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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[10/12] mtd: ms02-nv: Remove superfluous name cast 2013-11-12 Geert Uytterhoeven New
[10/11] mtd: nand: rename the id field of 'struct nand_flash_dev' 2013-03-05 Artem Bityutskiy New
[10/11] mtd: add the ecc info for some full-id nand chips 2013-03-18 Huang Shijie New
[10/11] fsmc/nand: Add sw bch support for ecc calculation/correction 2012-10-09 Vipin Kumar New
[10/11] fs-tests: integck: verify truncation only if -v option was given 2011-05-17 Artem Bityutskiy New
[10/11] arch: remove references to CONFIG_MTD_PARTITIONS 2011-07-19 Brian Norris New
[10/11] UBI: Fastmap: Disable fastmap per default 2012-06-29 Richard Weinberger New
[10/10] nandwrite: use common.h "errmsg" functions 2011-08-31 Brian Norris New
[10/10] nanddump: remove unused variable 2011-06-27 Brian Norris New
[10/10] nanddump: kill usages of MEMSETOOBSEL ioctl 2011-08-19 Brian Norris New
[10/10] mtd: remove the mbx860 map driver 2013-03-12 Artem Bityutskiy New
[10/10] mtd: remove the ixp2000 map driver 2013-03-13 Artem Bityutskiy New
[10/10] mtd: nand: omap2: use gpmc provided irqs 2012-06-04 Mohammed Afzal New
[10/10] mtd: nand: davinci: don't request AEMIF address range 2013-11-21 Khoronzhuk, Ivan New
[10/10] mtd: add a helper to detect the nand type 2013-08-12 Huang Shijie New
[10/10] mtd-www: ignore generated HTML files in git 2011-07-19 Brian Norris New
[10/10] mtd-utils: nandwrite: full 64-bit support w/ libmtd 2010-11-03 Brian Norris New
[10/10] UBIFS: fix-up free space earlier 2011-06-03 Artem Bityutskiy New
[10/10] UBI: Wire-up fastmap 2012-09-26 Richard Weinberger New
[10/10] UBI: Wire-up fastmap 2012-09-24 Richard Weinberger New
[10/10] MTD/GPMI : change the code for new DMA interface 2012-01-19 Huang Shijie New
[10/10] ARM: imx: add mxc_nand to imx27 device tree 2012-04-23 Uwe Kleine-K├Ânig New
[10/10] ARM: STi: Add support for the FSM Serial Flash Controller 2013-11-14 Lee Jones New
[1/9] random32: introduce random32_get_bytes() and prandom32_get_bytes() 2012-10-28 Akinobu Mita New
[1/9] mtd: spi-nor: drop \t after #define 2014-04-09 Brian Norris New
[1/9] mtd: sh_flctl: Add support for error IRQ 2012-04-20 Bastian Hecht New
[1/9] mtd: return error code from mtd_unpoint 2012-02-08 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/9] mtd: nand: remove unnecessary variable 2012-09-25 Brian Norris New
[1/9] mtd: amd76xrom: use DEFINE_PCI_DEVICE_TABLE macro 2013-11-28 Jingoo Han New
[1/9] mtd: add helpers to set/get features for ONFI nand 2012-09-11 Huang Shijie New
[1/9] mtd: add 'const' qualifier to a couple of register functions 2013-03-12 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/9] mtd: Blackfin NFC Driver: do not clobber DMAC1_PERIMUX 2009-02-11 Andrew Morton New
[1/9] UBIFS FAQ: spelling, grammar 2011-08-08 Brian Norris New
[1/9] UBI: rename ubi_dbg_dump_vol_info 2012-05-16 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/9] MTD: pxa3xx_nand: convert all printk into dev_* 2011-06-29 Lei Wen New
[1/9] MTD: call remove notifiers before removing the device 2010-01-12 Maxim Levitsky New
[1/9] MTD: call remove notifiers before removing the device 2010-01-08 Maxim Levitsky New
[1/9] MTD: call remove notifiers before removing the device 2010-01-06 Maxim Levitsky New
[1/8] nanddump/nandwrite: use "simple_" str functions 2010-11-29 Brian Norris New
[1/8] mxc_nand: remove 0xe00 offset from registers 2010-08-06 Sascha Hauer New
[1/8] mtd_tests: Refactor duplicate code 2012-10-02 Vikram Narayanan New
[1/8] mtd: txx9ndfmc: Use module_platform_driver_probe macro 2013-03-05 Sachin Kamat New
[1/8] mtd: nand: remove NAND_BBT_SCANBYTE1AND6 option 2011-05-31 Brian Norris New
[1/8] mtd: move mtd_read_oob() definition out of mtd.h 2012-06-22 Brian Norris New
[1/8] mtd: gpmi: do not use the local array to do the DMA transfer 2013-11-14 Huang Shijie New
[1/8] mtd: docg3: Use devm_*() functions 2013-12-20 Jingoo Han New
[1/8] mtd: diskonchip: don't warn about ARM architecture 2012-11-06 Arnd Bergmann New
[1/8] mtd: devices: elm: Remove unnecessary OOM messages 2014-02-06 Jingoo Han New
[1/8] mtd: block2mtd: initialize writebufsize 2012-02-03 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/8] jffs2: move jffs2_gcd_mtd threads to the new kthread API 2009-08-06 Andrew Morton New
