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答复: [AArch64][SVE][IPA] ICE caused by incompatibility of SRA and svst builtin-function

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bule April 7, 2020, 2:57 a.m. UTC

The patch is tested and works fine. It is more appropriate to handle the context by considering it as a section of assemble code.

A minor question is that I think svst functions are for store operations. Why pass ISRA_CTX_LOAD to scan_expr_access rather than ISRA_CTX_STORE?

Bu Le

发件人: Martin Jambor [mailto:mjambor@suse.cz] 
发送时间: 2020年4月7日 7:21
收件人: bule <bule1@huawei.com>
抄送: Richard Biener <richard.guenther@gmail.com>; gcc-patches@gcc.gnu.org
主题: Re: [AArch64][SVE][IPA] ICE caused by incompatibility of SRA and svst builtin-function


On Thu, Apr 02 2020, Richard Biener wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 5:36 AM bule <bule1@huawei.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> An Internal Compiler Error(ICE) is found in ipa-sra optimization pass when it handle the argument of internal call svst3 for SVE.
>> The problem comes from gcc/testsuite/gcc.target/aarch64/sve/acle/asm/st2_bf16.c in the test suit, which can be reduced to flowing code:
>> #include <arm_sve.h>
>> #include<arm_bf16.h>
>> void st2_bf16_base (svbfloat16x3_t z1, svbool_t p0, bfloat16_t *x0, intptr_t x1) {
>>     svst3 (p0, x0, z1);
>> }
>> Compiled with -march=armv8.2-a+sve -msve-vector-bits=256 -O2, it will result in a segment fault in IPA-SRA:
>> > [bule@localhost gcc10_fail]$ gcc st2_bf16.i -o st2_bf16.s -S 
>> > -march=armv8.2-a+sve -msve-vector-bits=256 -O2 during IPA pass: sra
>> > st2_bf16.c: In function ‘st2_bf16_base’:
>> > st2_bf16.c:10:1: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
>> >   ...... /* omit some stack info here.  */ ......
>> > 0xa34f68 call_summary<isra_call_summary*>::get_create(cgraph_edge*)
>> >         ../.././gcc/symbol-summary.h:642
>> > 0xa34f68 record_nonregister_call_use
>> >         ../.././gcc/ipa-sra.c:1613
>> > 0xa34f68 scan_expr_access
>> >         ../.././gcc/ipa-sra.c:1781
>> >   ...... /* omit some stack info here.  */ ......
>> > Please submit a full bug report,
>> > with preprocessed source if appropriate.
>> > Please include the complete backtrace with any bug report.
>> Details can be found in PR 94398.
>> Similar problem can be found in svst2、svst4 and other functions of this kind.
>> This problem is cause by "record_nonregister_call_use" function trying to access the call graph edge of an internal call, .MASK_STORE_LANE, which is a NULL pointer.
>> The reason of stepping into "record_nonregister_call_use" function is that the upper level function "scan_expr_access" considered the "svbfloat16x3_t z1"
>> argument as a valid candidate for further optimization.
>> A simple solution here is to disqualify the candidate at "scan_expr_access" level when the call graph edge is null, which indicates the call is either an internal call or a call with no references. For both case, the further optimization process should stop before it reference a NULL pointer.
>> A proposed patch is attached.
>> Any suggestions?
> I think internal calls should be handled like asms which means, lookig 
> at the source a bit, instead of ISRA_CTX_ARG pass ISRA_CTX_LOAD to 
> scan_expr_access.

indeed, in this situation it would be best if we simply treated such arguments as loads (from the aggregates).  Would the following (only very mildly tested) patch work for you?


diff mbox series


diff --git a/gcc/ipa-sra.c b/gcc/ipa-sra.c index f0ebaec708d..b225af61427 100644
--- a/gcc/ipa-sra.c
+++ b/gcc/ipa-sra.c
@@ -1870,15 +1870,22 @@  scan_function (cgraph_node *node, struct function *fun)
            case GIMPLE_CALL:
                unsigned argument_count = gimple_call_num_args (stmt);
-               scan_call_info call_info;
+               isra_scan_context ctx = ISRA_CTX_ARG;
+               scan_call_info call_info, *call_info_p = &call_info;
                call_info.cs = node->get_edge (stmt);
-               call_info.argument_count = argument_count;
+               if (!call_info.cs)
+                 {
+                   call_info_p = NULL;
+                   ctx = ISRA_CTX_LOAD;
+                 }
+               else
+                 call_info.argument_count = argument_count;
                for (unsigned i = 0; i < argument_count; i++)
                    call_info.arg_idx = i;
                    scan_expr_access (gimple_call_arg (stmt, i), stmt,
-                                     ISRA_CTX_ARG, bb, &call_info);
+                                     ctx, bb, call_info_p);
                tree lhs = gimple_call_lhs (stmt);