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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[1/2,e2fsprogs] support for large EAs 2008-11-17 Kalpak Shah New
[1/2,v4] libext2fs: introduce lseek SEEK_DATA/HOLE 2013-01-25 Zheng Liu New
[1/2] Add goal argument to ext4_new_inode() 2008-11-17 Kalpak Shah New
[1/2] Ext2: remove a useless check for the function ext2_free_blocks 2012-01-26 Wang shilong New
[1/2] Ext2: remove a useless check for the function ext2_free_blocks 2011-01-26 Wang shilong New
[1/2] Ext2: return ENOMEM rather than EIO if sb_getblk fails 2011-01-13 Wang shilong New
[1/2] Ext2: return ENOMEM rather than EIO if sb_getblk fails 2011-01-13 Wang shilong New
[1/2] Use 'inode' variable that is already dereferenced 2012-10-15 Anatol Pomozov New
[1/2] blkdev: add flush generation counter 2013-04-14 Dmitri Monakho New
[1/2] blkid: use proper statement instead of 0 2013-06-19 Eryu Guan New
[1/2] direct-io: Implement generic deferred AIO completions 2013-09-04 Jan Kara New
[1/2] direct-io: Implement generic deferred AIO completions 2013-08-14 Jan Kara New
[1/2] direct-io: Implement generic deferred AIO completions 2013-07-10 Jan Kara New
[1/2] direct-io: move aio_complete into ->end_io 2010-06-22 Christoph Hellwig New
[1/2] e2fsck,blkid,quota: quiet gcc -Wall build warnings 2012-05-29 Andreas Dilger New
[1/2] e4defrag: defrag a file when orig_physical_cnt == donor_physical_cnt 2013-03-03 Zheng Liu New
[1/2] ext2fs: add multi-mount protection (INCOMPAT_MMP) 2011-07-29 Andreas Dilger New
[1/2] ext3: Don't call dquot_free_block() if we don't update anything 2012-01-30 Kazuya Mio New
[1/2] ext3: Get rid of extenddisksize parameter of ext3_get_blocks_handle() 2009-05-20 Jan Kara New
[1/2] ext3: Update PF_MEMALLOC handling in ext3_write_inode() 2014-02-28 Jan Kara New
[1/2] ext4/jbd2: fix io-barrier logic in case of external journal 2010-03-12 Dmitri Monakho New
[1/2] ext4: Don't count free clusters from a corrupt block group 2013-09-27 Zheng Liu New
[1/2] ext4: Don't count free clusters from a corrupt block group 2013-09-27 Darrick J. Wong New
[1/2] ext4: EXT4_FREEBLOCKS_WATERMARK is overly pessimistic 2011-08-25 Anton Blanchard New
[1/2] ext4: Remove arbitrary block value in __es_remove_extent() 2014-04-15 Lukas Czerner New
[1/2] ext4: fix the comment in ext4_ext_insert_extent for ext4_ext_try_to_merge in extents.c 2012-07-06 Wang Sheng-Hui New
[1/2] ext4: fix wrong assert in ext4_mb_normalize_request() 2014-03-03 Maurizio Lombardi New
[1/2] ext4: get free blocks count of BLOCK_UNINIT groups from group desc directly 2011-07-20 Yongqiang Yang New
[1/2] ext4: print 'flags' in trace_ext4_ext_handle_uninitialized_extents 2012-10-16 Zheng Liu New
[1/2] ext4: quota_write cross block boundary behaviour 2010-02-16 Dmitri Monakho New
[1/2] ext4: teach ext4_ext_in_cache to return type of cached extent 2011-11-14 Yongqiang Yang New
[1/2] ext4: teach resize report old blocks count correctly 2012-02-01 Yongqiang Yang New
[1/2] ext4: try to relieve ext4_mb_discard_group_preallocations() from hard work in simple way 2010-03-25 jing zhang New
