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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
Small C++ PATCH to apply_late_template_attributes 2013-10-16 Jason Merrill New
[rl78] add rtx paranoia 2013-10-16 DJ Delorie New
[i386] Fix PR 57756 2013-10-16 Michael Meissner New
patch to canonize unsigned tree-csts 2013-10-17 Kenneth Zadeck New
[7/8] Remove basic-block.h from cgraph.h 2013-10-18 Andrew MacLeod New
Fix computation of offset in ivopt 2013-10-17 Bin Cheng New
[committed] PATCH: Fix a comment typo in ix86_split_lea_for_addr 2014-01-18 H.J. Lu New
[RESEND] Enable building of libatomic on AArch64 2013-10-17 Michael Hudson-Doyle New
[Ada] Fix generation of references for SPARK formal verification 2013-10-17 Arnaud Charlet New
[AArch64] Implement %c output template 2013-10-17 Kyrylo Tkachov New
[Pointer,Bounds,Checker,1/x] Pointer bounds type and mode 2014-04-16 Ilya Enkovich New
RFA: Change behaviour of %* in spec strings 2013-10-17 Nick Clifton New
Remove obsolete Solaris 9 support 2014-04-16 Rainer Orth New
[8/8] cfgloop.h includes basic-block.h 2013-10-18 Andrew MacLeod New
[rs6000] Document reserved use of "wc" constraint 2014-03-01 William J. Schmidt New
Fix use of stack-pointer-register as a temporary for CRIS 2013-12-23 Hans-Peter Nilsson New
Committed: fix PR target/59203, typo in cris.c 2013-12-23 Hans-Peter Nilsson New
Fixup handling of zero-precision integer types 2013-10-17 Richard Guenther New
[Ada] Handle constraint error in vector when large index type 2013-10-17 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Warnings on unused with_clauses in subunits 2013-10-17 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Non-SPARK package bodies and state refinement 2013-10-17 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Remove special handling for package declaring abstract state 2013-10-17 Arnaud Charlet New
[i386,Pointer,Bounds,Checker,2/x] Intel Memory Protection Extensions (MPX) instructions support 2014-04-16 Ilya Enkovich New
Go patch committed: Don't deref unknown type when importing anon field 2013-10-17 Ian Taylor New
Add a new option "-fmerge-bitfields" (patch / doc inside) 2014-04-16 Zoran Jovanovic New
[C++] PR 58596 2013-10-17 Paolo Carlini New
[Pointer,Bounds,Checker,4/x] Built-in functions 2014-04-16 Ilya Enkovich New
[AArch64] Fix types for vcvt<sd>_n intrinsics. 2013-10-17 James Greenhalgh New
[AArch64] Adjust preferred_reload_class of SP+C 2013-10-17 Marcus Shawcroft New
[i386] Fix PR 57756 2013-10-17 Steve Ellcey New
[i386] Fix PR 57756 2013-10-17 Michael Meissner New
[Pointer,Bounds,Checker,3/x] Target hooks for Pointer Bounds Checker 2014-04-16 Ilya Enkovich New
[ARM] New rtx costs table for Cortex A9 2013-10-17 Kyrylo Tkachov New
[Pointer,Bounds,Checker,5/x] Attributes 2014-04-16 Ilya Enkovich New
[i386] : Remove unneeded isa attribute from *vec_widen_smult_even_v8si 2013-10-17 Uros Bizjak New
PR58669: does not detect all cpu cores/threads 2013-10-18 Andrew New
_Cilk_for for C and C++ 2014-01-07 Iyer, Balaji V New
[i386] Fix PR 57756 2013-10-17 Sriraman Tallam New
C++ PATCH for c++/59349 (ICE with empty lambda init-capture initializer) 2013-12-24 Jason Merrill New
[i386] Fix PR 57756 2013-10-17 Sriraman Tallam New
PR C++/58708 - string literal operator templates broken 2013-10-18 Ed Smith-Rowland New
[i386] : Improve ix86_fixup_binary_operands when both operands are in memory 2013-10-17 Uros Bizjak New
C++ PATCH for c++/59271 (ICE with polymorphic lambda and VLA) 2013-12-24 Jason Merrill New
[i386] Fix PR 57756 2013-10-18 Sriraman Tallam New
libbacktrace patch committed (Was: Re: [jit] Update TODO.rst) 2013-10-18 Ian Taylor New
[PING,GOMP4] SIMD-enabled functions (formerly Elemental functions) for C++ 2013-12-24 Iyer, Balaji V New
[buildrobot] frv: Fix get_tree_code_name() conversion fallout 2013-10-18 Jan-Benedict Glaw New
[i386] Fix PR 57756 2013-10-18 Dominique Dhumieres New
Committed: fix more testsuite fallout from "cost model patch". 2013-10-18 Hans-Peter Nilsson New
