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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[Fortran] Add parsing support for assumed-rank array 2012-07-20 Tobias Burnus New
[v2,3/4] Handle simple inheritance in gengtype. 2013-09-24 David Malcolm New
Compute and emit working set information from gcov-dump (issue6940061) 2012-12-15 Teresa Johnson New
[v3] 28811, 54482 2012-09-20 Benjamin Kosnik New
[google,4.7] Allow function reordering linker plugin to separate hot and cold code into different ELF segments 2012-12-14 Sriraman Tallam New
Apply conditional down cast to cgraph.h 2012-10-26 Lawrence Crowl New
Committed, CRIS: remove unused variables from cris_asm_output_ident 2012-07-20 Hans-Peter Nilsson New
[MIPS] Improve unaligned 32bits load on MIPS64 2012-07-20 Andrew Pinski New
Fix libbacktrace on 32-bit sparc 2012-10-27 David Miller New
[PATCH/MIPS] Fix mips_get_unaligned_mem in some cases 2012-07-21 Andrew Pinski New
Yet another gcc.c-torture/execute/20101011-1.c DO_TEST 0 2012-07-20 Hans-Peter Nilsson New
C++ (RFC) PATCH fix for PR55076 and PR53921 2012-10-27 Markus Trippelsdorf New
[MIPS] Improve Octeon Pop instruction usage 2012-07-21 Andrew Pinski New
[cilkplus-merge] test for side effects 2013-03-20 Aldy Hernandez New
[Fortran] Add TS29113's C_PTRDIFF_T 2012-07-21 Tobias Burnus New
[Fortran,committed] Fix build failure with C 2012-07-21 Tobias Burnus New
[Fortran,committed] Another C++ism + Fortran-dev update 2012-07-21 Tobias Burnus New
[frv-linux] Silence warning 2012-07-21 Jan-Benedict Glaw New
cilkplus array notation for C (clean, independent patchset, take 1) 2013-03-20 Iyer, Balaji V New
[fortran] PR44354 implied-do-loop array constructors using the induction variable in the bounds 2012-07-21 Mikael Morin New
[PR52983] eliminate autoinc from debug_insn locs 2012-07-21 Alexandre Oliva New
[build,ppc] allow ppc config "--with-mcpu=native" 2012-07-21 Iain Sandoe New
[PPC] extend TARGET_NO_LWSYNC to cover 440 and 603 processors. 2012-07-21 Iain Sandoe New
[Darwin,ppc] constrain processor usage for m32. 2012-07-21 Iain Sandoe New
[PATCH/MIPS] Add a delegitimize target hook for MIPS 2012-07-21 Andrew Pinski New
[SH,committed] Correct comment. 2012-07-21 Oleg Endo New
[SH] Fold negc expander and insn 2012-07-21 Oleg Endo New
[tsan] ThreadSanitizer instrumentation part 2012-10-31 Wei Mi New
Go patch committed: Fix struct hash/equality with _ fields 2012-09-20 Ian Taylor New
RFA: Fix COND_EXEC handling of dead_or_set_regno_p 2012-09-20 Joern Rennecke New
PR gcov-profile/32543 2012-07-21 Steven Bosscher New
[testsuite] : Add a testcase for PR34283, RA problem fixed by LRA 2012-10-27 Uros Bizjak New
[Committed] Add two new aliasing testcases 2012-07-22 Andrew Pinski New
[SH] Add TARGET_DYNSHIFT macro 2012-07-22 Oleg Endo New
Add a few more VRP IOR testcases 2012-07-22 Andrew Pinski New
Recognize clones for all contexts in SCCs in IPA-CP 2012-11-21 Martin Jambor New
Committed: executable-stack note for CRIS 2012-07-22 Hans-Peter Nilsson New
[gcov] Clarify the internals a bit 2012-07-22 Steven Bosscher New
Committed: testsuite updates for recent changes in atomics for cris*-linux* 2012-07-22 Hans-Peter Nilsson New
[i386] : Fix PR 53961 in a different way 2012-07-22 Uros Bizjak New
PR53881 - again 2012-07-22 Steven Bosscher New
[v3] PR 53270 fix hppa-linux bootstrap regression 2012-07-22 Jonathan Wakely New
[AArch64,4/6] soft-fp: Commonize creation of TImode types 2014-01-08 Richard Henderson New
[SH,committed] PR 55042 2012-10-27 Oleg Endo New
[SH] Remove addc1 and subc1 2012-07-23 Oleg Endo New
[SH] Backport PR 33135 fix to 4.7 and 4.6 2012-07-22 Oleg Endo New
[i386] : Fix PR 53961 in a different way 2012-07-23 Uros Bizjak New
PR 53528 c++/ C++11 Generalized Attribute support 2012-09-20 Dodji Seketeli New
[Ada] Fix to SCOs for SELECT alternatives with guard 2012-07-23 Arnaud Charlet New
[AArch64,5/6] soft-fp: Define UDWtype for longlong.h 2014-01-08 Richard Henderson New