[1/2] fs/ext4: adding and initalizing new members of ext4_inode_info and ext4_sb_info 2013-10-02 T Makphaibulchoke New
[1/2] fs: read_write: Check ->aio_write in __kernel_write() and vfs_write() 2014-04-23 P├ęter Ujfalusi New
[1/2] fsx: Add fallocate collapse range operation 2014-04-02 Lukas Czerner New
[1/2] inode.c: only update the icache for ext2_inode 2014-01-03 Robert Yang New
[1/2] jbd2: check bh->b_data for NULL in jbd2_journal_get_descriptor_buffer before memset() 2013-06-03 Ruslan Bilovol New
[1/2] jbd2: jbd2_journal_stop needs an exclusive control to synchronize around t_update operations 2012-01-03 Jan Kara New
[1/2] jbd2: jbd2_journal_stop needs an exclusive control to synchronize around t_update operations 2011-12-22 Toshiyuki Okajima New
[1/2] jbd: Provide function to check whether transaction will issue data barrier 2010-04-26 Jan Kara New
[1/2] jbd: clear revoked flag on buffers before a new transaction started 2011-11-15 Yongqiang Yang New
[1/2] jbd: rename get_transaction to init_transaction 2012-06-25 Yuanhan Liu New
[1/2] misc: Allow "-E" and "-O" options multiple times 2011-07-09 Andreas Dilger New
[1/2] mke2fs: Add revision to the is_before_linux_ver() 2014-02-24 Lukas Czerner New
[1/2] procfs: Add function to lookup a subdirectory name 2013-12-20 Abbas Raza New
[1/2] remove dx_root struct 2009-07-17 pravin shelar New
[1/2] resize2fs: Add support for lazy itable initialization 2011-02-01 Lukas Czerner New
[1/2] vfs: re-implement writeback_inodes_sb(_nr)_if_idle() and rename them 2012-04-29 Miao Xie New
[1/2] writeback: sync quota after inodes writeback 2010-10-08 Dmitry Monakhov New
[1/3,v2] ext4: Remove unnecessary check for APPEND and IMMUTABLE 2014-04-15 Lukas Czerner New
[1/3] Add additional owner identifier 2012-07-09 Dmitri Monakho New
[1/3] Ext2: remove the overhead check about sb in the function ext2_new_blocks 2013-02-06 Wang shilong New
[1/3] Return 32/64-bit dir name hash according to usage type 2011-07-27 Bernd Schubert New
[1/3] bdi: Track users that require stable page writes 2012-11-01 Darrick J. Wong New
[1/3] block: A new interface for specifying IO dependencing among tasks 2011-06-27 Vivek Goyal New
[1/3] block: Context support 2012-06-11 Saugata Das New
[1/3] block: Create sysfs knobs to override FLUSH/FUA support flags 2011-01-26 Darrick J. Wong New
[1/3] block_write_full_page: Use synchronous writes for WBC_SYNC_ALL writebacks 2009-04-07 Jens Axboe New
[1/3] dumpe2fs: add displaying file system block usage feature, therefore add '-s' flags 2011-01-30 Robin Dong New
[1/3] e2fsprogs: Build external libblkid by default 2013-02-08 Lukas Czerner New
[1/3] ext2fs: add readahead method to improve scanning 2014-02-01 Darrick J. Wong New
[1/3] ext4: Add EXT4_IOC_TRUNCATE_BLOCK_RANGE ioctl 2013-06-23 NamJae Jeon New
[1/3] ext4: Allow punch hole beyond i_size 2012-01-14 Allison Henderson New
[1/3] ext4: Fix quota accounting error with fallocate 2010-01-06 Aneesh Kumar K.V New
[1/3] ext4: add block-based file punching hole support 2012-08-23 Zheng Liu New
[1/3] ext4: mark all metadata I/O with REQ_META 2013-04-21 Theodore Ts'o New
