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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
Vzeroupper placement/47440 2012-11-06 Jakub Jelinek New
minor cleanup in forwprop: use get_prop_source_stmt more 2012-09-13 Marc Glisse New
Fix up _mm_f{,n}m{add,sub}_s{s,d} (PR target/54564) 2012-09-13 Jakub Jelinek New
[SH] PR 54089 - Add support for rotcl instruction 2012-11-05 Oleg Endo New
[libjava] --enable-symvers tweak for 52700 2012-05-16 Benjamin Kosnik New
libgo patch committed: Print stack trace on panic or signal 2012-05-17 Ian Taylor New
[avr] Tidy up avr_extra_arch_macro 2012-10-17 Georg-Johann Lay New
section anchors and weak hidden symbols 2013-05-13 Nathan Sidwell New
PR middle-end/52584 2012-05-17 David Miller New
[C++] PR 44516 2012-05-17 Paolo Carlini New
Coldfire Cores 2012-05-17 Nathan Sidwell New
libgcc patch committed: Fix split-stack stack alignment 2012-11-06 Ian Taylor New
Trivial testsuite fix 2013-04-29 Jeff Law New
[C++] PR 53371 2012-05-17 Paolo Carlini New
Implement simple peeling on tree level; remove RTL peeling code 2012-11-05 Jan Hubicka New
More thorough checking in reg_fits_class_p 2012-05-17 Jim MacArthur New
[v3] remove dup include in testcase 2012-11-06 Jonathan Wakely New
[RFA] dwarf2.def (DW_OP): Add DW_OP_GNU_const_index. 2012-06-14 Doug Evans New
[TileGX] Committed fix for a typo bug 2012-06-15 Walter Lee New
libgcc patch committed: Fix for -fsplit-stack when using gold 2012-05-25 Ian Taylor New
Fix PR56344 2013-12-02 Marek Polacek New
[committed] Fix up i386/sse4_1-pmuldq.c (and i386/avx-vpmuldq.c) testcase 2012-06-27 Jakub Jelinek New
generate dual code paths in transactions 2012-11-07 Richard Henderson New
[committed,as,obvious] obj++/53388 2012-05-17 Paolo Carlini New
PATCH: PR target/48904: x86_64-knetbsd-gnu fails to build 2012-09-21 H.J. Lu New
[RFC] PR 53063 encode group options in .opt files 2012-05-17 Chung-Lin Tang New
Make IPA-CP work on aggregates 2012-11-07 Martin Jambor New
[RFA] leb128.h: New file. 2012-05-17 Doug Evans New
Turn check macros into functions. (issue6188088) 2012-05-17 Diego Novillo New
PR rtl-optimization/53352 2012-05-17 Meador Inge New
Simplify attempt_builtin_powi logic 2012-05-17 William J. Schmidt New
[3/9] c-family: Convert implicit uses of input_location into explicit uses 2013-11-22 David Malcolm New
[5/9] gcc/c: Convert implicit uses of input_location into explicit uses 2013-11-22 David Malcolm New
Fix gcc.dg/lto/pr55113_0.c testsuite ICE 2014-03-31 Richard Guenther New
[6/6] Example of converting global state to per-pass state 2013-04-20 David Malcolm New
[2/6] Move the construction of the pass hierarchy into a new passes.def file 2013-04-20 David Malcolm New
[1/2] SH epilogue unwind, dwarf2 pass changes 2012-05-18 Chung-Lin Tang New
[4/6] Handwritten part of conversion of passes to instances of C++ classes 2013-04-20 David Malcolm New
[4/n] loop distribution TLC 2012-06-01 Richard Guenther New
Symbol table 21/many: analyze initializers of external vars 2012-05-18 Jan Hubicka New
[2/2] SH epilogue unwind, backend parts 2012-05-18 Chung-Lin Tang New
new port: msp430-elf 2013-05-07 DJ Delorie New
[4/9] cp: Convert implicit uses of input_location into explicit uses 2013-11-22 David Malcolm New
fix PR bootstrap/54642 2012-09-21 Jack Howarth New
Conditional count update for fast coverage test in multi-threaded programs 2013-11-22 Rong Xu New
RFA: update comment in dwarf2.def re: UPC extensions 2012-05-20 Gary Funck New
RFA (cgraph): C++ 'structor decloning patch, Mark III 2013-11-22 Jason Merrill New
Fix gcc.dg/pr53352.c execute fail 2012-05-18 Richard Guenther New
Fix memset recognition, paper over PR53346 2012-05-18 Richard Guenther New
[rs6000] Fix PR53385 2012-05-18 William J. Schmidt New
[C++,testcase] PR 53763 2012-10-09 Paolo Carlini New
