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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[1/4] jffs2: Convert most D1/D2 macros to jffs2_dbg 2012-02-15 Joe Perches New
[1/4] drivers/mtd: docg3 fix inbound calculations 2012-03-19 Robert Jarzmik New
[1/4] drivers/mtd/nand/cafe_nand.c: mark {__init|__exit} for {init|exit} functions 2008-11-19 Qinghuang Feng New
[1/4] drivers/mtd/maps: introduce missing kfree 2010-06-01 Julia Lawall New
[1/4] drivers/mtd/maps: Eliminate use after free 2010-05-13 Dominik Brodowski New
[1/4] dmaengine: add DMA_TRANS_NONE to dma_transfer_direction 2011-12-13 Shawn Guo New
[1/4] arch: arm: gpmc: gpmc migration support 2013-01-23 Philip, Avinash New
[1/4] UBIFS: remove duplicated code 2011-04-26 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/4] UBIFS: fix minor stylistic issues 2011-03-28 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/4] UBIFS: correction to Joels' patch 2012-06-07 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/4] UBIFS: clean up LEB recovery function 2011-05-16 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/4] UBI: simplify IO error codes - part 1 2010-05-03 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/4] UBI WL-Subsys: Improvement in prot tree 2008-12-09 xiaochuan-xu New
[1/4] TXx9: Add NDFMC support 2008-11-20 Atsushi Nemoto New
[1/4] OneNAND: Introduce chip_probe function 2010-06-09 Marek Szyprowski New
[1/4] OMAP: OneNAND: fix 104MHz support 2011-02-07 Adrian Hunter New
[1/4] NAND: FSL-UPM: add multi chip support 2009-03-17 Wolfgang Grandegger New
[1/4] MTD: pxa3xx_nand: convert all printk into dev_* 2011-07-04 Lei Wen New
[1/4] MTD: call remove notifiers before removing the device 2010-01-22 Maxim Levitsky New
[1/4] MTD: add m25p80 id for mx25l2005a 2012-04-30 John Crispin New
[1/4] MTD: add ecc_strength fields to mtd structs 2012-03-11 Mike Dunn New
[1/4] MTD: OneNAND: Remove unused cmd_map at s5pc110 2010-09-27 Kyungmin Park New
[1/4] Limit max_discard_sectors to UINT_MAX>>9 2014-03-25 Gwendal Grignou New
[1/4] ARM: OMAP2+: gpmc-nand: update resource with memory 2012-05-14 Mohammed Afzal New
[1/4,v2] mtd:nand:omap2: clean-up BCHx_HW and BCHx_SW ECC configurations in device_probe 2013-05-17 pekon gupta New
[1/4,v2] mtd: physmap_of: Add multiple regions and concatenation support 2009-04-07 Stefan Roese New
[1/4,v2] NAND: add NAND_CMD_PARAM (0xec) definition 2010-08-18 Florian Fainelli New
[1/4,MTD] Update sysfs documentation 2009-04-09 Kevin Cernekee New
[1/3] ubifs: add a superblock flag for "LEB fixup" 2011-05-03 Matthew L. Creech New
[1/3] spi/qspi: Add memory mapped read support. 2013-10-09 Poddar, Sourav New
[1/3] r852: register IRQ as last step 2010-05-22 Maxim Levitsky New
[1/3] powerpc/fsl_lbc: Synchronize MAR/MxMR writes 2013-02-21 Aaron Sierra New
[1/3] platform: add common resource requesting and mapping helper 2012-01-31 Barry Song New
[1/3] omap3: GPMC register definition at common location 2010-05-12 Sukumar Ghorai New
[1/3] omap2: gpmc: Move initialization outside the gpmc_t condition 2013-10-28 Ezequiel Garcia New
[1/3] omap gpmc : add support of setting CYCLE2CYCLEDELAY and BUSTURNAROUND 2012-11-06 Matthieu CASTET New
[1/3] omap : nand : fix omap2 module compilation 2011-04-29 Bryan DE FARIA New
[1/3] nand: update out-of-date docs/FAQ, mention UBIFS 2011-07-27 Matthew L. Creech New
[1/3] nand: make PCI device id constant 2010-01-09 Németh Márton New
[1/3] mxc_nand: set spare size and pages per block 2010-08-16 Sascha Hauer New
[1/3] mxc_nand: set spare size and pages per block 2010-08-10 John Ogness New
[1/3] mxc_nand: set spare size and pages per block 2010-08-10 John Ogness New
[1/3] mxc_nand: set spare size and pages per block 2010-08-10 John Ogness New
[1/3] mtdoops: refactor loop 2012-05-11 Brian Norris New
[1/3] mtd_debug: report ecc layout 2011-08-09 Ben Gardiner New
[1/3] mtd_blkdevs: Add background processing support 2011-02-14 Jarkko Lavinen New
[1/3] mtd: use bbm.h in nand.h 2009-09-20 Alessandro Rubini New
[1/3] mtd: sst25l: use spi_get_drvdata() and spi_set_drvdata() 2013-04-06 Jingoo Han New
[1/3] mtd: sh_flctl: Probe SNAND_E flag from NAND chip 2012-09-26 Bastian Hecht New
[1/3] mtd: remove retlen zeroing duplication 2012-02-06 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/3] mtd: r852: add CONFIG_PM_SLEEP to suspend/resume functions 2013-03-26 Jingoo Han New
