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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[1/2] kernel-headers: bump 3.{0, 4, 8}.x stable version 2013-04-17 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[2/2] quagga: bump to version 2013-04-16 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[3/4] polarssl: bump to version 1.2.7 2013-04-16 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
ntfs-3g: needs mmu 2013-02-18 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
ntfs-3g: needs toolchain with threads support 2013-04-17 Accepted
[PATCHv2] dropbear: bump to version 2013.57 2013-04-17 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
tslib: bump version 2013-04-08 Yegor Yefremov Accepted
mesa3d: requires host-bison and host-flex 2013-04-07 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
xdriver_xf86-video-intel: only available for i386 and x86_64 2013-04-07 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[2/2] linux: bump 3.8.x stable version 2013-04-17 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[1/2] fs/jffs2: refactor endianess selection to use BR2_ENDIAN 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
barebox: add 2013.04.0, remove 2012.12.1 2013-04-08 Fabio Porcedda Accepted
xdriver_xf86-video-geode: only available for i386 and x86_64 2013-04-08 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[PATCHv5,01/14] qt5: disallow the selection of Qt4 and Qt5 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
alsa-utils: needs host-gettext 2013-04-11 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
sconeserver: fix autouild failure 2013-06-03 Simon Dawson Accepted
[PATCHv5,2/5] core: allow external code to be integrated 2013-12-04 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[1/2] kobs-ng: rename patch to comply to convention 2013-10-23 Sergey Alyoshin Accepted
[2/2] collectd: bump to version 5.3.0 2013-04-11 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
flot: add fillbetween plugin. 2013-02-13 Arnaud RĂ©billout Accepted
[PATCHv5,14/14] qt5/qt5quick1: new package 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[32/32] qt5webkit: add EGL dir to includepath 2013-03-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv5,12/14] qt5/qt5webkit: new package 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv5,11/14] qt5/qt5multimedia: new package 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv5,10/14] qt5/qt5graphicaleffects: new package 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv5,09/14] qt5/qt5declarative: new package 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv5,08/14] qt5/qt5jsbackend: new package 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv5,07/14] qt5/qt5xmlpatterns: new package 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv5,06/14] qt5/qt5imageformats: new package 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv5,05/14] qt5/qt5script: new package 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv5,04/14] qt5/qt5svg: new package 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv5,03/14] qt5base: adjust linux-buildroot-g++ qmake.conf 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv5,02/14] qt5base: support static library building 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
libvorbis: fix LIBVORBIS_SITE 2013-02-13 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[2/3] uclibc: set MMU usage accordingly 2013-08-09 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[1/2] gesftpserver: needs mmu 2013-02-14 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
libcurl: re-enable on non-MMU platforms 2013-02-14 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[1/1] port the patch from uClibc to 2013-02-14 Sagaert Johan Accepted
linux: Install the device tree in /boot when installing the kernel 2013-02-14 Maxime Ripard Accepted
[v3] package/tvheadend: unbreak 2013-12-04 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
website: remove dead udhcp link 2013-07-08 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
add new package grantlee 2012-10-31,, Accepted
configs/qemu: bump relevant config versions 2013-10-04 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
file: bump to version 5.15 2013-10-04 Axel Lin Accepted
[3/3] configs/qemu: bump relevant configurations to new 3.7.x stable kernels 2013-02-15 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
Revert "dependencies: check that SSL certificates are installed" 2013-05-20 Baruch Siach Accepted
[2/2] elf2flt: upgrade to latest version 2013-09-04 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
toolchain/gcc: bump 4.7.x series to 4.7.3 2013-04-11 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
