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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
ldconfig - unknown machine 40 2013-06-28 Ciarán Rehill pdp New
legal-info: Add site to legal info manifest 2014-04-07 Clayton Shotwell New
mono runtime porting to buildroot 2013-12-10 Alexander Varnin New
package/makedevs: add "l" type for symlinks ownership change 2013-10-12 angelo dureghello New
perf: Fix compilation without libelf for post-3.10 kernels 2014-04-05 Peter Meerwald New
perf: libelf is required to compile perf 2013-11-05 Andi Shyti New do not hardcode absolute path in toolchainfile.cmake 2014-03-01 Samuel Martin New
polkit: bump to version 0.104 2013-02-21 Stefan Fröberg pdp New
python-pyqt: new package 2013-10-19 Sergey Kostanbaev New
python-sip: new package 2013-10-19 Sergey Kostanbaev New
qemu: add to host utilities menu 2013-12-09 Frank Hunleth New
system: add ability to pass additional users tables. 2014-04-20 Yann E. MORIN New
udev: Set the default action to "add" in the startup script 2013-12-17 Paul Cercueil New
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