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[3/3] e2fsprogs: Disable elf shared library when BR2_PREFER_STATIC_LIB is selected. 2013-11-15 Sonic Zhang New
audiofile: needs dynamic library 2013-11-12 Simon Dawson New
[1/2] util-linux: nommu: Add patch to use vfork in nommu arch. 2013-11-11 Sonic Zhang New
Initial support for i.mx6 sabreauto board 2013-11-08 Abdul Hussain New
gcc: use generic infrastructure for patches 2013-11-06 Arnout Vandecappelle New
[1/1] add support for congatec conga-qmx6 2013-11-06 Fabien Lahoudere (ECASINTERS) New
perf: libelf is required to compile perf 2013-11-05 Andi Shyti New
[RFC] core: Download all package sources 2013-11-04 Clayton Shotwell New
[1/1] Option to copy Linaro gconv libs to target 2013-11-02 Stanislav Vasic New
[3/3] ccache: provide capability to do initial ccache setup 2013-10-31 Danomi Manchego New
[2/3] ccache: change default cache directory path to match config setting 2013-10-31 Danomi Manchego New
[1/3] ccache: change compilercheck to use compiler and toolchain info 2013-10-31 Danomi Manchego New
[RFC,2/2] uboot: introduce u-boot.pbl format 2013-10-24 Ryan Barnett New
[RFC,1/2] host-xxd: new package 2013-10-24 Ryan Barnett New
python-pyqt: new package 2013-10-19 Sergey Kostanbaev New
python-sip: new package 2013-10-19 Sergey Kostanbaev New
[v9] espeak: new package 2013-10-17 Arnaud Aujon New
package/makedevs: add "l" type for symlinks ownership change 2013-10-12 angelo dureghello New
[RFC,7/7] lava-test: new package 2013-10-11 New
[RFC,6/7] lava-tool: new package 2013-10-11 New
[RFC,5/7] python-linaro-dashboard-bundle: new package 2013-10-11 New
[v3,11/11] mesa3d-demos: new package 2013-09-26 Spenser Gilliland pdp New
[v3,10/11] glmark2: new package 2013-09-26 Spenser Gilliland pdp New
[v3,09/11] libpng: ensure libpng12 is installed before libpng 2013-09-26 Spenser Gilliland pdp New
[v3,08/11] libpng12: new package 2013-09-26 Spenser Gilliland pdp New
[v3,05/11] sunxi-cedarx: bump to newer version, use armel2 binaries, add demo 2013-09-26 Spenser Gilliland pdp New
[v3,02/11] sunxi-mali: add explicit pthread/dl/rt dependencies 2013-09-26 Spenser Gilliland New
[v3,01/11] udev: explicitly include pthreads 2013-09-26 Spenser Gilliland New
[RESEND] package/ Fix dependency for selecting uclinux as TARGET_OS 2013-09-23 Axel Lin New
[v2,1/1] u-boot: allow to pass a custom configuration file 2013-09-20 Eric Jarrige New
[v2,1/1] package: remove the trailing slash sign from $(PKG)_SITE variable 2013-09-20 Jerzy Grzegorek pdp New
Add pyside + shiboken packages 2013-09-19 Thierry Bultel pdp New
[RFC] uclibc: Don't build shared library if !HAVE_SHARED 2013-09-06 Axel Lin pdp New
arch/ Allow arm7tdmi to select BR2_BINFMT_FLAT 2013-09-06 Axel Lin tpetazzoni New
[2/2] arch/ Allow ARM to select BR2_BINFMT_FLAT 2013-09-04 Axel Lin tpetazzoni New
Raspberry Pi SD-Card flasher script 2013-07-10 Guillermo A. Amaral tpetazzoni New
ldconfig - unknown machine 40 2013-06-28 Ciarán Rehill pdp New
[v12,10/11] libav: add new package 2013-06-20 Spenser Gilliland pdp New
UCLIBC_EXTRA_CFLAGS in uClibc overridden while using buildroot 2013-06-07 Rajendra Dendukuri pdp New
[RFC] BR2_KERNEL_HEADERS_TARGET: Add support for using target kernel for toolchain kernel headers. 2013-04-17 Magnus Edenhill pdp New
polkit: bump to version 0.104 2013-02-21 Stefan Fröberg pdp New
[RFC,2/2] barebox: Add possibility to build also barebox xloader (MLO). 2012-12-22 Marek Belisko pdp New
[1/2] Makefile: Fix target-purgelocales 2012-10-02 Valentine Barshak pdp New
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