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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
patch to fix PR56005 2013-01-16 Vladimir Makarov New
Fix PR57147, fix edge removal code 2013-05-03 Richard Guenther New
RFC: ix86 / x86_64 register pressure aware scheduling 2013-04-15 Steven Bosscher New
Cleanup patches 2013-10-09 Thomas Schwinge New
[wwwdocs,avr,committed] : Mention avr specific improvments 2013-01-16 Georg-Johann Lay New
[C++,testcase,committed] PR 54318 2013-05-03 Paolo Carlini New
libbacktrace patch committed: Handle missing line number entry 2013-01-17 Ian Taylor New
C++ PATCH to handling of fields with incomplete type 2013-06-07 Jason Merrill New
libstdc++/52887 - fix AIX bootstrap 2013-01-17 Jonathan Wakely New
PING: skip 5 tests for flag conflicts 2013-01-16 Janis Johnson New
Go patch committed: Provide line number for init function 2013-01-17 Ian Taylor New
PATCH to implement C++14 VLA semantics 2013-05-09 Jason Merrill New
[testsuite,arm] Test thumb1 far jump 2013-01-17 Joey Ye New
[4/6] OpenMP 4.0 gcc testsuite 2013-10-08 Jakub Jelinek New
[testsuite,arm] Test thumb1 far jump 2013-01-17 Joey Ye New
Update my entry into the contributions 2013-01-26 Andrew Pinski New
Backport to gcc libffi (PR middle-end/56000) 2013-01-17 Jakub Jelinek New
[AArch64,AArch64-4.7] Fix AArch64 clear_cache 2013-01-17 Yufeng Zhang New
Improve uncprop and coalescing 2013-06-07 Jeff Law New
Document Intel Silvermont support in invoke.texi 2013-06-10 Igor Zamyatin New
[cygwin] : Replace use of TARGET_CYGWIN64 by TARGET_64BIT 2013-04-08 Kai Tietz New
Fix COMPLEX_EXPR expansion (PR middle-end/56015) 2013-01-17 Jakub Jelinek New
Rotate pattern recognition in forwprop (PR tree-optimization/57157) 2013-05-09 Jakub Jelinek New
gcc/doc: fix two typos (issue 7159043) 2013-01-17 New
std::rethrow_exception is broken 2014-03-25 Jonathan Wakely New
build: add -Wl,-rpath=path to $gmplibs (issue 7124057) 2013-01-17 New
[Revisedx3] PR55679: skip invalid tests from r194458 on darwin 2013-01-17 Jack Howarth New
[Ada] Minor code cleanup 2013-10-19 Eric Botcazou New
Update "Downloading the source" docs (Was: Components no longer exist) 2013-01-17 Jonathan Wakely New
[google,gcc-4_8] gcov-tool: some new LIPO supports. 2014-02-04 Rong Xu New
Fix ICE in vectorization dump (PR tree-optimization/55995) 2013-01-18 Sharad Singhai New
[rs6000] Implement -maltivec=be for vec_pack, vec_unpackh, vec_unpackl Altivec builtins 2014-02-04 William J. Schmidt New
[PR,57084] Create real cgraph node during late intraprocedural devirtualization 2013-05-07 Martin Jambor New
More jump threading cleanups 2013-10-21 Jeff Law New
[libstdc++] : Fix tests trying to override symbols in shared-library for mingw targets 2013-01-18 Kai Tietz New
[Ada] Fix debug info for record type with dynamic-sized field 2013-10-19 Eric Botcazou New
[AArch64,AArch64-4.7] Map scalar types in arm_neon.h to standard types. 2013-01-18 Tejas Belagod New
[PR,10474] Split live-ranges of function arguments to help shrink-wrapping 2013-10-21 Martin Jambor New
[Fortran,committed] PR56994 - invoke.texi: NEAREST's second argument isn't optional 2013-04-18 Tobias Burnus New
-mtune-ctrl=.... support, round-2 2013-08-08 Xinliang David Li New
[ARM] remove incscc and decscc patterns 2013-01-18 Greta Yorsh New
[jit] Implement gcc_jit_lvalue_get_address 2013-10-21 David Malcolm New
[PR,libmudflap/53359] don't register symbols not emitted 2013-01-18 Alexandre Oliva New
Re-factor inclusion of tree.h 2013-10-21 Diego Novillo New
[DWARF] Fix multiple register spanning location. 2013-04-30 Cary Coutant New
[libbacktrace] : Fix undeclared-symbols warning for SjLj-targets 2013-01-18 Kai Tietz New
[wwwdocs,committed] gcc-4.9/changes.html - Update Fortran section (add NO_ARGS_CHECK) 2013-04-18 Tobias Burnus New
[wide-int] Go back to having undefined exccess bits on read 2013-10-19 Richard Sandiford New
testsuite] clean up convoluted dg-final directive in vect-multitypes-12.c 2013-01-18 Janis Johnson New
