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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[v2,08/10] mtd: st_spi_fsm: replace FLACH_CMD_* with SPINOR_OP_* 2014-04-10 Brian Norris New
[v2,08/11] fs/jffs2: use rbtree postorder iteration helper instead of opencoding 2013-11-07 Cody P Schafer New
[v2,08/11] mtd: mtd_pagetest: convert to use random32_get_bytes_state() 2012-11-03 Akinobu Mita New
[v2,08/13] nand/fsmc: Modify fsmc driver to accept nand timing parameters via platform 2012-03-14 Vipin Kumar New
[v2,08/14] ARM: OMAP2+: nand: header cleanup 2012-10-08 Mohammed Afzal New
[v2,08/14] mtd: nand: pxa3xx: Remove uneeded internal cmdset 2013-08-07 Ezequiel Garcia New
[v2,08/16] mtd/docg3: add registers for erasing and writing 2011-11-10 Robert Jarzmik New
[v2,08/16] mtd: support BB SRAM on ICP DAS LP-8x4x 2013-12-13 Sergey Yanovich New
[v2,08/27] mtd: introduce mtd_write interface 2011-12-29 Artem Bityutskiy New
[v2,08/27] mtd: nand: pxa3xx: Use chip->cmdfunc instead of the internal 2013-10-18 Ezequiel Garcia New
[v2,09/10] ARM: OMAP2+: gpmc-nand: Modify Interrupt handling 2012-06-13 Mohammed Afzal New
[v2,09/10] mtd-utils: nandwrite: full 64-bit support w/ libmtd 2010-11-11 Brian Norris New
[v2,09/10] mtd: nand: davinci: don't set timings if AEMIF is used 2013-11-21 Khoronzhuk, Ivan New
[v2,09/10] mtd: sh_flctl: Use user oob data in hardware ECC mode 2012-04-25 Bastian Hecht New
[v2,09/10] mtd: st_spi_fsm: begin using spi-nor.h opcodes 2014-04-10 Brian Norris New
[v2,09/11] mtd: mtd_speedtest: use random32_get_bytes 2012-11-03 Akinobu Mita New
[v2,09/13] nand/fsmc: Use devm routines 2012-03-14 Vipin Kumar New
[v2,09/14] mtd: nand: omap: bring in gpmc nand macros 2012-10-08 Mohammed Afzal New
[v2,09/14] mtd: nand: pxa3xx: Move cached registers to info structure 2013-08-07 Ezequiel Garcia New
[v2,09/14] mtd: nand: report ECC errors properly when reading BBT 2011-09-21 Brian Norris New
[v2,09/16] mtd/docg3: add OOB buffer to device structure 2011-11-10 Robert Jarzmik New
[v2,09/27] mtd: introduce mtd_panic_write interface 2011-12-29 Artem Bityutskiy New
[v2,09/27] mtd: nand: pxa3xx: Split FIFO size from to-be-read FIFO count 2013-10-18 Ezequiel Garcia New
[v2,1/1] MTD OneNAND OMAP2/3: allow giving partition layout as module parameter 2009-11-10 Mika Korhonen New
[v2,1/1] mtd: Add DiskOnChip G3 support 2011-06-19 Robert Jarzmik New
[v2,1/1] mtd: mtd_blkdevs: handle REQ_FLUSH request and do explicit flush of writeback buffer 2014-03-08 Roman Pen New
[v2,1/1] omap3: nand: report corrected ecc errors 2011-02-28 John Ogness New
[v2,1/2] ARM: Remove bcmring NAND driver 2012-09-13 Christian Daudt New
[v2,1/2] Creating helper func for 'ofs' and 'len' verification for 'nand_erase_nand' 2010-02-03 vimal singh New
[v2,1/2] UBIFS: fix use of freed ubifs_orphan objects 2013-02-02 Adam Thomas New
[v2,1/2] jffs2: implement mount option parsing and compression overriding 2011-10-17 Andres Salomon New
[v2,1/2] jffs2: validate symlink size in jffs2_do_read_inode_internal() 2012-04-25 Xi Wang New
[v2,1/2] memory: ti-aemif: introduce AEMIF driver 2013-11-21 Khoronzhuk, Ivan New
