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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
xfstests: test data integrity under disk failure 2013-05-16 Dmitri Monakho New
xfstests: don't print "do not support" warnings unless verbose is specified 2011-08-27 Theodore Ts'o New
xfstests: add regression test for extent corruption on ext4 2011-10-20 Dmitri Monakho New
xfstests #62 broken on ext4 2011-08-13 Christoph Hellwig New
warning in ext4_journal_start_sb on filesystem freeze 2014-02-24 J. Bruce Fields New
warning in ext4_journal_start_sb on filesystem freeze 2014-03-08 Matthew Rahtz New
warning in ext4_journal_start_sb on filesystem freeze 2014-03-04 J. Bruce Fields New
vfs: add missing check for __O_TMPFILE in fcntl_init() (Re: [PATCH] ext4: fix...) 2013-07-25 Zheng Liu New
util-linux/fallocate: introduce an option -c to support FALLOC_FL_COLLAPSE_RANGE 2014-02-25 Dongsu Park New
udevd / ext4 issue mounting 2.6.35-rc5 2010-07-22 Luis Rodriguez New
tune2fs: kill external journal if device not found 2011-07-28 Andreas Dilger New
there is a BUG in disk full case in inlinedata feature. 2013-08-29 boxi liu New
tests: fix resize test tmpfs max-file-size checking 2014-03-21 Andreas Dilger New
set h_transaction to NULL when restart handle 2009-07-14 dingdinghua New
set h_transaction to NULL when restart handle 2009-07-09 dingdinghua New
resizefs: fix if ext4 already >16TB resize will fail issue 2010-08-20 Hsuan-Ting New
resize2fs: move bitmaps if shrinking would orphan them 2013-06-21 Theodore Ts'o New
resize2fs: let online resizing report new blocks count right 2012-02-01 Yongqiang Yang New
resize2fs: fix over-pessimistic heuristic. 2014-04-06 Dmitri Monakho New
resize2fs: Use blk64_t and location getters for free_gdp_blocks() 2013-08-13 Darrick J. Wong New
quota reservation fixes for -stable? 2010-04-19 Jan Kara New
quick question on journal_checksum 2009-07-14 Jan Kara New
possible ext4 related deadlock 2010-03-05 Enrik Berkhan New
percpu_counter: Put a reasonable upper bound on percpu_counter_batch 2011-08-29 Anton Blanchard New
patch[3/3] FEATURE DIRDATA - e2fs package changes for dirdata feature. 2009-08-28 pravin shelar New
page eviction from the buddy cache 2013-04-25 Alexey Lyahkov New
page eviction from the buddy cache 2013-04-25 Mel Gorman New
new kernel warning when running xfstest ext4/271 on 3.12 2013-10-15 Jan Kara New
mmp: fix 64-bit handling of s_mmp_block 2013-08-09 Andreas Dilger New
mkfs: default ipg exceeds blocksize * 8 in 64K bigalloc 2013-12-30 Yongqiang Yang New
mke2fs: handle flex_bg collision with backup descriptors 2014-02-28 Andreas Dilger New
mke2fs: enable bigalloc if -C is specified 2012-05-31 Eric Sandeen New
mke2fs: don't interact with a non tty 2014-03-18 Phillip Susi New
mke2fs: do not initialize block bitmaps of groups having super block 2011-11-09 Yongqiang Yang New
mke2fs: clarify inode ratio in man page 2013-01-25 Phillip Susi New
mke2fs: Inform user of ongoing discard 2010-12-13 Lukas Czerner New
mke2fs: Fix block bitmaps initalization with -O ^resize_inode 2013-10-22 Akira Fujita New
mke2fs: Fix block bitmaps initalization with -O ^resize_inode 2013-11-26 Darrick J. Wong New
misc: quiet minor compiler errors 2011-07-28 Andreas Dilger New
make new_inode call a little bit clearer. 2013-09-09 jon ernst New
make ext4_valid_block_bitmap() more verbose 2010-11-12 Bernd Schubert New
logsave : Avoid unnecessary backgrounding of logsave in case of failures 2008-10-07 Manish Katiyar New
libext2fs: fix ext2fs_extent_get when going to the next or previous extent 2010-03-02 number9652 New
libext2fs: fix a coding style for EXT2_NO_MTAB_FILE 2013-08-05 Zheng Liu New
libext2fs: do not print any error message from libext2fs 2013-04-27 Zheng Liu New
libext2fs: Provide functions to safely access name_len and file_type 2013-03-20 Jan Kara New
libext2: clear BG_BLOCK_UNINIT in any group containing metadata 2012-02-23 Eric Sandeen New
jbd: clear b_modified before moving the jh to a different transaction 2012-01-10 Josef Bacik New
jbd: change the field "b_cow_tid" of struct journal_head from type unsigned to tid_t 2011-07-25 Wang Sheng-Hui New
