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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[v8,2/2] e2fsck: Correct ext4 dates generated by old kernels 2014-02-14 David Turner New
__ext4_get_inode_loc: use s_inodes_per_block directly 2011-01-27 Coly Li New
allow e4defrag build against old kernel headers 2010-12-17 Andreas Dilger New
allow inode_readahead_blks=0 2010-11-30 Alexander V. Lukyanov New
bdi: Track users that require stable page writes 2012-11-22 Darrick J. Wong New
bio splits unnecessarily due to BH_Boundary in ext3 direct I/O 2013-03-29 Jan Kara New
bio splits unnecessarily due to BH_Boundary in ext3 direct I/O 2013-04-09 Jan Kara New
bio_add_page rw mode check by merge_bvec_fn 2013-11-21 Bernd Schubert New
blkid: add support to the -w option 2009-09-28 Peng Tao New
block: Add a trace point whenever a barrier IO request is sent 2010-04-21 Darrick J. Wong New
buffered writeback torture program 2011-04-21 Christoph Hellwig New
busy inodes -> ext3 umount crash 2010-04-21 Eric Paris New
check: add support for an external test expunging file 2014-04-15 Theodore Ts'o New
crash in __jbd2_journal_file_buffer 2013-09-10 Jan Kara New
debugfs: add support to properly set and display extended timestamps 2013-12-09 Theodore Ts'o New
default max mount count to unused 2010-01-20 Eric Sandeen New
delayed allocation blocks not flushed? 2013-05-27 Bert De Jonghe New
disallow FS recursion from sb_issue_discard allocation 2010-07-06 Mike Snitzer New
discard an inode's preallocated blocks after failed allocation 2010-11-30 Jiaying Zhang New
donor file data inconsistent after EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT 2009-10-19 Peng Tao New
e2fsck: Don't skip time based checks if broken_system_clock=1 unnecessarily 2014-03-28 Jan Kara New
e2fsck: add migration inodes cleanup support 2011-09-17 Dmitri Monakho New
e2fsck: display recorded error messages 2011-03-01 Amir Goldstein New
e2fsprogs/filefrag: print shared extent flag 2014-04-17 Mark Fasheh New
e2fsprogs: Build external libblkid by default 2014-02-21 Lukas Czerner New
e2fsprogs: C99 initializers for struct_io_manager 2008-10-14 Eric Sandeen New
e2fsprogs: Remove any occurrence of ext4dev and test_fs 2014-02-19 Lukas Czerner New
e2fsprogs: add -i switch to filefrag to ignore inline data 2013-09-11 Eric Sandeen New
e2fsprogs: allocate inode table wholly within group 2013-07-02 Eric Sandeen New
e2fsprogs: allocate inode table wholly within group 2013-07-08 Eric Sandeen New
e2fsprogs: fix cross compilation problem 2014-03-13 Chen Qi New
e2fsprogs: introduce ext2fs_close_free() helper 2014-02-20 Lukas Czerner New
e2fsprogs: small .de translation fix 2014-01-03 Eric Sandeen New
e4defrag: Add option -m mtab to e4defrag 2012-10-17 Ashish Sangwan New
e4defrag: Fix segfault when /etc/mtab is empty 2012-10-18 Ashish Sangwan New
ext2/3/4: delete unneeded includes of module.h 2012-01-04 Paul Gortmaker New
ext2/3: use prandom_u32() instead of get_random_bytes() 2014-02-26 ZhangZhen New
ext2: Replace tests of write IO errors using buffer_uptodate 2012-01-26 Jan Kara New
ext3/4: Clear pagep after write_begin() has failed 2009-02-17 Dmitri Monakho New
ext3/4: remove some unnecessary comments 2014-02-27 ZhangZhen New
ext3/ioctl.c: quite sparse warnings about different address spaces 2011-06-10 hartleys New
ext3: Convert filesystem to the new truncate calling sequence 2009-09-03 Jan Kara New
ext3: Don't warn from writepage when readonly inode is spotted after error 2011-12-22 Jan Kara New
ext3: Don't warn from writepage when readonly inode is spotted after error 2011-12-22 Jan Kara New
ext3: Fix data / filesystem corruption when write fails to copy data 2009-12-14 Jan Kara New
ext3: Fix debug messages in ext3_group_extend() 2010-10-16 Namhyung Kim New
ext3: Remove misplaced BUFFER_TRACE() in ext3_truncate() 2010-10-15 Namhyung Kim New
ext3: Return -EINVAL when start is beyond the end of fs in ext3_trim_fs() 2011-06-22 Lukas Czerner New
ext3: Use DIV_ROUND_UP() on group desc block counting 2010-10-11 Namhyung Kim New
