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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[libbacktrace] Use getexecname() on Solaris 2012-10-05 Gerald Pfeifer New
[committed] Don't error on failure to inline redefined gnu extern inline always_inline function (PR tree-optimization/33763) 2012-10-05 Jakub Jelinek New
[Ada] Fix race condition in freeing tasks 2012-10-05 Arnaud Charlet New
[avr] : Fix PR54815 2012-10-05 Georg-Johann Lay New
[Dwarf] Create .debug_str section in .o with -gsplit-dwarf (issue8540048) 2013-04-23 Sterling Augustine New
Use anonymous SSA name support in SLSR 2013-05-06 William J. Schmidt New
[avr] : Remove -mshort-calls option 2012-10-05 Georg-Johann Lay New
libgo patch committed: Implement reflect.MakeFunc for 386 2013-09-27 Ian Taylor New
[REPOST] Invalid Code when reading from unaligned zero-sized array 2013-12-03 Richard Guenther New
[wwwdocs] SH 4.8 changes update 2012-10-05 Oleg Endo New
Fix PR54894 2012-10-12 Richard Guenther New
patch to fix constant math - second small patch 2012-10-05 Kenneth Zadeck New
[lra] patch to fix a bug 2012-10-06 Vladimir Makarov New
[fortran] PR 54833 Don't wrap calls to free(a) in if (a != NULL) 2012-10-06 Thomas Koenig New
[SH] PR 54685 - unsigned int comparison with 0x7FFFFFFF 2012-10-06 Oleg Endo New
[fortran] PR 54833 Don't wrap calls to free(a) in if (a != NULL) 2012-10-06 Thomas Koenig New
m32c: fix pr54950 2012-10-18 DJ Delorie New
[m68k] Remove anddi3, iordi3, xordi3, one_cmpldi2 patterns 2012-10-06 Andreas Schwab New
patch to fix lra crash on a big test 2012-10-25 Vladimir Makarov New
Fix scan-assembler in libstdc++ testsuite 2012-12-09 Andreas Schwab New
Fix up undefined signed overflows in FIXED_SSNEG (PR libgcc/55451) 2012-12-11 Jakub Jelinek New
reimplement -fstrict-volatile-bitfields v4, part 1/2 2013-09-28 Sandra Loosemore New
reimplement -fstrict-volatile-bitfields v4, part 2/2 2013-09-28 Sandra Loosemore New
[libgfortran] PR60128 Wrong ouput using en edit descriptor 2014-03-07 Dominique Dhumieres New
[mudflap] fix infinite recursion in verbose trace 2012-12-06 Alexandre Oliva New
[C++,/,RFC] PR 51422 2012-10-07 Paolo Carlini New
Fix time accounting in the inliner 2012-10-07 Jan Hubicka New
Assigning correct source location for deallocator 2012-10-08 Dehao Chen New
Fix CSE RTL sharing ICE (PR rtl-optimization/55010) 2012-10-22 Jakub Jelinek New
[testsuite] Minor housekeeping work 2012-10-08 Eric Botcazou New
[wwwdocs,avr] : Deprecate/remove -mshort-calls, --with-avrlibc is default 2012-10-08 Georg-Johann Lay New
[PR38711] Use DF_LIVE in IRA if it available (for -O2 and higher) 2012-10-27 Steven Bosscher New
[GOOGLE] backport r188371 to google-4_8 2013-04-25 Dehao Chen New
[4.7,i386] : Fix PR57264, cld not emitted when string instructions used, and '-mcld' on command line 2013-05-13 Uros Bizjak New
[Fortran] PR48858 - COMMON - Fix global/local identifier issues with C binding 2013-05-13 Tobias Burnus New
[libgfortran] PR55818 Reading a REAL from a file which doesn't end in a new line fails 2012-12-28 jerry DeLisle New
RFA: PATCH to acinclude.m4 to fix gas version detection 2012-10-08 Jason Merrill New
Fix up vt_add_function_parameter (PR debug/54831) 2012-10-08 Marek Polacek New
Pattern recognizer for rotates 2013-05-16 Jakub Jelinek New
Fix up vt_add_function_parameter (PR debug/54831) 2012-10-08 Marek Polacek New
Fix ubsan i?86 {add,sub,mul}v<mode>4 patterns 2014-03-25 Jakub Jelinek New
[C++,RFC] Support named type capture for generic lambdas and generic functions as proposed by N3878 2014-03-25 Adam Butcher New
Committed: Fix PR55257: g++.dg/debug/dwarf2/non-virtual-thunk.C and heads-up target maintainers 2012-11-13 Hans-Peter Nilsson New
[C++] Fix ICE in cp_tree_equal (PR c++/54858) 2012-10-08 Jakub Jelinek New
[committed] Fix recgprop bug with ms_abi -> sysv memcpy call (PR rtl-optimization/57003) 2013-04-25 Jakub Jelinek New
Fix bootstrap with go (uninit warning with ab edges) 2013-04-25 Jakub Jelinek New
Go patch committed: Add + to as needed 2012-11-16 Ian Taylor New
