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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
Implement std::make_unique 2013-05-18 Jonathan Wakely New
[2/2] rs6000: remove INT_LOWPART 2013-05-04 Segher Boessenkool New
[Ada] Consistency of aspect / pragma retrieval by compiler client tools 2013-07-08 Arnaud Charlet New
[FORTRAN] Include unistd.h in environ.c 2013-05-04 David Edelsohn New
[Ada] Implement new attribute Restriction_Set 2013-07-08 Arnaud Charlet New
powerpc64le-linux support 2013-05-05 Alan Modra New
Preserve the CFG until after final 2013-05-19 Steven Bosscher New
Fix thinko in SLSR that caused x86 bootstrap failure 2013-05-05 William J. Schmidt New
libsanitizer merge from upstream r196489 2013-12-05 Konstantin Serebryany New
[RFC] Isolate & simplify paths with undefined behaviour 2013-10-18 Jeff Law New
Using gen_int_mode instead of GEN_INT minor testsuite fallout on MIPS 2013-10-18 Mike Stump New
[RS6000] -mfp-in-toc 2013-06-06 Alan Modra New
[wwwdocs] Fix PR 50642 2013-05-06 Shakthi Kannan New
rewrite stack vectors 2013-10-10 Trevor Saunders New
[C++] PR 12288 2013-05-20 Paolo Carlini New
Honnor ix86_accumulate_outgoing_args again 2013-10-10 Jan Hubicka New
Handle PIEs in libbacktrace 2013-12-06 Jakub Jelinek New
[rs6000] power8 patches, patch #4 (revised), new power8 builtins 2013-06-06 Michael Meissner New
[C++,testcase,committed] PR 43652 2013-06-06 Paolo Carlini New
Don't combine across likely spilled hard reg setters (PR rtl-optimization/59477) 2014-01-15 Jakub Jelinek New
PATCH: contrib/repro_fail: filter out "-ignore SIGHUP" from spawn line 2013-05-06 David Malcolm New
More vector folding 2013-06-13 Marc Glisse New
Fix incorrect discriminator assignment. 2013-05-28 Dehao Chen New
C++ PATCH for c++/57319 (false positive with -Wvirtual-move-assign) 2013-05-20 Jason Merrill New
Fix -g ICE with COMPOUND_LITERAL_EXPR (PR debug/57184) 2013-05-06 Jakub Jelinek New
[powerpc] increase array alignment for Altivec 2013-05-20 Sandra Loosemore New
[wwwdocs] gcc-4.8/changes.html: mention IRA and transactional memory 2013-05-20 Aldy Hernandez New
Sort SH / H8300 ISR tests 2013-05-20 Oleg Endo New
[xtensa] Add LOCAL_REGNO to the xtensa backend. 2014-01-14 Felix Yang New
Unordered container insertion hints 2013-06-06 Fran├žois Dumont New
C++ PATCH for c++/58965 (ICE with NSDMI in static union) 2014-01-07 Jason Merrill New
[i386] Introduce __readeflags () and __writeeflags () intrinsics. 2013-12-05 Kirill Yukhin New
Fix SLSR conditional candidate bug with commuted operands 2013-05-06 William J. Schmidt New
PING: Fwd: Re: [patch] implement Cilk Plus simd loops on trunk 2013-10-18 Aldy Hernandez New
[google,4.7] Move the building of gcov constructor function after initialization of gcov_info_var 2013-05-07 Carrot Wei New
Handle profile counts truncated to 0 in coldness test 2013-10-10 Teresa Johnson New
[RFC] Bare bones of virtual call tracking 2013-08-12 Jan Hubicka New
RFA: PATCH to add variadic version of build_constructor 2013-05-07 Jason Merrill New
[C++] Use inform more 2013-08-12 Paolo Carlini New
Fix PR ada/56474 2013-05-07 Eric Botcazou New
Fix for PR c/57490 2013-08-12 Iyer, Balaji V New
force_const_mem VOIDmode 2013-06-07 Alan Modra New
-mtune-ctrl=.... support, round-2 2013-08-12 Xinliang David Li New
[Fortran-Dev,committed] Set elem_len and use proper element size for stride handling 2013-05-07 Tobias Burnus New
Cilk Keywords (_Cilk_spawn and _Cilk_sync) for C 2013-08-13 Iyer, Balaji V New
Ignore uninit warnings if ssa_undefined_value_p is TREE_NO_WARNING (PR tree-optimization/57149) 2013-05-07 Jakub Jelinek New
unordered profile mode patch 2013-05-07 Fran├žois Dumont New
[v3] LWG 2101, LWG 2196, and more 2013-06-13 Paolo Carlini New
[PowerPC] Fix PR57949 (ABI alignment issue) 2013-08-14 William J. Schmidt New
[obvious] PR 57200 2013-05-08 Paolo Carlini New
[Ada] Minor cleanup 2013-08-13 Eric Botcazou New
[AArch64] Implement Vector Permute Support 2014-01-14 Alex Velenko New