Patch: Add #pragma ivdep support to the ME and C FE 2013-10-21 Tobias Burnus New
[PR,55264] Do not remove as unreachable any virtual methods before inlining 2013-01-18 Martin Jambor New
Apply attribute returns_nonnull in libiberty 2013-10-11 Marc Glisse New
[PR,55264] Do not remove as unreachable any virtual methods before inlining 2013-01-18 Martin Jambor New
LRA patch for powerpc 2013-05-07 Vladimir Makarov New
patch to fix PR55433 2013-01-18 Vladimir Makarov New
[MPX,2/X] Pointers Checker [1/25] Hooks 2013-10-21 Ilya Enkovich New
[Google,4.7] Fix for Google Ref: b/8028506 (issue7142053) 2013-01-18 Sterling Augustine New
[powerpc] PR target/58673, Fix power8 quad memory/no-vsx-timode interaction 2013-10-11 Michael Meissner New
Fix phi arg location handling (PR tree-optimization/56029) 2013-01-18 Jakub Jelinek New
[google,gcc-4_7,integration] Scribble on destructed strings to catch invalid accesses. 2013-01-24 Paul Pluzhnikov New
useless cast blocking some optimization in gcc 4.7.3 2013-04-08 Laurent Alfonsi New
Apply attribute returns_nonnull in libiberty 2013-10-11 Marc Glisse New
Don't forwprop into clobbers in some cases (PR tree-optimization/56854) 2013-04-08 Jakub Jelinek New
New parameters to control stringop expansion libcall strategy 2013-08-08 Xinliang David Li New
obvious: remove REG_EH_CONTEXT note 2013-04-08 Steven Bosscher New
[moxie] Set current_function_static_stack_size 2013-01-19 Anthony Green New
[i386,3/8,AVX512] Add AVX-512 patterns. 2013-08-08 Kirill Yukhin New
PR inline-asm/55934 2013-01-19 Steven Bosscher New
[fortran] Committed fix for PR 56782 2013-04-08 Thomas Koenig New
RFA: testsuite PATCH to add { target alias } 2013-01-19 Jason Merrill New
PATCH to libstdc++ to use __cxa_thread_atexit_impl if available 2013-01-19 Jason Merrill New
Add a new option "-fstack-protector-strong" 2013-04-15 Han Shen New
fix libstdc++/55861 2013-01-19 Jonathan Wakely New
Go patch committed: Use backend interface for function code exprs 2013-10-11 Ian Taylor New
PR 52631 2013-01-20 Jeff Law New
patch to fix PR59913 2014-02-04 Vladimir Makarov New
configure: don't echo $CFLAGS (issue 7103062) 2013-01-20 New
[Fortran] PR57035 - add constraint checks for type(*), dimension(..) and NO_ARG_CHECK 2013-04-23 Tobias Burnus New
[committed] Add DImode atomic load and store patterns on hppa 2013-01-20 John David Anglin New
Introduce gcc::dump_manager class 2013-10-12 David Malcolm New
[google,gcc-4_7,integration] Add lightweight checks for front()/back() on empty vector 2013-01-20 Paul Pluzhnikov New
PR53235: xfail scan-assembler-times in nested-4.C on darwin 2013-01-20 Jack Howarth New
one more patch to fix PR55433 2013-01-20 Vladimir Makarov New
[powerpc] PR target/58673: Fix power8 quad memory/no-vsx-timode interaction (revised) 2013-10-11 Michael Meissner New
Fix up X < (cast) (1 << Y) folding (PR tree-optimization/56051) 2013-01-20 Jakub Jelinek New
FIx pr58640 2013-10-11 Jeff Law New
Fix wrong code with boolean negation 2013-01-21 Eric Botcazou New
Cortex-A15 vfnma/vfnms test patch 2013-01-21 amol pise New
[fortran] Fix PR 55919 2013-01-20 Thomas Koenig New
[i386] Do not disable fma4 for TARGET_FMA 2013-01-21 Uros Bizjak New
PATCH: PR bootstrap/56327: [4.8 Regression] Revision 196009 breaks bootstrap on x3 2013-02-14 H.J. Lu New
Patch ARM - PR target/56058 2013-01-21 Ramana Radhakrishnan New
[RFC] libgcov.c re-factoring and offline profile-tool 2014-01-08 Rong Xu New
Fix up ARM ICE (PR target/49069) 2013-01-21 Jakub Jelinek New
[ARM] New CPU support for Marvell PJ4 cores 2013-01-21 Ramana Radhakrishnan New
C++ PATCH for c++/60375 (unevaluated lambda) 2014-03-25 Jason Merrill New
Fix PR59471 2014-01-08 Jakub Jelinek New
Caller instrumentation with -finstrument-calls 2013-07-01 New
[MIPS,committed] Fix all but one gcc.dg/tree-ssa failure 2014-01-08 Richard Sandiford New
Fix init_reload memory leak 2013-01-21 Jakub Jelinek New