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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[v2] minicom: add license information 2012-08-01 Simon Dawson Accepted
[v2] mxml: add license information 2012-08-02 Baruch Siach Accepted
[v9,06/10] cpanminus: new package 2012-10-06 Francois Perrad Superseded
[v6,05/10] gst1-plugins-bad: add gstreamer1 bad plugins 2013-05-15 Spenser Gilliland Superseded
[3/3] docs: describe "file" and "local" methods in LIBFOO_SITE_METHOD 2012-06-17 Nathan Lynch Accepted
[v6,01/10] libglib2: Bump libglib2 to 2.36.1 2013-05-15 Spenser Gilliland Superseded
[2/3] docs: rework LIBFOO_SITE_METHOD documentation 2012-06-17 Nathan Lynch Accepted
busybox: bump 1.20.x series to 1.20.2 2012-07-02 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[1/2] Revert "dependencies: ensure that DESTDIR isn't set when running Buildroot" 2012-07-02 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[v2] at91bootstrap3: new package 2012-07-31 Simon Dawson Superseded
[v3,1/5] pkg-infra: add host-xxx-package macro 2012-07-02 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted
[2/2] Ensure DESTDIR will not confuse the build 2012-07-02 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[v3,2/5] all packages: use new host-xxx-package macros 2012-07-02 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted
[v3,5/5] Clean up naming of old GENTARGETS infrastructure 2012-07-02 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted
nodejs: not supported on old ARM cores 2013-07-12 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[Bug,6014] New: Building rootfs stops at copying device table when not using static tables 2013-03-02 Rejected
[1/1] gpm: run as PRE_CONFIGURE step 2014-02-04 Ryan Barnett Accepted
Add /var/www to device table 2012-07-02 Romain Izard Superseded
[4/4] Add cuImage(powerpc) and simpleImage(microblaze) as Linux kernel images variants 2012-07-03 Maxime Ripard Superseded
iw: bump to 3.5 2012-06-26 Yegor Yefremov Accepted
php: security bump to version 5.3.27 2013-07-11 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[1/4] Rework support for the device tree 2012-07-03 Maxime Ripard Superseded
[20/36] xorg: xlib_libXpm depends on libiconv & gettext if appropriate 2014-01-04 Bernd Kuhls Changes Requested
[2/4] Add support for appended device tree blobs for arm 2012-07-03 Maxime Ripard Superseded
[3/4] Factorise the u-boot images code 2012-07-03 Maxime Ripard Superseded
[1/2] barebox: bump to 2012.07 2012-07-03 Marek Belisko Accepted
[1/1] Fix the syslogd initscript pidfile handling - Fix name to pidfile - Enable CONFIG_FEATURE_PIDFILE 2013-03-28 Tilman Keskinöz Superseded
[2/2] barebox: remove old version and add last 4 versions. 2012-07-03 Marek Belisko Accepted
[2/2] rpm: needs threads support 2012-07-04 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
syslinux: bump to 4.05 2012-07-04 Aras Vaichas Superseded
bonnie: needs MMU 2012-07-04 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
lshw: fix build failure 2012-07-04 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
toolchain/powerpc: SPE ABI is not available for e500mc 2012-07-04 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
openssl: disable apps for NOMMU 2012-10-16 Gustavo Zacarias Superseded
[5/8] libcap: add license informations 2013-01-20 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[1/3] python3: Point /usr/bin/python to python3 if python is not selected 2013-01-18 Maxime Ripard Accepted
[2/2] cubieboard: board specific files and script 2013-05-16 Carlo Caione Superseded
[1/3] alsa-lib: put BR2_PACKAGE_ALSA_LIB_PYTHON under the existing if condition 2012-09-18 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[2/2] proxychains-ng: copy proxychains.conf to target dir 2013-01-16 Stefan Fröberg Superseded
[v2] package/libedit: switch to alternate URL for proper packaging 2013-07-29 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
[2/3] linux: bump 3.10.x stable version 2013-07-29 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[3/3] configs/qemu: bump relevant config versions 2013-07-29 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[v2] syslinux: bump to 4.05 2012-07-05 Aras Vaichas Accepted
gnutls: bump to version 3.2.3 2013-07-30 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
Build error when trying to build the py-smbus package of i2c-tools 2013-06-20 Thomas Weininger Not Applicable
[v4,2/5] libevas: refactor *_CONF_OPT assignment with cpu-feature options 2012-07-05 Samuel Martin Accepted
[1/2] beecrypt: needs threads support 2012-07-04 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[v4,1/5] target: add symbols for i386/x86_64 cpu features 2012-07-05 Samuel Martin Accepted
