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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[testsuite] : Do not call cleanup-coverage-files for compile tests without -ftest-coverage 2010-08-08 Uros Bizjak New
[doc] remove the duplicated item vect_int_mult 2010-08-08 Gerald Pfeifer New
[AArch64-4.7] Implement vec_init. 2013-01-07 Tejas Belagod New
[AArch64] Implement vec_init. 2013-01-07 Tejas Belagod New
[avr] PR55897: Allocate __memx to 2013-01-07 Georg-Johann Lay New
[committed] Remove extra newline from my Oct. 11th change 2011-10-24 Michael Meissner New
[rl78] stop using asm line separators 2013-09-12 DJ Delorie New
Make vector::at() assertion message more useful (try #2) 2013-09-13 Paul Pluzhnikov New
C++ PATCHes relating to c++/48834, c++/40975 (array new) 2011-05-02 Jason Merrill New
libobjc: fix class_addIvar()'s alignment 2010-12-24 Nicola Pero New
Remove unused REG_VALUE_PROFILE reg note 2010-12-24 Steven Bosscher New
libobjc: Fix sel_registerName and similar when passed a NULL argument 2010-12-24 Nicola Pero New
[Fortran] Coarray - fix assumed-shape cobounds 2011-05-30 Tobias Burnus New
use stdarg_p more 2010-08-09 Nathan Froyd New
C++0x PATCH for list value-initialization vs explicit constructors 2010-06-15 Jason Merrill New
DATA_ALIGNMENT vs. DATA_ABI_ALIGNMENT (PR target/56564) 2013-06-08 Jakub Jelinek New
Tidy up output_constructor_bitfield 2013-06-08 Eric Botcazou New
[c++,ada,middle-end] : PR 38662 - __fastcall confuses a function's throw() specification 2010-12-31 Eric Botcazou New
[wwwdocs] Update gcc-4.6/changes.html for Fortran 2010-06-13 Gerald Pfeifer New
[ping,1,of,2] Add value range info to SSA_NAME for zero sign extension elimination in RTL 2013-09-13 Kugan New
[ARM,2/2] Fix DImode addressing 2010-12-25 Jie Zhang New
[Ada] Further illegalities with operator call in functional notation 2010-06-22 Arnaud Charlet New
[Ada] Error recovery for illformed conditional expression 2010-06-22 Arnaud Charlet New
More dead code removal from loop-distribution 2013-09-13 Richard Guenther New
[committed] SH: Fix PR58314 (unsatisfied constraints) 2013-09-13 Christian Bruel New
Tweak Negative() documentation in options.texi 2011-04-13 Richard Sandiford New
[appplied] ARM Cortex-M3 CPU 2010-06-09 Paul Brook New
Speedup bitmap iterators 2010-06-09 Jan Hubicka New
fixed two issues in handling debug_insn. 2010-07-16 Bingfeng Mei New
Make scev instantiation call compute_overall_effect_of_inner_loop 2010-06-08 Sebastian Pop New
Fix g++.dg/torture/pr32304.C 2010-06-08 Jan Hubicka New
Disable bounds checking for edge iterators in release compiler 2010-06-08 Jan Hubicka New
[libstdc++-v3,parallel,mode] Correct part lengths calculation for parallel partial_sum 2010-06-08 Johannes Singler New
[4.5] backport darwin t-make fragment fixes to 4.5 2010-06-08 IainS New
[tree-optimization] : Improve handling of conditional-branches on targets with high branch costs 2011-10-07 Kai Tietz New
[toplevel/config] fix tls.m4 configure race condition (bootstrap/PR43170) 2010-06-08 IainS New
[Graphite-Branch] Fix refined region tree nesting. 2010-06-08 Tobias Grosser New
[4.5] ObjC/C++ back-port of fix for PR32052 2010-06-08 IainS New
RFC: Fix plugins/44459 2/2 2010-06-08 Joern Rennecke New
RFA: Fix plugins/44459 1/2 2010-06-08 Joern Rennecke New
[4.5] ObjC/C++ back-port of fix for PR35996 2010-06-08 IainS New
[google] Port revisions for -mpatch-functions-for-instrumentation option back to google-main. (issue7301068) 2013-02-09 Harshit Chopra New
PowerPC64 large toc model 2010-06-08 Alan Modra New
[libstdc++-v3,parallel,mode] Improve find algorithm 2010-06-08 Johannes Singler New
[Fortran] First ASSOCIATE patch and some questions / RFCs 2010-06-08 Daniel Kraft New
Lazy computation of __DBL_MAX__ etc. macros 2010-06-08 Jakub Jelinek New
[v3] Rename has_nothrow_assign to has_nothrow_copy_assign and has_trivial_assign to has_trivial_copy_assign 2010-06-08 Paolo Carlini New
Does Graphite add useless constraints to the iteration domains? 2010-06-08 Sebastian Pop New
