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[committed] d: Fix segfault in build_frontend_type on alpha-*-*

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Iain Buclaw June 2, 2020, 7:45 a.m. UTC

The va_list type for Alpha includes a nameless dummy field for alignment
purposes.  To transpose this into D, a field named "__pad%d" is inserted
into the struct definition.

It was also noticed that in the D front-end AST copy of the backend
type, all offsets for fields generated by build_frontend_type were set
to zero due to a wrong assumption that DECL_FIELD_OFFSET would have a
non-zero value.  This has been fixed to use byte_position instead.

Bootstrapped and regression tested on x86_64-linux-gnu, and committed to
both mainline and backported to the gcc-10 release branch.



	* d-builtins.cc (build_frontend_type): Handle struct fields with NULL
	DECL_NAME.  Use byte_position to get the real field offset.
 gcc/d/d-builtins.cc | 16 +++++++++++++---
 1 file changed, 13 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
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diff --git a/gcc/d/d-builtins.cc b/gcc/d/d-builtins.cc
index a5654a66bf5..1cb5407f8a9 100644
--- a/gcc/d/d-builtins.cc
+++ b/gcc/d/d-builtins.cc
@@ -238,6 +238,9 @@  build_frontend_type (tree type)
       sdecl->type->ctype = type;
       sdecl->type->merge2 ();
+      /* Add both named and anonymous fields as members of the struct.
+	 Anonymous fields still need a name in D, so call them "__pad%d".  */
+      int anonfield_id = 0;
       sdecl->members = new Dsymbols;
       for (tree field = TYPE_FIELDS (type); field; field = DECL_CHAIN (field))
@@ -249,12 +252,19 @@  build_frontend_type (tree type)
 	      return NULL;
-	  Identifier *fident
-	    = Identifier::idPool (IDENTIFIER_POINTER (DECL_NAME (field)));
+	  Identifier *fident;
+	  if (DECL_NAME (field) == NULL_TREE)
+	    fident = Identifier::generateId ("__pad", anonfield_id++);
+	  else
+	    {
+	      const char *name = IDENTIFIER_POINTER (DECL_NAME (field));
+	      fident = Identifier::idPool (name);
+	    }
 	  VarDeclaration *vd = VarDeclaration::create (Loc (), ftype, fident,
 	  vd->parent = sdecl;
-	  vd->offset = tree_to_uhwi (DECL_FIELD_OFFSET (field));
+	  vd->offset = tree_to_uhwi (byte_position (field));
 	  vd->semanticRun = PASSsemanticdone;
 	  vd->csym = field;
 	  sdecl->members->push (vd);