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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
Added the empty package 2012-04-10 Simon Dawson Changes Requested
Added the empty package 2012-04-10 Simon Dawson Superseded
Added the empty package 2012-04-10 Simon Dawson Superseded
Added the empty package 2012-05-06 Simon Dawson Accepted
Adding a ModemManager package 2013-02-17 Shawn J. Goff Superseded
Adding svn repo option to uboot 2013-09-10 john Not Applicable
Adjust dependencies so that libffi is not used on unsupported systems 2012-08-25 Thomas Petazzoni Rejected
Allow Buildroot to update toolchain 2013-09-26 ANDY KENNEDY Rejected
Allow PHP to compile ans link with berkeleydb 6 2013-10-07 Jérôme Pouiller Superseded
Allow extra options to be passed to ubifs creation tools 2013-03-04 Mark Jackson Superseded
Allow selection of individual Liberation font sets 2012-12-03 Charles Manning Accepted
Analysis of build failures 2013-11-11 Fatih Aşıcı Not Applicable
Apply upstream patch to set correct linkage on MIPS64 2013-11-18 Vicente Olivert Riera Superseded
BR2_EXTERNAL: check it is a valid BR2_EXTERNAL dir before using it 2014-01-21 Yann E. MORIN Superseded
BR2_PREFER_STATIC_LIB and LDFLAGS+= -static 2012-11-05 ANDY KENNEDY Accepted
Best way of building for unknown architecture 2012-08-20 Kevin Chadwick Not Applicable
Best way of building for unknown architecture 2012-08-21 Thomas Petazzoni Not Applicable
Broken generation of locales 2013-09-19 Thierry Bultel Changes Requested
Bug in uClibc- resolv.c 2013-03-28 Markus Königshaus Not Applicable
Build error when trying to build the py-smbus package of i2c-tools 2013-06-20 Thomas Weininger Not Applicable
Build kernel with devicetree support 2013-06-05 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
Buildroot fails to build when selecting build packages 2012-04-28 Arnout Vandecappelle Not Applicable
Buildroot patch for adding Tokyo Cabinet 2012-10-15 Diekema, Jon (GE Aviation, US) Superseded
Builtroot toolchain with gcc snapshot version 4.9-20140309 compile failure 2014-03-20 Peter Seiderer Superseded
Bump gpsd from version 2.95 to version 3.5 2012-04-20 Simon Dawson Superseded
Bump gpsd from version 2.95 to version 3.7 2012-07-20 Simon Dawson Superseded
Bump sam-ba version to 2.11 2012-04-12 Maxime Ripard Accepted
Checking external toolchain for eabihf 2014-01-29 Peter Kümmel Rejected
Choose xz compressed tarball for linux kernel. 2013-05-11 Raúl Sánchez Siles Accepted
Choose xz compressed tarball for linux kernel. 2013-05-10 Raúl Sánchez Siles Accepted
Clarify MIPS ABIs support 2012-07-24 Thomas Petazzoni Superseded
Clarify MIPS ABIs support 2012-07-25 Thomas Petazzoni Superseded
Clean kernel when "make linux-clean" is called 2012-12-07 Stephan Hoffmann Rejected
Clean kernel when "make linux-clean" is called 2012-08-28 Stephan Hoffmann Not Applicable
Clean kernel when "make linux-clean" is called 2012-08-27 Stephan Hoffmann Changes Requested
Compile static versions of gcc libraries 2013-10-10 Jérôme Pouiller Accepted files: add missing dependencies to toolchain option comments 2013-11-04 Thomas De Schampheleire Superseded files: add/update comments on (e)glibc dependencies 2013-10-31 Thomas De Schampheleire Accepted files: fix incorrect indentation 2013-12-25 Thomas De Schampheleire Accepted files: use if/endif instead of 'depends on' for main symbol 2013-12-20 Thomas De Schampheleire Accepted files: whitespace cleanup 2013-11-11 Thomas De Schampheleire Accepted select BR2_LEGACY for module-init-tools legacy option 2013-11-07 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted Rename BR2_ELF2FLT to BR2_PACKAGE_HOST_ELF2FLT 2013-09-03 Axel Lin Accepted move BR2_DEFCONFIG to Build options menu. 2013-02-07 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted
Config: default BR2_PACKAGE_OVERRIDE_FILE to $(CONFIG_DIR)/ 2014-01-29 Yann E. MORIN Accepted
Config: default BR2_PACKAGE_OVERRIDE_FILE to $(CONFIG_DIR)/ 2014-01-29 Yann E. MORIN Superseded
Correct path error in package/freescale-imx/ 2013-05-10 Superseded
Cubieboard2 support 2013-09-17 Carlos Quijano Superseded
Depend autotools targets on host-ccache when BR2_CCACHE is enabled. 2012-09-06 Raúl Sánchez Siles Rejected