Update: RFA: Fix PR testsuite/42843 2010-06-08 Joern Rennecke New
ARM patch (PR42172): Rework the {sign,zero}-extend patterns 2010-06-08 Bernd Schmidt New
RFA: Fix bootstrap/44432 2010-06-08 Joern Rennecke New
Make gimple.h checks conditional with ENABLE_GIMPLE_CHECKING 2010-06-08 Jan Hubicka New
Go testsuite patch committed: Load timeout.exp 2013-02-09 Ian Taylor New
Update^5: Fix PR other/44034 2010-06-09 Joern Rennecke New
PATCH: adjust ivopts costs for -Os 2010-06-09 Sandra Loosemore New
[v3] libstdc++/44413 (for ext/vstring) 2010-06-09 Paolo Carlini New
[LTO] add externally_visible attribute when necessary with -fwhole-program and resolution file. 2010-06-09 Bingfeng Mei New
[PR,44423] Disallow SRAing of scalar accesses with scalar sub-accesses 2010-06-09 Martin Jambor New
[fortran] Fix comment in f95-lang.c 2010-06-09 FX New
Speedup bitmap iterators 2010-06-09 Jan Hubicka New
Optimize bitmap_ior_into and friends 2010-06-09 Jan Hubicka New
Make gimple.h checks conditional with ENABLE_GIMPLE_CHECKING 2010-06-09 Jan Hubicka New
[mem-ref2] More fancy dumping 2010-06-09 Richard Guenther New
More of inlined assert checks 2010-06-09 Jan Hubicka New
[libstdc++-v3] PR 44461: Explicitly mention the section where inline assembly is emitted for __cxa_end_cleanup 2010-06-09 Khem Raj New
function last_fde unwind-dw2-fde.h: warning: cast discards qualifiers from pointer target type 2010-06-09 Jay K New
[mem-ref2] Fix inline estimates 2010-06-09 Richard Guenther New
d_demangle_callback may use dc uninitialized, at least says gcc 4.3.2 Debian/powerpc 2010-06-09 Jay K New
Set FPU defaults for -ffast-math on MIPS. 2010-06-09 Kazu Hirata New
RFC: fix think-o in tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.c 2010-06-09 Sandra Loosemore New
[testsuite] Remove several XPASSes on Solaris 2 2010-06-09 Rainer Orth New
Fix DEMANGLE_COMPONENT_TEMPLATE_ARGLIST demangling (PR other/43838) 2010-06-09 Jakub Jelinek New
[RQ,Review] convert emulated TLS so that it works with LTO and WHOPR. 2010-06-09 IainS New
[PR44297] prefetch improvements to fix 465.tonto from non-constant step prefetching 2010-06-09 Fang, Changpeng New
Ipa-pure-const tweek 2010-06-09 Jan Hubicka New
PR44185 Fix new prefetch test failures - second 2010-06-10 Fang, Changpeng New
Eliminate some of more expensive gcc_asserts 2010-06-10 Jan Hubicka New
[v3] Add is_nothrow_constructible 2010-06-10 Paolo Carlini New
caller-save adjust_address fix 2010-06-10 Alan Modra New
[Darwin/libiberty] fix target/48108 by adding a section wrapper scheme to the darwin port. 2011-09-29 IainS New
convert Ada FE to use VECs for stacks instead of TREE_LIST 2010-06-10 Nathan Froyd New
[4.7] : Include output.h in lto.c 2013-02-09 Uros Bizjak New
[C/C++] Fix some diagnostics problems 2010-06-10 Shujing Zhao New
[c++] Fix pr22138 2010-06-10 Shujing Zhao New
fix NM and AR assignment when using in-tree binutils 2010-06-10 Jan Beulich New
[c++] Fix pr22138 2010-06-10 Shujing Zhao New
Fix in-tree libelf parallel build 2010-06-10 Alexandre Oliva New
[mem-ref2] Fix memmove folding 2010-06-10 Richard Guenther New
[LTO] add externally_visible attribute when necessary with -fwhole-program and resolution file. 2010-06-10 Bingfeng Mei New
[v3] libstdc++/44487 2010-06-10 Paolo Carlini New
[PR,44258] Detect partially overlapping SRA accesses reliably 2010-06-10 Martin Jambor New
Use a debug counter in SRA 2010-06-10 Martin Jambor New
Fix uninitialized error with BUILD_CONFIG=bootstrap-O1 2010-06-10 Alexandre Oliva New
[ARM] Tweak CLASS_LIKELY_SPILLED_P, MODE_BASE_REG_CLASS for Thumb-2 2010-06-10 Julian Brown New
Move df_live and df_md bitmaps to own obstacks 2010-06-10 Jan Hubicka New
Invalid warnings for naked functions 2010-06-10 Paul Brook New
Bootstrap failure in tree-object-size.c due to -Wnarrowing (was: [C++ Patch] PR 50810) 2011-10-23 Eric Botcazou New
[v3] Define tuple copy constructor explicitly-defaulted 2010-06-10 Paolo Carlini New
Fix resolve_asm_operand_names 2010-06-10 Jakub Jelinek New