neard: fix build with kernel headers 3.1 - 3.6 2013-02-16 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted
[2/3] linux: bump 3.7.x stable version 2013-02-15 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[1/3] kernel-headers: bump 3.{0, 4, 7}.x stable versions 2013-02-15 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[3/9] manual: sprinkle with some calls to MESSAGE 2013-02-13 Samuel Martin Accepted
[6/9] manual: minor fix in patch-policy.txt 2013-02-13 Samuel Martin Accepted
[6/6] package/connman: bump version to 1.11 2013-02-17 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
[4/6] package/vtun: add missing 'depends on' zlib 2013-02-17 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
[v6] wireshark: new package 2013-02-18 Baruch Siach Accepted
package/exfat{,-utils}: license is GPLv3+ 2013-02-26 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
[7/8] xorg: Bump xlib_libXxf86dga to version 1.1.4 2014-01-06 Bernd Kuhls Accepted
[6/8] xorg: Bump xlib_libXv to version 1.0.10 2014-01-06 Bernd Kuhls Accepted
libcurl: add SASL security patch 2013-02-18 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[v2] aircrack-ng: new package 2013-02-18 Laurent Cans Accepted
qt: disable precompiled headers to workaround compilation failure 2013-02-18 Luca Ceresoli Accepted
freetype: fix host headers as well 2013-12-06 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
json-glib: new package 2013-02-18 Henrique Camargo Accepted
[1,of,2] bind: install to staging 2013-07-24 Thomas De Schampheleire Accepted
glib-networking: fix a typo in the .mk file 2013-02-18 Henrique Camargo Accepted
libyaml: security bump to version 0.1.6 2014-04-09 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
busybox: support millisecond watchdog periods 2013-02-18 Simon Dawson Accepted
inotify-tools: needs mmu 2013-02-19 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[PATCHv4,2/4] gdb: do not allow gdbserver/cross-gdb build in some cases 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[1/1] bump json-c to 0.10 2013-02-19 Andreas Wetzel Accepted
[PATCHv4,1/4] gdb: convert to the package infrastructure 2013-04-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
system/securetty: Add ttyPS[0-1] 2013-04-10 Soren Brinkmann Accepted
[2/2] udpcast: needs host-m4 2013-06-04 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[PATCHv2] dtc: needs host-bison and host-flex 2013-06-04 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
vim: Docs are only available when BR2_PACKAGE_VIM_RUNTIME is selected 2013-02-19 Markos Chandras Accepted
[v2] directfb: Make imlib2 support optional 2013-05-21 Markos Chandras Accepted
[3/5] fs/ext2: add a symlink 'rootfs.ext#' -> 'rootfs.ext2' 2013-04-11 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
[v3] expect: new package 5.45 2014-04-09 Andrew Ruder Accepted
ruby: security bump to version 1.9.3-p429 2013-06-10 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
Revert "uClibc: port linuxthreads errno patch to" 2013-02-21 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[13/13] Install libfribidi to staging 2013-02-21 Maxime Hadjinlian Accepted
linux: fix 3.8.x stable version 2013-04-12 Simon Dawson Accepted
kismet: bump to version 2013-03-R1b 2013-04-12 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
busybox: bump 1.22 series to 1.22.1 2014-01-20 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
apf9328: Fix build error 2013-04-12 Maxime Ripard Accepted
keyutils: needs mmu 2013-02-22 Accepted
[PATCHv2] integrator926: Update the defconfig 2013-04-12 Maxime Ripard Accepted
[PATCHv2] libffi: fix powerpc build breakage 2013-02-22 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
targets: move target options to their own sub-menu 2013-08-15 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
luajit: bump to version 2.0.1 2013-02-20 Francois Perrad Accepted
[PATCHv2,2/2] exfat-utils: new package 2013-02-05 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
linenoise: patch was merged on upstream 2013-02-20 Francois Perrad Accepted
[v2] libmad: force architecture-specific optimisations on AVR32 2013-02-23 Accepted
linux-fusion: bump to 9.0.0 2013-02-23 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted
[2/2] ncurses: speed up host build 2013-02-24 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[1/2] ncurses: speed up the build by not installing manpages 2013-02-24 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[06/30] rpi-userland: provides OpenGL ES, EGL and OpenVG 2013-02-27 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv3] f2fs-tools: new package 2013-02-25 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[3/4] jquery-validation: bump to version 1.11.1 2013-04-12 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted