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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
Allow passing arrays in registers on AArch64 2014-02-06 Michael Hudson-Doyle New
Drop more of the old alias handling code 2013-04-09 Jan Hubicka New
libgo patch committed: Support sparc64 in lfstack.c 2013-01-29 Rainer Orth New
[build] Properly set progbits/nobits for Solaris/SPARC as 2013-01-29 Rainer Orth New
Fix PR56113 2013-01-29 Richard Guenther New
[AArch64] Implement Bitwise AND and Set Flags 2013-01-29 Hurugalawadi, Naveen New
[AArch64,AArch64-4.7] Implement Bitwise AND and Set Flags 2013-01-29 Hurugalawadi, Naveen New
[Ada] Obsolescence considerations for pragma Interface/Interface_Name 2013-01-29 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Allow Ada 2012 aspects on renaming declarations 2013-01-29 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] gnat stub -P crashes when Ada is not a language of the project 2013-01-29 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Expression functions and protected definitions 2013-01-29 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Insertion of generated constructs in N_Expression_With_Actions nodes 2013-01-29 Arnaud Charlet New
[1/2] PowerPC testsuite clean up 2013-01-29 Sebastian Huber New
Fix --with-build-config=bootstrap-ubsan bootstrap of lto-plugin (PR sanitizer/56781) 2014-03-25 Jakub Jelinek New
Clean up after standard literals patch. 2013-06-07 Ed Smith-Rowland New
[tree-ssa] RFC: Enable path threading for control variables (PR tree-optimization/54742). 2013-06-07 James Greenhalgh New
Small cleanup in cleanup_cfg 2013-01-29 Marek Polacek New
Simple change in dot dumper -- Display profile count and branch probability 2013-04-21 Xinliang David Li New
Move sharable cilkplus functions to c-family 2013-06-07 Iyer, Balaji V New
[libiberty's,include] : Fixes PR 39064 and partial PR 54620 2013-01-30 Kai Tietz New
[i386] : Merge *vec_concatv2si_sse2 with vec_concatv2si_sse and vec_concatv2di with *vec_concatv2di_rex64. 2013-05-03 Uros Bizjak New
patch to fix building Ada on ppc64 with LRA 2013-10-03 Vladimir Makarov New
[Fortran] PR56138 - fix deferred-length character funcs w/o result variable 2013-01-29 Tobias Burnus New
[libiberty's,include] : Fixes PR 39064 and partial PR 54620 2013-01-30 Kai Tietz New
[4.7] Fix a couple of C++isms 2013-04-21 Eric Botcazou New
[jit] Add some syntactic sugar to C++ wrapper API 2014-02-14 David Malcolm New
Fix RTL fwprop compile-time for PR56113 2013-01-29 Steven Bosscher New
[Ada] : Fix PR/55445 also for Ada's SEH-exception-mechanism 2013-04-23 Kai Tietz New an embeddable JIT-compiler based on GCC 2013-10-03 David Malcolm New
Add tree-ssa-loop.h and friends. 2013-10-03 Andrew MacLeod New
testsuite tcl portability fix - avoid lreverse 2013-01-30 Jakub Jelinek New
Fix PR56188 2013-02-04 Richard Guenther New
Backport PR48189 fix 2013-04-16 Marek Polacek New
[libiberty's,include] : Fixes PR 39064 and partial PR 54620 2013-01-30 Kai Tietz New
RFA: Fix use of extra_objs when configuring tilepro-linux and tilegx-linux 2013-04-21 Nick Clifton New
[xtensa] Add section anchor support for the xtensa backend. 2014-01-14 Felix Yang New
[fortran] PR 59599 ICE on intrinsic ichar 2014-02-14 Mikael Morin New
libsanitizer merge from upstream r196489 2013-12-05 H.J. Lu New
Regex bracket matcher cache optimization 2014-01-07 Tim Shen New
operator new returns nonzero 2013-10-03 Marc Glisse New
[libiberty] : Fix PR 53285 on 4.7 branch 2013-01-30 Kai Tietz New
patch to fix PR56144 2013-01-30 Vladimir Makarov New
[libiberty] : Fix PR 543413 2013-01-30 Kai Tietz New
[libiberty] : Fix PR 54620 2013-01-30 Kai Tietz New
[4.8.[01] ] PowerPC di->ti widening multiplication 2013-01-30 Richard Henderson New
Time profiler - phase 2 2013-12-05 Jan Hubicka New
[announce] New scalar-storage-order branch in GCC repository 2013-06-10 Bernd Schmidt New
, GCC 4.9 powerpc, merge movdi insns 2013-01-31 Michael Meissner New
[PING] Optional alternative base_expr in finding basis for CAND_REFs 2013-12-05 Yufeng Zhang New
Basic support for MIPS r5900 2013-06-25 Richard Sandiford New