[Ada] Missing finalization of transient function result 2012-07-23 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Support for coverage analysis of ACCEPT alternatives in SELECT statement 2012-07-23 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Improve GNAT dimensionality checking system 2012-07-23 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] User-defined indexing operations 2012-07-23 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Clean up of heap objects in the context of accessibility failures 2012-07-23 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Ambiguities with class-wide operations on synchronized types 2012-07-23 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Element allocators in indefinite containers need accessibility checks 2012-07-23 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Always analyze loop body during semantic analysis in Alfa mode 2012-07-23 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Crash on private enumeration type when compiling with -gnatVa 2012-07-23 Arnaud Charlet New
[ARM] Skip gcc.dg/torture/stackalign/builtin-apply-2.c for ARM hard-float ABI 2012-07-23 Julian Brown New
small bug fix for atomic compare and swap 2013-01-23 Mike Stump New
Use local-decls in aliased vars dumping 2012-07-23 Richard Guenther New
[ARM] Add test for ARMv7-M interrupt function dynamic stack realignment 2012-07-23 Julian Brown New
More cleanups for CFG dumping 2012-07-23 Steven Bosscher New
[ARM] Skip gcc.dg/torture/stackalign/builtin-apply-2.c for ARM hard-float ABI 2012-07-23 Julian Brown New
[Ada] Lock-free implementation of protected objects 2012-07-23 Iain Sandoe New
[i386] Further improvements to PR 53961 2012-07-23 Uros Bizjak New
[Ada] New restrictions for the lock-free implementation of protected objects 2012-07-23 Arnaud Charlet New
Fix PR C++/50970 -- Function pointer dereferenced twice in if statement on Arm cpu 2012-09-20 Zhenqiang Chen New
[i386] : Make ix86_lea_outperform static and cleanup LEA split helpers 2012-07-23 Uros Bizjak New
[cxx-conversion] Update hash-table to new coding conventions. (Part 2) (issue6435049) 2012-07-23 Lawrence Crowl New
PR 51938: extend ifcombine 2012-07-23 Marc Glisse New
Docs: lto.texi: Fix typo 2012-09-20 陳韋任 New
[google/gcc-4_7] Backport Fission patches from trunk (issue6405076) 2012-07-23 Cary Coutant New
Don't cast XNEWVEC's result 2012-09-20 Marek Polacek New
PR c++/53609 - Wrong argument deduction for pack expansion in argument pack 2012-09-20 Dodji Seketeli New
Vectorizer cost model outside-cost changes 2012-07-24 William J. Schmidt New
[gomp4] Taskgroup library support 2013-09-24 Jakub Jelinek New
[powerpc] Rework#2 VSX scalar floating point support, patch #3 2013-09-24 Michael Meissner New
Improve ifcombine (PR 52005) 2012-07-24 Andrew Pinski New
[gomp4] Taskgroup and cancellation compiler fixes 2013-09-24 Jakub Jelinek New
Merge identical cases 2012-09-20 Marek Polacek New
PR53914, rs6000 constraints and reload queries 2012-07-24 Alan Modra New
Stop gengtype from emitting empty loops 2012-07-24 Steven Bosscher New
: Bad gcc/gtype-desc.h generated when using sparse checkout 2012-07-24 Uros Bizjak New
Fwd: [PATCH] Scheduling result adjustment to enable macro-fusion 2013-09-24 Wei Mi New
Stop gengtype from emitting empty loops 2012-07-24 Steven Bosscher New
[cxx-conversion] Update hash-table to new coding conventions. (issue6430066) 2012-07-23 Lawrence Crowl New
[ARM] Skip gcc.dg/torture/stackalign/builtin-apply-2.c for ARM hard-float ABI 2012-07-24 Julian Brown New
[SH] PR 51244 - Improve T bit store and cbranch 2012-10-11 Oleg Endo New
[i386] : Reject invalid constant addresses from ix86_decompose_address 2012-07-24 Uros Bizjak New
Reduce conservativeness in REE using machine model (issue6631066) 2012-10-11 Teresa Johnson New
[PR,54051,ARM] Fix alignment specifier alignment information for ARM. 2012-07-24 Ramana Radhakrishnan New
un-#ifdef GATHER_STATISTICS 2012-07-23 Steven Bosscher New
[ARM] Don't pull in unwinder for 64-bit division routines 2012-07-24 Julian Brown New
PR target/53633; disable return value warnings for naked functions 2012-07-23 Sandra Loosemore New
[C++] Fix pastos (?) in make_typename_type calls 2012-07-24 Paolo Carlini New
[committed] Add myself to MAINTAINERS file 2012-07-24 Jan-Benedict Glaw New
Stop gengtype from emitting empty loops 2012-07-24 Laurynas Biveinis New
Fix PR 52631 (VN does not use simplified expression for lookup) 2012-07-24 Andrew Pinski New