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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[v2,08/12] arc: Make sure that libgcc doesn't get included when it doesn't exist yet 2013-04-24 Mischa Jonker Accepted
[v2,08/12] tinyxml: new package 2014-01-16 Maxime Hadjinlian Superseded
[v2,08/17] libcgroup: new package 2013-09-11 Clayton Shotwell Superseded
[v2,08/20] python3: bump to 3.4.0rc1 2014-02-18 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[v2,08/41] libmodplug: version bump 2014-04-02 Bernd Kuhls Superseded
[v2,09/11] manual: add writing-rules.txt 2012-05-13 Samuel Martin Superseded
[v2,09/12] kernel-headers: Use ../testing URL for kernel release candidates 2013-04-24 Mischa Jonker Changes Requested
[v2,09/12] sdl: add host version 2014-01-16 Maxime Hadjinlian Superseded
[v2,09/17] policycoreutils: new package 2013-09-11 Clayton Shotwell Superseded
[v2,09/20] python3: provide a PYTHON3_PATH 2014-02-18 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[v2,09/41] libogg: version bump 1.3.1 2014-04-02 Bernd Kuhls Superseded
[v2,1/1] Add new package: biosdevname 2014-02-03 Ryan Wilkins New
[v2,1/1] Allow svn tags and branches notation in $(PKG)_VERSION variable. 2013-09-19 Raúl Sánchez Siles Rejected
[v2,1/1] Avoid toolchain download when it is preinstalled 2013-11-06 Laurent GONZALEZ Superseded
[v2,1/1] Change package tarball compression to xz whenever possible 2013-07-28 Jerzy Grzegorek Superseded
[v2,1/1] Disable building of cups driver in host-gutenprint 2013-05-11 Olivier Schonken Accepted
[v2,1/1] add CPPFLAGS support 2012-07-26 Samuel Martin Accepted
[v2,1/1] attr: bump to version 2.4.47 2013-05-28 Jerzy Grzegorek Accepted
[v2,1/1] avrdude: new package 2013-12-24 Wojciech M. Zabolotny Accepted
[v2,1/1] cryptsetup: Add libintl for UCLIBC toolchain 2013-10-31 Clayton Shotwell Changes Requested
[v2,1/1] dbus-triggerd: new package 2014-03-27 Arnaud Rébillout Accepted
[v2,1/1] dropwatch: new package 2013-07-20 Tzu-Jung Lee Changes Requested
[v2,1/1] ext-toolchain-wrapper: fix uboot/linux with hardfp 2013-07-19 Spenser Gilliland Superseded
[v2,1/1] ffmpeg: bump to version 1.2.4 2014-01-01 Bernd Kuhls Superseded
[v2,1/1] git: bump to version 2013-12-06 Jerzy Grzegorek Accepted
[v2,1/1] gnupg: option to include RSA support. 2013-09-30 Peter Sanford Accepted
[v2,1/1] gst-ffmpeg: Use internal libav instead of external ffmpeg 2014-01-16 Bernd Kuhls Accepted
[v2,1/1] gst-ffmpeg: add option for LGPL build 2014-01-19 Danomi Manchego New
[v2,1/1] host-libxml2: Prefer python2 when python3 is also installed 2014-04-12 Bernd Kuhls Accepted
[v2,1/1] icu: detect and add compiler symbol prefix to the assembly code 2014-02-04 Ryan Barnett Accepted
[v2,1/1] imagemagick: disable documentation 2014-03-02 Romain Naour Superseded
[v2,1/1] jack2: new package 2013-10-27 Wojciech M. Zabolotny Superseded
[v2,1/1] ktap: new package 2013-12-09 Anders Darander Superseded
[v2,1/1] libcurl: up revision to 7.32.0 2013-08-29 Ryan Barnett Accepted
[v2,1/1] libenca: Add iconv support 2014-01-18 Bernd Kuhls Superseded
[v2,1/1] libffi: minor corrections in post install hooks 2013-08-28 nmenegale Accepted
[v2,1/1] libnfc: make example build optional 2012-06-05 Samuel Martin Superseded
[v2,1/1] libplayer: fix cflags 2012-06-10 Samuel Martin Not Applicable
[v2,1/1] change the linux tarball compression to xz 2013-05-10 Jerzy Grzegorek Superseded
[v2,1/1] manual/configure.txt: fix typo 2014-03-30 Jerzy Grzegorek Not Applicable
[v2,1/1] manual: add virtual package tutorial. 2014-02-14 Eric Le Bihan Superseded
[v2,1/1] manual: update review process and patchwork 2013-10-09 Ryan Barnett Superseded
[v2,1/1] minidlna: bump version to 1.1.1 2014-01-02 Bernd Kuhls Superseded
[v2,1/1] mpd: Fix broken download URL 2014-01-02 Bernd Kuhls Accepted
[v2,1/1] mpg123: needs MMU 2014-02-22 Ryan Barnett Accepted
[v2,1/1] mysql_client : bump version from 5.1.53 to 5.1.60 2012-03-20 Sagaert Johan Superseded
[v2,1/1] ncftp: fix cross-compilation test 2014-02-18 Romain Naour Superseded
[v2,1/1] ncftp: fix cross-compilation test 2014-02-18 Thomas Petazzoni Superseded
[v2,1/1] netcat6: new package 2013-07-20 Tzu-Jung Lee Changes Requested
[v2,1/1] ngrep: fix static linking issue with libpcre 2013-10-09 Romain Naour Superseded
