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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
Value type of map need not be default copyable 2012-08-13 François Dumont New
revised fix for nanosleep check in GLIBCXX_ENABLE_LIBSTDCXX_TIME for darwin 2012-10-09 Jack Howarth New
[C++,Patch/RFC] PR 54194 2012-10-09 Paolo Carlini New
[9/10] AArch64 Port 2012-10-23 Marcus Shawcroft New
[SH] PR 52933 - Use div0s insn for integer sign comparisons 2012-08-13 Oleg Endo New
Implement Pareto distribution as an extension. 2012-09-21 Ed Smith-Rowland New
C++ PR 54197: lifetime of reference not properly extended 2012-08-13 Ollie Wild New
[Ada] New implementation-defined pragma: Attribute_Definition 2012-10-29 Arnaud Charlet New
C++ PR 54197: lifetime of reference not properly extended 2012-08-13 Ollie Wild New
[Ada] Static entry [family] names for VMS Debug 2012-10-29 Arnaud Charlet New
[SH] PR 50751 - Add support for SH2A movu.b and movu.w insns 2012-08-13 Oleg Endo New
[google/gcc-4_7] Backport arm hardfp patch from trunk 2012-08-13 Han Shen New
[Ada] Implement Pragma Partition_Elaboration_Policy 2012-10-29 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Clean up of gnatbind output (for non-standard run times) 2012-10-29 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Duplicate entries for parameters in gnatxref output 2012-10-29 Arnaud Charlet New
PATCH [x86_64] PR20020 - 128 bit structs not targeted to TImode 2012-08-14 Gary Funck New
*ping* - Re: [Patch, Fortran] Add end-of-scope finalization (Part 2 of 2) 2013-06-28 Tobias Burnus New
PR c++/29028 - Missed unused warning on using declaration 2012-09-21 Dodji Seketeli New
[7/10] AArch64 Port 2012-10-23 Marcus Shawcroft New
Remove dead code from fold_stmt_1 2012-11-27 Richard Guenther New
Add update-ssa verification code 2012-08-14 Richard Guenther New
[i386] : Enable SSE -> GPR moves for generic x86 targets (PR target/54349) 2013-04-29 Uros Bizjak New
[Fortran] PR54234 - Add -Wconversion warning for CMPLX(dp,dp) 2012-08-14 Tobias Burnus New
PRE TLC 2012-09-21 Richard Guenther New
[testsuite] Add -gdwarf to debug/dwarf2 testcases (Take 2) 2013-04-29 Senthil Kumar Selvaraj New
[Fortran] PR40881 - Add two F95 obsolescence warnings 2012-08-14 Tobias Burnus New
[wwwdocs] Update Fortran secrion in 4.8/changes.html 2012-08-14 Tobias Burnus New
[doc] Document -fsanitize=return 2013-12-02 Marek Polacek New
[google] Update contrib/testsuite-management/powerpc-grtev3-linux-gnu.xfail (issue6454147) 2012-08-14 Simon Baldwin New
[Cilkplus] Fixes builtin Array functions 2012-08-11 Iyer, Balaji V New
RFC: fix std::unique_ptr pretty-printer 2012-08-14 Tom Tromey New
[ARM] Fix PR54212 - Remove predicable attribute from Advanced SIMD patterns in the ARM backend. 2012-08-14 Ramana Radhakrishnan New
[ARM] Define LOGICAL_OP_NON_SHORT_CIRCUIT for ARM target 2012-11-16 Bin Cheng New
[SH] PR 54685 - unsigned int comparison with 0x7FFFFFFF 2012-10-08 Oleg Endo New
[SH] PR 54685 - unsigned int comparison with 0x7FFFFFFF 2012-10-08 Oleg Endo New
[wwwdocs] Announce switch to C++ 2012-08-14 Diego Novillo New
[i386] fma,fma4 and xop flags 2012-08-14 Uros Bizjak New
PR c++/53609 - Wrong argument deduction for pack expansion in argument pack 2013-01-21 Dodji Seketeli New
PATCH: PR driver/59321: -fuse-ld has no effect on -print-prog-name nor on --with-ld= 2013-12-02 H.J. Lu New
[Ada] Ignore Optimize_Alignment (Space) for packed variable length record 2012-10-29 Arnaud Charlet New
Fix PR54240 2012-08-14 William J. Schmidt New
[AArch64] vmov_n changes 2013-11-21 Alex Velenko New
RFA: update 2012-09-25 Joern Rennecke New
Combine location with block using block_locations 2012-08-14 Dehao Chen New
PATCH [x86_64] PR20020 - 128 bit structs not targeted to TImode 2012-08-14 Gary Funck New
[Fortran] PR50269 - C_LOC fixes 2012-08-14 Tobias Burnus New
rtl expansion without zero/sign extension based on VRP 2013-05-13 Richard Guenther New
[RFA:] fix PR54261, reverse operator emitted for compare_and_swap-libfunc targets 2012-08-15 Hans-Peter Nilsson New
