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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
disable libiberty for picochip build. 2011-01-02 Ralf Wildenhues New
Use DECL_ARG_TYPE for argument types in fnsplitting (PR tree-optimization/47148) 2011-01-02 Jakub Jelinek New
[ARM] fix testsuite failures for arm-none-linux-gnueabihf 2013-08-15 Kyrylo Tkachov New
PATCH: Update x86 rdrand intrinsics 2010-12-28 H.J. Lu New
[Fortran,OOP] PR 46838: Initialization of polymorphic allocatable components 2010-12-28 Janus Weil New
pdp11: correct length for float literal case 2010-12-28 Paul Koning New
ObjC/ObjC++: Fix PR objc/47075 ("Missed deprecation warnings for @property when using getter/setter directly") 2010-12-28 Nicola Pero New
ObjC/ObjC++: Fix PR objc/47076 ("Protocol referenced in @interface declarations should be defined") 2010-12-28 Nicola Pero New
Allow decimal floats for mingw-w64 2010-08-24 JonY New
[C++] PR43824 pedantic with inline namespaces 2010-08-24 Rodrigo Rivas New
Allow decimal floats for mingw-w64 2010-08-24 JonY New
[powerpc] Improve integer to floating point conversions on powerpc 2010-08-24 Michael Meissner New
[PING] tailcall: Handle NEGATE_EXPR and MINUS_EXPR 2010-08-24 Giuseppe Scrivano New
[3/4] Do not check whether memory references accessed in every iteration trap. 2010-08-24 Sebastian Pop New
[v8] Vectorized _cpp_clean_line 2010-08-24 Rainer Orth New
[PING] tailcall: Handle NEGATE_EXPR and MINUS_EXPR 2010-08-24 Giuseppe Scrivano New
[powerpc] Improve floating point to integer conversions on powerpc 2010-08-24 Michael Meissner New
Avoid creating invalid gimple in eliminate_redundant_comparison (PR tree-optimization/45059) 2010-08-24 Jakub Jelinek New
[wwwdocs] PATCH for Re: rsync'd repo size 2011-01-02 Gerald Pfeifer New
[ARM] Unaligned accesses for packed structures [1/2] 2011-05-26 Julian Brown New
Fix bootstrap without graphite. 2010-12-28 Sebastian Pop New
[mips] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co. 2010-08-25 Nathan Froyd New
[gccgo] Don't use statement lists in constructors 2010-08-24 Ian Taylor New
[rs6000] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co. 2010-08-24 Nathan Froyd New
Fix Ada bootstrap 2011-08-29 Jakub Jelinek New
[fortran] Further dependency improvements 2010-08-28 Thomas Koenig New
Patch for AMD Dispatch Scheduler 2010-08-24 reza yazdani New
[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.5 2011-01-02 Tom G. Christensen New
Create common hooks structure shared between driver and cc1 2011-05-24 Joseph S. Myers New
pr43430-1.c requires vect_condition target 2010-08-29 Ira Rosen New
Goodbye 2010-08-24 Danny Smith New
Allow decimal floats for mingw-w64 2010-08-24 JonY New
Combine-4 fallout fix 2010-08-24 Bernd Schmidt New
[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.4 2011-01-02 Tom G. Christensen New
[RX] Minor patches 2010-08-25 DJ Delorie New
[PR,debug/46931] don't crash propagating removed DEFs into debug stmts 2010-12-28 Alexandre Oliva New
[ARM] Refactor and regenerate A8 neon descriptions. 2010-08-25 Ramana Radhakrishnan New
Enable LTO on darwin 2010-08-25 Jack Howarth New
[PATCH:,ARM] PR 45335 Use ldrd and strd to access two consecutive words 2010-08-25 Carrot Wei New
Fix two bugs in gimple-fold.c and/or folding (PR tree-optimization/46909) 2010-12-28 Jakub Jelinek New
Fix PR45379 2010-08-25 Richard Guenther New
[v3] libstdc++/47560 2011-02-01 Benjamin Kosnik New
Dump file usage patterns? 2010-08-25 Bernd Schmidt New
[SPARC] Disable -fira-share-save-slots by default 2011-05-24 Eric Botcazou New
genautomata fix 2010-08-25 Bernd Schmidt New
[PR,46984] Move thunk_delta from cgraph_indirect_call_info to cgraph_edge 2010-12-28 Martin Jambor New
Verify that call graph contains no misrepresened calls to thunks 2010-12-28 Martin Jambor New
C++ PATCH for c++/47068 (ICE with decltype of destructor name) 2010-12-29 Jason Merrill New
Avoid creating (mem (debug_implict_ptr)) (PR debug/47283) 2011-01-20 Jakub Jelinek New
[ARM] Cortex-A5 scheduler 2010-08-25 Mark Mitchell New
