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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
C++-ify and simplify loop iterators 2013-11-24 H.J. Lu New
PR53914, rs6000 constraints and reload queries 2012-07-19 Alan Modra New
Fix PR53970 2012-07-19 Richard Guenther New
Add no_sanitize_address attribute (PR sanitizer/56454) 2013-02-28 Jakub Jelinek New
contrib/ Allow to build all targets individually 2013-11-24 Jan-Benedict Glaw New
gcc: arm: linux-eabi: fix handling of armv4 bx fixups when linking 2013-04-19 Mike Frysinger New
PATCH: PR sanitizer/59136: llvm-symbolizer shouldn't be started always 2013-11-24 H.J. Lu New
[mips] Fix for PR target/56942 2013-11-24 Steven Bosscher New
Hookize CFG DOT graph dumping 2012-12-03 Steven Bosscher New
[SH] Fix ICE in find_dead_or_set_registers 2012-07-19 Christian Bruel New
[RFA/ARM] Fix PR54974: Thumb literal pools don't handle PC rounding 2012-11-21 Matthew Gretton-Dann New
Fix ICE in set_lattice_value 2012-07-19 Richard Guenther New
[SH] - Remove ROUND_REG, PASS_IN_REG, ROUND_ADVANCE macros 2013-11-24 Oleg Endo New
Intrinsics for ADCX, ADOX, RDSEED and PREFETCHW 2012-07-19 Uros Bizjak New
[Fortran] PR54618 fix some INTENT(OUT) issues for CLASS 2012-09-19 Tobias Burnus New
DWARF2 PATCH for debug/53235 2012-07-19 Jason Merrill New
[RFC] replace malloc with a decl on the stack 2013-11-24 Marc Glisse New
Use ATTRIBUTE_PACKED in ree.c 2012-11-21 Jakub Jelinek New
Fix a slp leak caused by vec.h conversion (PR middle-end/56461) 2013-02-28 Jakub Jelinek New
[libatomic] detect and build for ARM architecture armv8-a 2012-12-03 Marcus Shawcroft New
Intrinsics for ADCX, ADOX, RDSEED and PREFETCHW 2012-07-19 Uros Bizjak New
[Dwarf,Fission] Implement Fission Proposal (issue6305113) 2012-07-18 Sterling Augustine New
Bug 54030 - make install does not honor --program-prefix/--program-suffix for 'gcc' (AVR build) 2012-07-19 Sylvain Leroux New
RTABI half-precision conversion functions (ping) 2012-07-19 Julian Brown New
What CPP macro should -fsanitize=address define? 2012-11-21 H.J. Lu New
[committed] Fix #pragma omp sections with all sections non-returning (PR middle-end/54017) 2012-07-19 Jakub Jelinek New
[contrib] Fix --produce_manifest flag in 2012-07-19 Diego Novillo New
RTABI half-precision conversion functions (ping) 2012-07-19 Julian Brown New
[1/4] Introduce and use unknown_optab 2012-07-19 Richard Henderson New
[Ada] Fix ICE on discriminated record with representation clause 2012-07-19 Eric Botcazou New
Run peephole2 after sched2 2012-07-19 Moore, Catherine New
ORDERED_EXPR in invert_tree_comparison 2012-07-19 Marc Glisse New
[Fortran] Add parsing support for assumed-rank array 2012-07-19 Mikael Morin New
[5/9] Use murmurhash2A for type merging 2013-04-19 Andi Kleen New
Go patch committed: Error for byte-order-mark in middle of file 2012-09-20 Ian Taylor New
RFA: Fix PR rtl-optimization/38449 (patch updated) 2012-09-20 Joern Rennecke New
[mips] Fix compiler abort with -mips32r2 -mips16 -msynci 2012-07-19 Steve Ellcey New
[Fortran] Add parsing support for assumed-rank array 2012-07-19 Mikael Morin New
Add comments for future regex work 2013-12-02 Tim Shen New
Combine location with block using block_locations 2012-09-20 Dehao Chen New
[2/4] Tidy some include usage + dependencies 2012-07-19 Richard Henderson New
Avoid duplicate -Wnonnull warnings (PR c++/28656) 2012-07-19 Jakub Jelinek New
[1/3] Fix 0 != CODE_FOR_nothing thinko 2012-07-19 Richard Henderson New
[4/4] Reduce the size of optabs representation 2012-07-19 Richard Henderson New
[3/3] ia64: Update vector multiply pattern names; delete dot_prod 2012-07-19 Richard Henderson New
[2/3] Allow divmod on UNITS_PER_WORD vectors 2012-07-19 Richard Henderson New
C++ PATCH for c++/54021 (__builtin_constant_p and constexpr) 2012-07-19 Jason Merrill New
[SH] Reorganize shift patterns in MD 2012-07-19 Oleg Endo New
[Fortran] Add parsing support for assumed-rank array 2012-07-19 Tobias Burnus New
[3/4] Introduce and use code_to_optab and optab_to_code functions 2012-07-19 Richard Henderson New
