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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[PR,57539] Testcase produced by multidelta and indent 2013-06-12 Martin Jambor New
[fortran,4.9] Improve efficiency of array constructor operators 2013-03-24 Thomas Koenig New
[PR,57539] Fix refdesc remapping during inlining 2013-06-12 Martin Jambor New
[PR,57804] Wasted work in gfc_trans_transfer() 2013-07-23 New
msp430 port 2013-07-23 DJ Delorie New
[testsuite] ad PR52641: More fixes for not-so-common targets 2012-11-23 Georg-Johann Lay New
libbacktrace: allow using DWARF if the main executable lacks it 2013-07-22 Alexander Monakov New
[tsan] Don't instrument clobber stmts, minor cleanups 2012-11-23 Jakub Jelinek New
Use working set profile info to determine hotness (issue6852069) 2012-11-23 Jan Hubicka New
Use working set profile info to determine hotness (issue6852069) 2012-11-23 Jan Hubicka New
Add PR55430 testcase (PR middle-end/55430) 2012-11-23 Jakub Jelinek New
[C++] Missing save_expr in vector-scalar ops 2013-05-06 Marc Glisse New
patch to fix PR55430 2012-11-23 Vladimir Makarov New
Fix PR rtl-optimization/55388 2012-11-23 Eric Botcazou New
[libsanitizer] merge fresh sources from upstream 2012-11-23 Jakub Jelinek New
[committed] Remove obsolete asan remark from invoke.texi 2012-11-23 Tobias Burnus New
Allocate extra 16 bytes for -fsanitize=address 2012-11-23 H.J. Lu New
[AArch64,4.7] Backport of __builtin_bswap16 optimisation 2012-11-23 Ian Bolton New
minor help message fix 2014-02-06 Xinliang David Li New
Allocate extra 16 bytes for -fsanitize=address 2012-11-23 H.J. Lu New
Allocate extra 16 bytes for -fsanitize=address 2012-11-23 Jakub Jelinek New
[i386] : Add a couple of missing MMX move alternatives 2013-03-24 Uros Bizjak New
[committed] PATCH: PR sanitizer/55450: libtool: install: error: cannot install `' to a directory not ending in 2012-11-23 H.J. Lu New
fix libstdc++/56170 2013-03-24 Jonathan Wakely New
[libquadmath,committed] Updated the I/O related part of libquadmath 2012-11-24 H.J. Lu New
[s390] Add return and simple_return patterns 2014-02-04 Richard Sandiford New
fix two multiarch issues 2012-11-24 Matthias Klose New
[i386] FSGSBASE for AMD bdver3 2013-05-14 Gopalasubramanian, Ganesh New
[C++] PR 55446 2012-11-24 Paolo Carlini New
[gomp4] Basic vectorization enablement for #pragma omp simd 2013-05-14 Jakub Jelinek New
[fortran] Fix PR 55314, rejects-valid regression 2012-11-24 Thomas Koenig New
[tsan] Instrument atomics 2012-11-24 Jakub Jelinek New
sparc64*-*-rtems* should not define __svr4__ 2013-05-14 Eric Botcazou New
PR 55438: Incorrect use of BIGGEST_ALIGNMENT 2012-11-24 Richard Sandiford New
libgo patch committed: Fix handling of Unix domain @ addresses 2012-11-24 Ian Taylor New
[www-docs] Add note to gcc-4.8/changes.html that DWARF4 is now the default. 2012-11-24 Gerald Pfeifer New
[RFA,1/8] add TestResult ordinal 2012-11-24 Doug Evans New
[RFA,2/8] use target_alias 2012-11-24 Doug Evans New
[RFA,4/8] rename --manifest to --manifest_path 2012-11-24 Doug Evans New
[RFA,5/8] make options a global 2012-11-24 Doug Evans New
[RFA,6/8] remove pass/fail from GetBuildData 2012-11-24 Doug Evans New
[RFA,8/8] New directives @include, @remove. 2012-11-24 Doug Evans New
[v3] Fix libstdc++/56834 2013-04-03 Paolo Carlini New
Go patch committed: Don't use memcmp for struct == if trailing padding 2012-11-25 Ian Taylor New
[AArch64] Support vrecp<esx> neon intrinsics in RTL. 2013-04-22 James Greenhalgh New
[C++] PR 56815 2013-04-03 Paolo Carlini New
reorg.c janitor patch: use return hard_reg_set_intersect_p 2012-11-25 Steven Bosscher New
reorg.c janitor patch 3: remove rare_destination() 2012-11-25 Steven Bosscher New
[jit] Use default arguments to eliminate half of the methods in the C++ wrapper API. 2014-02-10 David Malcolm New
[i386},Fix,PR,55171,-,[4.7/4.8,Regression] incorrect virtual thunk on mingw 2012-11-25 Kai Tietz New