[contrib] Add .xfail file for x86_64 2012-08-15 Diego Novillo New
Fix a bug that breaks go build 2012-09-21 Dehao Chen New
Go patch committed: Update for C++ 2012-08-15 Ian Taylor New
[PATCH/MIPS] Use ins/dins instruction when written manually 2012-08-15 Andrew Pinski New
unordered set design modification 2012-10-21 François Dumont New
RFA: replace #ifdef with if/#if for HAVE_ATTR_* 2012-10-21 Joern Rennecke New
[i386] : Fix length attribute calculation for LEA and addr32 addresses 2012-10-21 Uros Bizjak New
PR 53528 c++/ C++11 Generalized Attribute support 2012-08-15 Dodji Seketeli New
[wwwdocs] gcc-3.3/gcj-status.html: omit two links to 2012-10-21 Gerald Pfeifer New
[MIPS] Implement static stack checking 2012-10-21 Eric Botcazou New
RFC patch for / gcc/doc/install.texi 2012-08-15 Tobias Burnus New
XFAIL a couple of gnat.dg testcases on MIPS 2012-10-21 Eric Botcazou New
[rtl-optimization] : Fix PR54457, [x32] Fail to combine 64bit index + constant 2012-09-25 Uros Bizjak New
Constant-fold vector comparisons 2012-10-22 Marc Glisse New
Tweak gimple-ssa-strength-reduction.c:backtrace_base_for_ref () to cover different cases as seen on AArch64 2013-09-25 Yufeng Zhang New
PR target/53633; disable return value warnings for naked functions 2012-08-15 H.J. Lu New
[google] Modification of gcov pmu format to reduce gcda size bloat (issue6427063) 2012-08-15 Chris Manghane New
Fix for UTF-16 string encoding 2013-07-13 Jared Parsons New
[1/7] rs6000: Fix PR54142 2012-08-15 Segher Boessenkool New
Add command line parsing of -fsanitize 2013-07-13 Jakub Jelinek New
[2/7] rs6000: Fix typo mpower64 -> mpowerpc64 in various spec strings. 2012-08-15 Segher Boessenkool New
[google,4_7] backport "std::unique_ptr<T[], D> improvements" 2013-01-03 Lawrence Crowl New
[3/7] rs6000: Add RS6000_BTM_ALWAYS 2012-08-15 Segher Boessenkool New
[7/7] rs6000: Old AIX specs: Use %(asm_default) instead of -mppc. 2012-08-15 Segher Boessenkool New
unordered set design modification 2012-10-22 François Dumont New
speed up ifcvt:cond_move_convert_if_block 2012-08-15 Steven Bosscher New
[5/7] rs6000: Get rid of old-mnemonics 2012-08-15 Segher Boessenkool New
[5/7] rs6000: Get rid of old-mnemonics 2012-08-16 Segher Boessenkool New
[MIPS] DSP ALU scheduling 2012-08-16 Sandra Loosemore New
Disable strassen.f90 test for aarch64 tiny memory model. 2013-06-28 Marcus Shawcroft New
PATCH: Replace target MEMBER_TYPE_FORCES_BLK macro with a target hook 2012-08-15 H.J. Lu New
Commit: Fixes for building avr-elf with g++. 2012-08-16 Nick Clifton New
[4/7] rs6000: Remove TARGET_POWERPC 2012-08-15 Segher Boessenkool New
Commit: BFIN: Fix use of VEC_last macro in bfin.c 2012-08-16 Nick Clifton New
[6/7] rs6000: Remove -mabi=ieeelongdouble. 2012-08-15 Segher Boessenkool New
[i386] fma,fma4 and xop flags 2012-08-16 Gopalasubramanian, Ganesh New
Commit: Fix i386 ASM_OUTPUT_ASCII macro for C++ compilation. 2012-08-16 Nick Clifton New
[bootstrap] Tentative fix for PR 54281 2012-08-16 Diego Novillo New
Context sensitive type inheritance graph walking 2013-09-25 Jan Hubicka New
[v3] libstdc++/54727 2012-09-27 Paolo Carlini New
[6/7] rs6000: Remove -mabi=ieeelongdouble. 2012-08-16 Segher Boessenkool New
Correct handling of gcc-[ar|nm|ranlib] exit codes 2012-09-27 Meador Inge New
Add working-set size and hotness information to fdo summary (issue6465057) 2012-08-16 Teresa Johnson New
[4.6] Add /lib to Solaris default library search path 2012-08-16 Rainer Orth New
Fix memleaks obvious from PR54146 2012-08-16 Richard Guenther New
Free redirect_callers vector in tree-sra.c 2012-08-16 Richard Guenther New
Fix PR54245 2012-08-14 William J. Schmidt New
[MIPS] add new peephole for 74k dspr2 2012-08-16 Sandra Loosemore New
[AARCH64/Committed] Fix g++.dg/abi/aarch64_guard1.C 2012-11-06 Andrew Pinski New
VEC re-write [patch 08/25] 2012-11-15 Diego Novillo New
VEC re-write [patch 07/25] 2012-11-15 Diego Novillo New
RFA: Support infinity, NaN, and denormalized numbers in floatformat.c 2012-08-16 Andreas Schwab New