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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
patch to fix PR59317 2013-12-05 Vladimir Makarov New
[2/6] Andes nds32: machine description of nds32 porting (2). 2013-07-25 Chung-Ju Wu New
[C++] PR 56582 2013-03-10 Paolo Carlini New
Use libbacktrace for libsanitizer symbolization (take 2, PR sanitizer/59136) 2013-12-05 Jakub Jelinek New
[v3] : Add CXXABI_1.3.8 to util/ to fix libstdc++-abi/abi_check FAIL 2013-05-09 Uros Bizjak New
[2/6] Andes nds32: machine description of nds32 porting (1). 2013-07-25 Chung-Ju Wu New
Add -mtune=ia support 2013-12-05 H.J. Lu New
[i386] Add -mstack-protector-guard= for i386 2013-04-15 Andrew Hsieh New
Simple change in dot dumper -- Display profile count and branch probability 2013-04-23 Xinliang David Li New
[rs6000,libitm] Enable Hardware Transactional Memory (HTM) support on Power 2013-07-02 Peter Bergner New
make gcse.c respect -fno-gcse-lm 2013-03-10 Steven Bosscher New
DATA_ALIGNMENT vs. DATA_ABI_ALIGNMENT (PR target/56564) 2013-06-07 Jakub Jelinek New
[committed] Skip compilation of gcc.dg/pr44194-1.c on hppa64-*-* 2013-03-11 John David Anglin New
[rs6000] power8 patches, patch #9, power8 scheduling 2013-06-07 Pat Haugen New
[committed] xfail gcc.dg/tree-ssa/pr55579.c on 32-bit hppa*-*-hpux* 2013-03-11 John David Anglin New
[committed] xfail gcc.dg/tree-ssa/vector-4.c on 32-bit hppa*-*-* 2013-03-11 John David Anglin New
[GOOGLE] use expand_location when checking same_line_p 2013-07-01 Dehao Chen New
PR middle-end/39326 - limit LIM 2013-03-11 Richard Guenther New
[SH] PR 40797 testcase 2013-03-10 Oleg Endo New
[buildrobot] score: Silence warnings to fix build 2013-12-05 Jan-Benedict Glaw New
C++ 2014 status page for libstdc++ 2013-06-26 Ed Smith-Rowland New
[ARM] - Fix for PR56470 2013-03-11 Richard Earnshaw New
Small OpenBSD/hppa cleanup 2013-07-25 Mark Kettenis New
C++ PATCH for c++/56567 (ICE with lambda returning init-list) 2013-03-11 Jason Merrill New
[libgfortran] : Fix PR59313, gfortran.dg/erf_3.F90 FAILs 2013-12-05 Rainer Orth New
[Fortran,committed] Minor libgfortran/ fixes 2013-03-11 Tobias Burnus New
[mips] Fix switch statement for mips16 (PR target/56942) 2013-06-19 Steve Ellcey New
Default to --enable-libstdcxx-time=auto 2013-05-24 Jakub Jelinek New
[trunk,google/gcc47] Add dependence of configure-target-libmudflap on configure-target-libstdc++-v3 (issue7740043) 2013-03-12 Jing Yu New
[committed] xfail gcc.dg/tree-ssa/pr55579.c on 32-bit hppa*-*-hpux* 2013-03-12 John David Anglin New
[avr,committed] Fix PR56591 2013-03-11 Georg-Johann Lay New
[AArch64] Compare instruction in shift_extend mode 2013-04-17 Hurugalawadi, Naveen New
[PR,57294] Update symbol table references in IPA-SRA 2013-05-24 Martin Jambor New
[Fortran,committed] Fix small issues 2013-04-15 Tobias Burnus New
Fix ICE during RTL expansion at -O1 2013-04-15 Richard Guenther New
[wwwdocs] gcc-4.8/changes.html: mention IRA and transactional memory 2013-05-20 Gerald Pfeifer New
Dynamic dispatch of multiversioned functions and CPU mocks for code coverage. 2013-05-10 Sriraman Tallam New
Do not output references from external vtables into LTO symbol table 2013-03-12 Jan Hubicka New
[C++] PR 57981 2013-07-25 Paolo Carlini New
[AVR] : Fix PR56263 2013-03-12 Jakub Jelinek New
[PING,RX] Add assembler option "-mcu" for generating assembler 2013-07-25 Sandeep Kumar Singh New
[committed,wwwdata] Add id="current" to <h2>Current releases</h2> in 2013-03-12 Tobias Burnus New
[trunk,google/gcc47] Add dependence of configure-target-libmudflap on configure-target-libstdc++-v3 (issue7740043) 2013-03-12 Jing Yu New
[AArch64,ILP32] 1/5 Initial support - configury changes 2013-07-02 Yufeng Zhang New
RFC: ix86 / x86_64 register pressure aware scheduling 2013-04-17 Igor Zamyatin New
[jit] Improvements to array access (API change and additions) 2014-02-04 David Malcolm New
[Fortran,4.9] Minor FINAL preparation patch 2013-03-13 Tobias Burnus New
gcc-{ar,nm,ranlib}: Find binutils binaries relative to self 2013-06-19 Matthias Klose New
[Fortran,committed] Init a variable 2013-04-15 Tobias Burnus New
