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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[C++,Java,related/RFC] PR 11006 2013-11-04 Paolo Carlini New
PATCH: PR target/60151: HAVE_AS_GOTOFF_IN_DATA is mis-detected on x86-64 2014-02-11 H.J. Lu New
RFA: patch to fix PR58967 2013-11-04 Vladimir Makarov New
testsuite/lib/gcc-defs.exp (dg-additional-files-options) 2013-11-04 James Lemke New
[fortran] PR58771 - [4.7/4.8/4.9 Regression] ICE in transfer_expr, at fortran/trans-io.c:2164 2013-11-04 Paul Richard Thomas New
Fix ipcp_transform_function (PR tree-optimization/58984) 2013-11-04 Jakub Jelinek New
[committed] Fix a regression caused by my __builtin_unreachable assertion changes (PR tree-optimization/58978) 2013-11-04 Jakub Jelinek New
Try to avoid vector mode punning in SET_DEST on i?86 2013-11-04 Jakub Jelinek New
Remove SHIFT_COUNT_TRUNCATED from double-int.c 2013-11-04 Richard Sandiford New
Fix lto-profiledbootstrap [was: Merge cgraph_get_create_node and cgraph_get_create_real_symbol_node] 2013-11-14 Uros Bizjak New
[C++] Fix __is_base_of vs incomplete types 2014-01-03 Paolo Carlini New
Introduce MODE_SIZE mode attribute 2014-01-03 Jakub Jelinek New
Add check for aarch64 in vect_cmdline_needed 2013-11-06 Cesar Philippidis New
Patch RFA: With -fnon-call-exceptions sync builtins may throw 2013-11-04 Ian Taylor New
RFA: MN10300: Fix building libstdc++-v3 2014-02-03 Nick Clifton New
Patch RFC: x86: Emit .cfi directives for BX register swap 2013-11-05 Ian Taylor New
[rs6000] (3/3) Fix mulv4si3 and mulv8hi3 patterns for little endian 2013-11-05 William J. Schmidt New
[rs6000] (1/3) Reverse meanings of multiply even/odd for little endian 2013-11-05 William J. Schmidt New
Fix __GCC_IEC_559 determination for 32-bit x86 2013-11-05 Joseph S. Myers New
[rs6000] Fix vect_pack_trunc_v2df pattern for little endian 2013-11-05 William J. Schmidt New
Fix for PR bootstrap/58951 2013-11-05 Iyer, Balaji V New
Fix get_bit_range and expand_assignment for negative bitpos (PR middle-end/58970) 2013-11-05 Jakub Jelinek New
RFC: PR bootstrap/59199: [4.9 Regression] r205032 caused LTO bootstrap to fail with bootstrap-profile 2013-11-29 Richard Guenther New
Drop -m32 from pr59099.c 2014-01-07 Florian Weimer New
[driver] try to fix "driver specifies output file twice" bug 2013-11-05 Mingjie Xing New
libgo patch committed: Don't use filename without '/' for backtrace 2013-11-14 Ian Taylor New
Patch RFA: With -fnon-call-exceptions sync builtins may throw 2013-11-05 Andreas Schwab New
PR 58958: wrong aliasing info 2013-11-05 Marc Glisse New
[v3] add missing 'template' keyword 2013-11-20 Jonathan Wakely New
[SH] Split addi,subdi,negdi before reload 2013-11-05 Oleg Endo New
move phi_ssa_name_p. 2013-11-05 Andrew MacLeod New
loop-{iv,unswitch}.c fixes (PR rtl-optimization/58997) 2013-11-05 Jakub Jelinek New
[MPX,2/X] Pointers Checker [8/25] Languages support 2013-11-05 Ilya Enkovich New
[AArch64] Define vec_extract. 2013-11-05 Tejas Belagod New
[2/4] Fix internal_clone for x32 2013-11-05 H.J. Lu New
[AArch64] Add w -> w constraint to vec_set. 2013-11-05 Tejas Belagod New
[3/4] Use 64-bit system types for x86-64 2013-11-05 H.J. Lu New
[4/4] Check __x86_64__ for FPU state 2013-11-05 H.J. Lu New
Fix PR58492 2013-11-05 Richard Guenther New
[C11-atomic] Miscellaneous fixes 8/n 2013-11-05 Joseph S. Myers New
[v2] libstdc++: Add hexfloat/defaultfloat io manipulators. 2014-03-27 RĂ¼diger Sonderfeld New
[GOOGLE] Refactor the LIPO fixup 2014-03-27 Dehao Chen New
gengtype: support empty GTY-marked structs 2013-11-05 David Malcolm New
[i386] : Enable soft-float multilibs for x86-32 RTEMS 2013-11-05 Uros Bizjak New
RE: Testsuite / Cilk Plus: Include library path in compile flags in gcc.dg/cilk-plus/cilk-plus.exp 2013-11-05 Iyer, Balaji V New
PR fortran/58989 2013-11-05 Steve Kargl New
patch implementing a new pass for register-pressure relief through live range shrinkage 2013-11-05 Jeff Law New
[i386] : Fix MULTILIB_MATCHES option typos in t-rtems 2013-11-05 Uros Bizjak New