jbd: Remove j_barrier mutex 2011-12-22 Jan Kara New
jbd: Fix lock ordering bug in journal_unmap_buffer() 2012-11-23 Jan Kara New
jbd: Fix a race between checkpointing code and journal_get_write_access() 2009-06-24 Jan Kara New
jbd: Factor out replay_tag() 2010-10-13 Namhyung Kim New
jbd: Convert atomic_inc() to get_bh() 2010-10-16 Namhyung Kim New
jbd: Cleanup __process_buffer() 2010-10-16 Namhyung Kim New
jbd2: invalidate handle if jbd2_journal_restart() fails 2013-06-29 Theodore Ts'o New
jbd/jbd2: add pointer type conversion on void *arg from void * to journal_t * explicitly in kjournald/kjournald2 2011-08-03 Wang Sheng-Hui New
include/jbd: add missing ifdef CONFIG_BLOCK 2013-07-30 Xiong Zhou New
fsck.ext4 taking months 2011-03-29 Rogier Wolff New
fs:ext4:fixed space issue related to * operator. 2012-05-19 Jeffrin Jose New
fs: push sync_filesystem() down to the file system's remount_fs() 2014-03-13 Theodore Ts'o New
fs: fix deadlocks in writeback_if_idle 2010-11-23 Nick Piggin New
fs: ext4: Sign-extend tv_sec after ORing in epoch bits 2014-03-30 Conrad Meyer New
fs/ext{3,4}: fix potential race when setversion ioctl updates inode 2012-01-03 Djalal Harouni New
fs/ext*,f2fs,jffs2,reiserfs: give comments for acl size and count calculation 2012-12-28 Chen Gang New
fs/compat_ioctl.c: add missing FS_IOC_FIEMAP support 2009-08-01 Mark Lord New
fs/buffer.c: Remove the unnecessary init operation after allocating buffer_head. 2013-04-19 majianpeng New
fs : ext4 : super.c fixed coding style violations 2010-11-17 Vamsi Krishna B New
fs / ext3: Always unlock updates in ext3_freeze() 2011-08-25 Pavel Machek New
fs / ext3: Always unlock updates in ext3_freeze() 2011-08-11 Rafael J. Wysocki New
flex_bg information initialization and question on resize/bad inodes with 48 bits filesystem 2009-09-12 Damien Guibouret New
fix the ext4_read_inline_dir return value 2013-09-17 boxi liu New
fix softlockups in ext2/3 when trying to allocate blocks 2009-07-06 Josef Bacik New
fix race bwtween write_metadata_buffer and get_write_access 2009-07-09 dingdinghua New
fallocate vs O_(D)SYNC 2011-11-16 Zheng Liu New
ext4_wait_block_bitmap() and ext4_read_block_bitmap_nowait() handle bitmap verification differently 2013-10-04 jon ernst New
ext4_fallocate 2012-06-25 Theodore Ts'o New
ext4_fallocate 2012-06-25 Fredrick New
ext4_fallocate 2012-07-03 Zheng Liu New
ext4_fallocate 2012-06-25 Zheng Liu New
ext4_da_block_invalidatepages() question 2010-02-09 Jan Kara New
ext4_da_block_invalidatepages() question 2010-01-26 Jan Kara New
ext4: use local variable journal when calling jbd2_journal_unlock_updates in ext4_freeze 2014-01-20 Joseph Qi New
ext4: use i_size_read in ext4_unaligned_aio() 2014-04-12 Theodore Ts'o New
ext4: try fast merge operation in ext4_mb_free_metadata() 2010-03-24 jing zhang New
ext4: teach ext4_free_blocks to handle multi journalled data blocks 2011-12-31 Yongqiang Yang New
ext4: support simple conversion of extent-mapped inodes to use i_blocks 2013-02-10 Theodore Ts'o New
ext4: speed up group trim with the right free block count. 2011-01-21 Tao Ma New
ext4: simple_strtol returns signed. 2008-10-21 roel kluin New
ext4: replace ll_rw_block with other functions 2011-12-05 Zheng Liu New
ext4: replace ll_rw_block with other functions 2011-11-25 Zheng Liu New
ext4: remove unused ac_ex_scanned 2013-07-29 Eric Sandeen New
ext4: remove unneeded call to ext4_es_remove_extent in punch hole 2013-04-27 Ashish Sangwan New
ext4: remove redundant test on unsigned 2009-06-22 roel kluin New
ext4: reduce redundant check of '*options' 2011-01-13 Simon Xu New
ext4: record error messages in message buffer 2011-03-01 Amir Goldstein New
ext4: protect extent cache with r/w spinlock. 2011-11-07 Vivek Haldar New
ext4: prevent kernel panic in case of uninitialized jinode 2012-10-17 Volodymyr Mieshkov New
ext4: page_cache pages over pinned in ext4_mb_free_metadata() 2010-03-24 jing zhang New
ext4: page_cache pages not released in ext4_mb_load_buddy() 2010-03-24 jing zhang New
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