patch to fix constant math - 4th patch - the wide-int class - patch ping for the next stage 1 2013-04-17 Kenneth Zadeck New
[fortran] PR 56919 SYSTEM_CLOCK on Windows 2013-04-15 Tobias Burnus New
RFA: Fix rtl-optimization/57425 2013-06-19 Joern Rennecke New
[v3] libstdc++/56609 2013-03-13 Paolo Carlini New
Remove dead assignments to static local variables 2013-06-06 Bernd Schmidt New
[C++,testcase,committed] PR 56611 2013-03-13 Paolo Carlini New
[C++] Fix -Wdiv-by-zero regression (PR c++/56607) 2013-03-13 Jakub Jelinek New
[ARM,10/n] Split scc patterns using cond_exec 2013-04-17 Greta Yorsh New
[ARM] emit LDRD epilogue instead of a single LDM return 2013-04-17 Greta Yorsh New
Fix PR56605 2013-03-13 William J. Schmidt New
Preserve loops from CFG build until after RTL loop opts 2013-04-26 Richard Guenther New
C++ PATCH for c++/56346 (thread_local3.C link error on targets without __dso_handle) 2013-03-13 Jason Merrill New
C++ PATCH for c++/59044 (partial specialization of member class template) 2013-12-05 Jason Merrill New
[AArch64] Testcases for ANDS instruction 2013-05-01 Ian Bolton New
[Cilkplus] Build Cilk Runtime for non x86. 2013-03-13 Iyer, Balaji V New
[AArch64] Rewrite v<max,min><nm><q><v>_<sfu><8, 16, 32, 64> intrinsics using builtins. 2013-05-01 James Greenhalgh New
[wwwdocs] gcc-4.8/porting_to.html 2013-03-14 Benjamin Kosnik New
[committed,SH] Fix build failure on sh-linux 2013-03-14 Kaz Kojima New
[GOOGLE] More strict checking for call args 2013-06-06 Martin Jambor New
[libstdc++-v3,C++14] Implement N3654 - Quoted Strings 2013-06-06 Ed Smith-Rowland New
[rs6000] Add -maltivec={le,be} options 2014-01-07 William J. Schmidt New
[x86] Use vector moves in memmove expanding 2013-04-17 Jan Hubicka New
[committed] Fix up graphite tests for PR53265 2013-03-14 Jakub Jelinek New
C++ PATCH for c++/56614 (bogus error with initializer list in default argument) 2013-03-14 Jason Merrill New
[0/n] tree LIM TLC - series part for backporting, limit LIM 2013-03-14 Richard Guenther New
Tweak some libstdc++ tests. 2013-10-08 Jonathan Wakely New
[C++] Avoid pairs of error calls in duplicate_decls 2013-12-05 Paolo Carlini New
add __attribute__ ((designated_init)) 2014-01-20 Tom Tromey New
[i386] : Fix PR59685, ICE with -march=bdver1 -mavx512f 2014-01-20 Uros Bizjak New
[2/6] Andes nds32: machine description of nds32 porting (1). 2013-10-08 Chung-Ju Wu New
Fix SLSR wrong-code (PR tree-optimization/56962) 2013-04-15 Jakub Jelinek New
PATCH: PR middle-end/59789: [4.9 Regression] ICE in in convert_move, at expr.c:333 2014-01-20 H.J. Lu New
[AArch64] Support EXTR in backend 2013-03-14 Ian Bolton New
color diagnostics markers 2013-04-15 Jakub Jelinek New
[4.7,v3] Compile 30_threads/condition_variable/members/ with -std=gnu++0x on Tru64 UNIX and IRIX 2013-04-15 Rainer Orth New
Add tree-ssa-loop.h and friends. 2013-10-08 Andrew MacLeod New
[AArch64] Support ROR in backend 2013-03-14 Ian Bolton New
[C++11,4.9] Add missing REDUC_PLUS_EXPR case to potential_constant_expression_1. 2013-03-14 James Greenhalgh New
[AArch64] Support SBC in the backend 2013-03-14 Ian Bolton New
[wwwdoc] Mark ARM/hard_vfp_4_4_branch as discontinued 2013-04-15 Richard Earnshaw New
[4.7,go] Backport godump.c patch 2013-03-14 Rainer Orth New
[ARM] Fix PR target/19599 2013-05-15 Ramana Radhakrishnan New
C++ PATCH for c++/56388 (lambdas and EH) 2013-04-15 Jason Merrill New
Fix -print-multi-os-directory for aarch64 2013-03-14 Matthias Klose New
Allow building if libsanitizer on RHEL5 (i.e. with 2.6.18-ish kernel headers) 2013-12-06 Jakub Jelinek New
Another C++ PATCH for c++/52748 (N3276 and operator overloading) 2013-04-15 Jason Merrill New
Preserve loops from CFG build until after RTL loop opts 2013-04-28 Tom de Vries New
[v2,1/6] Convert symtab, cgraph and varpool nodes into a real class hierarchy 2013-09-09 David Malcolm New
libstdc++/51365 for shared_ptr 2013-04-28 Jonathan Wakely New
Minor C++ PATCH to tsubst of DECLTYPE_TYPE 2013-04-15 Jason Merrill New
[v2,5/6] Automated renaming of symtab types 2013-09-09 David Malcolm New