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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
Fix VRP ICE on x >> cst1; if (x cmp cst2) (PR tree-optimization/53058, take 2) 2012-04-25 Jakub Jelinek New
Symbol table 13/many: reachability code rewrite 2012-04-25 Jan Hubicka New
[PING,Testsuite] fix failure in test gcc.dg/pr52283.c 2012-04-25 Greta Yorsh New
Fix comments that refer to ENTRY_{BLOCK|EXIT}_PTR 2013-11-20 David Malcolm New
[MIPS] Adjust baddu patterns for recent simplify-rtx.c change 2012-10-02 Richard Sandiford New
Fix bitfield expansion (PR middle-end/52979) 2012-04-25 Jakub Jelinek New
[Committed] Fix truncate of a memory for vector mode 2012-10-02 Andrew Pinski New
[4.7,committed] : Fix PR c/51527 2012-04-27 Georg-Johann Lay New
PATCH: PR target/54785: Document -mprefer-avx128 2012-10-02 H.J. Lu New
fix incorrect SRA transformation on non-integral VIEW_CONVERT argument 2012-04-25 Richard Guenther New
Fix testsuite fallout of last patch 2012-04-25 Richard Guenther New
[08/11] Make conversion warnings work on NULL with -ftrack-macro-expansion 2012-04-25 Dodji Seketeli New
Default to -gdwarf-4 2012-04-25 Jakub Jelinek New
Make sizetypes no longer sign-extending 2012-04-25 Richard Guenther New
[10/13] Fix location for static class members 2012-04-25 Dodji Seketeli New
combine_conversions int->double->int 2012-04-25 Marc Glisse New
PATCH: PR debug/52857: DW_OP_GNU_regval_type is generated with INVALID_REGNUM 2012-04-25 H.J. Lu New
[11/13] Fix va_start related location 2012-04-25 Dodji Seketeli New
[12/13] Adjust relevant test cases wrt -ftrack-macro-expansion=[0|2] 2012-04-25 Dodji Seketeli New
[ARM] Fix PR44557 (Thumb-1 ICE) 2012-09-26 Chung-Lin Tang New
[C++] PR 53096 2012-04-25 Paolo Carlini New
[testsuite] fix failure in test gcc.dg/vect/slp-perm-8.c 2012-04-25 Greta Yorsh New
PR ada/54845 2012-10-10 Arnaud Charlet New
[13/13] Switch -ftrack-macro-expansion=2 on by default. 2012-04-25 Dodji Seketeli New
[08/11] Make conversion warnings work on NULL with -ftrack-macro-expansion 2012-04-25 Dodji Seketeli New
[Ada] Atomic protected types 2012-04-25 Arnaud Charlet New
[05/11] Make expand_location resolve to locus in main source file 2012-04-25 Dodji Seketeli New
Fix LTO bootstrap (PR54876) 2012-10-10 Richard Guenther New
[C] improve missing initializers diagnostics 2012-04-25 Manuel López-Ibáñez New
[AArch64] Implement SIMD Absolute Difference Instructions 2013-02-27 Hurugalawadi, Naveen New
[C++,testcase] PR 50478 2012-10-10 Paolo Carlini New
[Fortran,(RFC)] PR49110/51055 Assignment to alloc. deferred-length character vars 2012-10-04 Tobias Burnus New
[Cilkplus] Elemental function insertion 2012-04-25 Iyer, Balaji V New
[Cilkplus] Elemental function insertion 2012-04-25 Iyer, Balaji V New
[lra] patch to fix some LRA failures of GCC tests on PA-RISC 2012-04-25 Vladimir Makarov New
[google-4_6] fix broken -S in streaming LIPO (issue6115052) 2012-04-25 Rong Xu New
Committed: Epiphany ashlv2si3 2013-07-29 Joern Rennecke New
Fix for PR51879 - Missed tail merging with non-const/pure calls 2012-04-25 Tom de Vries New
[v3] libstdc++/52689 testcase 2012-04-25 Benjamin Kosnik New
[PR,tree-optimization/52558] : RFC: questions on store data race 2012-04-25 Aldy Hernandez New
[PING,Updated] : [PATCH GCC/ARM] Fix problem that hardreg_cprop opportunities are missed on thumb1 2012-10-10 Bin Cheng New
Support for Runtime CPU type detection via builtins (issue5754058) 2012-04-25 Sriraman Tallam New
fix test gcc.dg/bf-ms-layout.c 2012-04-26 Janis Johnson New
Committed: fix PR target/53120, constraint modifier "+" on operand tied by matching-constraint, "0". 2012-04-26 Hans-Peter Nilsson New
[v3] hashtable doc tweaks 2012-04-26 Benjamin Kosnik New
[C++] PR 54541 / 54542 2012-09-10 Paolo Carlini New
libgo patch committed: Always define syscall.SO_REUSEPORT 2012-04-26 Ian Taylor New
[RS6000] Fix PR53038, cfa_restore out of order 2012-04-26 Alan Modra New
PR54149: fix data race in LIM pass 2012-09-10 Aldy Hernandez New
[1-2/12] New configure option --enable-espf=(all|ssp|pie|no) 2012-09-10 Magnus Granberg New
[3-4/12] New configure option --enable-espf=(all|ssp|pie|no) 2012-09-10 Magnus Granberg New