[v2,1/2] mtd-utils: nanddump/nandwrite: style, signed-ness, printing fixups 2010-10-21 Brian Norris New
[v2,1/2] mtd/nand, BB detect: factory marker in page 1, 2, last and byte 1 or 6 2010-07-13 Brian Norris New
[v2,1/2] mtd: Add a retlen parameter to _get_{fact, user}_prot_info 2013-12-20 Christian Riesch New
[v2,1/2] mtd: NOR flash driver for OMAP-L137/AM17x 2010-11-12 Savinay Dharmappa New
[v2,1/2] mtd: atmel_nand: remove #if defined(CONFIG_OF) around OF-specific code 2013-09-18 Wu, Josh New
[v2,1/2] mtd: cfi_cmdset_0002: add support for Samsung K8D6x16UxM NOR chips 2010-12-08 Guillaume LECERF New
[v2,1/2] mtd: check for max_bitflips in mtd_read_oob() 2012-07-17 Brian Norris New
[v2,1/2] mtd: fix wrong usage of ioremap_nocache() in uclinux.c map driver 2012-07-19 Greg Ungerer New
[v2,1/2] mtd: gpmi: add device tree support to gpmi-nand 2012-05-05 Huang Shijie New
[v2,1/2] mtd: maps: physmap: Add VPP regulator control 2012-07-18 Pawel Moll New
[v2,1/2] mtd: nand: Expand nand_ecc_layout, deprecate ioctl ECCGETLAYOUT 2010-08-18 Brian Norris New
[v2,1/2] mtd: nand: add 'use_oob' argument to NAND {read, write}_page interfaces 2012-04-23 Brian Norris New
[v2,1/2] mtd: sh_flctl: Add DMA capabilty 2012-10-09 Bastian Hecht New
[v2,1/2] mtd: sh_flctl: Setup and release DMA channels 2012-09-24 Bastian Hecht New
[v2,1/2] mxs-dma : move the mxs dma.h to a more common place 2012-01-20 Huang Shijie New
[v2,1/2] nand/denali Rename functions which is named by using capitals 2010-08-05 Chuanxiao New
[v2,1/2] nand/denali: split the generic driver and PCI layer 2012-09-27 New
[v2,1/2] of_mtd: Add helpers to get ECC strength and ECC step size 2014-02-18 Ezequiel Garcia New
[v2,1/2] omap3 nand: cleanup for not to use GPMC virtual address 2010-05-14 Sukumar Ghorai New
[v2,1/3] : mtdoops: Keep track of clean/dirty mtdoops pages in an array 2009-10-08 Simon Kagstrom New
[v2,1/3] ARM: dts: AM33XX: Add ELM node 2013-04-29 pekon gupta New
[v2,1/3] ARM: imx6q: add clocks for gpmi-nand 2012-07-02 Huang Shijie New
[v2,1/3] Introducing 'gpmc-nand.c' for GPMC specific NAND init 2010-02-08 vimal singh New
[v2,1/3] MTD: OneNAND: S5PC100: Only S5PC110 use the command map method 2010-09-28 Kyungmin Park New
[v2,1/3] MTD: at91: atmel_nand: for PMECC, add code to choose the ecc bits and sector size according to the ONFI parameter ECC requirement. 2013-01-17 Wu, Josh New
[v2,1/3] Makefile: fix "version.h" build for cross-compiling 2011-07-07 Brian Norris New
[v2,1/3] NAND: Add "page" parameter to all read APIs 2009-06-16 Sandeep Paulraj New
[v2,1/3] UBIFS: re-arrange variables in ubifs_info 2011-01-17 Artem Bityutskiy New
[v2,1/3] arm:davinci: prepare to move aemif driver to drivers/mfd 2012-01-25 Manjunathappa, Prakash New
[v2,1/3] mtd: add new fields to nand_flash_dev{} 2013-01-24 Huang Shijie New
[v2,1/3] mtd: cmdlinepart: sort the unsorted partitions 2012-09-04 Huang Shijie New
[v2,1/3] mtd: gpmi: add device tree support for mx6q and mx28 2012-04-25 Huang Shijie New
[v2,1/3] mtd: gpmi: remove the unnecessary pr_err() 2013-11-19 Huang Shijie New