[1/3] ext4: s_freeclusters_counter should not tranform to unit of block before assigning to "free_clusters" in ext4_has_free_cluste 2012-03-13 Robin Dong New
[1/3] fs: Add FALLOC_FL_INSERT_RANGE flags for fallocate 2014-03-31 NamJae Jeon New
[1/3] fs: Convert checks for write IO errors from !buffer_uptodate to buffer_write_io_error 2012-01-05 Jan Kara New
[1/3] fs: add SEEK_HOLE and SEEK_DATA flags V4 2011-05-23 Josef Bacik New
[1/3] implement uid and gid mount options for ext2 2012-08-02 Ludwig Nussel New
[1/3] mm: print out information of file affected by memory error 2012-10-25 Naoya Horiguchi New
[1/3] xfs: honor the O_SYNC flag for aysnchronous direct I/O requests 2012-01-27 Jeff Moyer New
[1/3] xfstests: add helper for zero range support check 2014-04-21 Eric Whitney New
[1/4,RFC] ext4: remove duplicated check from ext4_fallocate 2012-11-20 Zheng Liu New
[1/4] Update ext4 journal routines to specify if journal allocations can fail with ENOMEM 2011-01-31 Manish Katiyar New
[1/4] bdi: Track users that require stable page writes 2012-11-21 Darrick J. Wong New
[1/4] cfq-iosched: Keep track of average think time for the sync-noidle workload. 2010-04-14 Jeff Moyer New
[1/4] export file_lookup_open 2012-09-19 Dmitri Monakho New
[1/4] ext4: Fix fsync error handling after filesysteb abort. 2013-05-17 Yuan Fu New
[1/4] ext4: Move several mount options to standard handling loop 2012-04-16 Jan Kara New
[1/4] ext4: fix trim length underflow with small trim length. 2011-02-09 Tao Ma New
[1/4] filefrag: exit with error code on failure 2013-12-17 Andreas Dilger New
[1/4] fs: Improve filesystem freezing handling 2012-01-12 Jan Kara New
[1/4] vfs: Add better VFS support for page_mkwrite when blocksize < pagesize 2009-04-29 Jan Kara New
[1/4] vfs: introduce try_to_writeback_inodes_sb(_nr) 2012-04-26 Miao Xie New
[1/5,bigalloc] e2fsprogs: add tool e2wreck to corrupt fs for e2fsck testing 2011-11-18 Robin Dong New
[1/5,md] Add fs_raidsync buffer & bio flags 2009-11-19 Jody McIntyre New
[1/5] ext4: Use filemap_write_and_wait_range() correctly in collapse range 2014-04-16 Lukas Czerner New
[1/5] ext4: convert write_begin methods to stable_page_writes semantics 2013-04-14 Dmitri Monakho New
[1/5] libext2fs: Optimize ext2fs_allocate_group_table() 2013-03-19 Andrey Sidorov New
[1/6] bdi: Allow block devices to say that they require stable page writes 2013-01-19 Darrick J. Wong New
[1/6] block: Implement a blk_yield function to voluntarily give up the I/O scheduler. 2010-07-02 Jeff Moyer New
[1/6] ext4: remove unnecessary var in ext4_ext_insert_extent 2011-11-17 Yongqiang Yang New
[1/7] ext4: Restore old EOFBLOCKS flag state after error 2011-10-28 Dmitri Monakho New
[1/7] libext2fs: rec_len is set incorrect in ext2fs_process_dir_inline_data 2012-11-15 Zheng Liu New
[1/8] lib/blkid/list.h: Fix undefined behavior in list_entry() macro 2012-12-13 Sami Liedes New
[1/9,v2,bigalloc] ext4: get blocks from ext4_ext_get_actual_blocks 2011-11-18 Robin Dong New
[1/9] vfs: Handle O_SYNC AIO DIO in generic code properly 2012-11-20 Darrick J. Wong New