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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
Replace printf with wpa_printf debug message 2013-10-07 Dmitry Shmidt Accepted
[1/1] WPS: Cancel scheduled scan before attempting a scan in WPS NFC Config token case 2013-10-08 Jithu Jance Accepted
hostapd: Fix segfault after ACS when flushing STAs 2013-10-10 Helmut Schaa Accepted
Increase buffer size and prevent write beyond buffer end 2013-10-11 Pontus Fuchs Accepted
P2P: Stop p2p listen when listen duration is over. 2013-07-09 Syed Asifful Dayyan Rafiuddeen Accepted
[2/3] P2P: always re-select oper channel if not hard coded 2012-09-04 Arik Nemtsov Accepted
[3/3] P2P: prefer operating channels where HT40 is possible 2012-09-04 Arik Nemtsov Accepted
[RFC] P2P: Use PSK instead of passphrase for persistent GO fast boot 2012-11-27 Masashi Honma Accepted
Android: Handling supplicant scan pno start/stop 2012-11-15 Pandiyarajan Pitchaimuthu Accepted
atheros: release sock_raw and reset appfilter on hapd_init failure 2012-11-12 Baruch Siach Accepted
p2p: consider age for the p2p scan results 2012-12-09 Arik Nemtsov Accepted
ctrl_iface: check for ongoing sched_scan on SCAN command 2012-12-09 Arik Nemtsov Accepted
[PATCH-resent] nl80211: Run TKIP countermeasures in correct hostapd_data context 2012-12-20 Sven Eckelmann Accepted
WPS_NFC: Fix typos in comment 2012-12-21 Masashi Honma Accepted
wpa_supplicant: Document ht-caps over-rides. 2012-12-13 Ben Greear Accepted
wpa_supplicant: Allow user to disable short guard interval (SGI). 2012-12-13 Ben Greear Accepted
[PATCH-resent] Fix initialization of ap_table_{max_size, expiration_time} 2012-12-10 Sven Eckelmann Accepted
hostapd: Android: Force group access to ctrl_iface directory 2012-12-14 Pontus Fuchs Accepted
hostapd: Don't chown control interface to root 2012-12-14 Pontus Fuchs Accepted
[RFC] PMKSA: make deauthentication due to cache entry removal more granular 2012-08-13 Dan Williams Accepted
[RFC] PMKSA: update current cache entry on association and disassociation 2012-08-13 Dan Williams Accepted
[v2,4/4] keep and use list of PSK entries per station 2012-11-16 Accepted
[v2,3/4] cache list of PSK entries 2012-11-16 Accepted
[v2,2/4] add struct hostapd_sta_wpa_psk_short, a linked list of PSK entries without metadata. 2012-11-16 Accepted
[v2,1/4] radius_msg_get_tunnel_password returns the n-th Tunnel-Password 2012-11-16 Accepted
[v3] Allow OBSS scan and 20/40 coex reports to non-SME drivers 2012-11-12 Bing Zhao Accepted
[v2,2/2] hostapd: add second VHT frequency segment config 2012-11-21 Johannes Berg Accepted
[1/2] hostapd: add VHT PHY selector if VHT is required 2012-11-20 Johannes Berg Accepted
Verify that the selected BSS has a better signal level before roaming 2012-11-19 Robert Shade Accepted
[v2] Don't double free cfg struct if netlink_init fails 2012-11-21 Pontus Fuchs Accepted
bgscan_learn: Prevent infinte busy looping 2012-11-05 Pawel Kulakowski Accepted
dbus: don't quote scan_freq and freq_list 2012-11-06 Robert Shade Accepted
Roam correctly through cfg80211 without SME 2012-11-07 Christopher Wiley Accepted
atheros: remove redundant l2_packet_get_own_addr call 2012-11-11 Baruch Siach Accepted
P2P: Reduce redundant PSK generation for GO 2012-11-09 Masashi Honma Accepted
new_dbus_handlers: Clear errno 2012-11-08 Paul Stewart Accepted
dbus: Add getter for WPS properties 2012-08-23 Sven Neumann Accepted
PATCH:P2P We need to set conf variable for group_idle timeout if application has not set it for p2p_client 2012-10-28 Jouni Malinen Accepted
[RFC] Locally abort associations on ASSOC_REJECT events 2012-11-03 Jouni Malinen Accepted
EAPOL issue when switching between SSIDs 2012-10-24 David Bird Accepted
[1/3] P2P: add a conf parameter to start a GO as HT40 if allowed 2012-09-04 Arik Nemtsov Accepted
dbus: add global capabilities property 2012-09-21 Dan Williams Accepted
Don't send BSSID with disconnect command 2012-09-28 Mykyta Iziumtsev Accepted
supplicant: set state to DISCONNECTED on AP creation errors 2012-09-21 Dan Williams Accepted
[5/5] hostap: use the monitor interface if socket tx status is not supported 2012-09-14 Felix Fietkau Accepted
[4/5] hostap: add check for the wds sta flag before creating 4addr VLANs 2012-09-14 Felix Fietkau Accepted
[3/5] hostapd: clear WLAN_STA_ASSOC_REQ_OK if sending the assoc response failed 2012-09-14 Felix Fietkau Accepted
