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Use GCC 10 branch in build-many-glibcs.py [committed]

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Joseph Myers May 6, 2020, 3:42 p.m. UTC
This updates the default GCC version used in build-many-glibcs.py when
no version is specified explicitly.  I'm replacing my bot using GCC 8
with one using GCC 10 (leaving the GCC 9 and GCC mainline bots running
as at present).

diff mbox series


diff --git a/scripts/build-many-glibcs.py b/scripts/build-many-glibcs.py
index 4832912b28..6c6615b200 100755
--- a/scripts/build-many-glibcs.py
+++ b/scripts/build-many-glibcs.py
@@ -747,7 +747,7 @@  class Context(object):
     def checkout(self, versions):
         """Check out the desired component versions."""
         default_versions = {'binutils': 'vcs-2.34',
-                            'gcc': 'vcs-9',
+                            'gcc': 'vcs-10',
                             'glibc': 'vcs-mainline',
                             'gmp': '6.2.0',
                             'linux': '5.6',