[8/12] New configure option --enable-espf=(all|ssp|pie|no) 2012-09-10 Magnus Granberg New
Remove unnecessary VEC function overloads. 2012-09-10 Diego Novillo New
patch to fix constant math - third small patch 2012-11-09 Kenneth Zadeck New
C++ PATCH for c++/54538 (lambda mangling) 2012-09-10 Jason Merrill New
Fix sparc instruction type settings and sched bugs. 2012-04-26 David Miller New
[i386] : Change x86_prefetch_sse to unsigned char 2012-09-12 Uros Bizjak New
[Ada] Wrong size for variant records with single variant with front-end layout 2012-04-26 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Finalization of controlled object in instance 2012-04-26 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Freezing of non null subtypes of formal parameters 2012-04-26 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] New package Clean in project files 2012-04-26 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Clean up of index usage in string literal subtypes 2012-04-26 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Ignore pragmas when looking for unreachable code 2012-04-26 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Dependency between System.Finalization_Root and Ada.Streams 2012-04-26 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Minor reformatting and cleanup in adaint.c 2012-04-26 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Fix common misuses of the word "then" where "than" should be used in English. 2012-04-26 Arnaud Charlet New
[libcpp] maybe canonicalize system paths in line-map 2012-04-26 Dodji Seketeli New
Use libbacktrace as libsanitizer's symbolizer 2013-11-19 Jakub Jelinek New
[gomp4,simd,RFC] Simple fix to override vectorization cost estimation. 2013-11-19 Sergey Ostanevich New
regcprop fix for PR rtl-optimization/54300 2013-11-19 Richard Earnshaw New 2012-04-26 Jan Hubicka New
Committed: removal of n_edges macro 2013-11-19 David Malcolm New
[ARM] Implement CRC32 intrinsics for AArch32 in ARMv8-A 2013-11-19 Kyrylo Tkachov New
More thorough checking in reg_fits_class_p 2012-04-26 Jim MacArthur New
Fix find_moveable_pseudos, PR52997 2012-04-26 Bernd Schmidt New
vectorization passes clean up for dump info 2012-10-24 Sharad Singhai New
[AArch64] vneg testcase made big-endian safe 2013-11-19 Alex Velenko New
[RFC,i386] : Experimental patch to implement post-reload compare elimination 2012-04-26 Uros Bizjak New
RFA: Add lock_lenth attribute to support the ARC port (Was: Re: Ping: RFA: add lock_length attribute to break branch-shortening cycles) 2012-10-24 Joern Rennecke New
[ARM] Add support for armv7ve into gcc 2013-11-19 Renlin Li New
combine_conversions int->double->int 2012-04-26 Marc Glisse New
[AArch64] Remove "mode", "mode2" attributes 2013-11-19 James Greenhalgh New
Fix PR target/48496 #2 2012-04-26 Eric Botcazou New
C++ PATCH for c++/54416 (ICE after error on bogus specialization) 2012-12-11 Jason Merrill New
[v2] ARM: Use different linker path for hardfloat ABI 2012-04-26 Michael Hope New
[C++] PR 49152 2012-04-27 Paolo Carlini New
Fix PR gcov-profile/54487 (profiledbootstrap intermittent failures) (issue6496113) 2012-09-12 Teresa Johnson New
[RFC,/] PR 54403 2012-09-11 Paolo Carlini New
User directed Function Multiversioning via Function Overloading (issue5752064) 2012-04-27 Sriraman Tallam New
patch for latest lra changes. 2013-04-24 Vladimir Makarov New
Fix some texinfo 5.0 warnings in gcc/doc + libiberty 2013-02-25 Tobias Burnus New
[AArch64] Implement SIMD Absolute Difference Instructions 2013-02-27 Hurugalawadi, Naveen New
Handle target specific memory models in C frontend 2012-11-09 Andi Kleen New
Request new specs string token for multilib_os_dir 2012-04-27 Steven Drake New
Obvious: Fix DF solution dirty marking in cfg.c:disconnect_src 2012-04-27 Steven Bosscher New
patch to fix constant math - 5th patch - the main rtl work 2013-02-27 Kenneth Zadeck New
teach emit_store_flag to use clz/ctz 2012-04-27 Paolo Bonzini New
pr53138 - miscompilation of spaceship operator 2012-04-27 Paolo Bonzini New
teach phi-opt to produce -(a COND b) 2012-04-27 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFA,1/5] New port: CR16: Remove "gdb" from noconfigdirs in 2012-10-04 Kaushik Phatak New