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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
Go patch committed: Better error for switch on non-comparable type 2012-09-25 Ian Taylor New
[patch/libstdc++-v3] export long double versions of "C" math library on more platforms 2010-06-12 Matthias Klose New
combine permutations in gimple 2012-08-18 Marc Glisse New
Inheritance of gfc_symbol / gfc_component 2012-08-18 Tobias Schl├╝ter New
[google/main] Generate line tables at -g1 (aka -gmlt) 2013-02-07 Cary Coutant New
vect pat recog fails in sbitmap.c on ia64 2010-06-15 Alexandre Oliva New
Prefixes for libgcc symbols (C6X 9.5/11) 2011-05-27 Bernd Schmidt New
more bitmap obstacks 2012-08-18 Steven Bosscher New
enable fma4 for bdver2 2011-11-08 Quentin Neill New
RFA (libstdc++): C++/v3 PATCH for c++/24163 (lookup in dependent bases) and c++/29131 2011-05-27 Jonathan Wakely New
[picochip] Drop call arg location notes. 2011-05-27 Hariharan Sandanagobalane New
RFA (libstdc++): C++/v3 PATCH for c++/24163 (lookup in dependent bases) and c++/29131 2011-05-27 Paolo Carlini New
[x32] PATCH: Require ia32 instead of ilp32 2011-05-27 H.J. Lu New
trans-mem: Require parentheses when parsing transaction expressions. 2011-11-08 Torvald Riegel New
Cleanup of cgraph topological ordering functions 2011-04-29 Martin Jambor New
[C++] PR 51313 2011-12-02 Paolo Carlini New
Always define USE_PT_GNU_EH_FRAME in crtstuff.c for glibc 2012-08-18 Joseph S. Myers New
[RFC] Remove call to build_ref_for_offset in IPA-SRA 2010-08-02 Martin Jambor New
[01/65] Fix invariant phi node removal. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[02/65] Fix type of integer_one_node for fold_build of POINTER_PLUS_EXPR. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[03/65] Use size_one_node. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[05/65] Skeleton for the new SCoP detection. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[04/65] Add analysis pass to build the refined program structure tree. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
speed up ifcvt:cond_move_convert_if_block 2012-08-18 Steven Bosscher New
[06/65] Fix refined region tree nesting. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
Add -lpwl to ppllibs. 2011-03-02 Sebastian Pop New
[08/65] Do not gather loop exit conditions on the basic blocks outside the loop. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[Fotran] Fix PR 4755 - Do not free + reallocate a variable that is already allocated. 2011-07-22 Daniel Carrera New
[07/65] Fix comments and indentation. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
Attempt to increase RLIMIT_STACK in the driver as well as compiler (PR c++/49756, take 2) 2011-07-19 Jakub Jelinek New
Fix AVX2 mulv32qi expander (PR target/51387) 2011-12-02 Jakub Jelinek New
[1/3] optabs: introduce {SET_,}{CONVERT_,}OPTAB_HANDLER 2010-07-04 Richard Sandiford New
[google] Put make_heap's declaration on a single line to work around inconsistent debug locations 2011-07-22 Jeffrey Yasskin New
[09/65] Call compute_overall_effect_of_inner_loop from instantiate_scev_name. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[Patch.AVR,4.6] Fix PR51002 2011-12-02 Georg-Johann Lay New
[Annotalysis] Fix to get_canonical_lock_expr 2011-07-11 Delesley Hutchins New
PATCH: PR rtl-optimization/49088: Combine fails to properly handle zero-extension and signed int constant 2011-05-27 H.J. Lu New
PATCH: PR rtl-optimization/49114: Reload failed to handle (set reg:X (plus:X (subreg:X (reg:Y) 0) (const_int))) 2011-05-27 H.J. Lu New
Speedups/Cleanups: End of GSOC patch collection 2012-08-18 Dimitrios Apostolou New
[10/65] Don't call pbb_to_depth_to_oldiv from compute_type_for_level. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
Fix pass_partition_blocks vs -O0 2011-07-22 Richard Henderson New
trans-mem: Support noexcept specifications for transaction statements and expressions. 2011-11-08 Torvald Riegel New
[11/65] Launch dotty in background. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
Don't try to reload match_operator 2011-09-17 Richard Earnshaw New
RFA: speeding up 2014-02-13 Richard Sandiford New
[12/65] Detect commutative reductions in all the scops before rewriting out of SSA all the other scalar dependences. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[13/65] Remove insert_copyout and insert_copyin. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[25/65] Remove dead code. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[15/65] Remove rename_nb_iterations and rename_sese_parameters 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
Move C front end to its own directory (1/3) 2010-06-08 Jason Merrill New
