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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
mmc: mmci: Allow MMCI to request channels with information acquired from DT 2013-04-17 Lee Jones New
misc: (at24) move header to linux/platform_data/ 2013-08-23 Vivien Didelot New
mfd: pcap: depend on arch-pxa 2012-03-06 Haojian Zhuang New
mfd: Implement devicetree support for AB8500 Btemp 2012-07-10 Rajanikanth H.V New
memory: add a basic OF-based memory driver 2013-09-13 Emilio López New
media: mx2_camera: Remove MX2_CAMERA_SWAP16 and MX2_CAMERA_PACK_DIR_MSB flags. 2012-07-12 Javier Martin New
mc13xxx: add I2C support 2012-01-19 Shawn Guo New
mach-imx: imx27pdk (3ds): add nand flash support 2011-07-08 =?UTF-8?q?J=C3=BCrgen=20Lambrecht?= New
linux-next: manual merge of the tip tree with the arm-soc tree 2014-03-20 Stephen Rothwell New
linker problem with xip kernel and recent toolchains 2012-12-11 Pawel Moll New
leds: kill CONFIG_LEDS_CLASS option 2011-08-29 Bryan Wu New
kernel BUG at kernel/kallsyms.c:222! 2013-11-12 New
ixp4xx: clockevent set_next_event fix 2012-02-13 Michał Wróbel New
irqdomain: Initialize number of IRQs for simple domains 2012-01-06 Thierry Reding New
irqdomain: Initialize number of IRQs for simple domains 2012-01-07 Shawn Guo New
irqchip: Add support for ARMv7-M's NVIC 2013-03-12 Uwe Kleine-König New
irq_domain: fix the irq number of imx5 tzic 2012-02-01 Shawn Guo New
iomux-mx53: fix PAD_CTRL for I2C1_SDA and I2C1_SCL 2011-08-09 Michael Grzeschik New
iomux-mx25: configuration to support CSPI3 on CSI pins 2011-10-31 Paul Fertser New
iomux-mx25.h slew rate adjusted for LCD __LD pins 2012-03-13 Torsten Mehnert New
iomux-mx25.h slew rate adjusted for LCD __LD pins 2012-03-14 Torsten Mehnert New
iommu/arm-smmu: fix panic in arm_smmu_alloc_init_pte 2014-03-21 Bin Wang New
input: ixp4xx-beeper: don't use symbols from <mach/timex.h> 2013-11-26 Uwe Kleine-König New
imx: mach-bug: add sdio platform data 2011-05-25 Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli New
imx6q: work around fec tx-queue timeouts when SATA/SD + ethernet is active with high throughput 2013-10-15 Thomas Scheiblauer New
imx6q: fix emergency restart 2013-10-03 Nathan Lynch New
imx6q restart is broken 2012-08-08 Shawn Guo New
imx6dl/imx6q fec rmii mode with external ref_clk 2014-01-15 Shawn Guo New
imx5: not include the unused head file 2011-08-04 Jason Liu New
imx27_visstrim_m10: spot the mistake 2012-06-24 Russell King - ARM Linux New
imx21ads : avoid overlapping static i/o mappings 2012-08-26 Jaccon Bastiaansen New
imx21ads : Fix overlapping static i/o mappings 2012-04-30 Jaccon Bastiaansen New
imx-drm: parallel-display: honor 'native-mode' property when selecting video mode from DT 2014-01-13 Lothar Waßmann New
imx-drm: Add HDMI support 2013-10-19 Russell King - ARM Linux New
imx sgtl5000:BUG: scheduling while atomic: speaker-test/1225/0x00000003 2012-04-26 Lothar Waßmann New
imprecise external abort using the flexcan driver on i.MX6Q 2013-09-27 Lothar Waßmann New
iMX28: Fix emi_ddr_open pinmux 2011-07-21 Marek Vasut New
i2c: cadence: fix Kconfig dependency 2014-04-07 Soren Brinkmann New
i2c-mxs: fix compile warning in mxs_i2c_xfer() 2011-11-24 Shawn Guo New
i.MX6/PCIe and MSI interrupts 2013-12-06 Harro Haan New
i.MX53: Initial Ka-Ro electronics TX53 board support 2011-07-12 Lothar Waßmann New
i.MX51 iomux: add missed definitions for SION-bit and mode for some pads 2012-04-19 Alexander Shiyan New
i.MX27: visstrim_m10: Add video support. 2012-02-16 Javier Martin New
i.MX27: visstrim_m10: Add m41t00 RTC support. 2012-02-28 Javier Martin New
i.MX27: visstrim_m10: Add led support. 2012-02-29 Javier Martin New
i.MX25 devicetree support 2012-11-12 Sascha Hauer New
i.MX25 GPT clock fix: ensure correct the clock source 2011-08-01 Torsten Mehnert New
i.MX multi SoC patches 2011-08-25 Hector Oron New
i.MX multi SoC patches 2011-08-24 Hector Oron New
i.MX consolidation patches 2011-06-22 Sascha Hauer New
i.MX IPU SoC support 2012-11-12 Sascha Hauer New