[v2,1/3] mtd: m25p80: utilize dedicated 4-byte addressing commands 2013-04-11 Brian Norris New
[v2,1/3] mtd: nand: Include IMX6 in the list of supported SoCs 2012-07-25 Fabio Estevam New
[v2,1/3] mtd: nand: comment update, the DEPLETE1 command has gone 2014-04-04 Gerhard Sittig New
[v2,1/3] mtd: nand: omap2: Update nerrors using ecc.strength 2012-10-31 Philip, Avinash New
[v2,1/3] mtd: nand: omap: fix ecclayout->oobfree->offset 2014-02-14 pekon gupta New
[v2,1/3] mtd: omap-onenand: pass device_node in platform data 2013-01-19 Ezequiel Garcia New
[v2,1/3] powerpc/fsl_lbc: Synchronize MAR/MxMR writes 2013-02-21 Aaron Sierra New
[v2,1/3] ubifs: add a superblock flag for free space fix-up 2011-05-04 Matthew L. Creech New
[v2,1/4,RESEND] mtd: cfi_cmdset_0002: Add support for reading OTP 2013-05-23 Christian Riesch New
[v2,1/4] arm: gpmc: Converts GPMC driver to pm_runtime capable 2013-02-07 Philip, Avinash New
[v2,1/4] jffs2: remove lock_super 2012-05-07 Artem Bityutskiy New
[v2,1/4] mtd: add a new field to mtd_info{} 2013-05-15 Huang Shijie New
[v2,1/4] mtd: atmel_nand: replace pmecc enable code with one function. 2013-05-17 Wu, Josh New
[v2,1/4] mtd: cfi_cmdset_0002: Add support for reading OTP 2013-04-26 Christian Riesch New
[v2,1/4] mtd: nand: gpio: Determine bus width automatically 2013-07-30 Alexander Shiyan New
[v2,1/4] mtd: nand: localize ECC failures per page 2013-12-09 Brian Norris New
[v2,1/4] mtd: nand: omap: add support for BCH16_ECC - GPMC driver updates 2014-03-07 pekon gupta New
[v2,1/4] mtd: nand: omap: optimized chip->ecc.correct() for H/W ECC schemes 2013-10-07 pekon gupta New
[v2,1/4] mtd: nand: pxa3xx: Normalize ECC strength for ECC scheme selection 2014-03-21 Ezequiel Garcia New
[v2,1/4] omap3: nand: prefetch in irq mode support 2010-07-01 Sukumar Ghorai New
[v2,1/5] ARM: am335x-bone: Add support for 16-bit NAND cape 2013-10-25 Ezequiel Garcia New
[v2,1/5] NAND: FSL-UPM: add multi chip support 2009-03-19 Wolfgang Grandegger New
[v2,1/5] UBI: incorporate maximum write size 2011-02-06 Artem Bityutskiy New
[v2,1/5] mtd: nand: add the data structures for JEDEC parameter page 2014-02-08 Huang Shijie New
[v2,1/5] mtdinfo: don't open NULL pointer when getting region_info with `-a' 2011-08-09 Brian Norris New
[v2,1/6] clk: mvebu: Support Armada 380 SoC on the core divider clock 2014-03-13 Ezequiel GarcĂ­a New
[v2,1/6] mtd: add writebufsize field to mtd_info struct 2010-12-16 Anatolij Gustschin New
[v2,1/6] mtd: mtd_nandecctest: remove unnecessary srandom32() call 2012-08-26 Akinobu Mita New
[v2,1/6] mtd: nand: add accessors, macros for in-memory BBT 2013-07-31 Brian Norris New
[v2,1/6] nand/denali: optimize denali irq wait and irq handler functions 2010-08-12 Dong, Chuanxiao New
[v2,1/7] UBI: prepare for max_beb_per1024 module parameter addition 2012-08-20 Richard Genoud New
[v2,1/7] mtd: cfi_probe: enter Auto Select Mode after filling cfi->cfiq members 2010-03-30 Guillaume LECERF New
[v2,1/7] mtd: ecc_strength is at ecc step granularity 2012-04-25 Mike Dunn New
[v2,1/7] mtd: nand-gpio: Convert driver to using resource-managed functions 2013-04-26 Alexander Shiyan New