[1/8] block: fix max discard sectors limit 2013-04-13 NamJae Jeon New
[1/8] blktrans: nuke mtd_blkcore_priv and make both thread and disk queue be per device 2010-01-23 Maxim Levitsky New
[1/8] arm: sam9_l9260_defconfig: adjust UBI bad eraseblocks limit 2012-08-17 Richard Genoud New
[1/8] arm: sam9_l9260_defconfig: adjust UBI bad eraseblocks limit 2012-08-19 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/8] LPDDR qinfo probing.(take 2) 2008-10-20 Alexey Korolev New
[1/8] LPDDR qinfo probing. 2008-12-16 Alexey Korolev New
[1/7] spi: Add support for device table matching 2009-07-29 Anton Vorontsov New
[1/7] omap3630: nand: fix device size to work in polled mode 2010-11-26 Sukumar Ghorai New
[1/7] mtd: sm_ftl: Staticize local symbols 2013-08-07 Jingoo Han New
[1/7] mtd: sh_flctl: Update FLCMNCR register bit field 2012-02-08 Bastian Hecht New
[1/7] mtd: nand: davinci: fix driver registration 2013-11-20 Khoronzhuk, Ivan New
[1/7] mtd: mtdcore: remove few useless #ifdef's 2013-03-18 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/7] mtd: ecc_strength is at ecc step granularity 2012-04-24 Mike Dunn New
[1/7] mtd: docg3: use module_platform_driver_probe() 2013-03-05 Jingoo Han New
[1/7] mtd: denali: Drop print of build date/time 2013-12-23 Josh Triplett New
[1/7] mtd: OneNAND: OMAP2/3: add support for command line partitioning 2011-01-05 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/7] mtd: OneNAND: OMAP2/3: add support for command line partitioning 2010-12-13 Adrian Hunter New
[1/7] mtd: OneNAND: OMAP2/3: add support for command line partitioning 2010-12-13 Adrian Hunter New
[1/7] mtd: Blackfin NFC: fix nand busy detection 2010-08-05 Mike Frysinger New
[1/7] jffs2reader: update the header inclusion block 2011-09-19 Andy Shevchenko New
[1/7] driver core: prevent deferred probe with platform_driver_probe 2013-09-23 Johan Hovold New
[1/7] UBIFS: switch to RO mode after synchronizing 2010-08-07 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/7] UBIFS: split ubifs_rcvry_gc_commit 2011-05-06 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/7] UBI: incorporate maximum write size 2011-02-02 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/7] UBI: fix refill_wl_user_pool() 2013-09-28 Richard Weinberger New
[1/7] UBI: allocate write checking buffer on demand 2011-03-15 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/7] UBI: Fastmap: Modify the WL sub-system to prodcue a free anchor PEB 2012-06-23 Richard Weinberger New
[1/7] UBI: Fastmap: Fix lock imbalance in case of an error 2012-07-09 Richard Weinberger New
[1/7] MTD: nand: make MTD_OOB_PLACE work correctly. 2010-02-05 Maxim Levitsky New
[1/7] MTD: MAPS: bcm963xx-flash: fix word order for spare partition 2011-12-05 Jonas Gorski New
[1/7] Documentation: clk.txt: Fix a very small typo 2013-04-17 Ezequiel Garcia New
[1/7] ARM: add GPMI support for imx23/imx28 2011-03-16 Huang Shijie New
[1/7,RFC] UBI: Export next_sqnum() 2012-05-16 Artem Bityutskiy New
[1/7,RFC] UBI: Export next_sqnum() 2012-05-16 Richard Weinberger New
[1/7,RFC] UBI: Export next_sqnum() 2012-05-15 Richard Weinberger New
[1/7,RFC] UBI: Add checkpoint on-chip layout 2012-05-09 Richard Weinberger New
[1/6] spi: Add support for device table matching 2009-07-31 Anton Vorontsov New
[1/6] pxa3xx_nand: make scan procedure more clear 2011-02-18 Lei Wen New
[1/6] pxa3xx_nand: make scan procedure more clear 2010-08-30 Haojian Zhuang New
[1/6] physmap: make map_info customizable 2008-12-01 Andrew Morton New
[1/6] physmap: make map_info customizable 2008-12-11 Atsushi Nemoto New
[1/6] omap3: GPMC register definition at common location 2010-04-16 Sukumar Ghorai New
[1/6] nanddump: kill --omitbad, --noskipbad 2011-06-24 Brian Norris New
[1/6] nanddump: add --bb=METHOD option 2011-06-13 Brian Norris New
[1/6] nand_wait_ready timeout fix 2011-06-26 Matthieu CASTET New
[1/6] nand/denali: convert to dev_() printk helpers 2011-06-03 Jamie Iles New
[1/6] mtd: s3c2410: Use module_platform_driver() 2012-07-16 Sachin Kamat New
[1/6] mtd: nandsim: convert pages_written[] to bitmap 2013-07-28 Akinobu Mita New
[1/6] mtd: denali.c: clean up all the whitespace in the end of some lines 2010-07-27 Dong, Chuanxiao New
[1/6] mtd: chips: cfi_cmdset_0001: Match ENABLE_VPP()/DISABLE_VPP() calls 2012-03-07 Paul Parsons New