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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
aiccu: needs mmu 2013-09-18 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
qt5webkit: select libXrender if xcb is enabled 2013-09-18 Fatih Aşıcı Accepted
[v3] gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: add pkgconfig files for EGL, OpenGLESv2 and OpenVG 2013-09-18 Fatih Aşıcı Accepted
[v3] python-crc16: new package 2013-09-18 Michael Rommel Accepted
[2,of,2] manual: explain format of comment about udev /dev management dependency 2013-12-19 Thomas De Schampheleire Accepted
gst-plugins-good: fix typo BR2_TOOLCHAIN_HAS_THREAD 2013-12-19 Thomas De Schampheleire Accepted
[2/3] libiconv: fixup library permissions 2013-09-18 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[2,of,2] gstreamer1 packages: factorize dependency on gstreamer1 2013-12-19 Thomas De Schampheleire Accepted
[1/2] libnftnl: bump to version 1.0.1 2014-04-17 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[v2,1/1] xbmc: Fix compile error with missing host-gettext 2014-04-17 Bernd Kuhls Accepted
[v2] rt-tests: disable NPTL is missing 2014-01-13 Baruch Siach Accepted
knock: needs mmu 2013-09-18 Michael Rommel Accepted
[1/1] ffmpeg: Fix build error regarding missing host-yasm 2014-01-13 Bernd Kuhls Accepted
[v2] gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: select libXdamage and libXext when xorg enabled 2013-09-18 Fatih Aşıcı Accepted
webrtc-audio-processing: needs threads 2013-09-18 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[1/3] gettext: fixup library permissions 2013-09-18 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
ola: needs host-bison and host-flex 2013-09-18 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[v3] qt5base: fix build when egl headers need a definition 2013-09-19 Fatih Aşıcı Accepted
[1/2] luaposix: fix runtime dependency 2013-09-19 Francois Perrad Accepted
[2/2] luaposix: add ncurses dependency 2013-09-19 Francois Perrad Accepted
[01/14] package/libdrm: radeon does not depend on x86 2014-04-17 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
[2,of,4] manual generation: update help 2013-09-19 Thomas De Schampheleire Accepted
[1,of,4] manual generation: change capitalization of messages 2013-09-19 Thomas De Schampheleire Accepted
pcre: bump to version 8.34 2013-12-19 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
zyre: use a git snapshot that builds 2013-12-19 Simon Dawson Accepted
force devtmpfs and inotify kernel option when udev is used as dev handler 2014-01-08 Jeremy Rosen Accepted
directfb: Add upstream patch to fix qt5base build 2013-09-16 Fatih Aşıcı Accepted
[1,of,2] gstreamer packages: factorize dependency on gstreamer 2013-12-19 Thomas De Schampheleire Accepted
[v2] iputils: new package 2013-09-19 Matt Weber Accepted
[2/2] libcurl: security bump to version 7.34.0 2013-12-19 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[1/2] wireshark: security bump to version 1.10.4 2013-12-19 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[4/6] mutt: fix automake breakage 2013-09-16 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[PATCHv2,01/14] package/ fix incorrect comment 2013-09-02 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv2,03/14] toolchain-internal: skip gcc-intermediate when possible 2013-09-02 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv2,05/14] gcc: fix Objective-C support 2013-09-02 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv2,06/14] gcc: move C++ support option next to Fortran/Objective-C 2013-09-02 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv2,09/14] gcc: force symlink creation 2013-09-02 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[1/4] kexec: rename patch to add sequence number 2014-02-09 Samuel Martin Accepted
[v2,5/6] qt5x11extras: new package 2013-09-20 Fatih Aşıcı Accepted
[v2,3/6] qt5sensors: new package 2013-09-20 Fatih Aşıcı Accepted
[v2,1/7] libdrm: bump and add experimental ARM framebuffer support 2013-09-06 Spenser Gilliland Accepted
Fixed the generation of locales 2013-09-20 Thierry Bultel Accepted
[01/14] jasper: new package 2014-01-12 Maxime Hadjinlian Accepted
apf27: bump kernel version to 3.12.7 2014-01-12 trem Accepted
zsh: bump to version 5.0.5 2014-01-12 Axel Lin Accepted
[1/1] erlang: pass erl_xcomp_sysroot to configure 2013-09-13 Frank Hunleth Accepted
luaposix: remove IPv6 constraint 2013-09-20 Francois Perrad Accepted
[v2,01/17] libsepol: new package 2013-09-11 Clayton Shotwell Accepted
python-nfc: fix autobuild failures 2014-01-10 Simon Dawson Accepted
package/gst1-plugins-bad: fix decklink comment 2013-09-27 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
[v2] python-posix-ipc: new package 2014-01-08 Matt Weber Accepted
