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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
RFA: replace MD_REDIRECT_BRANCH with TARGET_CAN_FOLLOW_JUMP 2013-04-23 Joern Rennecke New
New option to turn off stack reuse for temporaries 2012-06-20 Xinliang David Li New
[wwwdocs] Fix type in gcc-4.7/changes.html 2012-06-20 Gerald Pfeifer New
[wwwdocs] Make codingconventions.html pass W3 validator. 2012-06-21 Gerald Pfeifer New
Fix PR56478 2013-03-08 Marek Polacek New
Add missing include file in Makefile 2012-09-17 Florian Weimer New
libgo patch committed: Reject surrogate pair in range over string 2012-09-22 Ian Taylor New
PR 53528 c++/ C++11 Generalized Attribute support 2012-09-17 Dodji Seketeli New
[Cilkplus] Cilk_for: Reject certain induction vars and comparision 2012-12-14 Iyer, Balaji V New
[gimplefe] creating individual gimple_assign statements 2012-06-21 Sandeep Soni New
Fix accesses to freed up memory in var-tracking (PR debug/53706) 2012-06-21 Jakub Jelinek New
RFC: C++/OMP PATCH for c++/53565 (libgomp for-2.C failure) 2012-06-21 Jason Merrill New
[Patch-v2] Adjustments for Windows x64 SEH 2012-06-21 Tristan Gingold New
patch to fix PR55048 2012-10-24 Vladimir Makarov New
[avr,committed] : Tidy up CONST_FIXED_P usage. 2012-09-17 Georg-Johann Lay New
C++ PATCH for target/54908 (thread_local vs emutls) 2013-01-18 Jason Merrill New
[DOC] Update -feliminate-unused-debug-types description 2012-09-17 Paul Koning New
C++ PATCH for c++/53661 (wrong narrowing error with enum) 2012-09-17 Jason Merrill New
[lto,committed] : Fix PR lto/54598 2012-09-17 Georg-Johann Lay New
RFA: Fix PR53688 2012-06-21 Michael Matz New
Strength reduction preliminaries 2012-06-21 William J. Schmidt New
Fix ICE with -O -flto and -g 2012-06-21 Eric Botcazou New
[PR58066] preferred_stack_boundary update for tls expanded call 2014-03-12 Wei Mi New
Add myself to write-after-approval section of MAINTAINERS file 2012-06-21 Meador Inge New
[i386] : Treat dllimported symbol as external in predicates 2013-03-22 Kai Tietz New
Fix twolf -funroll-loops -O3 miscompilation (a semi-latent web.c bug) 2012-10-15 Paolo Bonzini New
Remove and poison a pair of old target macros 2012-06-21 Steven Bosscher New
Remove def operands cache, try 2 2012-10-22 Michael Matz New
Fix PR55021 2012-10-22 Richard Guenther New
[Cilkplus] Continue inside cilk_for 2012-06-21 Iyer, Balaji V New
[mingw] : Make POSIX-printf for mingw-based builds default 2013-03-22 Kai Tietz New
[java] : Avoid looping over the end_params_node in put_decl_node 2013-03-22 Kai Tietz New
debug insns in SMS 2012-06-22 Alexandre Oliva New
[PR49888,VTA] don't keep VALUEs bound to modified MEMs 2012-06-22 Alexandre Oliva New
[testsuite] : g++.dg 2013-03-22 Kai Tietz New
[PR49888,VTA] don't keep VALUEs bound to modified MEMs 2012-06-22 Alexandre Oliva New
Remove duplicated block of code 2012-09-22 Marc Glisse New
Sparc ASAN 2012-12-03 Konstantin Serebryany New
[ARM] Prefer vld1.64/vst1.64 over vldm/vstm 2012-09-17 Ulrich Weigand New
Go patch committed: Fix nil func calls, constant float type conversions 2012-12-03 Ian Taylor New
Sparc ASAN 2012-12-03 Konstantin Serebryany New
[C++] PR 54526 2012-09-25 Paolo Carlini New
Fix up English grammar in an error msg 2013-01-18 Marek Polacek New
PATCH RFA: Print backtrace on ICE 2012-09-17 Ian Taylor New
[google,4.7] not group modules with -frtti and -fno-rtti (issue6569045) 2012-09-24 Rong Xu New
C++ PATCH for c++/53733 (DR 1402, deleting move ctor) 2012-07-11 Jason Merrill New
[google,4.7] fix line number checksum mismatch in lipo-use (issue6566044) 2012-09-24 Rong Xu New
Fix PR debug/53704 2012-06-22 Eric Botcazou New
[onlinedocs] : No more automatic rebuilt? 2012-06-22 Andreas Schwab New
[gcov] Fix PR53744 2012-06-22 Richard Guenther New
[Fortran] PR54608 - fix SCAN/VERIFY simplification 2012-09-17 Tobias Burnus New
PATCH COMMITTED: Fix libbacktrace bootstrap on Darwin 2012-09-17 Ian Taylor New
