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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
syslinux: install helper programs to the host 2014-03-16 Frank Hunleth New
support: properly check bash is available 2014-03-18 Yann E. MORIN New
Add agg (Anti-Grain Geometry) package 2014-03-21 New
[RFC,1/3] pkg-utils: introduce a make-based LOWERCASE function 2014-03-23 Thomas Petazzoni New
[RFC,3/3] package: add a few needed host options for a few packages 2014-03-23 Thomas Petazzoni New
arch/ Allow arm7tdmi to select BR2_BINFMT_FLAT 2013-09-06 Axel Lin tpetazzoni New
[RFC] uclibc: Don't build shared library if !HAVE_SHARED 2013-09-06 Axel Lin pdp New
Add pyside + shiboken packages 2013-09-19 Thierry Bultel pdp New
[v2,1/1] package: remove the trailing slash sign from $(PKG)_SITE variable 2013-09-20 Jerzy Grzegorek pdp New
[v3,08/11] libpng12: new package 2013-09-26 Spenser Gilliland pdp New
[v3,10/11] glmark2: new package 2013-09-26 Spenser Gilliland pdp New
[1/1] system: add ability to pass additional users tables. 2014-03-27 Eric Le Bihan New
[v2] Add Marble package. 2014-04-01 New
New attempt to move $BUILD_DIR/.root 2014-04-01 Jérôme Pouiller New
[1/2] qt5declarative: Reduce dependencies to GLes2 only 2014-04-01 Jérôme Pouiller New
[2/2] Add supporit for Vivante xdriver 2014-04-01 Jérôme Pouiller New
[03/11] gdb: Patch for "unrecognized real-time signal" bug 2014-04-03 Paul Cercueil New
[v3,1/1] manual/configure.txt: fix typo 2014-04-03 Jerzy Grzegorek New
[v5,6/8] libglu: new package 2014-04-04 Bernd Kuhls New
[v5,3/8,v2] libva: new package 2014-04-04 Bernd Kuhls New
[v5,7/8] libglew: new package 2014-04-04 Bernd Kuhls New
grub2: add configuration options for grub config files 2014-04-04 Dima Zavin New
configs: add Freescale SABRE Auto board support 2014-04-04 Vincent Stehlé New
[v4] postgresql: new package 2014-04-04 Peter Seiderer New
[v1] Python script to check package version 2014-04-06 Arnaud Aujon New
[v4,3/4] Makefile: let show-targets prints also the dependencies 2014-04-07 Fabio Porcedda New
legal-info: Add site to legal info manifest 2014-04-07 Clayton Shotwell New
[3/5] libao: Remove OSS plugin when ALSA is enabled 2014-04-08 Paul Cercueil New
[4/5] util-linux: Add config switches for some more binaries 2014-04-08 Paul Cercueil New
[1/3] pkg-autotools: add support to gettextize a package 2014-04-09 Yann E. MORIN New
[2/3] manual: add gettextize explanations in the manual 2014-04-09 Yann E. MORIN New
[3/3] package/wget: use the new gettextize infra 2014-04-09 Yann E. MORIN New
[v2] ne10: bump version to 1.0.0 2014-04-13 Baruch Siach New
[3/6] upstream glibc 2.18/2.19 works fine with microblaze 2014-04-13 Waldemar Brodkorb New
[1/6] use default binutils for microblaze 2014-04-13 Waldemar Brodkorb New
[2/6] use default gcc 4.8.2 for microblaze 2014-04-13 Waldemar Brodkorb New
[4/6] disable eglibc, no time to test 2014-04-13 Waldemar Brodkorb New
[5/6] temporary hack to fix linking error 2014-04-13 Waldemar Brodkorb New
[6/6] update to 3.14 2014-04-13 Waldemar Brodkorb New
yaffs2 file system 2014-04-15 Will Wagner New
[1/1] python: fix readline extension compilation with readline 6.3 2014-04-16 Ivan Sergeev New
[v3] package/zile: add Zile is Lossy Emacs editor 2014-04-17 New
[1/1] qhull: new package 2014-04-17 Davide Viti New
[1/1] xapp_xwd: Add missing dependency xlib_libxkbfile 2014-04-18 Bernd Kuhls New
[1/2] Makefile: toolchain-eclipse-register: add toolchain dependency 2014-04-18 Fabio Porcedda New
[1/1] linux: Don't enable DEVTMPFS support for kernels older than 3.x. 2014-04-18 Ryan Barnett New
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