[v2,1/1] openpgm: disable on AVR32 2013-11-06 Thomas Petazzoni Superseded
[v2,1/1] openpgm: disable on AVR32 2013-11-01 Alexander Lukichev Superseded
[v2,1/1] openpowerlink: new package 2013-09-23 Romain Naour Changes Requested
[v2,1/1] openvmtools: new package 2014-04-11 Karoly Kasza New
[v2,1/1] package: remove the trailing slash sign from $(PKG)_SITE variable 2013-09-20 Jerzy Grzegorek pdp New
[v2,1/1] psplash: new package 2013-10-01 Phil Eichinger Superseded
[v2,1/1] python-pyusb: new package 2013-10-26 Wojciech M. Zabolotny Accepted
[v2,1/1] python-thrift: new package 2013-03-13 Vinicius Tinti Superseded
[v2,1/1] python3: drop PYTHON3_VERSION_MINOR variable 2014-03-26 Jerzy Grzegorek Accepted
[v2,1/1] sysvinit: install new cmds and fix inittab 2013-10-30 Ryan Barnett Accepted
[v2,1/1] ti-gfx: add new package 2013-07-05 Spenser Gilliland Superseded
[v2,1/1] trace-cmd: use pkg-config instead of python-config 2013-10-15 Romain Naour Superseded
[v2,1/1] transmission: Fix build error "conflicting types for 'UTP_Write'" after version bump 2014-01-03 Bernd Kuhls Accepted
[v2,1/1] u-boot: allow to pass a custom configuration file 2013-09-20 Eric Jarrige New
[v2,1/1] update package isolinux bootloader - simplify code 2014-01-15 jean Superseded
[v2,1/1] util-linux: bump version to 2.23 2013-09-05 Ryan Barnett Accepted
[v2,1/1] valgrind: add support for glibc 2.17 and 2.18 2013-10-28 Phil Eichinger Accepted
[v2,1/1] xbmc: Fix compile error with missing host-gettext 2014-04-17 Bernd Kuhls Accepted
[v2,1/1] xbmc: needs host-gawk 2014-03-29 Ryan Coe Accepted
[v2,1/1] xenomai: fix build failure when HAVE_OPEN64 is undefined 2013-12-29 Romain Naour Accepted
[v2,1/1] zlib: bump to version 1.2.8 2013-07-20 Jerzy Grzegorek Accepted
[v2,1/2] Added lesstif support 2013-09-24 Thierry Bultel Superseded
[v2,1/2] Adding yavta (Yet Another V4L2 Test Application) as a package 2013-01-10 Superseded
[v2,1/2] Convert gettext to autotargets 2012-06-02 Samuel Martin Superseded
[v2,1/2] Download packages from github in tar.gz format instead git format. 2012-09-20 Marek Belisko Accepted
[v2,1/2] Download packages from github in tar.gz format instead git format. 2012-09-15 Marek Belisko Superseded
[v2,1/2] Makefile: rename cross target -> toolchain 2012-12-21 Fabio Porcedda Superseded
[v2,1/2] cairo: bump version to 1.12.10 2013-01-19 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
[v2,1/2] configs: add Freescale i.MX 6SoloLite EVK support 2013-09-27 Accepted
[v2,1/2] dependencies: build a host python2 if no suitable one can be found 2012-05-13 Samuel Martin Superseded
[v2,1/2] docker: change into generic-package 2013-10-23 Arnout Vandecappelle Superseded
[v2,1/2] e2fsprogs: fix missing fallocate64() on nios2 2014-02-20 Frank Bergmann Accepted
[v2,1/2] getty: Create specific getty config + cleanups 2013-08-25 Assaf Inbal Superseded
[v2,1/2] gnu-efi: new package 2014-02-01 Christophe Vu-Brugier Superseded
[v2,1/2] infra: Add generic check_prog_host function 2014-02-23 Maxime Hadjinlian New
[v2,1/2] libcec: add libcec for HDMI device Control 2013-05-07 Spenser Gilliland Superseded
[v2,1/2] libevdev: new package 2013-12-20 Naumann Andreas Accepted
[v2,1/2] libssh2: add support for new package libssh2 2013-08-29 Ryan Barnett Superseded
[v2,1/2] libubox: new package 2014-03-05 Yegor Yefremov Superseded
[v2,1/2] linux: install firmware to staging. 2013-07-09 Spenser Gilliland Superseded
[v2,1/2] linux: install firmware to staging. 2013-07-09 Spenser Gilliland Changes Requested
[v2,1/2] logrotate: needs mmu 2013-10-01 Axel Lin Accepted
[v2,1/2] lua: remove built dependencies 2013-03-05 Francois Perrad Superseded
[v2,1/2] mutt: Bump version to 1.5.23 2014-04-13 Bernd Kuhls Accepted
[v2,1/2] nios2: Add new architecture 2013-08-21 Ezequiel Garcia Accepted
[v2,1/2] package: Add target compilation flags for NOMMU architecture. 2013-03-22 Sonic Zhang Changes Requested
[v2,1/2] packages/ Alphabetical entries sorting 2013-10-25 Maxime Hadjinlian Superseded
[v2,1/2] packages: improve dependency check in virtual packages. 2014-02-25 Eric Le Bihan Accepted
[v2,1/2] pcre: add UTF support option 2013-10-25 Yegor Yefremov Superseded
[v2,1/2] pcre: add options to enable UTF and UCP support 2013-11-22 Sven Neumann Accepted