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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[PATCHv10] Use radius supplied Passphrase for WPA-PSK 2011-12-11 Jouni Malinen Under Review
ap: Fix checking if DFS is required 2014-04-16 Marek Puzyniak Accepted
[2/2] wlantest: tag and ignore generated packets 2014-04-09 Johannes Berg Accepted
propagate scan failures over d-bus 2014-04-09 Mukesh Agrawal Accepted
[RESEND] driver_nl80211: handle multiple interface combinations for p2p 2014-04-06 Felix Fietkau Accepted
P2P: Add NFC_HANDOVER commands to p2p_redir list 2014-02-27 Andres Morales Accepted
wpa_supplicant: Allow disabling LDPC 2014-04-01 Pawel Kulakowski Accepted
make clean mac80211_hwsim, before test cases building. 2014-04-01 Amit Khatri Accepted
P2P: Fix segfault when PBC overlap is detected 2014-03-27 Ilan Peer Accepted
[v2] hostapd: DFS print CAC info in status cli command 2014-03-05 Accepted
HS20: Extend ANQP_GET to accept HS20 subtypes 2014-03-25 Dmitry Shmidt Accepted
Add freq= parameter to 'set pno' command 2014-03-14 Dmitry Shmidt Accepted
P2P: Prevent creation of another interface on group interface for NFC Token enable case 2014-03-14 Manish Bansal Accepted
wpa_supplicant: Apply VHT_OVERRIDES to wpas_start_assoc_cb 2014-03-14 Paul Stewart Accepted
hostapd: Supply default parameters for OBSS 2014-03-12 Paul Stewart Accepted
hostapd: for VHT 20/40, allow center segment 0 to be zero 2014-02-28 Johannes Berg Accepted
TDLS: Add get_capability tdls command 2014-03-13 Dmitry Shmidt Accepted
ACS: fix VHT20 2014-02-28 Michal Kazior Accepted
Improve performance of reconnect operation 2014-03-06 Peter Qiu Accepted
[13/15] hostapd: Document interworking realm EAP Method types. 2014-03-06 Ben Greear Accepted
[08/15] dfs: Add extra debugging messages. 2014-03-06 Ben Greear Accepted
[04/15] supplicant: Put upper bound on initial scan time delay. 2014-03-06 Ben Greear Accepted
P2P: fix P2P Device handling when starting with RF-kill blocked. 2014-03-03 Ilan Peer Accepted
[2/2] pno: change sched_scan_stopped event to handle pending pno properly 2014-02-26 Ilan Peer Accepted
[1/2] pno: move and rename pno_start/stop 2014-02-26 Ilan Peer Accepted
[1/1] Fix trace parameter invocation 2014-02-25 Eduardo Abinader Accepted
hostapd: Process management frames only once per BSS 2014-02-10 Simon Wunderlich Accepted
[PATCHv2,3/4] hostapd: allow to switch to usable DFS channels 2014-02-06 Simon Wunderlich Accepted
[PATCHv2,2/4] hostapd: allow to switch to DFS channels if available 2014-02-06 Simon Wunderlich Accepted
[PATCHv2,1/4] hostapd: add config option for dfs channels 2014-02-06 Simon Wunderlich Accepted
[v2] wpa_supplicant: Add a configuration file for the P2P_DEVICE parameters 2013-09-02 Ilan Peer Accepted
Disable interface when ACS failed 2014-03-06 Pawel Kulakowski Accepted
[RFC,v2] ap: AP/GO interface teardown optimization 2014-03-05 Ilan Peer Accepted
hostapd: DFS print error in case CAC will fail 2014-03-05 Accepted
ACS: fix VHT80 segment picking 2014-03-05 Michal Kazior Accepted
Added Support for Registrar Configuration Methods under WFA Vendor Extension Subelements 2014-03-05 Rahul Jain Accepted
Re: Re: [PATCH] Use P2P_IE_VENDOR_TYPE instead of combination of OUI_WFA and P2P_OUI_TYPE 2014-03-03 Rahul Jain Accepted
[1/1] Fix current log dir symbolic link 2014-02-27 Eduardo Abinader Accepted
hostapd: fix vht_capab 'Maximum AMPDU Length Exponent' handling 2014-02-26 Accepted
wpa_supplicant: don't start sched scan for p2p dev interfaces 2014-03-03 Ilan Peer Accepted
P2P: do not init bgscan on P2P interfaces 2014-03-03 Ilan Peer Accepted
nl80211: Fix RTM event handling for dynamic interfaces 2014-03-03 Ilan Peer Accepted
config: Add bgscan option when saving global configuration 2014-03-03 Ilan Peer Accepted
bgscan: do not initialize bgscan if disabled by user 2014-03-03 Ilan Peer Accepted
[4/4] wpa_cli: Add vendor command support 2014-03-03 Ilan Peer Accepted
[3/4] ctrl_iface: Add vendor command support 2014-03-03 Ilan Peer Accepted
[2/4] nl80211: Add vendor command support. 2014-03-03 Ilan Peer Accepted
[1/4] driver: Add vendor command support. 2014-03-03 Ilan Peer Accepted
driver_nl80211: fix tearing down wds sta interfaces 2014-02-28 Felix Fietkau Accepted
s/wpa_supplicant_ctrl_iface_process/wpa_supplicant_global_ctrl_iface_process 2014-02-25 Purushottam Kushwaha Accepted
