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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[08/15] dfs: Add extra debugging messages. 2014-03-06 Ben Greear Accepted
WPA: pairwise should be printed as a bool 2013-05-02 Johannes Berg Accepted
[v2] hostapd: add GTK MIC corruption test option 2013-05-02 Johannes Berg Accepted
s/wpa_supplicant_ctrl_iface_process/wpa_supplicant_global_ctrl_iface_process 2014-02-25 Purushottam Kushwaha Accepted
Fix the injection of protected broadcast frames 2013-05-02 Chaitanya TK Accepted
nl80211: Fix max_remain_on_chan capability reading 2013-05-02 Ilan Peer Accepted
P2P: Clone beacon_int when initializing new group interface 2013-05-02 Ilan Peer Accepted
tests: don't require wpaspy installation 2013-10-26 Johannes Berg Accepted
[v2] hostapd: Return code-17 on max-station limitation. 2013-04-24 Ben Greear Accepted
dbus_new: Add EAP logon/logoff 2013-04-22 Paul Stewart Accepted
[v3] hostapd: add some testing options 2013-04-10 Johannes Berg Accepted
wpa_supplicant: Add option -I for additional config file 2013-04-16 Dmitry Shmidt Accepted
[v2] nl80211: fix nla_nest_start conversion 2013-04-05 Johannes Berg Accepted
hostapd: Use max tx power from regulatory domain 2013-10-02 Helmut Schaa Accepted
[4/4] hostapd: DFS handle radar event when CAC active correctly 2013-10-24 Accepted
[3/4] hostapd: DFS fix overlapped() function 2013-10-24 Accepted
[2/4] hostapd: DFS adjust center freq correctly for VHT20/VHT40 2013-10-24 Accepted
[04/15] supplicant: Put upper bound on initial scan time delay. 2014-03-06 Ben Greear Accepted
[PATCHv3,1/2] hostapd: make it possible to remove addresses from maclists 2014-02-25 Emanuel Taube Accepted
[1/4] hostapd: DFS VHT80 fix available channels list 2013-10-24 Accepted
[3/3] nl80211: make eloop sockets non-blocking 2013-10-26 Johannes Berg Accepted
[2/3] nl80211: abstract handling of sockets on eloop 2013-10-26 Johannes Berg Accepted
[1/3] nl80211: register for IBSS auth frames before eloop 2013-10-26 Johannes Berg Accepted
[v2] wpa_supplicant: add support for IPv6 when CTRL UDP used 2014-02-24 Accepted
[4/4] hostapd: Select any supported channel if ACS fails 2013-10-15 Helmut Schaa Accepted
[3/4] hostapd: Allow ACS to deal with partial survey data 2013-10-15 Helmut Schaa Accepted
hostapd: Clean interface_added flag 2013-12-13 Marek Kwaczynski Accepted
HS20: Extend ANQP_GET to accept HS20 subtypes 2014-03-25 Dmitry Shmidt Accepted
P2P: fix P2P Device handling when starting with RF-kill blocked. 2014-03-03 Ilan Peer Accepted
[2/4] hostapd: Propagate ACS errors to iface setup 2013-10-15 Helmut Schaa Accepted
[1/4] hostapd: Don't get stuck after failed ACS 2013-10-15 Helmut Schaa Accepted
[2/2] hostapd: deauthenticate clients forbidden by maclists 2014-02-18 Emanuel Taube Accepted
doc: update D-Bus docs for Scan()'s new AllowRoam option 2013-10-22 Dan Williams Accepted
Android: Do not compile wpa_supplicant if not chosen 2013-11-22 Dmitry Shmidt Accepted
[2/2] hostapd: DFS, add VHT160 available channels 2014-02-15 Accepted
Don't start second scan when changing scan interval 2013-10-18 Pontus Fuchs Accepted
nl80211: fix DFS radar event parsing 2013-10-18 Michal Kazior Accepted
wpa_supplicant: Add get_capability freq 2013-04-05 Bruno Randolf Accepted
dbus: add boolean AllowRoam option to Scan() method options dictionary 2013-10-07 Dan Williams Accepted
Provide TLS alerts to CLI/UI 2013-04-02 Chris Hessing Accepted
wpa_s: Fix a critical never-ending loop 2013-12-09 Tomasz Bursztyka Accepted
[2/2] pno: change sched_scan_stopped event to handle pending pno properly 2014-02-26 Ilan Peer Accepted
Omit P2P Group Info, in case of no connected peers 2013-03-20 Chaitanya TK Accepted
[v2,2/3] hostapd: move DFS code to dfs.c/dfs.h 2013-10-07 Accepted
[v2,1/3] hostapd: Add AP DFS support 2013-10-07 Accepted
[1/2] hostapd: DFS allow mixed channels 2014-02-15 Accepted
P2P: Clone 'disable_scan_offload' parameter for p2p group 2013-10-02 Dmitry Shmidt Accepted
[RESEND] driver_nl80211: handle multiple interface combinations for p2p 2014-04-06 Felix Fietkau Accepted
[v2] hwsim tests: add support for the chanctx flag when creating radios 2014-02-10 Luciano Coelho Accepted
[1/4] nl80211/hostap: extend channel switch notify handling 2013-11-25 Accepted