[asan] : Compile g++.dg/asan tests with -D__NO_INLINE__ for *-*-linux* targets 2013-02-09 Uros Bizjak New
[Fortran] Enable the generation of the FINALization wrapper function 2013-05-29 Tobias Burnus New
[cilkplus] pragma simd C++: fix more testcases 2013-06-10 Aldy Hernandez New
[RFC] Add -fno-aggressive-loop-optimizations 2013-01-31 Richard Guenther New
PATCH: Fix libsanitizer for x32 2013-12-05 H.J. Lu New
[3/6,AArch64-4.7] Fix warning - aarch64_legitimize_reload_address passes the wrong type to push_reload. 2013-02-01 James Greenhalgh New
If possible, include range of profile hunk before prologue in .debug_loc ranges (PR debug/54793) 2013-01-31 Jakub Jelinek New
[5/6,AArch64-4.7] Fix warning - Mixed code and declarations in aarch64_simd_const_bounds. 2013-02-01 James Greenhalgh New
[mips] Micromips delay slot fix 2013-06-10 Steve Ellcey New
Fix linking with -findirect-dispatch 2013-04-16 Andreas Schwab New
Fix for PR55561 race condition in libgomp 2013-01-31 VandeVondele Joost New
C++ PATCH for c++/56162 (pmf1.C failure on arm) 2013-01-31 Jason Merrill New
C++ PATCH for c++/54410 (duplicate template bindings in DWARF) 2013-01-31 Jason Merrill New
libgo patch committed: Don't allocate during backtrace 2013-01-31 Ian Taylor New
libgo patch committed: Block signals when creating new thread 2013-01-31 Ian Taylor New
Go testsuite updated to 1.1.2 testsuite 2013-10-14 Ian Taylor New
libbacktrace patch committed: Fix threaded race 2013-01-31 Ian Taylor New
[4/6,AArch64-4.7] Fix warning - aarch64_trampoline_init passes the wrong type to emit_library_call. 2013-02-01 James Greenhalgh New
[6/6,AArch64-4.7] Backport: Fix warning in 2013-02-01 James Greenhalgh New
Reducing number of alias checks in vectorization. 2013-10-14 Cong Hou New
Go patch committed: Use backend interface for descriptors 2013-10-14 Ian Taylor New
RFA: Update copyright for libssp 2013-02-03 Richard Sandiford New
[jit] Implement source code location support (API change) 2013-10-15 David Malcolm New
[committed] Fix copyright typo 2013-02-03 Richard Sandiford New
libgo patch committed: Remove confusion about split-stack backtrace 2013-01-31 Ian Taylor New
Commit: V850: Add support for the E3V5 architecture variant 2013-01-31 Gerald Pfeifer New
libgo patch committed: Recognize morestack.S if no function name 2013-01-31 Ian Taylor New
gccgo patch committed: Don't emit methods for identical unnamed structs 2013-02-01 Ian Taylor New
Call fold_non_dependent_expr_sfinae before maybe_constant_value (PR c++/56895) 2013-04-10 Jakub Jelinek New
Add myself to MAINTAINERS as Write After Approval 2013-04-10 Chung-Ju Wu New
Cilk Plus Array Notation for C++ 2013-06-10 Iyer, Balaji V New
[AArch64] AND operation should use CC_NZ mode 2013-02-01 Ian Bolton New
[committed] Define ASM_OUTPUT_ALIGNED_LOCAL for AIX 2013-02-01 David Edelsohn New
[committed] Backports from trunk to 4.7 branch 2013-02-01 Jakub Jelinek New
[gomp4] splay tree implementation for future OpenACC runtime library usage. 2013-12-05 James Norris New
[AARCH64] Fix unrecognizable insn issue 2013-04-10 Zhenqiang Chen New
[doc] : Reword mstack-protector-guard description. 2013-04-16 Uros Bizjak New
[1/6,AArch64-4.7] Fix warning - Initialise generic_tunings. 2013-02-01 James Greenhalgh New
libsanitizer merge from upstream r196489 2013-12-05 H.J. Lu New
[ARM] Improve GCC pipeline description for Cortex-M4 FPU 2013-04-16 Terry Guo New
[Debug/Fortran] PR37132 - RFC/RFA - support DW_TAG_namelist 2013-06-10 Tobias Burnus New
[avr] : Fix wrong warning PR59396 2013-12-05 Georg-Johann Lay New
More loop distribution TLC 2013-10-15 Richard Guenther New
Fix inline-1.C and inline-3.C testcases 2013-02-07 Jakub Jelinek New
[AARCH64] Fix unrecognizable insn issue 2013-04-10 James Greenhalgh New
[AArch64] Negate and set flags in shift mode 2013-04-10 Hurugalawadi, Naveen New
RFA: Fix mips-sde-elf fallout from 4.8 extv/extzv changes 2013-02-02 Richard Sandiford New
[RFC] PR 55403 + 55391 2013-02-02 Richard Sandiford New
[MIPS,committed] Include mips-sde-elf in vect_float 2013-02-02 Richard Sandiford New
[Ada] Require Elaborate_Body if non-null abstract state is specified 2013-10-15 Arnaud Charlet New