[PATCHv3,1/2] hostapd: make it possible to remove addresses from maclists 2014-02-25 Emanuel Taube Accepted
[v2] wpa_supplicant: add support for IPv6 when CTRL UDP used 2014-02-24 Accepted
[2/2] hostapd: deauthenticate clients forbidden by maclists 2014-02-18 Emanuel Taube Accepted
[2/2] hostapd: DFS, add VHT160 available channels 2014-02-15 Accepted
[1/2] hostapd: DFS allow mixed channels 2014-02-15 Accepted
[v2] hwsim tests: add support for the chanctx flag when creating radios 2014-02-10 Luciano Coelho Accepted
[2/2] hostapd: Configure spectrum management capability 2014-02-21 Marek Puzyniak Accepted
[1/2,v2] hostapd: Add Power Constraint element 2014-02-21 Marek Puzyniak Accepted
fix spelling s/algorith/algorithm/ 2014-02-20 Stefan Lippers-Hollmann Accepted
[1/1] Change the interpreter directive in test scrips 2014-02-21 Roger Zanoni Accepted
Re: Patch for review 2014-02-21 Rahul Jain Accepted
[v3,1/1] P2P: Addressing few issues seen with P2P SD 2014-02-20 Jithu Jance Accepted
TLS: Add tls_disable_tlsv1_1 and tls_disable_tlsv1_2 params 2014-02-19 Dmitry Shmidt Accepted
[2/2] Avoid undefined references with CONFIG_WPA_TRACE_BFD set 2014-02-19 Roger Zanoni Accepted
wpa_debug: Remove 2048 byte message length limit 2014-02-16 Anders Kaseorg Accepted
Android: Use external libnl 2.0 dynamic library 2014-02-19 Dmitry Shmidt Accepted
[1/1] Fix hostapd and wpa_supplicant build with binutils >= 2.24.x 2014-02-17 Roger Zanoni Accepted
[2/3] wpa_supplicant: Complete radio works on disable event 2014-02-13 Ilan Peer Accepted
[3/3] nl80211: use nl80211_set_iface_id() to get hw features data 2014-02-13 Ilan Peer Accepted
[V4] hostapd: Add Operating Mode Notification support 2014-02-10 Marek Kwaczynski Accepted
hostapd: Enable 802.11w in defconfig 2014-02-07 Helmut Schaa Accepted
[7/7] wpa_supplicant: fix null dereference in ieee802_1x_get_mib_sta() 2014-02-10 Ilan Peer Accepted
[6/7] wpa_supplicant: fix null dereference in tls_verify_cb() 2014-02-10 Ilan Peer Accepted
[5/7] wpa_supplicant: fix null dereference in eap_fast_parse_end() 2014-02-10 Ilan Peer Accepted
[4/7] wpa_supplicant: fix null pointer dereference, and unneeded null check. 2014-02-10 Ilan Peer Accepted
[3/7] p2p: fix of compiler warning in wpa_supplicant/p2p_supplicant.c 2014-02-10 Ilan Peer Accepted
[2/7] dfs: fix of compiler warnings in src/ap/dfs.c 2014-02-10 Ilan Peer Accepted
[1/7] wpa_supplicant: fix memroy leak in ieee802_11_vendor_ie_concat() 2014-02-10 Ilan Peer Accepted
wpa_supplicant: Add DFS indicator to get_capability freq 2014-02-03 Dmitry Shmidt Accepted
wpa_supplicant: Fix misplaced os_free 2014-02-03 Prashanth Kumar Accepted
nl80211: fix channel switching with VHT80 2014-01-28 Michal Kazior Accepted
[2/2] wpa_supplicant: fix memory leaks and wrong memory access 2014-01-28 Ilan Peer Accepted
[1/2] wpa_supplicant: fix wrong size memory allocation 2014-01-28 Ilan Peer Accepted
[1/1] NL80211: checking for ifidx in survey handler 2014-01-28 shital jaju Accepted
[2/2] hostapd: set 5 sec timeout for channel list update 2014-01-24 Accepted
[1/2] nl80211: print dfs region info 2014-01-24 Accepted
driver_nl80211: treat RSSI as part of each sched scan matchset 2014-01-24 Johannes Berg Accepted
[4/4] nl80211: fix of sizeof in vendor event handling 2014-01-22 Ilan Peer Accepted
[3/4] hostapd: fix segmentation fault when calling hostapd_cli all_sta 2014-01-22 Ilan Peer Accepted
[2/4] wpa_supplicant: fix of seg fault inwpas_ctrl_radio_work_flush 2014-01-22 Ilan Peer Accepted
[1/4] wpa_supplicant: clone dtim period to a new interface 2014-01-22 Ilan Peer Accepted
[3/3] man: sync manpages and command-line options 2014-01-20 Dan Williams Accepted
[2/3] man: add manpage for eapol_test 2014-01-20 Dan Williams Accepted
[1/3] supplicant: fix usage based on build options 2014-01-20 Dan Williams Accepted
P2P: Reduce peer expiration age to 60 sec and allow customization 2014-01-17 Dmitry Shmidt Accepted
[v2] hwsim tests: vm: add optional time-warp 2014-01-15 Johannes Berg Accepted
[1/2] P2P: Add missing direct global ctrl_iface commands for P2P 2014-01-15 Dmitry Shmidt Accepted
[1/1] P2P: Use GO's operating channel to do a directed scan during the Join 2014-01-15 Jithu Jance Accepted
[1/1] P2P: Don't expire the peer, if GO-NEG is in progress 2014-01-15 Jithu Jance Accepted
[2/2] wpa_s: use minimal scan delay upon EVENT_INTERFACE_ADDED 2014-01-15 Arend van Spriel Accepted