Make scan_freq field to be saved by save_config 2013-09-12 Masashi Honma Accepted
[2/4] hostapd: DFS: allow skipping radar channels 2013-11-25 Accepted
[1/3] wpa_supplicant: Include driver.h in hostapd.h 2013-12-15 Ilan Peer Accepted
[1/2] pno: move and rename pno_start/stop 2014-02-26 Ilan Peer Accepted
[3/4] hostapd: make hostapd_set_freq_params public 2013-11-25 Accepted
[2/2] hostapd: Configure spectrum management capability 2014-02-21 Marek Puzyniak Accepted
[4/4] hostapd: DFS use channel switch when radar is detected 2013-11-25 Accepted
P2P: Add NFC_HANDOVER commands to p2p_redir list 2014-02-27 Andres Morales Accepted
[1/2,v2] hostapd: Add Power Constraint element 2014-02-21 Marek Puzyniak Accepted
[1/8] OS utils: provide os_reltime_age() 2013-11-25 Johannes Berg Accepted
EAP: Failed to switch EAP-SIM to EAP-AKA/AKA' 2013-07-30 Masashi Honma Accepted
driver_nl80211: fix mode settings 2013-03-18 Johannes Berg Accepted
[3/8] AP: use monotonic time for STA connected time 2013-11-25 Johannes Berg Accepted
wpa_supplicant: Fix lookup of cached PMKSA 2013-03-11 Partha Narasimhan Accepted
Add capability flag for IBSS and add get_capabiliy modes 2013-03-11 Bruno Randolf Accepted
hostap: fix client reassociation after disconnect due to ACK failure 2013-03-12 Felix Fietkau Accepted
[2/2] atheros: set essid length field only once 2012-05-29 Baruch Siach Accepted
[1/2] atheros: fix build when CONFIG_WPS is disabled 2012-05-29 Baruch Siach Accepted
[2/3] hostapd: Add survey dump support 2013-08-23 Michal Kazior Accepted
[RFC] P2P: send GO neg confirm without wait 2012-06-01 Johannes Berg Accepted
[1/3] hostapd: Split up channel checking into helpers 2013-08-23 Michal Kazior Accepted
[1/1] Fix trace parameter invocation 2014-02-25 Eduardo Abinader Accepted
fix spelling s/algorith/algorithm/ 2014-02-20 Stefan Lippers-Hollmann Accepted
[4/8] OS utils: add os_reltime_expired() 2013-11-25 Johannes Berg Accepted
P2P: Set Concurrent Operation bit in Beacon/Probe Response 2012-06-05 Masashi Honma Accepted
P2P: Allow P2P functionality to be disabled per interface 2013-08-01 Sreenath Accepted
[5/8] AP: use monotonic time for AP list 2013-11-25 Johannes Berg Accepted
P2P: Immediate group removal in GC in case of deauthentication 2013-08-30 Sreenath Accepted
P2P: Fix P2P Group Formation to register and cancel timeouts on parent only. 2012-05-17 nirav shah Accepted
[PATCHv2] bss: Don't remove a BSS that is in use 2012-05-16 Paul Stewart Accepted
Fix MNC length for Swisscom SIM cards 2013-08-28 Andrejs Cainikovs Accepted
[6/8] use monotonic clock for last_sae_token_key_update 2013-11-25 Johannes Berg Accepted
[PATCHv2] wpa_supplicant: Report EAP connection progress to DBus 2012-06-01 Paul Stewart Accepted
driver_nl80211: use safe list iteration 2012-06-01 Johannes Berg Accepted
[7/8] use monotonic clock for RADIUS cache timeouts 2013-11-25 Johannes Berg Accepted
Reset the ssid in wps before being replaced with the one in credential. 2011-12-09 Rejected
eap-sim: Improve derived-key error message. 2014-01-02 Ben Greear Rejected
[PROPOSAL] Add hostapd.conf parameter to skip check forneighboring BSS (prevent fallback in 150Mb mode) 2012-03-04 Alex Vorona Rejected
[PATCHv2] bgscan_learn: Load BSS entries from current SSID only 2012-07-09 Rejected
[NOT-WORKING] wpa_supplicant: reinit peer sm in case of reconnection 2012-01-05 Antonio Quartulli Rejected
P2P: Cleanup p2p_invite argument passing for ctrl interface 2012-05-02 nirav shah Rejected
ieee802_1x: remove useless NULL terminations 2012-07-05 Baruch Siach Rejected
P2P: Fix Ctrl interfance for parsing of command p2p_connect 2012-05-04 nirav shah Rejected
Print out the commands received by the ctrl_interace 2012-04-30 Jithu Jance Rejected
Check WPA state machine for NULL in scan results processing 2013-04-12 Dmitry Shmidt Rejected
[v3] nl80211: Driver capability retrieval only once the interface is UP 2013-08-06 Sreenath Rejected
P2P: Do not append WPS and P2P IE for the interface not support P2P 2012-10-25 Stone Piao Rejected
Prevent roaming to a different ESS while connected 2012-02-19 Eyal Shapira Rejected
Add P2P IEs to probe requests only when in P2P 2012-08-13 Eyal Shapira Rejected
[PATCHv2] bgscan_learn: Load BSS entries from current SSID only 2012-12-25 Jouni Malinen Rejected