[1/3] mtd: plat-ram: Use module_platform_driver 2013-10-11 Sachin Kamat New
[1/3] mtd: onenand: add option and variable for cache program feature 2010-11-02 Roman Tereshonkov New
[1/3] mtd: onenand/generic: Remove redundant platform_set_drvdata() 2013-05-03 Sachin Kamat New
[1/3] mtd: omap-onenand: pass device_node in platform data 2012-12-24 Ezequiel Garcia New
[1/3] mtd: nandsim: remove autoincrement code 2012-05-02 Brian Norris New
[1/3] mtd: nand_base: Removed unnecessary command masking 2013-02-28 Alexander Shiyan New
[1/3] mtd: nand: lpc32xx_mlc: Remove redundant of_match_ptr 2013-09-30 Sachin Kamat New
[1/3] mtd: nand: ignore ECC errors for simple BBM scans 2011-06-28 Brian Norris New
[1/3] mtd: nand: davinci: reuse driver for Keystone arch 2013-11-20 Khoronzhuk, Ivan New
[1/3] mtd: nand: add Macronix manufacturer 2011-11-02 Brian Norris New
[1/3] mtd: nand: add "page" argument for read_subpage hook 2014-01-03 Huang Shijie New
[1/3] mtd: nand/docg4: add support for writing in reliable mode 2012-12-07 Mike Dunn New
[1/3] mtd: mxc_nand: add MX25 to Kconfig 2010-01-14 Baruch Siach New
[1/3] mtd: m25p80: utilize dedicated 4-byte addressing commands 2013-03-10 Brian Norris New
[1/3] mtd: m25p80: disable SST software protection bits by default 2009-10-05 Mike Frysinger New
[1/3] mtd: m25p80: convert to device table matching 2009-09-22 Andrew Morton New
[1/3] mtd: m25p80: add support for the EON EN25P{32, 64} SPI flash chips 2010-08-04 Gabor Juhos New
[1/3] mtd: m25p80: add support for Spansion s25sl064p chip 2012-07-06 Marek Vasut New
[1/3] mtd: m25p80: Reinstate error print on unrecognized flash 2010-10-31 Kevin Cernekee New
[1/3] mtd: m25p80: Pass flags through CAT25_INFO macro 2013-08-20 Sascha Hauer New
[1/3] mtd: m25p80: Convert to device table matching 2009-10-12 Anton Vorontsov New
[1/3] mtd: cmdlinepart: make the partitions rule more strict 2012-09-05 Shmulik Ladkani New
[1/3] mtd: cmdlinepart: make the partitions rule more strict 2012-09-04 Shmulik Ladkani New
[1/3] mtd: cmdlinepart: make the partitions rule more strict 2012-08-26 Huang Shijie New
[1/3] mtd: cfi_cmdset_0002: remove unnecessary initialization 2013-06-04 Brian Norris New
[1/3] mtd: bcm47xxsflash: store info about flash type 2013-02-20 Rafał Miłecki New
[1/3] mtd: add a flags for partitions which should just leave smth. after them 2011-06-06 Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov New
[1/3] mtd: FSMC NAND remove PARTITION macro and fix compile noise 2010-11-29 Linus Walleij New
[1/3] mtd/spear_smi: Move suspend/resume to follow dev_pm_ops 2012-07-02 Shiraz Hashim New
[1/3] mtd/nand: fix coding style issue in drivers/mtd/nand/fsl_elbc.c 2011-11-15 New
[1/3] mtd/nand: Add __nand_correct_data helper function 2009-09-04 Atsushi Nemoto New
[1/3] mtd/nand : use elbc_fcm_ctrl->oob to set FPAR_MS bit of FPAR 2011-12-04 New
[1/3] mtd/nand : use elbc_fcm_ctrl->oob to set FPAR_MS bit of FPAR 2011-11-24 New
[1/3] mtd/maps: uclinux: allow systems to override map addr/size 2009-05-26 Mike Frysinger New
[1/3] mtd-utils: nanddump/nandwrite: Style fixups 2010-10-15 Brian Norris New
[1/3] mtd-nand: add "page" parameter to all read_page/read_page_raw APIs 2009-08-07 Andrew Morton New
[1/3] mtd nand : onfi need to be probed in 8 bits mode 2012-11-06 Matthieu CASTET New
[1/3] mkfs.ubifs: check output first 2010-06-17 Shevchenko Andriy (EXT-Teleca/Helsinki) New
[1/3] limbtd: implement mtd_dev_present for old kernels 2012-02-09 Brian Norris New
[1/3] libubi: add ubi_is_mapped() function 2009-05-09 Corentin Chary New
[1/3] libmtd: perform device checking first 2012-02-08 Brian Norris New
[1/3] jffs2: remove direct mtd->point reference 2012-01-30 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/3] jffs2: fix unbalanced locking 2014-02-08 Zefan Li New
[1/3] eLBC NAND: increase bus timeout to maximum 2009-11-13 Scott Wood New
[1/3] drivers: mtd: spinand: Add generic spinand frameowrk and micron driver. 2013-06-26 Poddar, Sourav New
[1/3] clean up the legacy interfaces in nandwrite.c 2010-06-10 Stanley.Miao New
[1/3] clean up the legacy interfaces in nandwrite.c 2010-06-11 Stanley.Miao New
[1/3] blkid: add UBI volume support 2009-08-24 Corentin Chary New
[1/3] bdi: Track users that require stable page writes 2012-11-01 Darrick J. Wong New