[14/65] Also rewrite out of SSA scalar dependences going outside the SCoP region. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[16/65] Schedule a copy_prop pass before graphite. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[17/65] Add more debug counter guards. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[18/65] Split rewrite_cross_bb_scalar_deps_out_of_ssa out from rewrite_reductions_out_of_ssa. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[19/65] Always insert out of SSA copies on edges except for loop->latch. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[20/65] Fix testcase: call abort. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[21/65] Early return in rewrite_commutative_reductions_out_of_ssa when flag_associative_math is not set. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[23/65] Remove copy_renames. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[22/65] Run rewrite_cross_bb_phi_deps before rewrite_cross_bb_scalar_deps. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[27/65] Fix 416.gamess miscompile: special case the rewrite of degenerate phi nodes. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[C++] PR 42056 2011-05-27 Paolo Carlini New
[26/65] Fix 435.gromacs miscompile: call rewrite_close_phi_out_of_ssa from rewrite_cross_bb_phi_deps. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[28/65] Print bbs in refined region tree. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[24/65] Replace map with rename_map. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
Committed: Fix sh regression for target/55160 2012-11-01 Joern Rennecke New
[committed] Skip gcc.dg/torture/pr60092.c on 32-bit hpux 2014-03-24 John David Anglin New
[29/65] Resolve CLooG's value_* macros to their respective mpz_* counterparts. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[32/65] Add testcase for miscompile in gamess. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[31/65] Partially removing cloog.h and graphite-clast-to-gimple.h where possible. Removing unused function check_poly_representation. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[33/65] Fix flipped condition using mpz_sgn. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[listdc++,doc] Refer to GDB instead of gdb and fix link 2011-02-01 Gerald Pfeifer New
[Ada,Darwin] Adjust architecture for built shared libs. 2011-09-05 IainS New
[Ada,Darwin] Restore PowerPC Darwin Ada bootstrap (after a looong time, it seems). 2011-09-05 IainS New
[34/65] Remove insert_loop_close_phis. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[committed,4.6] Backport some recent powerpc patches from trunk to GCC 4.6 2011-04-28 Michael Meissner New
[30/65] Move cloog-related functions from graphite-ppl.{c,h} to new graphite-cloog-util.{c,h}. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[37/65] Also handle GIMPLE_CALLs in rewrite_cross_bb_scalar_deps. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[Ada,Darwin] Fix bootstrap issue on Darwin8. 2011-09-05 IainS New
Fix ICE in gen_lsm_tmp_name (PR tree-optimization/49712) 2011-07-12 Jakub Jelinek New
[C++] PR 48606 2011-04-28 Paolo Carlini New
PATCH [6/n] X32: Supprot 32bit address 2011-07-19 Uros Bizjak New
[Fortran] Fix regressions PRs 48810 and 48800: wrong access flag and missing deferred-shape diagnostics 2011-04-28 Tobias Burnus New
Fix PR49199 - ICE with SLP reduction 2011-05-30 Ira Rosen New
[google] LIPO regression tests and bug fixes (issue4444076) 2011-04-28 Xinliang David Li New
[Fortran,4.6/4.7] PR 50684 - fix intent(in) check 2011-11-29 Tobias Burnus New
[Fortran] PR50815 - don't -fcheck=bounds of deferred-length strings 2011-11-29 Tobias Burnus New
[google] Add support for sampled profile collection (issue4438083) 2011-04-28 Easwaran Raman New
[38/65] Remove uses of loop->single_iv. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
libgo patch committed: Update to weekly.2011-12-22 2012-01-26 Ian Taylor New
Avoid global state in m68k_handle_option 2011-04-28 Joseph S. Myers New
[Fortran] PR51970/51977 MOVE_ALLOC fixes 2012-01-26 Tobias Burnus New
[google] Updated patch (issue4438079) 2011-04-29 Sharad Singhai New
[36/65] chrec_apply should only apply to the specified variable. 2010-08-02 Sebastian Pop New
[fortran] Some more TRIM optimizations 2011-06-06 Thomas Koenig New
libcpp PATCH for c++/45399 (undesired NUL warning in raw strings) 2011-06-16 Jason Merrill New
C++ PATCH for c++/45378 (missed narrowing error) 2011-06-16 Jason Merrill New
Fix ICEs with -mxop __builtin_ia32_vpermil2p[sd]{,256} and __builtin_ia32_vprot[bwdq]i intrinsics (PR target/49411) 2011-06-16 Quentin Neill New
C++ PATCH for c++/49298 (C++0x regression with pointer to member) 2011-06-06 Jason Merrill New
Fix ICEs with -mxop __builtin_ia32_vpermil2p[sd]{,256} and __builtin_ia32_vprot[bwdq]i intrinsics (PR target/49411) 2011-06-16 Jakub Jelinek New
[2/2,libcpp] Fix lookup of macro maps 2011-10-21 Dodji Seketeli New
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