[fortran,doc] Fix typo in doc 2013-11-05 FX New
[rs6000] Enable VSX code generation in little endian mode 2013-11-05 William J. Schmidt New
wwwdocs: gcc-4.9/changes.html: Add OpenMP4 + -Wdate-time 2013-11-05 Tobias Burnus New
Move block_in_transaction out of gimple.h 2013-11-05 Andrew MacLeod New
FIx PR60076 2014-02-05 Richard Guenther New
[v3] update C++11 status table in manual 2013-11-05 Jonathan Wakely New
Move C front end to its own directory (1/3) 2013-11-06 Mike Stump New
mismatched decls w/ both builtin and explicit decl 2013-11-06 DJ Delorie New
[i386,4/8,AVX512,7/8] Add substed patterns: `round for expand' subst. 2013-11-06 Kirill Yukhin New
Regex bracket matcher cache optimization 2014-01-04 Tim Shen New
[RFA] Minor erroneous path isolation followups 2013-11-06 Jeff Law New
[i386,4/8,AVX512,8/8] Add substed patterns: `sae-only for expand' subst. 2013-11-06 Kirill Yukhin New
[C] Fix PR57258: unused variable warning is emitted for volatile variables 2013-11-06 Mingjie Xing New
[v3] Fix spelling in regex headers 2013-11-06 Jonathan Wakely New
Fix up my recent PR59501 i?86 changes (PR target/59644) 2014-01-06 Jakub Jelinek New
PATCH: PR target/59034: FAIL gcc.c-torture/compile/20031208-1.c 2013-11-07 H.J. Lu New
[google,gcc-4_8] Don't use gcov counter related ssa name as induction variables 2014-02-11 Wei Mi New
[C++] PR 50436 2013-11-06 Paolo Carlini New
[SH] arith_reg_operand vs. fp_arith_reg_operand 2013-11-06 Oleg Endo New
[RTL] Eliminate redundant vec_select moves. 2013-11-06 Tejas Belagod New
Fix PR c++/59635 2014-01-03 Adam Butcher New
i?86 unaligned/aligned load improvement for AVX512F 2014-01-04 Jakub Jelinek New
fix typo in doc/generic.texi 2014-02-11 Prathamesh Kulkarni New
Go patch committed: Turn off -fisolate-erroneous-paths for Go 2013-11-06 Ian Taylor New
Fix IBM long double spurious overflows 2014-01-04 Joseph S. Myers New
Disable floating-point contraction in ISO C conformance modes 2013-11-06 Joseph S. Myers New
Improve VRP assert creation for loops 2013-11-06 Jakub Jelinek New
Fix PR58697 2013-11-06 Richard Guenther New
[gomp4,2/9] libgomp: Prepare for testcases without -fopenmp. 2013-11-06 Thomas Schwinge New
[gomp4,5/9] OpenACC: preprocessor definition, Fortran integer parameter. 2013-11-06 Thomas Schwinge New
[i386] : Fix PR 59021, new vzeroupper instructions generated with -mavx 2013-11-06 Uros Bizjak New
[gomp4,8/9] OpenACC: Basic support for #pragma acc in the C front end. 2013-11-06 Thomas Schwinge New
[0/6] Conversion of gimple types to C++ inheritance (v3) 2013-11-06 Jeff Law New
[wide-int] Do not treat rtxes as sign-extended 2013-11-06 Richard Sandiford New
[wide-int] Remove SHIFT_COUNT_TRUNCATED uses at tree/gimple level 2013-11-06 Richard Sandiford New
mismatched decls w/ both builtin and explicit decl 2013-11-06 DJ Delorie New
[wide-int] Tweak handling of rtx shifts 2013-11-06 Richard Sandiford New
[wide-int] Fix avr build 2013-11-06 Richard Sandiford New
fixincludes patch RFA: Fix fenv.h on Ubuntu Precise 2013-11-06 Ian Taylor New
[MIPS] Add new multilibs to mips-mti-* targets. 2013-11-07 Steve Ellcey New
Update MAINTAINERS (Re: Remove spam in GCC mailing list) 2014-01-20 Gerald Pfeifer New
[committed] Unbreak asan on ppc (PR sanitizer/59122) 2013-11-14 Jakub Jelinek New
[RFA] Minor erroneous path isolation followups 2013-11-07 Jeff Law New
[GOMP4] SIMD-enabled functions (formerly Elemental functions) for C++ 2014-01-20 Iyer, Balaji V New
fix a couple of std::allocator_traits bugs 2014-01-29 Jonathan Wakely New
proposed fix for libstdc++/59829 2014-01-29 Jonathan Wakely New
[C] Fix PR57258: unused variable warning is emitted for volatile variables 2013-11-07 Mingjie Xing New
Factorize the two read_line functions present in gcov.c and input.c 2013-11-07 Dodji Seketeli New
[rl78] Use canonical const_int for one_cmplqi2 2013-11-07 Richard Sandiford New
[score] Remove unused REG_CLASS_FROM_LETTER define 2013-11-27 Liqin Chen New
Don't segv in omp-low.c (PR middle-end/59669) 2014-01-08 Marek Polacek New
Fix PR c++/59636 2014-01-04 Adam Butcher New