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ext4: fix oops when online resizing a filesystem with flex_bg

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Theodore Ts'o Jan. 27, 2009, 12:07 a.m. UTC
On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 06:41:49PM -0200, Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo wrote:
> http://kerneloops.org/raw.php?rawid=176715 and
> http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12433 report a bug when
> resizing a mounted ext4 filesystem. I could easily reproduce it using
> 2.6.29-rc2, 2.6.28 and 2.6.27.
> ext4_error was called just before the NULL derefence from
> ext4_get_group_desc, indicating a block group beyond s_groups_count.
> This function returned a NULL. The requested block group was beyond
> s_groups_count because this is the last changed bit when resizing.
> The caller, ext4_group_used_meta_blocks, did not check the returned
> pointer. It needs the gdp anyway. Fortunately, its only caller,
> ext4_init_block_bitmap, has a gdp and it was simply a matter of adding
> this parameter to ext4_group_used_meta_blocks and use it.
> Tested and the oops is gone.

This fixes the symptom, and the patch is a good thing to do since it
reduces the code size; but I don't think it fixes the root cause of
the problem.  The much bigger problem is in ext4_group_add around line
869 of fs/ext4/resize.c:

	gdp->bg_flags |= cpu_to_le16(EXT4_BG_INODE_ZEROED);   <-------

The problem here is that the group descriptor contains arbitrary
garbage here, so this should be:

	gdp->bg_flags = cpu_to_le16(EXT4_BG_INODE_ZEROED);

instead.  What's happening is bg_flags contains random garbage, and if
happens to have the EXT4_BG_BLOCK_UNINIT bit set, then we end up
calling ext4_init_block_bitmap(), which causes the OOPS.  However, if
EXT4_BG_BLOCK_UNINIT is not set, then we don't end up going down this
code path --- which is why we didn't catch it in our testing, and why
the oops in BZ #12433 is somewhat hard to reproduce.

Fortunately having random bits in bg_flags is otherwise mostly
harmless, but this is clearly a bug.  Can you test and confirm this
also fixes your failure case?

						- Ted

commit 13e707e95258844c8872f1c4dcac4f0a545b8ef6
Author: Theodore Ts'o <tytso@mit.edu>
Date:   Mon Jan 26 19:06:41 2009 -0500

    ext4: Initialize the new group descriptor when resizing the filesystem
    Make sure all of the fields of the group descriptor are properly
    initialized.  Previously, we allowed bg_flags field to be contain
    random garbage, which could trigger non-deterministic behavior,
    including a kernel OOPS.
    Signed-off-by: "Theodore Ts'o" <tytso@mit.edu>
    Cc: stable@kernel.org

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Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo Jan. 27, 2009, 3:25 p.m. UTC | #1
On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 07:07:43PM -0500, Theodore Tso wrote:
> Fortunately having random bits in bg_flags is otherwise mostly
> harmless, but this is clearly a bug.  Can you test and confirm this
> also fixes your failure case?
> 						- Ted

Yes, it fix my test case. No oops while online resizing anymore with
only your patch applied on top of 2.6.29-rc2.

Best Regards,
diff mbox


diff --git a/fs/ext4/resize.c b/fs/ext4/resize.c
index c328be5..c06886a 100644
--- a/fs/ext4/resize.c
+++ b/fs/ext4/resize.c
@@ -861,12 +861,13 @@  int ext4_group_add(struct super_block *sb, struct ext4_new_group_data *input)
 	gdp = (struct ext4_group_desc *)((char *)primary->b_data +
 					 gdb_off * EXT4_DESC_SIZE(sb));
+	memset(gdp, 0, EXT4_DESC_SIZE(sb));
 	ext4_block_bitmap_set(sb, gdp, input->block_bitmap); /* LV FIXME */
 	ext4_inode_bitmap_set(sb, gdp, input->inode_bitmap); /* LV FIXME */
 	ext4_inode_table_set(sb, gdp, input->inode_table); /* LV FIXME */
 	ext4_free_blks_set(sb, gdp, input->free_blocks_count);
 	ext4_free_inodes_set(sb, gdp, EXT4_INODES_PER_GROUP(sb));
-	gdp->bg_flags |= cpu_to_le16(EXT4_BG_INODE_ZEROED);
+	gdp->bg_flags = cpu_to_le16(EXT4_BG_INODE_ZEROED);
 	gdp->bg_checksum = ext4_group_desc_csum(sbi, input->group, gdp);