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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[3/3,-v2] ext4: mark metadata blocks using bh flags 2013-04-21 Theodore Ts'o New
[29/49] libext2fs: support allocating uninit blocks in bmap2() 2014-03-11 Darrick J. Wong New
[28/49] mke2fs: set block_validity as a default mount option 2014-03-11 Darrick J. Wong New
[27/49] dumpe2fs: add switch to disable checksum verification 2014-03-11 Darrick J. Wong New
[26/49] tests: add test for corrupted checksummed root directory block 2014-03-11 Darrick J. Wong New
[26/36] fs/ext4: Remove unnecessary casts of private_data 2010-07-12 Joe Perches New
[25/49] e2fsck: write dir blocks after new inode when reconstructing root/lost+found 2014-03-11 Darrick J. Wong New
[24/49] e2fsck: insert a missing dirent tail for checksums if possible 2014-03-11 Darrick J. Wong New
[23/49] e2fsck: fix the extended attribute checksum error message 2014-03-11 Darrick J. Wong New
[22/49] e2fsck: verify checksums after checking everything else 2014-03-11 Darrick J. Wong New
[21/49] e2fsck: print runs of duplicate blocks instead of all of them 2014-03-11 Darrick J. Wong New
[21/21,v5] mke2fs: enable inline_data feature on ext4dev filesystem 2012-09-22 Zheng Liu New
[20/49] libext2fs: fix parents when modifying extents 2014-03-11 Darrick J. Wong New
[20/21,v5] tests: change result in f_bad_disconnected_inode 2012-09-22 Zheng Liu New
[2/9] ext4: honor the O_SYNC flag for aysnchronous direct I/O requests 2012-11-20 Darrick J. Wong New
[2/9] ext4: honor the O_SYNC flag for aysnchronous direct I/O requests 2012-11-21 Jan Kara New
[2/9,v2,bigalloc] ext4: change ext4_ext_map_blocks to allocate clusters instead of blocks 2011-11-18 Robin Dong New
[2/8] lib/ext2fs/rbtree.h: Fix container_of() undefined behavior 2012-12-13 Sami Liedes New
[2/7] libext2fs: create a new dir with inline data while ino is greater than or equal to the first ino 2012-11-15 Zheng Liu New
[2/7] ext4: move inode indepth shrink logic to didicated function 2011-10-28 Dmitri Monakho New
[2/6] mm: Only enforce stable page writes if the backing device requires it 2013-01-19 Darrick J. Wong New
[2/6] jbd: yield the device queue when waiting for commits 2010-07-02 Jeff Moyer New
[2/6] ext4: remove useless BUG_ON in ext4_ext_insert_extent 2011-11-17 Yongqiang Yang New
[2/6] ext4: move inode indepth shrink logic to didicated function 2011-10-20 Dmitri Monakho New
[2/6,RFC] Create the .relink file_operation 2010-09-23 Matt Helsley New
[2/5] libext2fs: find_first_set() for bitmaps. 2013-03-19 Andrey Sidorov New
[2/5] jbd2: optimize jbd2_journal_force_commit 2013-04-14 Dmitri Monakho New
[2/5] ext4: fix removing status extents in ext4_collapse_range() 2014-04-16 Lukas Czerner New
[2/5] ext3: use fs netlink interface for ENOSPC conditions 2011-08-18 Lukas Czerner New
[2/5,md] Add syncraid buffer & bio flags 2009-11-19 Jody McIntyre New
[2/5,bigalloc] debugfs: support cluster unit of ee_block and ee_len 2011-11-18 Robin Dong New
[2/4] vfs: Protect write paths by sb_start_write - sb_end_write 2012-01-12 Jan Kara New
[2/4] mm: Only enforce stable page writes if the backing device requires it 2012-11-21 Darrick J. Wong New
[2/4] ioengine: allow several external ioengines 2012-09-19 Dmitri Monakho New
[2/4] fsfreeze: manage kill signal when sb_start_write is called 2013-04-06 Marco Stornelli New
[2/4] filefrag: improve extent flags printing 2013-12-17 Andreas Dilger New
[2/4] ext4: speed up group trim with the right free block count. 2011-02-09 Tao Ma New
[2/4] ext4: Make mount option parsing loop more logical 2012-04-16 Jan Kara New
[2/4] ext2: Allocate space for mmaped file on page fault 2009-04-29 Jan Kara New
[2/4] block: Implement a blk_yield function to voluntarily give up the I/O scheduler. 2010-04-14 Jeff Moyer New
[2/4] Update ext4 routines to specify journal not to fail the transaction allocation. 2011-01-31 Manish Katiyar New
[2/4,v3] fiemap: add EXTENT_DATA_COMPRESSED flag 2013-12-12 David Sterba New
[2/4,RFC] xfs: remove duplicated check from xfs_file_fallocate 2012-11-20 Zheng Liu New
[2/3] xfs: Add support FALLOC_FL_INSERT_RANGE for fallocate 2014-03-31 NamJae Jeon New
[2/3] mm: Only enforce stable page writes if the backing device requires it 2012-11-01 Darrick J. Wong New
[2/3] libext2fs: allow clients to read-ahead metadata 2014-02-01 Darrick J. Wong New
[2/3] jbd2: Remove barrier feature conditional flag (or: always issue flushes) 2011-01-26 Darrick J. Wong New
[2/3] implement uid and gid mount options for ext3 2012-08-02 Ludwig Nussel New
