imx6: Remove redeundant of_match_ptr 2013-10-21 Sachin Kamat Accepted
[1/3] PCI: rcar: check platform_get_irq() return code 2014-01-28 Ben Dooks Changes Requested
[1/3] PCI: rcar: check platform_get_irq() return code 2014-01-28 Ben Dooks Superseded
[1/3] PCI: remove pci_bus_find_ext_capability() (unused) 2012-05-08 Bjorn Helgaas Accepted
[1/3] PCI: rename pci_is_bridge() to pci_has_subordinate() 2014-03-14 Yijing Wang Superseded
[1/3] PCI: set correct value for iov device before device 2013-05-31 Jiang Liu Accepted
[1/3] PCI: take a reference on the bus object when we capture the struct pci_bus pointer 2013-04-18 Gu Zheng Changes Requested
[1/3] PCI: tegra: add missing __iomem annotation 2013-09-12 Jingoo Han Superseded
[1/3] PCI: use pci_is_root_bus() to check whether it is a root bus 2013-09-06 Wei Yang Accepted
[1/3] Refactor msi/msix restore code Part1 2013-07-24 Zhenzhong Duan Changes Requested
[1/3] aerdrv: Trace Event for AER 2012-11-29 Lance Ortiz Changes Requested
[1/3] amd/pci: Add supports for generic AMD hostbridges 2014-03-05 Changes Requested
[1/3] ath10k: Get rid of superfluous call to pci_disable_msi() 2014-01-30 Alexander Gordeev Not Applicable
[1/3] drm/pci: Use the standard #defines for PCIe Link Capability bits 2013-01-04 Bjorn Helgaas Not Applicable
[1/3] mce: acpi/apei: trace: Include PCIe AER trace event conditionally 2013-08-08 Naveen N. Rao Not Applicable
[1/3] msi: add forgotten pci_dev_put(pdev) to populate_msi_sysfs() 2013-09-17 Veaceslav Falico Changes Requested
[1/3] pci: Add PCI walk function and PCIe bridge test 2013-05-10 Alex Williamson Not Applicable
[1/3] pci: Export pci_dev_type 2013-04-04 Brian King Not Applicable
[1/3] pci: Generalize wait loop 2013-12-10 Alex Williamson Changes Requested
[1/3] pci_ids: put Hudson-2 device IDs together 2013-05-31 Shane Huang Not Applicable
[1/3] tilegx pci: support I/O to arbitrarily-cached pages 2012-06-13 Chris Metcalf Not Applicable
[1/4] ACPI / bind: Simplify child device lookups 2013-11-25 Rafael J. Wysocki Not Applicable
[1/4] ACPI: add drivers_autoprobe in struct acpi_device 2012-10-03 Yinghai Lu Rejected
[1/4] AER-PCI: Add infrastructure for notification of errors to other subsystems 2012-11-20 Pandarathil, Vijaymohan R Rejected
[1/4] ARM i.MX6q: Add descriptors for LVDS clocks 2013-07-01 Sean Cross Not Applicable
[1/4] ARM: tegra30: clocks: Fix pciex clock registration 2013-05-08 Jay Agarwal Not Applicable
[1/4] Add pci_obff_supported() function. 2012-06-08 Hao, Xudong Rejected
[1/4] EFI: Stash ROMs if they're not in the PCI BAR 2012-07-26 Matthew Garrett Superseded
[1/4] PCI/ACPI: Add target state as parameter to pci_platform_pm_ops->run_wake 2013-01-29 Huang Ying Rejected
[1/4] PCI/MSI: Introduce pci_enable_msi_block_part() interface 2013-09-02 Alexander Gordeev Superseded
[1/4] PCI: Allow PCIe Capability link-related register access for switches 2013-08-28 Bjorn Helgaas Accepted
[1/4] PCI: Cache MSI/MSI-X cap in PCI device 2013-04-05 Gavin Shan Superseded
[1/4] PCI: Cache MSI/MSIX structure in pci_msi_check_device() 2013-03-27 Gavin Shan Changes Requested
[1/4] PCI: Remove unnecessary list_empty(&pci_pme_list) check 2014-02-12 Bjorn Helgaas Accepted
[1/4] PCI: add pci_device_type to pdev's device struct 2012-11-05 Don Dutile Accepted
[1/4] PCI: add pci_device_type to pdev's device struct 2012-10-31 Don Dutile Superseded
[1/4] PCI: make pci_ltr_supported static. 2012-06-01 Myron Stowe Accepted