[v4,3/5] sdl_gfx: refactor *_CONF_OPT assignment with cpu-feature options 2012-07-05 Samuel Martin Accepted
[v4,5/5] opencv: bump to version 2.4.1 2012-07-05 Samuel Martin Accepted
[PATCHv2,2/3] xz: add XZ definition for the host variant 2013-01-22 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
xl2tp: bump to version 1.3.1 2012-09-23 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[v4,4/5] sdl_sound: refactor *_CONF_OPT assignment with cpu-feature options 2012-07-05 Samuel Martin Accepted
htop: bump to version 1.0.1 and fix build failure 2012-07-06 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[1/1] libmbus : bump version to 0.8 2012-11-06 Sagaert Johan Accepted
fbdump: only build VGA16 support on x86/x86-64 2012-09-18 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
kernel-headers: bump 3.2.x stable version 2012-07-06 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
jquery-ui-themes: strip theme name 2013-05-07 Simon Dawson Accepted
gob2: needs MMU 2012-07-06 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[13/30] qt5base: support debug or release modes 2013-02-27 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
make legal-info: fails with OVERRIDE_SRCDIR 2012-12-03 Stephan Hoffmann Accepted
libhid: disable on avr32 2012-11-03 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted
[v2,6/6] Makefile: export PATH 2014-01-18 Samuel Martin Superseded
Add /var/www to device table 2012-07-09 Simon Dawson Superseded
[v2,1/1] ncftp: fix cross-compilation test 2014-02-18 Thomas Petazzoni Superseded
qt5 library installation 2013-05-15 Wojciech Slenska Accepted
Add /var/www to device table 2012-07-09 Simon Dawson Superseded
nbd: bump to version 3.2 2012-10-15 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
mutt: needs mmu 2013-06-11 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
pkg-download: Make a shallow clone for git downloads 2012-11-01 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted
xapp_xkbcomp: fix cross compilation 2012-09-23 Simon Dawson Rejected
configs: update boards to u-boot custom version option 2013-05-07 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[v5] sconeserver: new package 2012-09-19 Simon Dawson Superseded
[2/2] rtorrent: bump to version 0.9.3 2012-10-31 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[1/3] wpa-supplicant: add options to enable the new DBus interface 2012-09-19 Sven Neumann Changes Requested
xserver_xorg-server: fix dbus/udev configure problem 2012-09-23 Simon Dawson Changes Requested
libplayer: fix handling of cflags in configure 2012-07-10 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted
[1/8] dosfstools: add license information 2013-01-22 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
libnspr: fix 64-bit build 2012-07-10 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted
libnss: fix 64-bit build 2012-07-10 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted
pkg-infra: remove self-dependency from host packages 2012-07-10 Arnout Vandecappelle Superseded
cups: fix libdir handling 2012-07-10 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted
[15/36] package/qemu: add option to enable/disable the VNC frontend 2012-08-12 Yann E. MORIN RFC
avahi: only install default.script/ if not present in fs skeleton 2012-07-11 Danomi Manchego Superseded suppress output of locale 2012-07-11 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted
[05/12] microperl: fix perl -V 2012-08-15 Francois Perrad Superseded
[24/36] package/qemu: add support for cURL 2012-08-12 Yann E. MORIN RFC
tiff: security bump to version 4.0.3 2012-09-25 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
libxslt: use libgcrypt-config from STAGING_DIR 2012-07-11 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted
[v3,2/2] buildroot: target: Add Blackfin architecture support. 2013-03-22 Sonic Zhang Changes Requested
[v2] Remove -fPIC on x86_64 2012-07-11 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted
fb-test-app: new package 2012-10-05 Superseded
Add support for the Calao-systems USB-A9G20-LPW 2012-07-11 Gregory Hermant Superseded
[1/1] Create a symbolic link to the target kernel directory. 2012-11-01 Sagaert Johan Rejected
[2/2] pulseaudio : bump to version 3.0 2013-05-13 Jeremy Rosen Superseded
[01/12] microperl: add license info 2012-08-15 Francois Perrad Superseded
[28/36] package/qemu: add support for FDT 2012-08-12 Yann E. MORIN RFC
[1/4] add host arch detection and Kconfig BR2_HOSTARCH 2012-07-18 Francois Perrad Accepted
libtool version update 2.4.2 2012-11-09 Alexander Khryukin Accepted
[v2] xserver_xorg-server: fix dbus/udev configure problem 2012-09-23 Simon Dawson Accepted