Add gdb/gdb-index.h to gcc tree. 2013-10-18 Sterling Augustine New
[mips] Patch for mips generic scheduler 2013-05-28 Steve Ellcey New
[Ada] Restriction SPARK replaced by SPARK_05 2013-07-08 Arnaud Charlet New
[Fortran-Dev,committed] Fix SIZE call - and, hence, 3 regressions 2013-05-07 Tobias Burnus New
Go patch committed: Use backend for function declarations/definitions 2013-10-11 Ian Taylor New
[ada,build] Restore Solaris/amd64 Ada bootstrap (PR ada/57188) 2013-05-08 Rainer Orth New
omp-low.h 2013-10-11 Andrew MacLeod New
[3/n,i386] : Merge and extend pextrb and pextrw vec_extract patterns 2013-05-07 Uros Bizjak New
Fix illegal cast to rtx (*insn_gen_fn) (rtx, ...) 2013-07-26 Stefan Kristiansson New
Restrict conditional SLSR candidates to CAND_MULTs 2013-05-07 William J. Schmidt New
[rs6000] power8 patch #1, infrastructure changes 2013-05-20 Michael Meissner New
[C++] PR 51226 2013-05-07 Paolo Carlini New
[Ada] Clear column information on EH cleanup cond branch instructions 2013-08-13 Eric Botcazou New
[DF] Remove DF_REF_SUBREG, add DF_REF_CALL_FUNCTION_USAGE 2013-05-07 Steven Bosscher New
RFC ThreadSanitizer tests 2013-12-05 max New
C++ PATCH for c++/58856 (wrong error with alias template) 2014-01-07 Jason Merrill New
RFC ThreadSanitizer tests 2013-12-05 max New
Fix crossing jumps in functions with forced_labels (PR rtl-optimization/57763) 2014-01-17 Jakub Jelinek New
[C11-atomic] Miscellaneous fixes 2/n 2013-10-19 Joseph S. Myers New
[committed] Add testcase from PR57321 2013-05-21 Jakub Jelinek New
Multilib changes ARM RTEMS 2013-05-08 Sebastian Huber New
[AArch64] Support BFI instruction and insv standard pattern 2013-05-08 Ian Bolton New
[google,gcc-4_8] unify int and fp scaling in gcov-tool 2014-02-04 Rong Xu New
section anchors and weak hidden symbols 2013-05-08 Nathan Sidwell New
Go patch committed: Use backend interface for slice info 2014-01-10 Ian Taylor New
[4/n] : Further vec_extract merges and cleanups 2013-05-08 Uros Bizjak New
PPC64 HTM support (was [buildbot] r201513: Invalid cast) 2013-08-07 Peter Bergner New
RFC patch for fold-const.c's fold_indirect_ref_1 / avoid type-checking ICE with TYPE_MIN_VALUE vs. offset signess mismatches 2013-05-10 Tobias Burnus New
[jit] Various changes to expression-handling (API changes) 2013-10-19 David Malcolm New
C++ PATCH to improve VLA/EH diagnostics 2013-05-08 Jason Merrill New
MIPS: IEEE 754-2008 features support 2013-07-15 Maciej W. Rozycki New
RFA: PATCH to add variadic version of build_constructor 2013-05-08 Jason Merrill New
[PING^2,2,of,2] RTL expansion for zero sign extension elimination with VRP 2013-12-06 Kugan New
C++ PATCH for c++/57068 (wrong ref-qualifier error) 2013-05-09 Jason Merrill New
[gcc-4_7-branch] Backport trunk revision 187838 into gcc-4_7-branch 2013-05-09 Chung-Ju Wu New
[REPOST] Invalid Code when reading from unaligned zero-sized array 2013-12-06 Eric Botcazou New
[Fortran] Coarrays: Don't (free)/alloc LHS coarray components on assignment 2013-06-22 Tobias Burnus New
PR32219, weak hidden reference segfault 2013-05-09 Chung-Lin Tang New
Preserve loops from CFG build until after RTL loop opts 2013-04-28 Tom de Vries New
[REPOST] Invalid Code when reading from unaligned zero-sized array 2013-12-06 Eric Botcazou New
[C++] More accurate location for conditional expressions 2013-05-21 Paolo Carlini New
Fix latent bug in RTL GCSE/PRE (PR57159) 2013-05-15 Julian Brown New
[tree-optimization/59597] Reinstate code to cancel some jump threads 2014-01-22 Jeff Law New
C++ PATCH for c++/57222 (bogus error with alias-template) 2013-05-09 Jason Merrill New
[Patch:RL78] Fix hardware multiply on G13 target 2013-05-10 Kaushik Phatak New
[GOOGLE] Check conditions before calling varpool_node 2013-05-09 Carrot Wei New
[MIPS,committed] Use microMIPS-style constraints for MIPS16 2013-05-10 Richard Sandiford New
[6/n,i386] : Add zero-extended vec_extract patterns 2013-05-09 Uros Bizjak New