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[GIT,PULL,0/5] ARM: SoC contents for 5.10

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Olof Johansson Oct. 23, 2020, 10:31 p.m. UTC
Hi Linus,

This is the batch of pull requests for ARM SoCs this release cycle. It's
arriving late; I've been too busy the last few weeks -- I'll need to hand
over the lead to Arnd for a bit. As a result of that, the last batch of
fixes before last release are here as well, as the first branch.

Contents is about the same as usual, described in each pull request. There's
support for a handful of new SoCs this release, and some new boards, etc --
described in the DT tag.

There are also larger sets of cleanups for Samsung and TI platforms,
as well as removal of some non-DT platforms for i.MX. As a result,
the net add of lines isn't as large as it would otherwise have been.

Two minor merge conflicts in the soc and drivers branches, due to surrounding
changes. I've described the resolution in the corresponding pull request, but
they're straightforward.

Please merge, thanks!