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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
clarify calculation in nand_read_subpage and fix possible bug 2008-11-02 Werner Almesberger New
[02/44] mtd: lart.c: use mtd_device_parse_register 2011-06-07 Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov New
jffs2: force the jffs2 GC daemon to behave a bit better 2008-11-02 Andres Salomon New
[v12,2/4] : mtdoops: Add a maximum MTD partition size 2009-11-03 Artem Bityutskiy New
Add armflash support for multiple blocks of flash 2009-02-09 Catalin Marinas New
ubinize corrections 2008-11-03 Adrian Hunter New
FW: How to write rules for mtd based devices 2008-11-03 Kay Sievers New
[1/5] pxa3xx_nand: enable PXA3xx bad block management 2009-09-26 Haojian Zhuang New
[04/14] mtd: plat_nand: allow platform to set partitions 2009-05-12 Andrew Morton New
[05/14] mtd: update sysfs documentation 2009-05-12 Andrew Morton New
nandwrite: Qualifier Clean-up 2008-09-08 Grant Erickson Accepted
[2.6.30-rc5+] davinci_nand: cmdlinepart uses MTD IDs 2009-05-12 David Brownell New
[02/14] mtd: onenand: add bbt_wait & unlock_all as replaceable for some platform 2009-05-12 Andrew Morton New
mtd: m25p80.c add support for non-JEDEC ID devices 2008-11-06 hartleys New
[09/14] mtd: delete final remnants of MTD ioctls from fs/compat_ioctl.c 2009-05-12 Andrew Morton New
[08/14] mtd: add OOB ioctls for >4GiB devices 2009-05-12 Andrew Morton New
[13/15] mtd: we don't need no misc devices 2009-03-04 Andrew Morton New
[13/14] mtd: add OMAP2/OMAP3 NAND driver 2009-05-12 Andrew Morton New
[14/14] mtd: remove pmcmsp-ramroot.c 2009-05-12 Andrew Morton New
[11/14] mtd: nand: minor davinci_nand cleanup 2009-05-12 Andrew Morton New
[01/14] mtd: Flex-OneNAND support 2009-05-12 Andrew Morton New
[06/14] mtd: add MEMERASE64 ioctl for >4GiB devices 2009-05-12 Andrew Morton New
[07/14] mtd: compat_ioctl cleanup 2009-05-12 Andrew Morton New
[10/14] mtd: nand: don't walk past end of oobfree[] 2009-05-12 Andrew Morton New
[03/14] mtd: plat_nand: add platform probe/remove callbacks 2009-05-12 Andrew Morton New
[OneNAND] Standardising prints in onenand_base.c 2009-10-02 Amul Saha New
[v12,3/4] : mtdoops: Make page (record) size configurable 2009-11-03 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/3] Fixing compilation warning for 'nand/omap2.c' 2009-11-03 vimal singh New
Fix warning in sa1100-flash.c 2009-09-27 Russell King New
[3/6] sfc: Expose flash region storing boot code as MTD 2008-11-04 Ben Hutchings New
[1/3] Fixing compilation warning for 'nand/omap2.c' 2009-11-03 vimal singh New
mtd_dataflash: unbreak erase support 2009-05-13 Peter Korsgaard New
mtd: mxc_nand: fix built breakage 2009-05-13 Daniel Mack New
[1/3] : mtdoops: Make page size configurable 2009-10-02 Simon Kagstrom New
[2/3] : mtdoops: Use panic_write if panic_on_oops is set 2009-10-02 Simon Kagstrom New
[MTD] CORE: New ioctl calls for >4GiB device support 2009-03-18 Kevin Cernekee New
[3/3] : mtdoops: store all kernel messages in a circular buffer 2009-10-02 Simon Kagstrom New
[-next] pcmciamtd: fix printk format warnings 2010-05-17 Randy Dunlap New
[MTD] mtd-utils: Use new 64-bit ioctls to access >4GiB devices 2009-03-18 Kevin Cernekee New
mkfs.jffs2 aborts with MALLOC_CHECK_=2 on x86_64 2009-03-08 Stefan Seyfried New
[v3,2/4] NAND: FSL-UPM: Add wait flags to support board/chip specific delays 2009-03-25 Wolfgang Grandegger New
[v4,22/24] bcmring: add mtd nand driver 2009-08-12 Leo (Hao) Chen New
mtd: cfi_cmdset_0001: Fix max timeout for locking operations 2010-05-17 Anders Grafström New
[v3,4/4] powerpc/85xx: TQM8548: Update DTS file for multi-chip support 2009-03-25 Wolfgang Grandegger New
UBI: Don't exit from ubi_thread until kthread_should_stop() is true 2008-11-05 Vitaliy Gusev New
physmap: Fix memory leak on physmap_flash_remove by using devres 2008-11-05 Atsushi Nemoto New
mtd-nand: davinci: Correct 4-bit error correction 2009-11-03 Rajashekhara, Sudhakar New
physmap: Make map_info customizable 2008-11-05 Atsushi Nemoto New
[1/2] UBI: Add ubi_open_volume_path() 2009-09-28 Corentin Chary New
[2/2] UBIFS: Use ubi_open_volume_path() in open_ubi() 2009-09-28 Corentin Chary New