[google,4.7] fix unsatified symbols in lipo-use (issue6562044) 2012-09-24 Rong Xu New
Cherry-pick fixes from graphite branch 2012-06-22 Richard Guenther New
[MIPS/libgcc] fix crts. 2012-06-22 Iain Sandoe New
Move Graphite to upstream cloog 0.17.0 2012-06-22 Richard Guenther New
[fortran] Fix PR 52724, internal list-directed read/write with kind=4 2012-09-24 Thomas Koenig New
[google,gcc-4_7] coverage callback instrumentation (issue9630043) 2013-05-21 Rong Xu New
Rewrite lto-symtab to work on symbol table 2012-09-25 Richard Guenther New
Remove many restrictions for identifying jump threads across backedges 2013-11-22 Jeff Law New
PATCH: PR target/53383: Allow -mpreferred-stack-boundary=3 on x86-64 2012-06-22 H.J. Lu New
x86: use 'rep bsf' syntax when assembler supports it 2012-06-22 Roland McGrath New
PATCH: PR target/53383: Allow -mpreferred-stack-boundary=3 on x86-64 2012-06-22 H.J. Lu New
Rs6000 infrastructure cleanup (switches), revised patch 2012-09-17 Michael Meissner New
[off,list] Re: [PATCH] x86: use 'rep bsf' syntax when assembler supports it 2012-06-22 Roland McGrath New
[gcc/libgcc/ada/libstdc++] Match arm*-*-linux-*eabi* for ARM Linux/GNU EABI 2012-10-15 Matthias Klose New
Updated to respond to various email comments from Jason, Diego and Cary (issue6197069) 2012-06-23 Dominique Dhumieres New
[1/3] i386: Extract the guts of mulv16qi3 to ix86_expand_vecop_qihi 2012-06-23 Richard Henderson New
Committed, MMIX: fix */builtin-apply-2.c for an instrumented setup. 2012-10-15 Hans-Peter Nilsson New
[2/3] i386: Pass ix86_expand_sse_unpack operands by value 2012-06-23 Richard Henderson New
[3/3] PR target/53749 2012-06-23 Richard Henderson New
Coverage unlinking 2012-06-23 Nathan Sidwell New
[gimplefe] creating individual gimple_assign statements 2012-06-23 Sandeep Soni New
libgo patch committed: Copy runtime_printf from other library 2012-06-24 Ian Taylor New
RFA: dwarf2out vs. LP64-on-ELF32 2012-06-24 Richard Sandiford New
Fix MIPS --enable-werror build 2012-06-24 Richard Sandiford New
RFA: dead_debug_* ICE 2012-06-24 Richard Sandiford New
const char* constructor overloads for stdexcept and system_error. 2012-06-24 Jonathan Wakely New
Remove and poison a few more old target macros 2012-06-24 Steven Bosscher New
Remove and poison a few more old target macros 2012-06-24 Steven Bosscher New
[Fortran] Add parsing support for assumed-rank array 2012-06-24 Tobias Burnus New
[doc] Add some missing libraries to sourcebuild.texi 2012-06-24 Steven Bosscher New
[v2,rtl-optimization] : Fix PR54457, [x32] Fail to combine 64bit index + constant 2012-10-03 Paolo Bonzini New
Only define JMP_BUF_SIZE in backends that also define DONT_USE_BUILTIN_SETJMP 2012-06-24 Steven Bosscher New
[doc] Document JMP_BUF_SIZE 2012-06-24 Steven Bosscher New
[Ping] Fix gcc/gcov.c and libgcc/libgcov.c to fix build on VxWorks 2012-06-24 rbmj New
[v3] regex testsuite cleanups 2012-06-25 Benjamin Kosnik New
proposal to add -Wheader-guard option 2014-02-04 Prathamesh Kulkarni New
[Darwin,x86] fix 53283 2012-06-25 Iain Sandoe New
[Ada] Small adjustment for platforms using SEH 2013-01-22 Eric Botcazou New
[committed] update my email address. 2012-06-25 Iain Sandoe New
[Darwin/m32/ObjC] Fix m32 ObjC exceptions model breakage. 2012-06-25 Iain Sandoe New
Backtrace library [1/3] 2012-09-17 Gerald Pfeifer New
PATCH trunk: gengtype honoring mark_hook-s inside struct inside union-s 2012-10-03 Basile Starynkevitch New
Add a lexical block only when the callsite has source location info 2012-06-25 Dehao Chen New
RFC: Merge the GUPC branch into the GCC 4.8 trunk (patch 0 of 16) 2012-10-15 Gary Funck New
[moxie,testsuite] Fix gcc.dg/tree-ssa/asm-2.c for moxe 2013-01-19 Anthony Green New
[gcc/libgcc/ada/libstdc++] Match arm*-*-linux-*eabi* for ARM Linux/GNU EABI 2012-06-25 Matthias Klose New
[C++] Reject variably modified types in operator new 2012-06-25 Florian Weimer New
Fix up _xabort for -O0 2012-07-16 Jakub Jelinek New