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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
PATCH: PR target/46519: Missing vzeroupper 2010-11-24 H.J. Lu New
PATCH: PR target/46519: Missing vzeroupper 2010-11-24 H.J. Lu New
Boostrap failures on Solaris at gcc/toplev.c stage2 compilation 2010-11-24 Joseph S. Myers New
Move flag_stack_check and flag_compare_debug to gcc_options structure 2010-11-24 Joseph S. Myers New
[PR46585] sel-sched: use an unrecognizable pattern for local NOPs 2010-11-24 Alexander Monakov New
Add static size report when using -fstack-usage for ARM targets 2010-11-24 Thomas Klein New
[v3] more constexpr constructors for tuple, pair 2010-11-24 Benjamin Kosnik New
[LTO] Conversion oversight in input_gimple_stmt 2010-11-24 Richard Guenther New
Vectorize conversions directly 2010-11-24 Dmitry Plotnikov New
[Fortran] PR 46638 Wrong results with TRANSFER to derived types 2010-11-24 Tobias Burnus New
DOC PATCH: about dump file numbering 2010-11-24 Basile Starynkevitch New
[PR46602] sel-sched: move toporder checking 2010-11-24 Alexander Monakov New
[v3] Add a few missing dg-require* in 30_threads 2010-11-24 Paolo Carlini New
[testcase] Fix up maybe_cleanup_end_of_block (PR middle-end/46629) 2010-11-24 Jakub Jelinek New
RFA: Fix PR tree-optimization/46621 2010-11-24 Joern Rennecke New
RFA: Fix PR c++/46634 2010-11-24 Joern Rennecke New
[PR33637] allow TOOL_FOR_TARGET to have arguments 2010-11-24 Michael Haubenwallner New
[v2] configure: fix typos in help strings 2010-11-24 Mike Frysinger New
Fix up maybe_cleanup_end_of_block (PR middle-end/46629) 2010-11-24 Jakub Jelinek New
RFA: Fix bootstrap/45888 2010-11-24 Joern Rennecke New
[PR,debug/46583] don't prune local type decls 2010-11-24 Alexandre Oliva New
don't clobber dump files during preprocessing 2010-11-24 Alexandre Oliva New
Move vect_set_verbosity_level to opts.c, avoid global state 2010-11-24 Joseph S. Myers New
[PR,debug/46258] tree cfgcleanup BB marking vs debug stmts 2010-11-24 Alexandre Oliva New
Yet more opts.c global state avoidance 2010-11-24 Joseph S. Myers New
[v3] constexpr complex, chrono, memory 2010-11-24 Benjamin Kosnik New
Group static constructors and destructors in specific subsections, take 2 2010-11-23 Jan Hubicka New
sched-deps.c deps->last_pending_memory_flush fix (PR rtl-optimization/46614, take 2) 2010-11-23 Jakub Jelinek New
[gccgo] Add syscall.Uname 2010-11-23 Ian Taylor New
[quadmath] PRs 46594 / 46543: Fix include install directory, add first documentation 2010-11-23 Tobias Burnus New
[Fortran,committed] PR46545 Update gfortran.texi for quadmath and F2008 2010-11-23 Tobias Burnus New
=?UTF-8?Q?libobjc=20-=20minor=20get=5Fimp=20fix?= 2010-11-23 Nicola Pero New
RFA: Fix microblaze --enable-werror-always build 2010-11-23 Joern Rennecke New
Fixed typo in wwwdocs 2010-11-23 Nicola Pero New
Move various option-handling functions between opts.c, opts-global.c etc. 2010-11-23 Joseph S. Myers New
Document .opt Warning and Optimization flags 2010-11-23 Joseph S. Myers New
Review of --enable-gold=both patch 2010-11-23 H.J. Lu New
Warn for each missing printf argument 2010-11-23 IainS New
sched-deps.c deps->last_pending_memory_flush fix (PR rtl-optimization/46614) 2010-11-23 Jakub Jelinek New
[RFA] include sys/types.h before sys/prctl.h (for mips-irix). 2010-11-23 Joel Brobecker New
Adding Leon processor to the SPARC list of processors 2010-11-23 Eric Botcazou New
[trans-mem] PR45940: respect pure annotations in STL 2010-11-23 Aldy Hernandez New
[PATCHv2] PowerPC: Add msingle-pic-base option. 2010-11-23 Joakim Tjernlund New
[RFA] Fix c_readstr for BYTES_BIG_ENDIAN != WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN case 2010-11-23 Paul Koning New
Review of --enable-gold=both patch 2010-11-23 Matthias Klose New
[libstdc++] : Require additional locale names for two tests 2010-11-23 Uros Bizjak New
Reorganize SPARC targets in config.gcc 2010-11-23 Eric Botcazou New
gengtype plugin improvement last4round -patch 5 [typedopt] 2010-11-23 Basile Starynkevitch New
gengtype plugin improvement last4round -patch 4 [filerules] 2010-11-23 Basile Starynkevitch New
gengtype plugin improvement last4round -patch 5 [typedopt] 2010-11-23 Laurynas Biveinis New