[v3] ubiformat: make it work on mtd parts > 2GiB 2009-02-11 Sebastian Siewior New
get rid of "compare between signed and unsigned" warnings 2009-02-11 Sebastian Siewior New
[5/8] drivers/mtd/maps/nettel.c: use ARRAY_SIZE 2008-11-09 Julia Lawall New
oobavail size calculation error in nand_base.c 2009-05-14 Jinyoung Park New
[MTD] bcmring: mtd nand driver 2009-09-28 Leo (Hao) Chen New
drivers/mtd/rfd_ftl.c: implement discard 2008-11-10 Sean Young New
[8/9] fs/ubifs: Use %pUX to print UUIDs 2009-09-29 Joe Perches New
[v13,4/4] : mtdoops: refactor as a kmsg_dumper 2009-11-03 Simon Kagstrom New
[BUG] physmap_flash_probe() frees memory still in use 2009-01-30 Atsushi Nemoto New
[RFC,2/2,MTDPARTS] Support erase regions with odd numbered blocks 2008-11-11 Rohit New
[v3,1/4] NAND: FSL-UPM: add multi chip support 2009-03-25 Wolfgang Grandegger New
[MTD,CHIPS] cfi_cmdset_0001.c: Fix a bug in inval_cache_and_wait_for_operation(). 2009-03-02 New
[01/14] mtd: Flex-OneNAND support 2009-06-11 Amul Saha New
ndfc driver 2008-12-10 Sean MacLennan New
[PATCH/RESEND,] MTD: Add SST39SF040 chip to jedec_probe 2009-05-12 Michał Mirosław New
MTD: OneNAND OMAP2/3: Fix incorrect bufferram offset 2009-06-11 Mika Korhonen New
filesystems: use has_capability_noaudit interface for reserved blocks checks 2008-11-11 Eric Paris New
mtd_blkdevs.c: quiet a "symbol shadows" sparse warning 2009-10-20 Artem Bityutskiy New
nandwrite: Pass Real Names as Arguments to perror 2008-09-08 Grant Erickson Accepted
mxc_nand: i.MX35 hardware ECC fixups 2009-11-03 John Ogness New
ubifs became broken on contigous power-fails 2010-05-23 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/2] jffs2: fix up rb_root initializations to use RB_ROOT 2010-03-11 Andrew Morton New
[1/3,v2,MTD-UTILS] Unified reading from standard input and from file 2009-06-11 Jehan Bing New
[MTD-UTILS] Fix for perror modifying errno in nandwrite 2009-06-11 Jehan Bing New
UBI: Ensure index is positive 2009-11-03 roel kluin New
[REPOST] mtd: extend plat_nand for (read|write)_buf 2009-05-15 Alexander Clouter New
[v3,3/4] powerpc: NAND: FSL UPM: document new bindings 2009-03-25 Wolfgang Grandegger New
Fixup for Numonyx M29W128 chips 2009-03-25 Darius Augulis New
[7/8] LPDDR Makefile and KConfig 2008-12-16 Alexey Korolev New
ubifs became broken on contigous power-fails 2010-05-23 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/2] NAND: Add support for oob size 128 2009-03-25 Wolfgang Grandegger New
physmap: Fix leak of memory returned by parse_mtd_partitions 2008-11-12 Atsushi Nemoto New
jffs2: fix memory leak if the sector was successfully erased 2010-02-22 niam New
[for,2.6.29?,2/4] mtd/maps: blackfin async flash maps - fix bug: dont leak resources when initializing in case of errors 2009-02-11 Andrew Morton New
mtd: unify mtd partition/device registration 2008-11-12 Mike Frysinger New
cfi_cmdset_0001.c: CFI 1.0 and CFI 1.1 2009-05-16 Daniel Ribeiro New
cfi_cmdset_0001.c: quirk for PF38F4476. 2009-05-16 Daniel Ribeiro New
mtd: Fix kernel NULL pointer dereference in physmap.c 2009-10-20 hartleys New
[03/15] blktrans: Hotplug fixes 2010-02-22 Maxim Levitsky New
[01/15] MTD: create unlocked versions of {get,put}_mtd_device 2010-02-22 Maxim Levitsky New
repost [Fwd: [PATCH 1/5] mtd: nand: move layout structure into nand_ecc_ctrl] 2009-05-15 Troy Kisky New
[for,2.6.29?,4/4] mtd/maps: blackfin async flash maps: fix up memory leak 2009-02-11 Andrew Morton New
[for,2.6.29?,1/4] mtd: physmap: fix wrong free and del_mtd_{partition, device} 2009-02-11 Andrew Morton New
[04/15] MTD: mtdblock: test return value of add_mtd_blktrans_dev, because if can fail 2010-02-22 Maxim Levitsky New
[13/15] MTD: add few workarounds to nand system for SmartMedia/xD chips. 2010-02-22 Maxim Levitsky New
[RFC,9/9] ARM: sunxi/dt: enable NAND on cubietruck board 2014-01-08 Boris BREZILLON New
[06/15] blktrans: allow FTL drivers to export sysfs attributes 2010-02-22 Maxim Levitsky New
[01/14] mtd: Flex-OneNAND support 2009-06-12 Amul Saha New
[05/15] MTD: call the remove notifiers before assuming it is in use 2010-02-22 Maxim Levitsky New
nandwrite: Utilize Standard Exit Mnemonics 2008-09-08 Grant Erickson Accepted