[Ping] Re: [C++ Patch] Tidy a bit cp_parser_lookup_name 2013-10-18 Paolo Carlini New
Fix 59828 - Broken assembly on ppc* with two -mcpu= options 2014-01-18 Alan Modra New
Fix part of PR58712 2013-10-18 Markus Trippelsdorf New
[Ada] Add support for pragma Loop_Optimize (Ivdep) 2014-04-14 Eric Botcazou New
[2/8] Remove tree-ssa-address.h from the tree-ssa.h include list. 2013-10-18 Andrew MacLeod New
libgo patch committed: Add system calls 2013-10-18 Uros Bizjak New
[3/8] Remove tree-ssa-threadedge.h from the tree-ssa.h include list. 2013-10-18 Andrew MacLeod New
[i386,4/8,AVX512,2/n] Add substed patterns: mask scalar subst. 2013-12-24 Uros Bizjak New
[6/8] Remove sbitmap.h from the tree-ssa.h include list. 2013-10-18 Andrew MacLeod New
Fix profile count updates during tail merging 2013-10-18 Teresa Johnson New
Add debug counter to jump threading code 2013-10-18 Jeff Law New
Tiny predcom improvement (PR tree-optimization/59643) 2013-12-31 Jakub Jelinek New
RFC Asan instrumentation control 2013-12-24 max New
CSE fix for UNSIGNED_FLOAT (PR rtl-optimization/59647) 2013-12-31 Jakub Jelinek New
[fortran] PR58007: unresolved fixup hell 2014-01-18 Mikael Morin New
[RFC] fix reload causing ICE in subreg_get_info on m68k (PR58369) 2013-10-18 Mikael Pettersson New
[Pointer,Bounds,Checker,7/x] Call/ret ifaces 2014-04-16 Ilya Enkovich New
decide edge's hotness when there is profile info 2013-10-18 Teresa Johnson New
[Pointer,Bounds,Checker,9/x] Cgraph extension 2014-04-16 Ilya Enkovich New
[wide-int] int_traits <tree> 2013-10-18 Mike Stump New
[i386,5/8,AVX-512] Extend vectorizer hooks. 2014-01-03 Uros Bizjak New
[buildrobot] Fix redefinition of BITS_PER_UNIT (was: nios2 port committed) 2013-12-31 Jan-Benedict Glaw New
[i386] Fix PR 57756 2013-10-19 Sriraman Tallam New
[rs6000] Implement -maltivec=be for vec_mule and vec_mulo Altivec intrinsics 2014-01-13 William J. Schmidt New
[SH] Add support for inlined builtin-strcmp (2/2) 2013-10-19 Oleg Endo New
[C,C++] integer constants in attribute arguments 2014-01-18 Marc Glisse New
[Ada] Adjust path names in debug info 2013-10-19 Eric Botcazou New
: Clarify multiple return registers handling in mode-switching.c 2013-10-19 Uros Bizjak New
[i386] : Fix PR 58792 by adding missing registers to ix86_function_value_regno_p 2013-10-19 Uros Bizjak New
[wide-int] int_traits <tree> 2013-10-19 Mike Stump New
[wide-int] int_traits <tree> 2013-10-19 Mike Stump New
[committed] Skip gnat.dg/specs/ on hppa*-*-hpux* 2013-10-19 John David Anglin New
PATCH: PR target/59587: cpu_names in i386.c is accessed with wrong index 2013-12-24 H.J. Lu New
[committed] Skip long double test in c-c++-common/opaque-vector.c on hppa 2013-10-19 John David Anglin New
[google,gcc-4_8] port gcov-tool to gcc-4_8 2014-01-17 Rong Xu New
[rs6000] Adjust vec_unpacku patterns for little endian 2013-10-20 William J. Schmidt New
[committed] Fix identifier conflict on hppa*-*-hpux* 2013-10-19 John David Anglin New
fix libstdc++/59680 2014-01-09 Jonathan Wakely New
[MIPS] Add bswap patterns 2013-10-20 Richard Sandiford New
Fix PR54702 and LTO bootstrap (for me) 2013-10-19 Mike Stump New
[MIPS] Fix mips-ps-[57].c tests after cost model changes 2013-10-20 Richard Sandiford New
Go patch committed: Add flattening pass 2014-01-09 Ian Taylor New
Always treat sext_hwi and zext_hwi as inline 2013-10-20 Richard Sandiford New
[wide-int] Reduce the size of the scratch arrays 2013-10-20 Richard Sandiford New
[wide-int] Add a copy helper routine 2013-10-20 Richard Sandiford New
[RS6000] power8 internal compiler errors 2014-02-10 Alan Modra New
[C++] PR 58647 2013-10-20 Paolo Carlini New
m68k: properly handle double word push for all registers 2014-01-03 Andreas Schwab New
[C] Make attributes accept enum values (PR c/50459) 2014-04-14 Marek Polacek New
[committed] Fix vect_analyze_data_refs (PR middle-end/59670) 2014-01-09 Jakub Jelinek New
[CLEANUP] Declare global functions before defining them 2014-04-14 Patrick Palka New