[google/gcc-4_8] Regenerate 2013-04-04 Jing Yu New
[google] Prune -fopt-info output 2013-05-31 Teresa Johnson New
Generate a label for the split cold function while using -freorder-blocks-and-partition 2013-04-25 Sriraman Tallam New
VEC re-write [patch 21/25] 2012-11-15 Diego Novillo New
asan testsuite (take 3) 2012-11-16 Jakub Jelinek New
[PR,60580,AArch64] Fix __attribute__ ((optimize("no-omit-frame-pointer"))) 2014-03-25 Marcus Shawcroft New
Fix ubsan i?86 {add,sub,mul}v<mode>4 patterns 2014-03-25 Jakub Jelinek New
PR debug/16063. Add DW_AT_type to DW_TAG_enumeration. 2014-03-25 Mark Wielaard New
[SH] PR 54760 - Document new thread pointer built-ins 2012-10-08 Oleg Endo New
[SH] PR 34777 - Add test case 2012-10-08 Oleg Endo New
Generate a label for the split cold function while using -freorder-blocks-and-partition 2013-04-25 Sriraman Tallam New
Rename target arm-rtemseabi to arm-rtems 2012-10-09 Sebastian Huber New
[AArch64] Add vcond, vcondu support. 2012-10-09 James Greenhalgh New
Rename target arm-rtemseabi to arm-rtems 2012-10-09 Sebastian Huber New
Fix my change to unroll_loop_constant_iterations 2012-10-09 Jan Hubicka New
RFA: darwin PATCH to fix build, internal visibility 2012-10-09 Dominique Dhumieres New
Proof of concept: multiple gc heaps 2013-06-15 David Malcolm New
Fix PR54837 2012-10-09 Richard Guenther New
[Ada] Remove dead code in elaborate_entity 2013-01-06 Eric Botcazou New
PR c++/53540 - using fails to be equivalent to typedef 2012-10-09 Dodji Seketeli New
Fix PR tree-optimization/54986 2012-11-05 Eric Botcazou New
Expanding array notations inside conditions 2013-05-31 Iyer, Balaji V New
inline fail reporting: reporting inline fail caused by overwritable function 2013-04-05 Zhouyi Zhou New
[v3] Define __gnu_cxx::__aligned_buffer 2013-04-07 Jonathan Wakely New
doc patch committed: Mention Go 1 language standard 2013-04-05 Ian Taylor New
Assigning correct source location for deallocator 2012-10-09 Dehao Chen New
C++ PATCH to fix [[noreturn]] 2013-04-07 Jason Merrill New
[Fortran] PR56845 - Fix setting of vptr of CLASS(...),SAVE,ALLOCATABLE 2013-04-07 Tobias Burnus New
[1/3] Disambiguate nested objc-message-expressions and c++11 attributes 2012-10-09 Dodji Seketeli New
patch to fix PR57097 2013-04-29 Vladimir Makarov New
[rs6000] power8 patches, patch #4 (revised), new power8 builtins 2013-07-15 Michael Meissner New
Fix PR bootstrap/54820 2012-10-09 Eric Botcazou New
Rs6000 infrastructure cleanup (switches), revised patch #2c 2012-10-09 Michael Meissner New
[mips] Fix for PR target/56942 2013-04-29 Steve Ellcey New
[google,gcc-4_8,commited] Adjust testsuite line numbers for r199468. 2013-05-31 Paul Pluzhnikov New
[Ada] Warn for failure to parenthesize unary minus 2012-10-29 Arnaud Charlet New
Fix combine.c (count_rtxs) (PR middle-end/54879) 2012-10-10 Jakub Jelinek New
Fix simplify_truncation (PR middle-end/54862) 2012-10-10 Jakub Jelinek New
Fix MINUS_EXPR vect reduction handling (PR tree-optimization/54877) 2012-10-10 Jakub Jelinek New
[gomp4] Basic vectorization enablement for #pragma omp simd 2013-05-14 Jakub Jelinek New
[AArch64] Fix vcond where comparison and result have different types. 2013-05-14 James Greenhalgh New
Fixup MAINTAINERS for surename change 2012-10-10 Richard Guenther New
[build,driver] RFC: Support compressed debug sections 2013-04-30 Rainer Orth New
[Darwin/PPC] fix PR10901 2013-09-28 Iain Sandoe New
RFA [testsuite]: New ARC target specific tests 2013-09-28 Joern Rennecke New
Ping^6/update: contribute Synopsys Designware ARC port (4/7): rest of {,common}/config/arc 2013-09-28 Joern Rennecke New
Fix PR53397 2012-10-10 New
Fix PR 56077 2013-04-05 Andrey Belevantsev New
Fix PRs 57478 / 57453 2013-05-31 Richard Guenther New
[i386] : Fix PR51109, symbol size in scheduler state machine is reduced 2012-10-10 Jakub Jelinek New
Add option for dumping to stderr (issue6190057) 2012-10-10 Dominique Dhumieres New
[v3] "SFINAE-friendly" std::common_type and more 2012-10-10 Paolo Carlini New
[Testsuite] Add new effective target arm_prefer_ldrd_strd 2012-10-10 Greta Yorsh New