[2/3] fs: Do not clear uptodate flag on write IO error 2012-01-05 Jan Kara New
[2/3] ext4: modify the implementation of quota reservation in bigalloc-delay-allocation 2012-03-13 Robin Dong New
[2/3] ext4: make mext_next_extent non static and move get_ext_path 2013-06-23 NamJae Jeon New
[2/3] ext4: let us fully support punching hole feature in fallocate 2012-08-23 Zheng Liu New
[2/3] ext4: introduce ext4_error_remove_page 2012-10-25 Naoya Horiguchi New
[2/3] ext4: honor the O_SYNC flag for aysnchronous direct I/O requests 2012-01-27 Jeff Moyer New
[2/3] ext4: fix ZERO_RANGE test failure in data journalling mode 2014-04-16 Namjae Jeon New
[2/3] ext4: Remove uneeded i_size handling 2012-01-14 Allison Henderson New
[2/3] ext4: Implement subtree ID support for ext4 filesystem 2012-07-09 Dmitri Monakho New
[2/3] ext4: Explicitly specify fsync dependency on journaling thread 2011-06-27 Vivek Goyal New
[2/3] ext4: Context support 2012-06-11 Saugata Das New
[2/3] ext4 directory index: read-ahead blocks v2 2011-06-20 Bernd Schubert New
[2/3] ext4 : Pass GFP_KERNEL for transaction allocation if caller can handler failures 2011-01-30 Manish Katiyar New
[2/3] e2fsprogs: move code computing old_desc_blocks to a function 2012-01-04 Yongqiang Yang New
[2/3] e2fsprogs: Add write_byte64 into struct_io_manager 2013-02-08 Lukas Czerner New
[2/3] dumpe2fs: add '-s' flags for manual 2011-01-30 Robin Dong New
[2/3] buffer: add BH_Prio and BH_Meta flags 2013-04-21 Theodore Ts'o New
[2/3] Remove check for a 32-bit cookie in nfsd4_readdir() 2011-07-27 Bernd Schubert New
[2/3] FEATURE DIRDATA - add user data field in ext4 dirent 2009-08-28 pravin shelar New
[2/3] Ext2: mark inode dirty after the function dquot_free_block_nodirty is called 2013-02-06 Wang shilong New
[2/3] Btrfs: implement our own ->llseek V4 2011-05-23 Josef Bacik New
[2/3,v2] fs: Prevent doing FALLOC_FL_ZERO_RANGE on append only file 2014-04-15 Lukas Czerner New
[2/2] xfs: move aio completion after unwritten extent conversion 2010-06-22 Christoph Hellwig New
[2/2] writeback: skip useless data integrity tricks for sync_filesystem 2010-10-08 Dmitry Monakhov New
[2/2] tests: quiet "make check" gcc -Wall warnings 2012-05-29 Andreas Dilger New
[2/2] resize2fs: Add discard support 2011-02-01 Lukas Czerner New
[2/2] espace the space in the filename 2014-01-03 Robert Yang New
[2/2] percpu_counter: Put a reasonable upper bound on percpu_counter_batch 2011-08-25 Anton Blanchard New
[2/2] mke2fs: Enable lazy_itable_init on newer kernel by default 2014-02-24 Lukas Czerner New
[2/2] misc: Add fuse2fs, a FUSE server for e2fsprogs 2012-01-07 Darrick J. Wong New
[2/2] jbd2: retname jbd2_get_transaction to jbd2_init_transaction 2012-06-25 Yuanhan Liu New
[2/2] jbd2: remove all t_handle_lock statements 2011-12-22 Toshiyuki Okajima New
[2/2] fsstress: Add fallocate collapse range operation 2014-04-02 Lukas Czerner New
[2/2] fs/ext4/namei.c: reducing contention on s_orphan_lock mmutex 2013-10-02 T Makphaibulchoke New
[2/2] filefrag: count a contiguous extent when both logical and physical blocks are contiguous 2013-03-03 Zheng Liu New
[2/2] ext4: use kobj_completion in ext4_sb_info 2013-09-10 Jeff Mahoney New
[2/2] ext4: update donor file's ctime/mtime 2009-10-08 Kazuya Mio New
[2/2] ext4: try to relieve ext4_mb_discard_group_preallocations() from hard work in simple way 2010-03-25 jing zhang New
[2/2] ext4: remove ext4_free_blocks_after_init() 2011-07-20 Yongqiang Yang New
[2/2] ext4: make extents.c/ext4_ext_try_to_merge return 1 on merged 2012-07-06 Wang Sheng-Hui New
[2/2] ext4: let ext4 cache uninitialized extents 2011-11-14 Yongqiang Yang New
[2/2] ext4: ignore last group without enough space when resizing 2012-02-01 Yongqiang Yang New
[2/2] ext4: handle mount failures more gracefully 2013-12-20 Abbas Raza New
[2/2] ext4: fix null pointer bug in move_extent.c 2009-08-04 Akira Fujita New
[2/2] ext4: fix bug in ext4_mb_normalize_request() 2014-03-03 Maurizio Lombardi New
[2/2] ext4: add sanity checks in __ext4_check_dir_entry 2013-06-03 Ruslan Bilovol New
[2/2] ext4: add a variable to record the value of map->m_flags in tracepoint 2012-10-16 Zheng Liu New
[2/2] ext4: Use EXT_MAX_BLOCKS in ext4_es_can_be_merged() 2014-04-15 Lukas Czerner New
[2/2] ext4: Spot-check block group sub-table locations 2013-09-28 Darrick J. Wong New
[2/2] ext4: Spot-check block group sub-table locations 2013-09-27 Darrick J. Wong New
[2/2] ext4: Automatically enable journal_async_commit on ext4 file systems 2009-09-11 Theodore Ts'o New
[2/2] ext4: Add fdatasync scalability optimization 2013-04-14 Dmitri Monakho New