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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[alpha] : Trivial macroizations, part 2 2012-10-11 Uros Bizjak New
Add noexcept and constexpr to tr2/dynamic_bitset. 2012-06-25 Ed Smith-Rowland New
[asan] Patch - fix an ICE in asan.c 2012-11-12 Tobias Burnus New
constexpr for tr2/bool_set. 2012-06-25 Ed Smith-Rowland New
[RFA/ARM,3/3] Add support for vfma* and vfms* Neon intrinsics 2012-06-25 Matthew Gretton-Dann New
C++ PATCH for c++/52988 (omitted calls with nullptr) 2012-06-25 Jason Merrill New
[RS6000] libffi little-endian 2013-06-24 Alan Modra New
pr/54508: fix incomplete debug information for class 2012-09-17 Paul Koning New
support for multiarch systems 2012-06-25 Matthias Klose New
[2/4] i386: Use vpmacsdd for mulv4si3 2012-06-25 Richard Henderson New
libgo patch committed: Update to Go 1.0.2 release 2012-06-25 Ian Taylor New
[3/7] Add stdint.h wrapper for VxWorks. 2012-06-25 rbmj New
[RFA/ARM,2/3] Add vectorizer support for VFMA 2012-06-25 Matthew Gretton-Dann New
Fix a bug in points-to solver 2013-12-02 Xinliang David Li New
[RFA/ARM,1/3] Add VFP support for VFMA and friends 2012-06-25 Matthew Gretton-Dann New
[4/4] i386: Delete sse sdot_prod; add sdot_prodv4si for xop 2012-06-25 Richard Henderson New
[3/4] i386: Add widen_multiply_even/odd builtins and hooks 2012-06-25 Richard Henderson New
[rs6000] Add -maltivec=be support for vec_lde and vec_ste 2014-02-23 William J. Schmidt New
[AArch64] Restrict usage of SBFIZ to valid range only 2012-10-15 Ian Bolton New
Strength reduction 2012-06-25 William J. Schmidt New
[testsuite] access name from dg-test via a proc instead of upvar 2012-06-26 Janis Johnson New
C++ PATCH for c++/53498 (infinite tsubst recursion with variadic template) 2012-06-26 Jason Merrill New
[lra] patch to revert a code from previous patch. 2012-10-15 Vladimir Makarov New
Add a lexical block only when the callsite has source location info 2012-06-26 Dehao Chen New
[v3] doxygen vs. pdflatex, kill COMPACT_LATEX 2012-06-25 Benjamin Kosnik New
PR lto/53604 (incorrectly optmized out comdats) 2012-06-26 Jan Hubicka New
[graphite] RFC: Add ISL variants of remaining PPL things 2012-06-26 Michael Matz New
[PR,other/33190] target macro documentation fixes [2/n] 2012-06-26 Steven Bosscher New
Cilk Plus Array Notation for C++ 2013-06-28 Iyer, Balaji V New
RFA: Store the REG_BR_PROB probability directly as an int 2013-09-24 Andreas Schwab New
[C++] Fix PR53752 2012-06-26 Richard Guenther New
[testsuite] scandump.exp: use printable pattern in test summary 2012-06-26 Janis Johnson New
[Fortran] CLASS handling for assumed-rank arrays 2012-06-26 Tobias Burnus New
[C++,testcase,committed] Add SFINAE testcase 2013-06-23 Paolo Carlini New
C++ PATCH for c++/54575 (ICE with alias template) 2012-09-18 Jason Merrill New
[PR49888,VTA] don't keep VALUEs bound to modified MEMs 2012-06-26 Alexandre Oliva New
[Ada] Fields _CPU, _Priority and _Dispatching_Domain 2012-06-26 Arnaud Charlet New
[RFC] Tweak reload to const propagate into matching constraint output 2012-06-27 Richard Henderson New
Improve debug info for partial inlining (PR debug/54519, take 2) 2012-10-03 Jakub Jelinek New
[1/3] i386: Expand mul<VI8_AVX2> earlier 2012-06-27 Richard Henderson New
[3/3] i386: Correct costs on CONST_DOUBLE and CONST_VECTOR 2012-06-27 Richard Henderson New
[2/3] i386: Implement widen_smul_*_v4si for plain sse2 2012-06-27 Richard Henderson New
Fix recently introduced -fcompare-debug failures in the scheduler (PR rtl-optimization/54792) 2012-10-03 Jakub Jelinek New
AIX large toc support 2012-11-12 David Edelsohn New
[ARM] Turning off 64bits ops in Neon and gfortran/modulo-scheduling problem 2012-12-19 Christophe Lyon New
RFC: LRA for x86/x86-64 [4/9] 2012-09-28 Vladimir Makarov New
Disable loop2_invariant for -Os 2012-06-27 Zhenqiang Chen New
[x86] Fix combine for condditional instructions. 2012-12-19 Uros Bizjak New
[ARM] Pass --be8 option for big endian targets by default 2012-07-24 Bharathi Seshadri (bseshadr) New
[Ada] Attribute 'Old should only be used in postconditions 2012-06-26 Arnaud Charlet New