Remove channel 14 from supported P2P channels 2012-09-21 Mykyta Iziumtsev Accepted
[2/5] hostapd: send EAPOL frames from the VO queue if WMM is active 2012-09-14 Felix Fietkau Accepted
[1/5] hostapd: fix WDS VLAN bridge handling 2012-09-14 Felix Fietkau Accepted
Remove unused function warning in WPS NFC case 2012-09-11 Masashi Honma Accepted
AP: configure basic rates from iface and not conf 2012-09-03 Arik Nemtsov Accepted
atheros: fix rsn capabilities debug print 2012-08-29 Baruch Siach Accepted
wpa_supplicant: Add PKTCNT_POLL command to get TX packet counters 2012-08-30 Yuhao Zheng Accepted
wpa_supplicant: Add bss_flush command to invalidate scan results 2012-08-24 Dmitry Shmidt Accepted
Supply the connection scan results to bgscan after init 2012-07-10 Yoni Divinsky Accepted
[RFC] hostapd: disable WPS when WPA-TKIP configuration is set 2012-08-14 Avinash Patil Accepted
[v3,1/2] P2P: Enable 40MHz support for p2p group addition 2012-07-17 Rajkumar Manoharan Accepted
[v3,2/2] P2P: Add optional "ht40" argument for p2p_connect 2012-07-17 Rajkumar Manoharan Accepted
build: use updated libnl3 header paths 2012-08-13 Dan Williams Accepted
Fix adding extra ies in sched scan 2012-08-12 Eyal Shapira Accepted
WPS: fix nonce comparisons 2012-08-13 Eyal Shapira Accepted
P2P: enable to set in the conf file the wmm params 2012-07-10 Yoni Divinsky Accepted
Handle obtaining bssid failure 2012-07-13 Masashi Honma Accepted
SME: correctly check mode HT caps for enabling OBSS scan 2012-07-18 Arik Nemtsov Accepted
[v2] P2P: p2p_group_remove should fail on non p2p interface 2012-07-26 Michael Naumov Accepted
[v2] AP: fix erroneous "station tried TKIP" error 2012-08-10 Christian Lamparter Accepted
hostapd: 11ac Association 2012-07-23 Mahesh Palivela Accepted
[RFC] pmksa: don't evict active entry when adding new ones 2012-08-06 Dan Williams Accepted
[PATCHv2] fix wpa group rekeying 2012-08-09 Accepted
Add p2p_go_max_inactivity config option 2012-08-08 Eyal Shapira Accepted
[v2,4/4] remove obsolete include to kernel vlan api 2012-08-09 Accepted
[RFC,4/4] wpa_cli: print nice prompt when remote udp 2012-08-02 Accepted
[RFC,3/4] wpa_cli: add IFNAME command 2012-08-02 Accepted
[RFC,2/4] wpa_cli: add support for remote access 2012-08-02 Accepted
[RFC,1/4] wpa_supplicant: remote access for ctrl_iface 2012-08-02 Accepted
[v2] accounting: staticise accounting_sta_interim 2012-08-05 Baruch Siach Accepted
hostap: VHT cap NL layer 2012-07-03 Mahesh Palivela Accepted
P2P: Adding dbus python scripts to preform p2p_flush, p2p_group_add, p2p_listen and p2p_stop_find 2012-07-03 Michael Naumov Accepted
wpa_gui: fix FTBFS with gcc/g++ 4.7 2012-07-03 Stefan Lippers-Hollmann Accepted
P2P: Check memory allocation result in a Service Discovery Response 2012-07-02 Masashi Honma Accepted
P2P: Add error message for invalid PIN 2012-03-06 Masashi Honma Accepted
Export disconnect reason code to dbus 2012-02-24 Gary Morain Accepted
[RFC,v2,1/2] hostapd: 802.11ac changes 2012-06-22 Mahesh Palivela Accepted
[RFC,v2,2/2] hostapd: 11ac VHT IEs 2012-06-22 Mahesh Palivela Accepted
P2P: Adding dbus python scripts to preform p2p_find and p2p_connect 2012-06-27 Michael Naumov Accepted
[7/7] Adding a simple periodic autoscan module 2012-06-26 Tomasz Bursztyka Accepted
[6/7] Adding autoscan module named exponential 2012-06-26 Tomasz Bursztyka Accepted
[5/7] Adding autoscan command into wpa_cli 2012-06-26 Tomasz Bursztyka Accepted
[4/7] Adding ctrl iface command for autoscan 2012-06-26 Tomasz Bursztyka Accepted
[3/7] Adding AutoScan interface method to set or unset autoscan parameters 2012-06-26 Tomasz Bursztyka Accepted
[2/7] Automatic Scanning support added 2012-06-26 Tomasz Bursztyka Accepted
[1/7] Adding autoscan parameters support in config file 2012-06-26 Tomasz Bursztyka Accepted
hostapd: fix pbc config method of WSC IE in beacon 2012-06-25 Yoni Divinsky Accepted
eloop/poll: Handle POLLER | POLLHUP in read logic. 2012-03-30 Ben Greear Accepted
driver_nl80211: simplify cbmsg buffer 2012-06-19 Johannes Berg Accepted
atheros: fix build when WPS and IEEE80211R are both disabled 2012-06-21 Baruch Siach Accepted
P2P: Add p2p_client_list support for FullMAC Persistent GO 2012-06-14 Masashi Honma Accepted
[2/2] hostapd: return error value on configuration check failure 2012-06-13 Baruch Siach Accepted
[1/2] hostapd: remove redundant variable initialization 2012-06-13 Baruch Siach Accepted