[PR,46801] Allow byte-aligned aggregate bit-fields in SRA 2010-12-29 Martin Jambor New
[fortran] mixed functions/subroutines in generic interface 2010-12-29 Daniel Franke New
[RFC,go] : Port to ALPHA arch - sysinfo.go fixup 2011-05-31 Ian Taylor New
[powerpc] , Fix PR48857, pass/return V2DI as other vector types 2011-05-03 Michael Meissner New
[ada] : Fix MSG_WAITALL handling for windows native targets 2011-04-04 Eric Botcazou New
Don't optimize through mode class changing subregs in simplify_shift_const_1 (PR rtl-optimization/45400) 2010-08-25 Jakub Jelinek New
[v3] libstdc++/46914 2011-02-01 Paolo Carlini New
Fix combiner when optimizing 3 insns into 2 (PR rtl-optimization/44858) 2010-08-25 Jakub Jelinek New
[wwwdoc] : Add additional new features in 4.6 2011-01-02 Kai Tietz New
Use diagnostic-core.h instead of diagnostic.h. 2010-12-29 Sebastian Pop New
[PR,debug/46724] var-track address of RESULT_DECL 2010-12-29 Alexandre Oliva New
[MIPS,LS3A] Update the the macro SHIFT_COUNT_TRUNCATED for loongson 2010-12-29 Mingjie Xing New
[1/2] Bump version to 0.16.0. 2010-12-29 Sebastian Pop New
Go patch committed: Don't lower blocks twice 2011-08-29 Ian Taylor New
[gccgo] Fix DejaGNU libgo testsuite 2010-08-26 Ian Taylor New
[trunk,RFA] Add __i686.get_pc_thunk.bx to libgcc i386 morestack.S 2011-05-03 Chris Demetriou New
[1/2] Bump version to 0.16.0. 2010-12-29 Sebastian Pop New
[fortran] PR43217 Output of Hollerith constants which are not a multiple of 4 bytes 2010-08-26 Jerry DeLisle New
[2/2] Do not include unused .h files. 2010-12-29 Sebastian Pop New
[gccgo] Add missing Makefile dependency 2010-08-30 Ian Taylor New
Use correct section_type in input_cgraph_opt_section 2010-12-29 Martin Jambor New
[Fortran] SELECT TYPE via ASSOCIATE 2010-08-26 Daniel Kraft New
[Fortran] PR 33197 Add NORM2 and PARITY 2010-08-26 Tobias Burnus New
[gccgo] Let function types refer to themselves 2010-08-27 Ian Taylor New
Merge constructors and destructors 2010-08-26 Jan Hubicka New
[Fortran] SELECT TYPE via ASSOCIATE 2010-08-26 Daniel Kraft New
[Fortran] SELECT TYPE via ASSOCIATE 2010-08-26 Daniel Kraft New
[v3] libstdc++/49151 2011-05-24 Paolo Carlini New
[committed] VFP testsuite fix 2011-01-01 Chung-Lin Tang New
Avoid freed memory use in loop distribution 2011-01-01 Jan Hubicka New
Fix PR45255 2010-08-26 Richard Guenther New
[libgfortran/bootstrap,committed] Disable REAL(16) in libgfortran if REAL(10) is available 2010-08-28 Tobias Burnus New
Fix handling of const/pure noreturn functions (PR tree-optimization/44485) 2010-08-26 Jakub Jelinek New
Use fixed-length asm to determine SSE runtime support in libgfortran 2010-08-26 Rainer Orth New
[testsuite] Clear hardware capabilities for on Solaris 10+/x86 2010-08-26 Rainer Orth New
[testsuite] Always use dg-add-options tls where required 2010-08-26 Rainer Orth New
PING: PATCH: PR middle-end/45234: [4.4/4.5/4.6 Regression] ICE in expand_call, at calls.c:2845 when passing aligned function argument from unaligned stack after alloca 2010-08-26 H.J. Lu New
[libcpp] Include <inttypes.h> if available 2010-08-26 Rainer Orth New
C++ PATCH for c++/49042 (another acccess/templates issue) 2011-05-24 Jason Merrill New
[wwwdocs] refer to GNU/Linux 2011-01-01 Gerald Pfeifer New
PR libgcj/40868 - ecjx should be build with host compiler 2010-08-26 Ralf Wildenhues New
[sparc] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co. 2010-08-26 Nathan Froyd New
[gccgo] Avoid GC deadlock 2010-08-26 Ian Taylor New
[i386,c,c++] : PR/12171 - calling convention omitted in error message 2011-01-01 Kai Tietz New
pr43430-1.c requires vect_condition target 2010-08-27 Bingfeng Mei New
[sh] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co. 2010-08-27 Nathan Froyd New
[gccgo] Avoid another deadlock in GC when profiling 2010-08-26 Ian Taylor New
[fortran] PR43217 Output of Hollerith constants which are not a multiple of 4 bytes 2010-08-27 Jerry DeLisle New
Fix ccp evaluate_stmt for tcc_comparison assignments (PR tree-optimization/47140) 2011-01-01 Jakub Jelinek New
[rx] fix bitclr output constraints 2010-08-27 DJ Delorie New