Fix accesses to freed up memory in var-tracking (PR debug/53706) 2012-06-27 Alexandre Oliva New
Fix PR c++/19351 (operator new[] overflow) 2012-06-26 Florian Weimer New
RFA: dead_debug_* ICE 2012-06-27 Alexandre Oliva New
Non-dominating loop bounds in tree-ssa-loop-niter 3/4 2012-10-31 Jan Hubicka New
[RFA] Enable dump-noaddr test to work in out of build tree testing 2012-06-27 Matthew Gretton-Dann New
Fix PR53774 2012-06-27 Richard Guenther New
Commit: RX: Fix simple_return pattern 2012-06-26 Nick Clifton New
Add generic vector lowering for integer division and modulus (PR tree-optimization/53645) 2012-06-27 Jakub Jelinek New
[RFC,ARM] later split of symbol_refs 2012-06-27 Dmitry Melnik New
Commit: RX: Fix comparesi3_extend pattern 2012-06-27 Nick Clifton New
Fix typo in multiarch definition for kfreebsd 2012-12-19 Matthias Klose New
[ARM,1/n] PR53447: optimizations of 64bit ALU operation with constant 2012-06-27 Ramana Radhakrishnan New
[1/3] Add rtx costs for sse integer ops 2012-06-27 Igor Zamyatin New
Move Graphite from using PPL over to ISL 2012-06-27 Richard Guenther New
Fix PR tree-optimization/54669 2012-09-22 Eric Botcazou New
[rfa] Fix PCH test failure when -fdebug-types-section is enabled 2013-04-18 Cary Coutant New
[testsuite] : Fix another LP64 vs LLP64 issue 2012-06-27 Kai Tietz New
[i386] : always allow for pe-coff that relocations can be put into readonly memory 2012-06-27 Kai Tietz New
C++ PATCH for c++/53563 (ice-on-invalid with s<void>::s<void>) 2012-06-27 Jason Merrill New
[RFA] Enable dump-noaddr test to work in out of build tree testing 2012-06-27 Andrew Pinski New
[wwwdocs] Update coding conventions for C++ 2012-06-25 Lawrence Crowl New
i386: Fix logic error in r188785 2012-06-27 Richard Henderson New
[1/4] i386: Cleanup and unify widening multiply patterns 2012-06-25 Richard Henderson New
Add MULT_HIGHPART_EXPR 2012-06-27 Richard Henderson New
alpha: Cleaup builtins and folding 2012-06-27 Richard Henderson New
[testsuite] gcc.dg/vect/vect-50.c: combine two scans 2012-06-27 Janis Johnson New
Add MULT_HIGHPART_EXPR 2012-06-27 Richard Henderson New
Disable loop2_invariant for -Os 2012-06-28 Zhenqiang Chen New
Ping / update: RFA: replace #ifdef with if/#if for HAVE_ATTR_* 2012-10-31 Joern Rennecke New
[C++] PR 34892 2012-10-24 Paolo Carlini New
Update libquadmath from GLIBC 2012-10-31 Tobias Burnus New
[configure] Make sure CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET And CXXFLAGS_FOR_TARGET contain -O2 2012-06-28 Christophe LYON New
Add MULT_HIGHPART_EXPR 2012-06-28 Jakub Jelinek New
[onlinedocs] : No more automatic rebuilt? 2012-06-28 Andreas Schwab New
[v3] regex doxygen markup 2012-06-28 Benjamin Kosnik New
[google,4.7] Generate a label for the split cold function while using -freorder-blocks-and-partition 2013-04-19 Sriraman Tallam New
Profile housekeeping 6/n (-fprofile-consistency-report) 2012-10-06 Jan Hubicka New
fix libbacktrace build failure on arm-linux 2012-10-06 Matthias Klose New
[Fortran] Handle C_F_POINTER with a noncontiguous SHAPE= 2012-06-28 Tobias Burnus New
: Fix PR53595 (hard_regno_call_part_clobbered called with invalid regno) 2012-06-28 Georg-Johann Lay New
[doc] Document -fsanitize=return 2013-12-02 Marek Polacek New
MIPS/libgcc: Add soft-fp support for SDE bare-iron targets 2012-06-28 Maciej W. Rozycki New
Add MULT_HIGHPART_EXPR 2012-06-28 Jakub Jelinek New
[C++,Pubnames] Anonymous namespaces enclosed in named namespaces. (issue6343052) 2012-06-28 Sterling Augustine New
[committed] Fix up can_vec_perm_p call in vector division lowering (PR tree-optimization/53645) 2012-07-02 Jakub Jelinek New
[lra] a patch to fix last testsuite regression on x86/x86-64 2012-06-28 Vladimir Makarov New
[RFC,Reload] . Reload bug? 2012-06-28 Tejas Belagod New
Fix PR46556 (straight-line strength reduction, part 2) 2012-06-28 William J. Schmidt New
[testsuite] gcc.dg/Wstrict-aliasing-converted-assigned.c: fix dg-message errors 2012-06-29 Janis Johnson New
[wwwdocs] Update coding conventions for C++ 2012-06-28 Lawrence Crowl New