RFC: elimination of global state relating to passes 2013-04-03 David Malcolm New
[libgcc] : Fix PR target/55445 Always defined __SEH__ when build from trunk 2012-11-25 Kai Tietz New
[libstdc++] : Fix PR target/55445 Always defined __SEH__ when build from trunk 2012-11-25 Kai Tietz New
Fix PR57235 2013-05-14 Richard Guenther New
Fix twolf -funroll-loops -O3 miscompilation (a semi-latent web.c bug) 2012-11-25 Steven Bosscher New
[AArch64] Map standard pattern names to NEON intrinsics directly. 2013-04-22 James Greenhalgh New
Re: MULTIARCH_DIRNAME in gcc/config/rs6000/t-linux doesn't work 2012-11-26 Matthias Klose New
[C++,testcase,committed] PR 17410 2013-05-16 Paolo Carlini New
Typo fix in loop-invariant.c 2012-11-26 Steven Bosscher New
Don't bypass blocks with multiple latch edges (PR middle-end/54838) 2012-11-26 Marek Polacek New
[libquadmath,committed] PR 55462 - rounding fix 2012-11-25 Tobias Burnus New
[ARM] AArch32 vmaxnm, vminnm support 2012-11-26 Kyrylo Tkachov New
libbacktrace patch committed: Speed up sort 2014-03-07 Ian Taylor New
[Fortran] PR5469 2012-11-26 Tobias Burnus New
[Ada] Aspect/pragma Contract_Cases and library level subprograms 2013-04-22 Arnaud Charlet New
Section anchors and thread-local storage 2012-11-26 David Edelsohn New
[Ada] Ada 2012 predicate checks on (in-) out parameters 2013-04-22 Arnaud Charlet New
[AArch64] Fix printf format warning in aarch64_print_operand 2013-04-22 James Greenhalgh New
[ARM] Implement static stack checking 2013-06-25 Eric Botcazou New
[build] Fix Solaris --as-needed/-z ignore detection (PR target/57261) 2013-05-14 Rainer Orth New
[v3] N3669 2013-04-22 Paolo Carlini New
Fix PR57269 2013-05-14 Richard Guenther New
[testsuite] Fix gcc.dg/fstack-protector-strong.c on Solaris/x86 2013-05-14 Rainer Orth New
reorg.c janitor patch 2: handle DEBUG_INSN 2012-11-26 Eric Botcazou New
patch to fix a test in PR55277 2012-11-26 Vladimir Makarov New
Cleanup CFG after profile read/instrumentation 2013-09-02 Jan Hubicka New
[Fortran] PR55475 - fix invalid reads with show_locus 2012-11-26 Tobias Burnus New
Move function body streaming to passmanager/cgraph control 2013-08-06 Jan Hubicka New
Fix the bug of comparing goto_locus to UNKNOWN_LOCATION 2012-11-26 Dehao Chen New
Basic support for MIPS r5900 2013-06-02 J├╝rgen Urban New
Cleanup last_location and update input_location in ipa_prop 2012-11-26 Dehao Chen New
r193821 - in /trunk/gcc: ChangeLog common.opt d... 2012-11-26 Steven Bosscher New
tweak std::bind constraint 2012-11-26 Jonathan Wakely New
[buildbot] r201508: Build failures after pass C++ conversion 2013-08-06 David Malcolm New
[GCC/pr56124] Don't prefer memory if the source of load operation has side effect 2013-03-25 Bin Cheng New
folding (vec_)cond_expr in a binary operation 2013-09-03 Marc Glisse New
Relax the probability condition in CE pass when optimizing for code size 2013-03-25 Bin Cheng New
[fortran,docs] Unformatted sequential and special files 2013-09-03 Thomas Koenig New
PATCH: lto/55474: global-buffer-overflow in lto-wrapper.c 2012-11-27 Markus Trippelsdorf New
: Fix use of __builtin_eh_pointer in EH_ELSE 2013-09-03 Tristan Gingold New
Fix PR55331 2012-11-27 Richard Guenther New
New parameters to control stringop expansion libcall strategy 2013-08-06 Xinliang David Li New
Don't bypass blocks with multiple latch edges (PR middle-end/54838) 2012-11-28 Marek Polacek New
Clean up pretty printers [20/n] 2013-09-03 Gabriel Dos Reis New
[GOOGLE] Unrestrict early inline restrictions for AutoFDO 2013-06-03 Dehao Chen New
[wwwdocs,committed] was: Re: TYPO - 2013-03-25 Tobias Burnus New
[1,of,2] Add value range info to SSA_NAME for zero sign extension elimination in RTL 2013-06-03 Kugan New
Fix twolf -funroll-loops -O3 miscompilation (a semi-latent web.c bug) 2012-11-27 Steven Bosscher New
[2,of,2] RTL expansion for zero sign extension elimination with VRP 2013-06-03 Kugan New
RFA: RL78: Add support for naked function attribute. 2013-05-16 Nick Clifton New