PATCH RFC: Simplify ASM_SPEC in config/i386 2010-11-23 Ian Taylor New
Miscellaneous opts.c global state avoidance 2010-11-22 Joseph S. Myers New
[3/3] Postpone the rewrite out of SSA to the end of the translation to polyhedral representation. 2010-11-22 Sebastian Pop New
[2/3] Do not rewrite out of SSA scalar dependences crossing the limits of the scop. 2010-11-22 Sebastian Pop New
[1/3] Call recompute_tree_invariant_for_addr_expr when replacing a constant in an ADDR_EXPR. 2010-11-22 Sebastian Pop New
=?UTF-8?Q?PR=20objc/24538=20(inconsistent=20objective-c=20objective-c++?= =?UTF-8?Q?=20language=20list)?= 2010-11-22 Nicola Pero New
[fortran,RFC] PR28105 Overflow check for ALLOCATE statement 2010-11-22 Janne Blomqvist New
Intra-procedural devirtualization aware of dynamic types 2010-11-22 Martin Jambor New
[PR,45934] Devirtualization aware of dynamic type changes 2010-11-22 Martin Jambor New
Fix up maybe_cleanup_end_of_block (PR middle-end/46499) 2010-11-22 Jakub Jelinek New
Committed: Fix PR target/46613 2010-11-22 Joern Rennecke New
[PING,PR,46287] Do not generate direct calls to thunks 2010-11-22 Martin Jambor New
P.P.S.: Updated: RFA: Fix middle-end/46500 (void * encapsulated) 2010-11-22 Joern Rennecke New
[Darwin] Update link command 2010-11-22 IainS New
Patch related to PR objc/41108 2010-11-22 Nicola Pero New
gengtype plugin improvement last4round -patch 4 [filerules] 2010-11-22 H.J. Lu New
Fix PR driver/43335 2010-11-22 Dmitry Gorbachev New
RFA (picochip): Fix target/46608 2010-11-22 Joern Rennecke New
Use the definition's source location even for already-instantiated templates (PR c++/46527) 2010-11-22 Jeffrey Yasskin New
more robust debug_bb? 2010-11-22 Basile Starynkevitch New
[testsuite] : Split out vect.exp target capabilities detection [was: Re: [vect] Ask for review and approving the patch about vect and loongson] 2010-11-22 Uros Bizjak New
Fix for PR objc/34033 "compiler accepts invalid string concatenation" 2010-11-22 Nicola Pero New
[gimplefe] Re-factor parser/lexer 2010-11-22 Diego Novillo New
SKIP gcc.dg/pr28796-2.c on SPARC/Solaris 8 2010-11-22 Eric Botcazou New
[ia64,rfa] vector pattern improvements 2010-11-22 Richard Henderson New
Adding Leon processor to the SPARC list of processors 2010-11-22 Konrad Eisele New
[wwwdocs,committed] S/390 specific changes added to 4.6 page 2010-11-22 Andreas Krebbel New
XFAIL gcc.dg/vect/slp-multitypes-2.c on SPARC 32-bit 2010-11-22 Eric Botcazou New
Scalar vector binary operation 2010-11-22 Artem Shinkarov New
Volatile bitfields vs. inline asm memory constraints 2010-11-22 Julian Brown New
introduce __FLOAT_WORD_ORDER__ in lieu of LIBGCC2_FLOAT_WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN 2010-11-22 Nathan Froyd New
[testsuite] Add missing selector to gcc.dg/vect/pr46009.c 2010-11-22 Eric Botcazou New
[testsuite] Tweak gcc.dg/vect/vect-peel-3.c 2010-11-22 Eric Botcazou New
[testsuite] Do not include <stdio.h> in gcc.dg/vect 2010-11-22 Eric Botcazou New
[ARM] Enable Loop Array Prefetch pass at -O3 for relevant cores 2010-11-22 Ian Bolton New
gengtype plugin improvement last4round -patch 5 [typedopt] 2010-11-22 Basile Starynkevitch New
[MIPS,LS3A] Integer mul/div instruction patterns 2010-11-22 Mingjie Xing New
gengtype plugin improvement last4round -patch 4 [filerules] 2010-11-22 Basile Starynkevitch New
[fortran] mores testsuite files 2010-11-22 Davis, Jimmie New
remove lone user of MUST_USE_SJLJ_EXCEPTIONS 2010-11-22 Nathan Froyd New
finish hookization of FUNCTION_ARG &co. 2010-11-22 Nathan Froyd New
really poison FUNCTION_ARG_BOUNDARY 2010-11-22 Nathan Froyd New
[wwwdocs] IPA and LTO updates 2010-11-21 Gerald Pfeifer New
RFC automatic linkage of libquadmath with gfortran: PR driver/46516; libgfortran.spec, multilib search path 2010-11-21 Michael Matz New
Fix emutls varpool ICE 2010-11-21 Jan Hubicka New
[committed] Ignore --with-dwarf2 option on 32-bit hppa*-*-hpux* 2010-11-21 John David Anglin New
[middle-end] : Fix PR 43057, [LTO] fold check: original tree changed by fold 2010-11-21 Uros Bizjak New
Poison strerror 2010-11-21 Joseph S. Myers New
[ia64] fix libgfortran build 2010-11-21 Richard Henderson New
fix pr 46571: ia64 bootstrap compare failure 2010-11-21 Richard Henderson New