[1/4] PCI: optimize pci_bus_get_depth() by enumerating on pci bus hierachy 2013-07-01 Wei Yang Changes Requested
[1/4] PCI: optimize pci_bus_get_depth() by enumerating on pci bus hierachy 2013-08-02 Wei Yang Accepted
[1/4] acpi, pci: introduce list for acpi_pci_root drivers 2012-06-21 Taku Izumi Superseded
[1/4] i2o: Fix I/O space allocation copy/paste error 2014-02-26 Bjorn Helgaas Accepted
[1/4] pci: Add PCI_BUS() and PCI_DEVID() interfaces to return bus number and device id 2013-02-11 Shuah Khan Changes Requested
[1/4] pci: make pci_error_handlers const 2012-09-07 stephen hemminger Accepted
[1/4] pci: mvebu: no longer fake the slot location of downstream devices 2013-05-22 Thomas Petazzoni Not Applicable
[1/4] pci_ids.h: move PCI_VENDOR_ID_AMCC here 2013-07-16 Ian Abbott Not Applicable
[1/4] vfio: VFIO core 2012-07-25 Alex Williamson Not Applicable
[1/4] vfio: VFIO core 2012-05-30 Alex Williamson Not Applicable
[1/5,RFC] pci:msi: add weak function for returning msi region info 2013-10-29 Bharat Bhushan Superseded
[1/5,RFT] ACPI / hotplug / PCI: Attach hotplug contexts to struct acpi_device 2014-01-28 Rafael J. Wysocki Superseded
[1/5,resend] PCI: adjust quirk handler section annotations 2012-05-09 Jan Beulich Rejected
[1/5,v2,RFC] PCI: host: Add Renesas R-Car PCIe driver 2014-02-26 Phil Edworthy Superseded
[1/5] ACPI: Pass segment/bus to _PRT add/del so they don't depend on pci_bus 2012-10-30 Taku Izumi Accepted
[1/5] PCI, acpiphp: remove not used res_lock 2012-06-23 Yinghai Lu Accepted
[1/5] PCI/IA64: simplify code by hotplug safe pci_get_domain_bus_and_slot() 2012-08-28 Jiang Liu Accepted
[1/5] PCI: Add pci_dev_type 2012-10-03 Yinghai Lu Superseded
[1/5] PCI: Cache MSI/MSI-X cap in PCI device 2013-04-04 Gavin Shan Changes Requested
[1/5] PCI: Don't check resource_size() in pci_bus_alloc_resource() 2014-03-11 Bjorn Helgaas Accepted
[1/5] PCI: Rename PCIe capability definitions to follow convention 2013-08-27 Bjorn Helgaas Accepted
[1/5] PCI: host: Add Renesas R-Car PCIe driver 2014-02-26 Phil Edworthy Superseded
[1/5] e1000e: fix resuming from runtime-suspend 2013-01-18 Konstantin Khlebnikov Superseded
[1/5] iommu: Move initialization earlier 2013-05-06 Alexey Kardashevskiy Not Applicable
[1/5] pci: Add PCI DMA source ID quirk 2012-05-30 Alex Williamson Accepted
[1/5] pci: weak function returns alignment 2012-09-07 Gavin Shan Accepted
[1/5] serial: 8250_pci: use DEFINE_PCI_DEVICE_TABLE macro 2013-12-02 Jingoo Han Not Applicable
[1/5] x86, MSI: Support multiple MSIs in presense of IRQ remapping 2012-08-16 Alexander Gordeev Superseded
[1/5] x86/PCI: Remove unused pci_root_bus 2013-01-09 Bjorn Helgaas Accepted
[1/6] ACPI: Separate adding ACPI device objects from probing ACPI drivers 2012-12-09 Rafael J. Wysocki Superseded
[1/6] Crashdump-Accepting-Active-IOMMU-Flags-and-Prototypes 2013-12-03 Sumner, William Not Applicable
[1/6] PCI, x86: split out pci_mmcfg_check_reserved() for code reuse 2012-04-26 Taku Izumi Superseded
[1/6] PCI,acpiphp: Use list_for_each_entry() for bus traversal 2014-02-13 Yijing Wang Accepted
[1/6] PCI/AER: fix pci_ops return NULL when hotplug a pci bus doing aer error inject 2012-09-19 Yijing Wang Changes Requested
[1/6] PCI: Export pcie_set_mps() and pcie_get_mps() 2013-09-09 Yijing Wang Accepted
[1/6] PCI: Make local functions/structs static 2013-04-12 Bjorn Helgaas Accepted
[1/6] PCI: Use list_for_each_entry() for bus->devices traversal 2012-08-16 Bjorn Helgaas Superseded
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