gpio: update gpio Chinese documentation 2013-04-08 Chen Baozi New
gpio: only enable kona driver on BCM_MOBILE or for compile testing 2014-02-21 Uwe Kleine-König New
gpio: mvebu: new gpio driver for mvebu platforms 2012-08-11 Thomas Petazzoni New
gpio: (gpio-pca953x) move header to linux/platform_data/ 2013-07-31 Vivien Didelot New
gpio/mxc: use the edge_sel feature if available 2012-06-18 Benoît Thébaudeau New
gpio/mxc: use the edge_sel feature if available 2012-06-21 Benoît Thébaudeau New
gpio/mxc: use the edge_sel feature if available 2012-06-22 Benoît Thébaudeau New
gpio/mxc: use the edge_sel feature if available 2012-06-20 Benoît Thébaudeau New
gpio/mxc: make irqs work for fsl,imx21-gpio devices 2012-06-06 Uwe Kleine-König New
gpio/mxc: add chained_irq_enter/exit() to mx2_gpio_irq_handler 2013-07-18 Uwe Kleine-König New
genirq: Fix race condition in ONESHOT irq handler 2012-02-07 Lothar Waßmann New
function tracer on i.mx35 (pcm043) 2011-07-10 Rabin Vincent New
fixup! i2c: efm32: new bus driver 2014-04-01 Uwe Kleine-König New
ep93xx: fix build of vision_ep93xx.c 2012-02-08 hartleys New
ep93xx-eth: convert to phylib 2011-06-15 Mika Westerberg New
efikamx: reintroduce Genesi Efika MX Smarttop via device tree 2012-08-07 Matt Sealey New
efikamx: match machine descriptions with legacy 2012-02-20 Hector Oron New
drm/i2c: nxp-tda998x: fix abort of some i2c exchanges 2013-05-17 Jean-Francois Moine New
drm/cma: include <drm/drmP.h> as needed 2014-03-24 Shawn Guo New
dmaengine: pl330: add missing include of scatterlist.h 2011-08-08 Rob Herring New
dmaengine: PL08x: Fix trivial build error 2011-08-06 Russell King - ARM Linux New
dma/imx-sdma+imx-dma: explicitly #include <linux/module.h> 2011-09-26 Uwe Kleine-König New
disable the correct parent clock in clk_gate_disable() 2011-08-02 Lothar Waßmann New
devicetree support for efikasb 2012-12-17 Sascha Hauer New
device tree binding documentation outdated 2013-09-27 Russell King - ARM Linux New
davinci_cpdma: include linux/module.h 2012-06-28 Daniel Mack New
cpuimx27 and mbimx27: prepend CONFIG_ to Kconfig macro 2013-03-22 Paul Bolle New
cpuimx* boards: fix mach-types errors 2011-08-22 Eric Benard New
cpuidle: move ARCH_NEEDS_CPU_IDLE_COUPLED Kconfig option 2013-06-05 Daniel Lezcano New
cpufreq: highbank: do not initialize array with a loop 2013-02-24 Emilio López New
cpufreq: OMAP: instantiate omap-cpufreq as a platform_driver 2013-04-09 Kevin Hilman New
common clk fixes for 3.7-rc6, part 2 2012-11-15 Mike Turquette New
common clk fixes for 3.7-rc6 2012-11-12 Mike Turquette New
clocksource: sirf/marco+prima2: drop usage of CLOCK_TICK_RATE 2013-11-11 Uwe Kleine-König New
clocksource: put nodes passed to CLOCKSOURCE_OF_DECLARE callbacks centrally 2013-10-01 Uwe Kleine-König New
clocksource: efm32: let CLKSRC_EFM32 select CLKSRC_OF 2014-04-16 Uwe Kleine-König New
clocksource: dw_apb_timer_of: Mark a few more functions as __init 2013-10-01 Uwe Kleine-König New
clk: sunxi: fix overflow when setting up divided factors 2014-01-25 Emilio López New
clk: sunxi: "cpu_data" is defined in header files of some architectures 2013-05-17 Emilio López New
clk: sirf: fix a bundle of checkpatch issues 2014-04-15 Barry Song New
clk: si570: Add a driver for SI570 oscillators 2013-09-13 Soren Brinkmann New
clk: respect the clock dependencies in of_clk_init 2014-02-07 Emilio López New
clk: remove the clk_notifier from clk_notifier_list before free it (was: Re: [BUG] zynq | CCF | SRCU) 2013-06-03 Lai Jiangshan New
clk: new driver for efm32 SoC 2013-08-14 Uwe Kleine-König New
clk: mxs: mx23, mx28: fix clock lookup after freeing init memory 2012-06-22 Shawn Guo New
clk: fix function name in devm_clk_put kernel-doc comment 2013-09-23 Uwe Kleine-König New
clk: exynos: File scope reg_save array should depend on PM_SLEEP 2013-12-17 Krzysztof Kozlowski New
clk: divider: Use DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST 2013-01-30 Soren Brinkmann New
clk: composite: .determine_rate support 2013-09-15 Emilio López New