ext3: add writepage sanity checks 2010-03-02 Dmitri Monakho New
ext3: explicitly remove inode from orphan list after failed direct_io 2010-02-26 Dmitri Monakho New
ext3: fix a bug when we try to open a file with O_TMPFILE flag 2013-07-20 Zheng Liu New
ext3: fix message in ext3_remount for rw-remount case 2011-08-03 Toshiyuki Okajima New
ext3: fix non-update ctime when changing the file's permission by setfacl 2010-05-27 Miao Xie New
ext3: fix some wrong comments 2014-02-28 Jan Kara New
ext3: fix some wrong comments 2014-02-28 ZhangZhen New
ext3: prevent reread after write IO error v2 2010-01-14 Hidehiro Kawai New
ext3: remove an unneeded check in ext3_new_blocks() 2014-02-25 Dan Carpenter New
ext3: replace ll_rw_block with other functions 2011-12-05 Zheng Liu New
ext3: set i_extra_isize of 11th inode 2010-08-20 Masayoshi MIZUMA New
ext4 file replace guarantees 2013-06-21 Theodore Ts'o New
ext4 xfstest regression due to ext4_es_lookup_extent 2013-02-22 Dmitri Monakho New
ext4: Add more sanity checks V2 2010-06-03 Dmitri Monakho New
ext4: Add new ext4 trim tracepoints 2011-02-01 Tao Ma New
ext4: Adjust trim start with first_data_block. 2011-01-21 Tao Ma New
ext4: Allow indirect-block file to grow the file size to max file size 2010-12-24 Kazuya Mio New
ext4: Always verify extent tree blocks 2011-08-11 Darrick J. Wong New
ext4: Automatic setting of {INODE,BLOCK}_UNINIT flags 2012-12-20 Tomas Racek New
ext4: Automatically allocate delay allocated blocks before rename 2010-12-01 Dmitri Monakho New
ext4: BUG_ON could be triggered in ext4_mb_normalize_request() 2010-04-07 jing zhang New
ext4: BUG_ON triggered in ext4_mb_complex_scan_group() 2010-04-05 jing zhang New
ext4: Deprecate data=journal mount option 2011-06-27 Lukas Czerner New
ext4: Do not normalize request from fallocate 2013-03-21 Lukas Czerner New
ext4: Do not update quota for reserved blocks on error paths v3 2010-05-27 Dmitri Monakho New
ext4: Do not zeroout uninitialized extents beyond i_size 2010-04-09 Dmitri Monakho tytso New
ext4: Ensure writecache to disk in no journal mode 2010-03-26 Surbhi Palande New
ext4: Find the group descriptors on a 1k-block bigalloc,meta_bg filesystem 2013-12-20 Darrick J. Wong New
ext4: Fix missing iput for root inode in case of all failed mount paths. 2011-01-16 Manish Katiyar New
ext4: Issue cache flush on data partition when converting unwritten extents 2012-02-13 Jan Kara New
ext4: Log inline_data feature in Documentation 2013-08-09 jon ernst New
ext4: Make reads/writes atomic with i_rwlock semaphore 2011-04-18 Lukas Czerner New
ext4: Record error messages in super block 2011-06-28 Amir G. New
ext4: Remove extent tree purging from ext4_da_page_release_reservation() 2013-07-17 Jan Kara New
ext4: Remove some deprecated mount options 2011-06-28 Lukas Czerner New
ext4: Reserve FEATURE_RO_COMPAT and INO flag 2013-04-25 Lukas Czerner New
ext4: Reserve xattr index for Rich ACL support 2013-02-06 Jan Kara New
ext4: Rewrite ext4_page_mkwrite() to return locked page 2011-05-30 Jan Kara New
ext4: Set barrier=0 when block device does not advertise flush support 2010-12-03 Darrick J. Wong New
ext4: Set file system to read-only by I/O error threshold 2011-06-17 New
ext4: Silence warning in ext4_writepages() 2013-07-02 Jan Kara New
ext4: Speedup WB_SYNC_ALL pass 2014-03-03 Jan Kara New
ext4: add WARN_ON to check the length of allocated blocks 2013-03-24 Zheng Liu New
ext4: add error handling when discard cmd is fail in FITRIM 2012-07-29 NamJae Jeon New
ext4: add error handling when discarding is fail in FITRIM ioctl 2012-01-21 NamJae Jeon New
ext4: add fallocate mode blocking for debugging purposes 2014-04-15 Lukas Czerner New
ext4: add generic uevent infrastructure 2013-11-18 Dmitri Monakho New
ext4: add missing BUFFER_TRACE before ext4_journal_get_write_access 2014-04-16 liang xie New
ext4: add noorlov parameter to avoid spreading of directory inodes 2013-10-01 Benjamin LaHaise New
ext4: avoid unneeded lookup when xattr name is invalid 2014-04-11 ZhangZhen New
ext4: buffer underrun in ext4_ext_split()? 2009-08-07 roel kluin New