Deprecate the support for toolchain on the target 2012-11-10 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
Disable database support in linux-pam 2012-09-12 Dimitry Golubovsky Accepted
Disable o32 ABI for MIPS64 architectures 2014-03-05 Vicente Olivert Riera Superseded
Docu: Add LIBFOO_EXTRACT_CMDS 2013-01-29 Stephan Hoffmann Superseded
Documentation HTML, PDF, ASCII: fix typos 2013-04-05 Jerzy Grzegorek Not Applicable
Don't build host-xz needlessly 2014-04-06 Baruch Siach Accepted
Download packages from github in tar.gz format instead git format. 2012-09-15 Marek Belisko Changes Requested
Enables thread debugging with full gdb on target 2012-09-20 Thierry Bultel Rejected
Enabling static libraries build for netsnmp package 2013-11-18 universe II Accepted
Error building Qt5Multimedia 2014-03-18 Thomas De Schampheleire Not Applicable
Extending buildroot functionality for creating board support packages (BSP) out of buildroot tree 2013-04-14 universe II Rejected
FW: [PATCH] external toolchain: use relative path to external toolchain. 2014-02-23 Noam Camus New
FW: [PATCH] linux-headers: cross compile fix 2014-02-23 Noam Camus Rejected
Fix ARM uclibc build with !BR2_UCLIBC_ARM_BX. 2013-08-06 Justin Maggard Accepted
Fix PYC-only installation for Python3 2013-01-27 Daniel Nelson Superseded
Fix PYC-only installation for Python3 2013-01-27 Arnout Vandecappelle Superseded
Fix backup and kernel download url. 2014-02-21 Peter Seiderer Accepted
Fix bug with dependencies of *-rebuild and *-reconfigure 2013-05-13 Jérôme Pouiller Accepted
Fix build reproducibility in Make 3.82 2013-08-30 Jérôme Pouiller Superseded
Fix building initramfs kernel with appended dtb 2013-07-31 Nathan Ford Superseded
Fix compilation of busybox 1.21.1 2013-10-08 Jérôme Pouiller Rejected
Fix compilation of systemd with uclibc 2013-10-01 Jérôme Pouiller Rejected
Fix copying of dotfiles in / 2013-03-25 Tilman Keskinöz Superseded
Fix external toolchain gdbserver copy path for using buildroot-generated toolchain 2013-03-20 Worth, Kevin Superseded
Fix glibc dependency to gcc-intermediate 2013-10-06 Jérôme Pouiller Accepted
Fix installation of crosstool-ng libraries to target 2013-01-06 Floris Bos Accepted
Fix makedevs to allow longer path names 2012-04-08 Julian Lunz Accepted
Fix xenomai build with Linaro toolchain 2012-12-13 Thierry Bultel Changes Requested
Fixed dts parent directory issue. 2013-02-12 Michael Nagy Superseded
Fixed the generation of locales 2013-09-20 Thierry Bultel Accepted
Fixes for RPC support 2012-11-10 Thomas Petazzoni Accepted
Fixing linux-pam build failures 2012-09-08 Stefan Fröberg Rejected
Fixing rshd/rlogind configuration and make target 2013-11-18 universe II Accepted
Fwd: [PATCH 6/6] luaposix: bump to version 31 2013-09-18 Francois Perrad Not Applicable
Fwd: [Patch] package: icu: detect and add compiler symbol prefix to the assembly code 2014-01-22 Sonic Zhang Superseded
GNUTLS 2012-05-24 Sven Neumann Superseded
Globally disable PKG_CONFIG_PATH 2012-05-11 Arnout Vandecappelle Superseded
Host libxml-parser-perl build issue 2012-03-26 Will Newton Rejected
Improving config navigation for mtd tools 2012-11-28 Charles Manning Superseded
Initial support for i.mx6 sabreauto board 2013-11-08 Abdul Hussain New
Install DTB as part of images install command 2013-03-27 Reuben Dowle Accepted
Linaro toolchain fix 2013-04-09 Michael Trimarchi Not Applicable
Linux: enable local Linux tarball in config 2013-01-31 Stephan Hoffmann Rejected
List all the available hook points 2012-11-25 Davide Viti Accepted
List all the available hook points 2012-11-18 Davide Viti Superseded
List of pending patches: what to do? 2013-08-01 Thomas Petazzoni Not Applicable
List the useful hook points available in buildroot 2012-11-25 Davide Viti Superseded
List the useful hook points available in buildroot 2012-11-25 Davide Viti Accepted
Make BR2_DEFCONFIG a hidden option in 2014-02-04 Arnout Vandecappelle New
Make external toolchain relocatable 2012-05-03 Arnout Vandecappelle Superseded
Makefile.legacy: fix recursive invocation with BUILDROOT_DL_DIR and _CONFIG 2014-02-10 Arnout Vandecappelle Accepted