[1/2] toolchain/wrapper: add option to print one argument per line 2013-09-20 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
[2/2] package/rpi-firmware: bump version 2013-09-20 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
[v8,3/6] *.mk: replace (TARGET|HOST)_PATH by BR_PATH 2014-04-14 Samuel Martin Accepted
[v3] ca-certificates: new package 2014-01-10 Martin Bark Accepted
zeromq: remove unneeded patch after version bump 2013-09-21 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[2,of,2,v2] manual generation: rename manual-txt into manual-text 2013-09-21 Thomas De Schampheleire Accepted
[1/1] Reorders the real-time menu 2013-09-21 Romain Naour Accepted
[2/2] xenomai: enable armv5tej support 2013-12-28 Romain Naour Accepted
[4/4] graphs: support generating png graphs 2013-12-28 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
[3/4] Makefile: expose 'graph-depends' to generate a graph of the dependency tree 2013-12-28 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
[1/9] fs/iso9660: put the Buildroot boot entry first in Grub menu.lst 2013-12-28 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
gstreamer1: fix xtensa configure 2013-12-29 Baruch Siach Accepted
[2/4] Makefile: expose target 'graph-build' to generate the build-time graphs 2013-12-28 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
[3/9] grub: replace string option for filesystem selection by booleans 2013-12-28 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[4/9] fs/iso9660: select ISO9660 support in Grub 2013-12-28 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
uclibc: add a special Xtensa version 2013-12-29 Baruch Siach Accepted
cmake: add patch to fix Qt mkspecs detection 2013-12-29 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[6/9] fs/iso9660: do not use an initrd in iso image when using initramfs 2013-12-28 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
iozone: add fix for missing pthread_setaffinity_np() 2013-12-29 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[1/6] toolchain-external: add Sourcery ARM 2013.11, remove Sourcery ARM 2011.09 2013-12-27 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
iputils: needs mmu 2013-09-23 Axel Lin Accepted
package/tvheadend: bump for misc fixes 2013-09-22 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
[1/1] lockdev: Fix TARGET_DIR link 2013-12-29 Bernd Kuhls Accepted
[PATCHv2,4/4] grub: add web reference that documents how to generate a splashimage 2013-12-29 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[PATCHv2,1/4] linux: enable initrd/initramfs support when cpio rootfs is chosen 2013-12-29 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[06/14] ipsec-tools: bump to version 0.8.2 2014-03-10 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
i2c-tools: Add i2c-dev.h to staging directory for userspace i2c drivers. 2013-09-24 Jouko Nikula Accepted
[v2,1/1] gnupg: option to include RSA support. 2013-09-30 Peter Sanford Accepted
neard: bump version to 0.13 2013-09-24 Simon Dawson Accepted
libsocketcan: add license information and fix formatting 2014-01-29 Yegor Yefremov Accepted
vlc: add libass support 2014-01-29 Simon Dawson Accepted
[PATCHv2] libevent: Bump to 2.0.21 2013-09-24 Mischa Jonker Accepted
[v3] Added lesstif support 2013-09-24 Thierry Bultel Accepted
openvpn: bump to version 2.3.3 2014-04-15 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[v2] setserial: bump to version 2.17-45.3 2013-10-02 Axel Lin Accepted
[1/3] nfs-utils: needs mmu 2013-10-02 Axel Lin Accepted
[2/3] lmbench: needs mmu 2013-10-02 Axel Lin Accepted
[3/3] mediastreamer: requires toolchain with ipv6 support 2013-10-09 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[1/3] linphone: add license 2013-10-09 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
fdk-aac: Disable for MIPS I, II, III and IV 2014-04-15 Vicente Olivert Riera Accepted
[1/1] package: remove the default value of the $(PKG)_SOURCE variable 2013-09-25 Jerzy Grzegorek Accepted
[v3,2/2] ffmpeg: Add sse4 related options BR2_X86_CPU_HAS_SSE4 / BR2_X86_CPU_HAS_SSE4 2014-01-02 Bernd Kuhls Accepted
[3/5] libassuan: needs mmu 2013-10-09 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
libcurl: drop polarssl support 2014-04-15 Gustavo Zacarias Accepted
[v2,1/3] uclibc: bump xtensa snapshot version 2014-01-13 Baruch Siach Accepted
cairo: Build with GLESv2 and VG backends if possible 2013-12-20 Paul Cercueil Accepted
[2/4] weston: add missing toolchain comments 2013-10-14 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
[1/1] trivial: tcl: fix TCL_SITE variable 2013-09-25 Jerzy Grzegorek Accepted
[1/1] atk: bump to version 2.10.0 2013-09-26 Jerzy Grzegorek Accepted