[MELT] Fixing echo stderr permission issue 2012-09-28 Alexandre Lissy New
[GOOGLE] Remove mod_id_to_name map 2014-01-08 Dehao Chen New
[google] Backport to enable stack protector for Android targets (issue6220051) 2012-05-18 Jing Yu New
[lra] a tiny patch to improve pseudos splitting 2012-05-18 Vladimir Makarov New
Go patch committed: Fix erroneous use of VEC 2012-05-18 Ian Taylor New
[Ada] Fix ICE on constant with record type in LTO mode 2012-05-18 Eric Botcazou New
[GOOGLE] Update AutoFDO annotation 2013-08-27 Dehao Chen New
Fix PR ada/52362 2012-05-18 Eric Botcazou New
[google/gcc-4_6] More Fission updates (issue6219049) 2012-05-18 Cary Coutant New
Improve handling of threads which cross over the current loops header 2013-11-22 Jeff Law New
[Ada] fix use of PICFLAG for Ada library variants 2012-06-14 Jakub Jelinek New
4.7 backports committed 2012-06-14 Jakub Jelinek New
Web patch committed: Clarify GCC 4.7.1 and Go 1 2012-06-14 Ian Taylor New
top-level configure for Nios II 2013-05-07 Sandra Loosemore New
[Ada] Use C++-compatible calling convention on x86/Windows 2012-05-19 Eric Botcazou New
[cxx-conversion] Fix builds with --enable-checking=release 2012-05-19 Diego Novillo New
Combine location with block using block_locations 2012-09-13 Dehao Chen New
Turn most genrecog warnings into errors 2013-11-22 Richard Sandiford New
[java] Fix placement of #ifdef JCR_SECTION_NAME in class.c 2012-05-19 John David Anglin New
[libatomic] Fix cut and paste errors in libat_test_and_set 2012-05-19 John David Anglin New
Add signed integer overflow checking to ubsan 2013-11-22 Marek Polacek New
Remove many restrictions for identifying jump threads across backedges 2013-11-22 Jeff Law New
Implement -fsanitize=return (for C++ only) 2013-11-22 Jakub Jelinek New
Fix PR 53395: tree-if-conv.c not producing MAX_EXPR 2012-05-19 Andrew Pinski New
[Ada] fix gnat_write_global_declarations glitch in LTO mode 2012-05-20 Eric Botcazou New
PATCH: PR target/53425: No warnings are given for -mno-sse 2012-05-20 H.J. Lu New
PATCH: PR target/53383: Allow -mpreferred-stack-boundary=3 on x86-64 2012-05-20 H.J. Lu New
Updating general info in tree-parloops.c 2012-05-20 Razya Ladelsky New
[committed] Fix PR rtl-optimzation/53373 on PA 2012-05-20 John David Anglin New
PATCH: Add RDRND, F16C and FSGSBASE support to -march=native 2012-05-20 H.J. Lu New
PATCH: PR target/53416: Wrong code when optimising loop involving _rdrand32_step 2012-05-20 H.J. Lu New
fix cross build 2012-05-20 Nathan Sidwell New
Fix array type merging in LTO mode 2012-05-20 Eric Botcazou New
[DF] Generate REFs in REGNO order 2012-05-20 Dimitrios Apostolou New
[RS6000] LE SFmode constants in toc 2013-06-04 Alan Modra New
PATCH: PR target/53425: No warnings are given for -mno-sse 2012-05-20 H.J. Lu New
PATCH: PR target/53416: Wrong code when optimising loop involving _rdrand32_step 2012-05-20 H.J. Lu New
RFA: AVR: Support building AVR Linux targets 2013-08-27 Nick Clifton New
[C++] Produce canonical names for debug info without changing normal pretty-printing (issue6215052) 2012-06-01 Sterling Augustine New
[c-faimily] : Fix for PR 37215 2012-06-27 Kai Tietz New
Fix PR53183, libgcc does not always figure out the size of double/long double 2012-05-21 Andrew Pinski New
rs6000.c forward declaration cleanup 2012-05-21 Alan Modra New
[RS6000] save/restore reg tidy 2012-05-21 Alan Modra New
Fix negation in stack_protect_test docs. Heads-up: prediction bug 2012-05-21 Hans-Peter Nilsson New
[RS6000] out-of-line save/restore conditions 2012-05-21 Alan Modra New
[AArch64] Use Enums for code models option selection 2012-06-28 Tejas Belagod New
Testcase for PR47061 2012-06-29 Richard Guenther New
ARM/NEON: vld1q_dup_s64 builtin 2012-05-21 Christophe LYON New
[C++] PR 51184 2012-05-21 Paolo Carlini New
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