[Ada] Work around issue with overaligned derived types 2012-07-19 Eric Botcazou New
Diagnostics from GCC_DRIVER_HOST_INITIALIZATION 2012-07-19 Ryan Mansfield New
[SH] PR 53511 - Cleanup leftovers 2012-07-23 Oleg Endo New
[avr] Ad PR54222: Add bitsfx and fxbits to stdint.h 2013-01-21 Georg-Johann Lay New
Fix PR C++/54036, problem negating DFP NaNs 2012-07-19 Peter Bergner New
[i386] : Fix xop_vmfrcz<mode>2 expander 2014-02-13 Uros Bizjak New
[SPARC] Fix miscompilation of ada/g-calend.adb at -O2 2012-07-19 Eric Botcazou New
: Fix compiler segfault failure in cd_dce pass 2012-11-21 Xinliang David Li New
[google-4.6] Backport r183875 to fix incorrect increment/decrement of atomic pointers (issue6428056) 2012-07-19 Jing Yu New
[google,main] change the gcda tag for module info (issue6430053) 2012-07-19 Rong Xu New
add typedef printers to libstdc++ 2012-09-25 Tom Tromey New
wwwdocs: Broken links due to the preprocess script 2013-12-02 Gerald Pfeifer New
Cleanup tree-ssa-ter.c exports 2013-09-24 Andrew MacLeod New
C++ PATCH for c++/54026 (mutable in rodata) 2012-07-20 Jason Merrill New
[Fortran] Add parsing support for assumed-rank array 2012-07-20 Tobias Burnus New
RFA: Process '*' in '@'-output-template alternatives 2012-09-20 Joern Rennecke New
[MIPS] NetLogic XLP scheduling 2012-07-20 Chung-Lin Tang New
Re-work get_object_alignment (again) 2012-07-20 Richard Guenther New
[v3] More noexcept -- 6th 2013-09-24 Marc Glisse New
[6/9] Add --param tunables for the initial size of the type merging hash tables 2013-04-19 Andi Kleen New
wide-int: Re: patch to canonize small wide-ints. 2013-09-24 Kenneth Zadeck New
More cleanups for CFG dumping 2012-07-20 Steven Bosscher New
[google,gcc-4_7,gcc-4_8,integration] Add bounds checks to vector<bool> 2013-05-23 Paul Pluzhnikov New
[v3] libstdc++/54025 2012-07-20 Paolo Carlini New
[ping,1,of,2] Add value range info to SSA_NAME for zero sign extension elimination in RTL 2013-09-24 Christophe Lyon New
Followup referenced vars TLC 2012-07-20 Richard Guenther New
Fix debug info for expr and jump stmt 2012-10-26 Dehao Chen New
[ARM] Don't pull in unwinder for 64-bit division routines 2012-07-20 Julian Brown New
Separate immediate uses and phi routines from tree-flow*.h 2013-09-24 Andrew MacLeod New
[ARM] Tweak gcc.c-torture/execute/20101011-1.c to test division-by-zero trapping on ARM 2012-07-20 Julian Brown New
[Fortran] assumed-rank some bound intrinsics support, fix failures and improve diagnostcs 2012-07-20 Tobias Burnus New
[ARM] Tuning for Cortex-M processors 2012-07-20 Julian Brown New
[google] Fix testsuite failures with -fdebug-types-section. 2013-04-18 Cary Coutant New
Default to --enable-libstdcxx-time=auto 2013-05-23 Jakub Jelinek New
[i386] : Emit insn template of move insn depending on insn type attribute 2013-03-20 Uros Bizjak New
[google,gcc-4_7,gcc-4_8,integration] Add bounds checks to vector<bool> 2013-05-23 Paul Pluzhnikov New
[C++] Fix a regression from build_cplus_array_type recent change (PR c++/54038) 2012-07-20 Jakub Jelinek New
Diagnostics from GCC_DRIVER_HOST_INITIALIZATION 2012-07-20 Ryan Mansfield New
Commit: ARM: Document -munaligned-access 2012-07-20 Hans-Peter Nilsson New
[C++,RFC,/] PR 51213 ("access control under SFINAE") 2012-07-17 Paolo Carlini New
[ARM,1/2] Add prefer_ldrd_strd field to tune 2012-07-20 Greta Yorsh New
[ARM,2/2] Create tune for Cortex-A15. 2012-07-20 Greta Yorsh New
[C++] Fix a regression from build_cplus_array_type recent change (PR c++/54038) 2012-07-20 Jason Merrill New
[i386] : AMD btver2 enablement 2012-07-20 New
[fortran] PR44354 implied-do-loop array constructors using the induction variable in the bounds 2012-07-20 Mikael Morin New
[v2,2/4] Parse base classes for GTY-marked types 2013-09-24 David Malcolm New
[ARM] unwind in epilogue ignore dwarf info 2012-07-20 Greta Yorsh New
Value type of map need not be default copyable 2012-08-11 Fran├žois Dumont New
[ARM] Cleanup in arm_expand_epilogue 2012-07-20 Greta Yorsh New
patch to fix 2012-10-03 Kenneth Zadeck New